Fauci Says “The Worst Is Yet To Come” Again

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    Once again, authoritarian Dr. Anthony Fauci, who wants the slaves to obey his commands and edicts to their own detriment, has said that with regards to the hoax scamdemic, “the worst is yet to come.” Fauci and other tyrants have been repeating this like a mantra and trying their best to force it to come true even when the official numbers don’t stack up.

    Tyrant Fauci: “Now Is The Time To Do What You’re Told”

    Third Wave Panic Begins: MSM Says “It’s The Worst One Yet”

    Fauci has made similar predictions before, as RT pointed out in a report. Back when the U.S.’ cases numbered in the thousands (our of 300 million-plus) back in March, he told Congress that things will get worse than they are right now. Three months later, he called the pandemic his “worst nightmare,” and warned that it isn’t over yet. In August, he again reminded the public he wasn’t “pleased with how things are going,” and told them to expect “big spikes” in positive tests.

    WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

    This entire scam is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public, and people are STILL falling for it! As long as the sheep obey and don the ritualistic shame muzzle upon command, this will continue. They are doing their best to destroy humanity under the guise of a virus.

    “We’re really at a very critical point,” he continued, “if you put more pressure on the system by what might be a post-seasonal surge because of the traveling and the likely congregating of people.”

    Fauci has already admitted to lying about herd immunity in order to convince the public to take this COVID-19 vaccine.  Fauci assumes that based on polling a large number of people want to line up for this vaccine with “severe side effects” that far outweigh the illness if you even get symptoms of COVID.

    Fauci Admits To Lying About Herd Immunity To Convince People To Get The COVID Vaccine

    Stay alert.  They will probably not mandate this vaccine, but they also probably will not have to. The public has fallen in line and will police each other by refusing to employ or allow in stores those who reject this vaccine.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY


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      1. Saw something recently.I think it was in the UK but I am not sure.They are thinking of moving to a Tier 5 lockdown beginning in early January.We all know how bad the tyrants have already made things for everyone,but,if this takes place in the UK -all schools would be closed,all retail stores would be closed and people would not be allowed to venture outside for ANY reason! Think about that.What kind of a world are we living in when things like this are actually possible or even considered.I am not surprised that suicides are up all over the place.Who the fuck wants to live like this!? These psychos such as Fauxi live to make our lives a living hell while they endeavor to end our lives as well.People such as Gates,Fauxi and the rest truly have to be some of the most insidious creatures that have ever existed! Fauxi the asshole says the worst is yet to come and how exactly does he know this? Well,because he and his evil cohorts will do everything in their power ensure it is!

      2. Saw this somewhere.Everyone knows the stats are created to continue the covid “pandemic” lies.If you just type in 543 new covid cases on google – scroll down and there are many stories/stats with that particular number.No matter which three digit number you type in – the already prepared results/lies are displayed.Try it yourself guys.That should tell anyone all they need to know about this so called “pandemic”.?

      3. Whoever has got the bead needs to take the shot

      4. “THE WORST IS YET TO COME” Yeah, I bet that’s exactly what “Dr” Fauxi’s dad said to his wife right before shooting out this evil tyrant!

      5. Since we are in the Christmas season,I’m feeling a bit generous,so,anyone who wants my vaccine can have it.You’re Welcome!!!?

      6. rather get the wuhan china virus than the fauxci vaccine

      7. F*ck Fauci. While I’m starting to get tired of needing to say this, I will continue to do so until Fauci eventually stops talking and gets around to actually f*cking himself. He has zero credibilty after changing his tune more often than a barbershop quartet. The fact that he admits why he lied should be reason enough to prove how f*cking stupid he is and how little regard he has for us. Keep talking douchebag.

        • Fa*ci is a pathological statist, he has lied for at least four reasons, actually for five reasons. One – he is expected to lie on behalf of the State, two – because millions of successfully propagandized people are going to believe everything they hear, three – he changes the story so many times he can’t keep the “facts” straight, four – he really doesn’t know anymore than anyone else, and five – he may have other motives for doing so he does not share with the public.

      8. This man needs to be fired, he’s a liar. I saw him in a 2017 video saying Trump would experience a pandemic during his term in office. How did he know that unless it was planned?

      9. could it be that the globalist nwo and dr fucky are using covid as a biowarfare and or a propaganda psyop against the American people.

        That’s probably what’s really going on

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