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COVID19: The Deep State Has Made Its Move

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Jul 22

Here in the American police state, however, we continue to wake up, hoping each new day, a new president, and a new year will somehow be different from what has come before. Unfortunately, no matter how we change the narrative, change the characters, change the plot lines, we seem to keep ending up in the same place that we started: enslaved, divided, and repeating the mistakes of the past.

Jul 22

Dr. Anthony Fauci says there is no need for a federal vaccine mandate because local entities will do it for the ruling class. “I don’t think you’re going to see a central mandate,” Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said in a CNBC interview on Wednesday. “I think there will be a reflex pushback on that.”

Jul 21

For a few months, a lot of people were convinced that humanity’s efforts to defeat COVID were being successful, and many believed that the pandemic would soon be behind us for good.  But now the “Delta variant” is spreading like wildfire all over the globe, and this is prompting national governments around the world to institute a new wave of restrictions and lockdowns. 

Jul 20

Over half of Australia’s population has been locked down again over the elitists “fears” of the “delta variant” spreading.  Even though the numbers of cases and those who actually get sick are extremely low, low enough to be statically irrelevant, the rulers continue to use lockdowns as their go-to solution to ready the population for the New World Order.

Jul 20

Following the sudden decision by Los Angeles last week to reimpose broad mask mandates because “science”, all eyes were on New York City, to see if either the science or politics would prompt the liberal East Coast bastion to follow in LA’s virtue-signaling footsteps. Well, it appears that east coast science (or is it politics) is just a bit different because, on Monday morning, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he has no plans to renew indoor mask mandates – so far – despite a spike in cases stemming from the delta Covid-19 variant.

Jul 18

The mainstream media is now attempting to prepare the public to accept more restrictions and possibly another lockdown as the “delta variant” surges and not enough are willing to get injected with the experimental gene therapy.  The key to “winning the race” against the spread of the “delta variant” is getting more Americans “vaccinated,” according to mainstream media.

Jul 16

n the past seven days, South Africa has never come closer to becoming a failed state. The riotous looting has reduced Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, the two provinces hit hard by the social unrest into what resembles warzones. The country quickly descended into what could be the beginning innings of a civil war, prompting the government to call up military reserves and seek deployment of up to 25,000 troops to quell the violence.

Jul 15

Even some of our brightest scientific minds are projecting that there is absolutely no positive future for our civilization if we stay on our current course.  Perhaps one of the reasons why our society has become so obsessed with short-term results is because most of us can’t bear to think about the long-term consequences of our actions.  I have a website that focuses on “economic collapse”, but it isn’t just the economy that is headed for catastrophe. 

Jul 14

Over the past few months, I have been writing an analysis on a planned crisis war game organized by the World Economic Forum called “Cyberpolygon.” The event will be held this week on July 9th, and it’s allegedly designed to simulate a massive cyberattack that somehow disrupts the global supply chain, or at the very least disrupts the supply chain of multiple large economies.

Jul 13

The United Kingdom is proposing that those suffering from “long-COVID,” or “lingering problems” after contracting the virus they insist is a pandemic, can be “cured” by getting monthly “vaccines.”  And we all thought they would stop at 3, or maybe do an annual booster. But for some, they could get 12 shots per year.

Jul 13

George Floyd, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, Alexander Gonzales, Walter Scott. and countless others all have one thing in common — their last moments alive were captured on cellphone videos as police killed them. These videos and others like them led to charges against those involved, with some of them putting killer cops in jail for a long time.

Jul 10

Pfizer BioNTech has requested emergency use authorization approval for a third dose, being referred to as a “booster” shot of the experimental gene therapy shot.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that those who are fully “vaccinated” will not need a “booster”…yet.  But the propaganda is already gearing us up for continuous shots of this gene therapy.

Jul 9

The federal government is a kind of self-perpetuating blob; a cannibalistic creature that must continue to feed on the public and the systems around it in order to survive, but it also must create reasons for its existence so that it may go on feeding uninterrupted. Now, don’t get me wrong – I realize that the apparatus in Washington DC is nothing more than a tool for the power elite to grow their scope of control as well as grow their wealth. That said, without a large federal government, the establishment oligarchy would have no ability to project the force they need to compel the population to comply with their agenda.

Jul 9

As TFTP reported earlier this year, a large portion of the country has decided that they do not want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. As a result of the drop in demand, states made moves to entice those who may be on the fence about getting that jab. We’ve seen states offer everything from free beers to millions in prizes to get citizens to roll up their sleeves. But as the bribery scheme fails, Biden announced that the government may soon be going door to door to vaccinate the unvaccinated.

Jul 8

Large numbers of birds are dropping dead from a “mystery disease” throughout much of the eastern half of the country, and scientists still have absolutely no idea why this is happening.  They have tested the dead birds for a whole host of known illnesses, but those tests have not revealed the cause of this plague. 

Jul 8

Who even knows how many times Australia has locked down its slaves to allegedly slow the spread of the delta variant. The leader of Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) state on Wednesday ordered a week-long extension of Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown, warning new cases are bound to rise as the country’s biggest city grapples with the highly infectious Delta variant.

Jul 7

For decades, Americans have not needed to be concerned about food prices.  Yes, prices would always go up by a little bit each year, but in general, we have been extremely blessed for a very long time.  Our supermarkets have always been packed with food, and we could always count on the fact that prices would be about the same a month or two down the road.