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Dec 14

According to Peter Schiff, chief executive officer and president of the Westport, Connecticut-based Euro Pacific Capital, an inflation tsunami will slam into the United States. The Federal Reserve’s easy money policies are going to bring the inflation boogeyman back to America with a vengeance.

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Dec 13

 If you disagree with the medical establishment’s lies about vaccines, you have no right to exist in society at all, say pro-vaccine authoritarian tyrants. In case you were wondering what the real plans are for people who oppose the quack science dogma of the vaccine industry and its child-murdering vaccine advocates, look no further than today’s rant from anti-Trump neocon Rick Wilson.

Dec 12

Something is causing the waters just off the west coast to heat up dramatically, fish are dying off in staggering numbers, birds that feed on those fish are also dying off rapidly, and scientists have discovered 15,000 holes in the ocean floor off the coast of California.  Oh, and scientists don’t know for certain why any of these things are happening.

Dec 10

Whether it’s a car crash, a natural disaster, or a small accident at home, if there’s an emergency, you need to make sure you have the equipment you need to act quickly. The best way to be ready is to have a dedicated prepper first aid kit that lives at home or in your car so that you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Dec 10

A Newsweek journalist has resigned after the publication reportedly suppressed his story about the ever-growing OPCW scandal, the revelation of immensely significant plot holes in the establishment Syria narrative that you can update yourself on by watching this short seven-minute video or this more detailed video here.

Dec 9

One of the most important Democrats in Congress is warning that President Trump is likely to compromise the integrity of the 2020 election if he is not impeached and removed from office.  Jerry Nadler is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and so that makes him an exceedingly powerful man right now.

Dec 6

If we had to choose one “big picture” reason why the vast majority of households are losing ground, it would be: the costs of essentials are spiraling out of control. I’ve often covered the dynamics of stagnating income for the bottom 90%, and real-world inflation, i.e. a decline in purchasing power.

Dec 5

George Nader, who was charged earlier this year with child trafficking and transporting child pornography, has been charged with illegally funneling money into Hillary Clinton’s 2019 election campaign. Nader is the businessman who helped broker a meeting between an ally of President Donald Trump and an official of the Russian government.

Dec 4

In February, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they had NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  Many doctors and scientists say it isn’t.  People and pets have already become sick where it’s been installed.  Despite increasing worldwide opposition, warnings, and lawsuits companies are still installing it anyway.  Most would consider that to be very risky especially considering that

Dec 4

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) still can’t let the election meddling hoax go, as he uses it again to blast a Facebook app he said has “Russian tentacles.” Political and media hysteria over the FaceApp is back after Schumer made public a letter from the FBI calling any Russian-developed software a “counterintelligence threat” to the United States.

Dec 4

A fundamental pillar of true free markets is the existence of choice; the availability of options from production to providers to purchase mechanisms without interference from governments or corporate monopolies. Choice means competition, and competition drives progress. Choice can also drive changes within society, for if people know a better or more secure way of doing things exists, why would anyone want to stay trapped within the confines of a limited system? At the very least, people should be allowed to choose economic mechanisms that work best for their particular situation.

Dec 2

We are facing a corporate debt bomb that is far, far greater than what we faced in 2008, and we are being warned that this “unexploded bomb” will “amplify everything” once the financial system starts melting down.  Thanks to exceedingly low interest rates, over the last decade U.S. corporations have been able to go on the greatest corporate debt binge in history. 

Nov 29

When we are all supposed to be gathered together giving thanks for the things we have, some leftists in America can’t help but try to diminish gratitude and sour the meaning of the holiday. Thanksgiving may mean many different things to many different people, and if you’re one who doesn’t want to celebrate it, can’t you just leave everyone else alone?

Nov 29

Each year at this time, schoolchildren all over America are taught the official Thanksgiving story, and newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines devote vast amounts of time and space to it. It is all very colorful and fascinating.

Nov 28

This time of the year, whether in good economic times or bad, is when Americans gather with their families and friends and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. It marks a remembrance of those early Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the uncharted ocean from Europe to make a new start in Plymouth, Massachusetts. What is less appreciated is that Thanksgiving also is a celebration of the birth of free enterprise in America.

Nov 27

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.  In some ways, we sympathize with Neel Kashkari’s concern about the unprecedented wealth inequality that has emerged in the US in recent years and which has resulted in a slow, methodical and relentless destruction of the US middle class … or rather make that precedented because there was another […]

Nov 26

Manufacturers of cell phones and other wireless radiation emitting devices warn against holding and carrying devices directly next to the body.  Telecom companies warn investors that they may eventually be held liable for their devices and transmitters.  This makes sense – research has determined that all sources of wireless radiation exposure can cause a variety of symptoms and illnesses including cardiac issues.