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The CATASTROPHIC CURRENCY RESET: Where to be in the U.S. and Abroad When The

It’s coming, and most of us don’t even know it. Most of us don’t want to know it either. But the currency reset is upon us, and it’s going to be catastrophic.

    21st Century Market Crash: What to Expect and How to Prepare

    Toppy, shaky, volatile... There are plenty of words that I could use to describe today’s stockmarket environment. But no matter which words you choose to use, I hope you know that the bulls are getting exhausted and the market bears are getting hungry... very, very hungry. I mean the type of hunger where you haven’t eaten in a decade.

      Retirement is a Myth: The American Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

      The idea of working hard, staying loyal to your employer for 40 years, and retiring comfortably at age 65 is a nice thought – and it made sense in previous generations, when pension plans, Social Security, and other safety nets could be counted on to support us and reward us for all the years we contributed to the system.

        80:1 – Silver’s Incredible Potential Surge

        Precious metals, and especially gold and silver, have done an amazing job of retaining their value over the years. Generation after generation, irrespective of which politicians are in power

          2nd Passports: An Expatriating Guide

          Getting out from underneath the thumb of the United States government is not as easy as one may think. But if you’re considering retiring in another country, starting a business from home, or simply planning to escape the U.S., this guide will help you understand which countries are welcoming and affordable.

            The ULTIMATE Reset Guide: Be Ready for ANYTHING

            It’s hard to imagine what our world and society will look like after the global economic reset, but one thing is for certain: you should be prepared for anything.

              2020-2024: Unfunded Liabilities NIGHTMARE – The Rubber Meets the Road

              The financial status of the United States government is far from decent. Unfunded liabilities are an epic nightmare, and in the coming years they are going to get much worse to the point of causing financial pain to many.

                DEEP STATE 2019: A New Generation of Scandalous Manipulation

                The year is young, but the storm is already brewing: just when you thought elitist corruption couldn’t possibly hit a new low, 2019 came along and set the bar even lower for next-level backdoor criminal activity.