Tyrant Fauci: “Now Is The Time To Do What You’re Told”

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 14 comments

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the medical tyrant, is trying to force people to comply with his authoritarian psychotic rules to stop the alleged rise in cases of COVID-19. Fauci said that “now is the time to do what you’re told.”

If there was ever a way to get free people to push back, it’s to use rhetoric such as that. Fauci can pound sand. And he’s upset that he’s been accurately labeled a dictator and authoritarian denying the truth. But he added that Americans should listen to and obey the health authorities (like himself), according to a report by Fox News. 

Senator Rand Paul said on Thursday that Fauci is demanding your submission to him.  “He believes that submission and lockdowns are fine, he’s not too worried about individual liberties,” Paul told Fox News’ Martha McCallum before adding that lockdowns and mask mandates are the equivalents to living in an “authoritarian” society. It’s perhaps worse, however.  It’s a slave state. Where some people issue commands and use force and violence and punishments to get others to comply.

He also said that he believes people are unwilling to listen to what scientists have recommended because of the “divisive” state of the country — a belief backed by a Pew Research report that found Democrats are more likely that Republicans to believe the coronavirus is threat to public health.

“All of a sudden science gets caught in a lot of this divisiveness,” he said. –Fox News

Fauci believes that if people wore their ritualistic shame muzzles and listened to social distancing advisories while maintaining sanitary measures like washing or disinfecting their hands, this virus will be able to stay in check and he’d allow the country to remain open.

It’s long past time we take matters into our own hands and keep it open ourselves. Fauci cannot close everything down unless we, the people, submit and allow it to happen. Wake up and put morality above legality.

Get Ready! MSM Predictive Programming Calls This The “Calm Before The Storm”

Many states and counties or cities within states are going into various stages of lockdown once again. Those that aren’t in some stage of lockdown already will be pushed that way in the coming weeks. As we’ve said before, if the ruling class believes they can get away with putting everyone on house arrest so they can conceal and cement their plans for world domination, they will do so.

And once again, it’s up to us to stand up and say: “No. We will not comply.”

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    1. Nicholas

      I would like to note here that the Constitution provides for the People to take matters into their own hands through the proper application of law. However, this part of the Constitution is denied, disparaged, and ridiculously misunderstood to the point that one should ask what has happened to the intelligence level of the American people?
      The Framers placed into the Constitution, at Article I, § 8, Cls. 15 & 16, the militia as the only recognized authority “to execute the Laws of the Union…” When they did so, they did not need to explain it as they did with other clauses in the Constitution. They knew Militia by its historical record, and its function by the Colonial statutes that they made uniform. They added it to insure that government could not create “select militia” along the lines of FBI, State Police, DEA and the host of other agencies that usurp the power of the People to be the ultimate arbiters of the Constitution.
      Those 2 clauses, and Article II, § 2, Cl. 1 cannot be changed. They cannot be changed by redefining them through the use of misinformation. They certainly can’t be changed by the fact that there is an amendment that makes them protected under the Bill of Rights.
      So, why does the general public, and mysteriously the so-called pro-2nd community deny the validity, or the legitimate meaning of those clauses as a duty commanded by the Constitution?

      • Anonymous

        Well stated, sir! Obviously the government long ago stopped following the parts of the Constitution that they don’t agree with, or someone would have challenged FDR and his creation of the “alphabet” Agencies. The Constitution does not allow for agencies to exist, as all laws were to be signed off by the House, Senate, and President. Agencies allow that process to be ignored, and we are now where we were designed to be. None of this is by accident, it is by design.

      • Dave

        Dr. Fucki is not a medical Doctor, first and foremost; he’s a long time degenerate tool for the pharmaceutical interests. He’s also a piss-ant and a prime candidate for a good old fashioned “put down” for TREASON. I think the current method should entail a stout Louisville ‘slugger’ sharpened on both ends to a fine point, greased, and then shoved up the anushole sideways.

      • Darth Skippy

        N asks, “So, why does the general public, and mysteriously the so-called pro-2nd community deny the validity, or the legitimate meaning of those clauses as a duty commanded by the Constitution?”

        The gun stores are plastered from floor to ceiling in posters glorifying said “select” militia, and the redcoat owners scare anything remotely independent out the door — no matter how calm, knowledgeable, or monied — with gunsplaining trivia and false airs.

    2. cranerigger

      Fauci, look up the definition of HUBRIS. Fauci has been elected to NOTHING. His willful ignorance regarding Constitutional safeguards for individual rights (think BILL OF RIGHTS) knows no bounds. The PREMISE for his arguments are false – 1) a financial incentive to the medical community to tally as many deaths as possible to Covid-19 led to skewed totals, 2) weak politicians (Biden) will cede their responsibility to some medical professionals – remember that many medical professionals refute the jumps-to-confusions by Fauci.

      This rant is stated as an old person that recognizes my demographic has a greater risk of death by Covid-19. Regardless of that fact, it is WRONG to infringe on the freedoms of young people. Think of the unintended consequences.

    3. Genius

      Their makin a list
      Their checkin it twice
      Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
      Federal Claws is comin to town..

      They see you when your sleeping
      They see when your awake
      They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

      You better not pout
      You better not cry
      Just do what your told and never ask why
      Federal Claws is comin to town

      The NSA is watching
      The CIA is too
      The FBI is on your trail
      Now whatcha gonna do?

      Oh you better not pout
      You better not cry
      Think of fighting back you better not try
      Federal Claws is comin to town..

      With facial recognition
      And cell phone spying too
      A database as big as hell
      Has all the dirt on you

      Oh you better not speak
      You better not type
      Orwell was completely right
      Federal Claws is comin to town….

      Thank you people thank you! 🙂

    4. Jim in Va.

      A chunk of coal in the deep state’s stockings…….good luck with it. Fauchi better be the first in line to take the vaccine…along with Biden and Harris.

      • WTF

        Is it real or fake ?

    5. Anonymous

      Maybe fuccie will come to my house, I have some shit I’d like to spit on him, and I know that shit eater would suck it up. He would hold that shit in his mouth until he saw nancy piglosi and the rest of the pig committee, then he’d spit that shit on all of them,just like jerry shit my pants nadler did here a few weeks ago (pew – pew) . O well it’s just a pipe dream. Guess I’ll get back to business. Elbulleheal. (By the way FU_K that little coward cork soaker. I will wear no mask and I will go where I want, when I want & with as many people as I want simple as that FREEDOM. Fuck those shit eaters .(democrapers pew – pew)

      • Thor's hammer

        I like your post about the Dems being shit-eaters. I personally refuse to wear masks, take vaccines, or stay inside if ordered to. I identify as being a NORSE GOD, therefore I am immune to all viruses and above all never ever take orders from shit-eaters.

    6. Andrea.Iravani.

      There is only one place for Anthony Fauci, in a Federal prison cell for the remainder of his life. Actually, there are many Federal prison cells, and Fauci is one of the serial, criminal, predator, psychopaths, that belongs in one for life, along with many others in this terroristic, treasonous,tyrannical, high crimes, and theft, in the health scare conspiracy, not only on America, but the entire world.

      Andrea Iravani

    7. brian w irvin

      Dear God in heaven i thank you that i am not one of these rich sick psychopathic control freaks , Please forgive me , but these people are in alot of trouble , can you imagine standing in front of GOD and being Fauchi , eternity , oh my they can have it , Maranatha , Come Lord Jesus

    8. Thor's hammer

      I like your post about the Dems being shit-eaters. I personally refuse to wear masks, take vaccines, or stay inside if ordered to. I identify as being a NORSE GOD, therefore I am immune to all viruses and above all never ever take orders from shit-eaters.

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