Birx Demands “Much More Aggressive Action” To Deal With COVID-19

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Deborah Birx is also warning that the U.S. is entering the “most deadly phase of this pandemic.” Along with head medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Birx is saying a “much more aggressive action” is now needed to keep the case counts down.

    “We are entering the most concerning and most deadly phase of this pandemic … leading to increasing mortality,” Birx said according to a report by Market Watch According to the Washington Post, Dr. Birx issued the internal report early yesterday. “This is not about lockdowns — It hasn’t been about lockdowns since March or April. It’s about an aggressive balanced approach that is not being implemented,” Birx said in the report, according to the Post. The memo also reportedly warned against any mass gatherings.

    Greg Mannarino: “They Want People Desperate. People Aren’t Desperate Enough”

    According to all mainstream media outlets, we should be panicking again and living a life full of fear.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    Allegedly, according to the propagandists in the mainstream media, new coronavirus cases have spiked in most states in recent weeks, with the daily number of new cases averaging nearly 83,000 over the past week. Hospitalization and death rates have also risen…allegedly. Of course, there is no proof of this claim and independent people and journalists earlier in the year found the “overwhelmed hospital” narrative to be a straight-up lie.

    Over the weekend, Dr. Anthony Fauci told the mainstream media: “We’re in for a whole lot of hurt” unless drastic action is taken to prevent a coronavirus surge this winter.  On Sunday, former FDA administrator Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CBS News that “things are getting worse around the country,” specifically warning that Thanksgiving could be an “inflection point” that leads to an even worse situation in December.

    Prepare for the “dark winter” they keep promising. It probably won’t have anything to do with being sick either.  This will come down to draconian and tyrannical authoritarianism forced on everyone outside the ruling class.

    Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us

    Connecticut has just rolled back their “reopening” plans to phase 2.1 and is now enforcing harsher restrictions on restaurants and social gatherings. It sure looks like those who plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with family this year are going to be outlaws.

    NYC Mayor Comrade De Blasio Shuts Down Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Fauci Wants Everyone To “Sacrifice” By Refusing To Celebrate Thanksgiving

    Who even knows what this country will look like by Christmas at this point…


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      1. The seasonal flu is easily more than ten times as deadly as COVID. We can safely and completely forget about this SCAM.

        • Safely?
          Only when the treasonous snakes are hanged!
          Until then the state has the authority because they have the technological monopoly over The People.
          They will not hesitate to use it.
          To them, it is time to put the roll out of the NWO back on schedule and The People are merely fodder to that end.

          • I told people Trump was going to lose. Cause the UN, globalist and bankers have an agenda. Trump was in the way

      2. The failed ideology and circular logic of the fake revolutionaries was once again demonstrated on Sputnik’s Critical Hour with political cartoonist guest Ted Rall, who basically fell back on the ends justify the means and by any means necessary mentality, which are counter-intuitive, counter-revolutionary ideologies because a revolution cannot be based on lies. If a so called revolution is based on lies, it guarntees a permanent state of chaos and social unrest because many individuals would be denied justice since the fake revolution would be based on lies. A revolution that denies justice is not a revolution, it is tyranny.

        Ted Rall claimed that something good may come out of the covid crisis but is not willing to acknowledge, at least not on pro-covid tyranny Sputnik, that the covid response is a Scamdemic based on scientific and economic fraud. The United States was under unprecedented crisis during 9/11, which was another create a crisis event by insiders and created no revolution. The 2008 financial crisis was challenged by the Occupy Movement which was shut down and failed to create any revolutionary change as well. 

        In fact, the only successful attempts for revolutionary change have been instituted by ending corruption and exposing bad actors and uniting around the truth. The Joseph McCarthy hearings, Watergate hearings, and the Pentagon paper hearings were all examples of this, and the end of slavery, the womens surffrage movement, and the end of Jim Crow laws also relied on the truth movement and a society that united around the rights of individuals and demanded that the rights of those individuals be allowed to flourish.

        What a ridiculous existence that the covid tyranny propagandists that have infested the media, some alternative media sites like Sputnik, the health scare industry, the fascist universities and “education” systems, the government, large corporations, and the financial institutions are destined to live for the rest of their measily, weasily, existences, spending the rest of their lives acting like Hillary Clinton lying about Rusdian hackers depriving her of the election. She knows that she is lying, those involved in the conspiracy know that she is lying and aree also lying on her behalf, and everyone else knows that she is lying, and Hillary Clinton will probably spend the reaminder of her life lying about Russian hackers, and so will those involved in the conspiracy, and now the covid conspiracy tyrants, mamy of whom, but not all like those on Sputnik, have made the conscious decisions to spend the rest of their lives being stubborn, wrong, and totally asinine.

        It takes far more mental energy and effort to knowingly be committed to falsehoods than it takes being committed to the truth. So if it will be a test of wills, I believe that the truth will win and that the crooks and liars will lose. 

        This is what the culture of sabotage has brought America to. Sabotage being the method preferred by the mentally incompetent, to level the playing field and rig it in their favor since they are incapable of competing on a level playing field.

        Many Democrats had voted for Trump in the primary as well as promoted him in the primary because they believed that it ensured their victory, and many Republicans voted for Biden in the primary for the same reason, which brings us the candidates of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Imagine if the Democrats that voted for Trump in their primary voted for the Deocratic candidate that they would have preferred, Hillary might not have bedn the nominee.

        That is why Democracy is failing to a large degreee in my opinion, directly as a result of sabotage during the primaries, often guaranteeing the worst candidates in both parties, and there are not enough oligarchs to do that, so it is largely corruption once again by the general population, and not strictly the oligarchs.

        Hopefully people will learn their lesson and stop sabotaging others. It does not only take place in political campaigns. It is so typical in America and is why America sucks. 

        The psychopaths that have been hacking and terrorizing me and are also using hacking to do it are saboteurs. The level of low life idiocy and mental incompency that would be required to target someone like me is mind boggling. The wasted life, with the goal of destroying others through illegal means, in which the only thing that they gain is the destruction of their souls and a lengthy criminal record that they will have to spend the rest of their lives running from and trying to conceal, if they are lucky enough to get away with it.

        I guess that that is why so many on the left re-acted the way that they did when Trump was elected, because they were subjected to their own worst nightmares, and they knew within their hearts that they were in part responsible which they would never have the courage to admit to. They had tried to rig the system in their favor and it back-fired on them and they had become the creators of their own worst nightmares.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Revenge of The Fake Manchurian Candidates

        We know for a fact that the goals of the Manchurian Candidates are trying to obtain our DNA and intellectual property and physical property through lock-downs, testing hysteria, and data through spying since they are obtaining our DNA through testing and intellectual property through spying, and property through forced lock downs that resulted in bankruptcies. Everyone knows that covid does not warrant such illegal and unconstitional measures. The crooks are probably worried that people have realized what is taking place with data theft, hacking, and perverted spying. They are probably worried that people will ditch their tracing and tracking devices, aka  cell phones, if not out of being disgusted with the crooks tracing and tracking them, then out of concerns over 5G, which is why they are calling for digital IDs that would allow the crooks continue tracking and tracing, and would also prevent a run on the banks, because banks can not run out of nothing, and digital currencies are nothing. The repo market break down resulted in the oil market break down, and we have no idea what the extent of the derivate market’s insustainability is, or when it will all just collapse onto itself. This is why the Fed wants to introduce Fed Coin, after they have been involved in the deliberate destruction of the lives and businesses of many individuals for the benefit of irresponsible high rolling gamblers in the financial, corporate, government, and pension sectors. It cannot work. It was the QE NIRP and ZIRP that led to compulsive gambling, on the other hand, if rates are high, or higher at a time of economic contraction, which is currently unprecedented, that would result in further economic catastrophe as well. They are stuck with no way out. They are content to destroy everyone since they know that they will be destroyed. It is a scorched earth policy of economic terrorism.

        Are we supposed to believe that it is just a coincidence that they wound up with our DNA, intellectual property obtained through spying, and physical property obtained through lock down induced bankruptcies but that it wasn’t actually their goals to end up with all of that?! Please tell me that nobody is stupid enough to believe that that was not the intended goal for them to end up with all of that!!

        But it is even worse than that! 

        The Manchurian Candidates Want To Own Our Thoughts Via Mind Reading Technology

        Only mentally incompetent psychopathic serial criminals would waste their time and resources in an internationally orchestrated campaign of fraud to gain acess to our DNA via force, coersion, or fear based on fraud, in addition to mass surveillance also based on scientific fraud. There is a God given reason that they do not have our DNA and thoughts, and they simply refuse to accept it. They cannot gain access to our DNA via natural selection, so they obtain it through the medical mafia using scientic fraud as a means of extorting it. Gynecologists also steal ovums. Do not go to them unless absolutly necessary! It is completely unnatural for a woman to be implanted with the ovums from another woman! It is also completely unnatural to try to genetically alter DNA. Do not get a colonoscopy either unless absolutely necessary ( although I can’t imagine what reason that might be, especially considering that prior to 1990 they did not even exist! ) since they use anesthesia and nobody has any idea what they are doing to all of these seemingly healthy people that are willingly subjecting themselves to colonoscopies every year just because the government said that it is good for them, like yearly gynecological and prostate exams, and mammograms, which really ought to be setting off alarms in everyone’s heads!  If that is what the government has to offer us, I politely suggest that they shove their tests up their asses!

        They want to mine our brains and own our thoughts and intellectual property and creations as their own:

        The psychopaths in control also want to convince us that they are not responsible for their behavior and they would like us to believe has resulted from MKUltra mind control programs.

        Others have stated over and over again that a person under hypnosis cannot be compelled to do things that they are morally opposed to doing. :

        Psychotronic Weapons 

        I believe that the power structure is trying to evade responsibility for their crimes of the inside job of 9/11  with the full cooperation of all government, large corporations, financial institutions, media, and universities, and now for the Health Scare Scamdemic by attempting to persuade people that others are remotely controlling them with MKUltra techniques. Everyone knows how weirdly Hillary acted with Secret Service agents reaching in their pockets and pressing buttons on a device, and how strangely Pelosi, Schiff, Trump, Fauci, Biden, and Gates are acting, like circus freak show acts. Also recall the way that George W. Bush used to just blank out mid-sentence and gaze off into space, as if he was having either petit mal seizures or TIAs
        (or check if you are too young to recall.)

        Illegal surgery and MKUltra techniques have been performed on me and have tortured me and resulted in sleep deprivation and an inability to cry, as well as reduced concentration from the obvious fact that I am being terrorized with DEWs and EMF radiation. It produces extremely horrible sensations, as if my brain gets magnetized, because it actually has been with the EMFs. Despite the fact that these DEWs have been used on me, they have been incapable of controlling deciscions that I make, asking me to give things up, or move out of the neighborhood, This has been done to approximately 300,000 people according to anesthesiologist from Austin Texas, Dr. John R. Hall on his website International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:

        Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee is also managed by James Brunnquell who is also the Village president of the village that I live in Grafton, Wisconsin even though he does not work any hours at all at the village and he does not have voice mail at the village, and Brunnquell keeps running for office and has been in the village government since I moved here in 2000 is coincidently involved in such a project.:

        They obviously want to get away with criminal behavior by saying that they were remotely controlled to commit crimes as Manchurian Candidates. Well, the technology is being used on me, and I do not commit crimes, and I do not do what they tell me to do, in fact, I do not even believe in the Lock Downs, distancing, masks, covid vaccines, or social and travel restrictions, and I am not going to vote for any candidates, because they are all totally corrupt. Only a totally delusional person would take orders from an anonymous, cowardly, psychopath that is using DEWs on them. The Son of Sam was probably a victim of it, and he was definitely delusional, and definitely insane since he murdered people because his dog commanded him to do it!  The DEW users have threatened me as well. I simply refuse to obey the DEW criminal psychopaths.

        Devices were illegally implanted in me while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee on March 27th, 2014, I have barely been able to cry, despite intense feeling of sorrow resulting from a serious of personal tragedies and losses that few would be able to survive, all tragic events were a cascade of losses in such a rapid succession and of such grave consequences that to say that it is truly a series of horrors would be a gross understatement. I used to cry constantly. I am simply unable to express it as a result of psychotronic weaponry, it is not that I do not feel it. It started with immediate sleep deprivation and extremely loud tinnitus in my left ear, and the inability to cry. They turned my brain into a three way transistor radio with devices implanted in both ears and in my nasal cavity. I have written about this in the past and have told many people and informed law enforcement, politicians, and health care at all levels, and all notifications have been ignored, laughed at, and even resulted in threats against me by St. Mary’s staff. Immediately after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started using DEWs on me. The DEW users repeat non-sensical chants and sexually harrass me and ask me to give up things to them, none of which I have given up. I do not hear it if music is playing, or listening to the radio because the radio waves are larger than the microwaves and displaces them like ripples in a pool from a boulder would displace ripples from a pebble. It is the most offensive and grotesque personal invasion concievable and I have been raped by a stranger, prior to this, and this is much worse, because it never stops, it is an invisible, cowardly, brain-raping, parasitic, psychopath that will not stop. It is total rape by  total coward(s) and  total monster(s) that belong(s) in a federal pennitentiary for life. I do not know how many people are involved. Anything with a motor also repeats these chants, as well as anything with plumbing because the microwaves can jump to copper pipes. Since I have experienced it miles away from my home, with or without cell-phone, I have concluded that it is beamed from a satellite, and are frequency specific to the illegally implanted devices. My house is constantly broken into and things stolen and vandalized as well as neighbors that stalk and spy and gas-light and have even placed things in their windows that they had stolen from my home including curtains, and small round globe colored lights which the lights have been removed and placed back in their windows dozens of times. This terrorism has conicided with all of the tragic losses that I have endured since 2014. I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000 and never had a single problem with a neighbor until then. New neighbors have also moved in around me since then on three sides. Two of those neighbors have placed items stolen from me in their windows. 

        There is a terrorist network in my neighborhood. The people involved in this are not from a particular political party or religion. Some of the individuals involved that lived here prior to 2014 are Republicans, some are Democrats, some are Trump supporters, some are Christian, and some are Jews. The only common link that I am aware of is their criminal behavior. I have lived in this neighborhood for longer than all of but four other households. Many new neighbors have also moved into the neighborhood and the majority of the men and women do not have jobs, so how they can live here without jobs is unusual. This was all pre-lockdown.

        Vault7 technology is also being used on me. My smart meter was hacked as well as appliances and people remotely control my lights, thermostat, and appliances at their whims. This could only happen to someone living in a shit-hole neighborhood, in a shit-hole village, in a shit-hole county, in a shit-hole state, in a shit-hole country, considering all that have been notified and that have refused to prosecute and imprison the psychopathic terrorists. Notifications have gone from the Grafton police, all the way up to Donald Trump. We Energies ( Wisconsin Energy ) and technology companies have also been notified and other than We Energies replacing my smart meter after it was hacked in Februrary of 2016, and read ddd-ddd for a default code, all refuse to find the culprits and have them arrested for the hacking crime spree that continues to this day.

        Gang Stalking is a common problem in Wisconsin:

        The only reason that I have not killed myself is because I want to expose them and have them permantly thrown in federal pennitentiaries where they can no longer harm people because they pose extreme dangers to society.

        Here is documention that Psychotronic Weapons do exist by written author Mojamir Babacek:

        This invasive brain raping technology is being implemented throughout countries around the world ranging from America, China, Iran, Sweden, you name it! There are numerous international collaborative human brain interfacing with technology projects, in addition to projects by the Medical Mafia, Militaries, Universities, and private corporations. They claim that these technologies are being developed to help those with neurological problems like Parkinsons, which I believe that they deliberately caused, because there is a direct correlation between EMFs and Parkinsons as well as other neurological diseases. It is Super Man Complex, otherwise referred to as Munchausen’s Syndrome, where they provide both the disease and the cure and often for profit as well as other benefits, in this case intellectual property. Is it a coincidence that Stephen Hawking had ALS? Is it a coincidence that Michael J. Fox developed Parkinson’s Disease at such an early age which is basically unheard of and has used his voice to request such technology? Is it a coincidence that anti-psychotics cause Parkinsonism and mirror the effects of Parkinsons disease supposedly by attaching to dopamine receptors and blocking dopamine up-take, and that it is suspected that Parkinson’s is caused by the brains inability to uptake dopamine, but when levadopa is administered there is an initial improvement followed by an extremely rapid decilne in functioning as well as an extremely rapid increase in Parkinson’s symptoms? 

        I demand Truth and Justice, which would entail that the evil, sadistic, psychopaths that have tortured and terrorized me and have committed a litany of the most offensive crimes against humanity against me concelievable to be permanently thrown in federal pennitentiaries where they are no longer free to continue their sadistic crime spree against me. These individiuals are involved in a massive organized crime ring and have proven themselves to be serial criminal psychopaths, incapable of living within the law in a manner that does not entail violating my rights and property. They have destroyed my life, as well as a lot of my property. They pose grave dangers to humanity over all. They are psychopaths unworthy of even negotiating with. I refuse to reward them for their illegal sadistic behavior by dignifying them in any manner. Hopefully, they do not have the audacity to believe that they are even entitled to associate with me in any manner that would involve any sort of reconciliation. They are evil, destructive, serial, criminal, psychopaths that do not deserve escaping imprisonment for their barbaric crime spree. I would rather die than talk to them. I am not exagerating in any way. They are not worthy of my recognition. They are not worthy of being listened to. They are not worthy of being trusted. They are not even worthy of the respect that would be required to reconcile with anyone. They have destroyed my one and only life, in a pre-medidated, organized crime spree with the deliberate intent to cause harm by committing physically destructive and psychologically abusive crimes against me and physically destructive property crimes against me, and to be direct beneficiaries of the illegal harm that they have caused, and there is no reconciliation for that. They are terrorists in every sense of the definition. I demand that they be sent to prison so that I will be able to live the remainder of my life in the liberty and safety that their terrorism and crime spree has prevented me from doing.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. It needs to be recalled that Pres. Trump early on, after the first shutdown, decided to leave further measures to the states, in consultation with the NIH and CDC. This was to allow variations based on varying medical factors, such as available hospital beds, available equipment and drugs, and available testing means, as well as local economic factors (economic impact etc.).

      5. Herd immunity is how many generations lived through pandemics. Some died. But the human race is thriving. Our freedom means everything. Giving us instructions like we are idiots has done little more than cause massive distrust. Fauci and Brix work with Gates, who wants to chip all, like dogs. See Gates history on vaccinations around the world. It is insidious. So are his desires for our futures. Just say no!

      6. It is a problem if journalists have decided to self-censor,  since self-censorship is a Kami Kazi mission. This may come as a surprise to those short sighted journalists, but people do not read the news for the advertisements or propaganda. Yes, there are many who refuse under all circumstances to listen to the truth if it creates cerebral discomfort by finding out that the person that they voted for was a fraud. This amazes me, but it really is true that a certain percentage of the population would rather be delusional than admit that that the candidate was not all that he or she was cracked up to be, as if they are not only refusing to admit that they were wrong about the candidate, but refusing to admit that they are not psychic with profoumd and magnificent predivpctive capabilities, and of course, this happens to include a large percentage of people who divorced, but appatently that has been somehow seperately compartmentalized in their psychic predictive capabilities and is not a factor that they might not be the magnificent judges of charchter that they believe that they are. When I find out that people that I vote for turned out to be frauds, I get mad as hell at them! What it is that compells people to defend someone that screwed them over by violating their rights, and by being a fraud is mystyfying to me! They are more worried about being proven that they were wrong than they are about having their rights violated by a total fraud! That is by all accounts beyond stubborn and completely insane!

        Andrea Iravani

      7. let’s just say you had a plan of global scale and the only thing stopping you from implementing that plan was an older male population.

        let’s just say you had a bio weapons laboratory…and the term “collateral damage” has become nomenclature for sacrificial lambs.

        you would need a altruistic smoke screen of global proportions to conseal such a plan …would you not?



        Just one more example of Censorship Causing Cancer in the long list of censored topics by corrupt industries including Monsanto, Asbestos, Tobacco, Wi-Fi, Cell phones, 5G, Gulf War Syndrome,  and also 

        Andrea Iravani

      9. After seeing family-minded traditionalists beg and plead with you, about how to organize a society, most everyone for the last few generations has produced illegitimate bastards, fit to work seat warmer positions for the East Bloc. Whichever version of FUNVAX is probably redundant.

        Probably, none of the refuseniks (unless you are an exceptional case) have successfully colonized their own gang-turf or no-go zones, to the point of being able to provide basic necessities, self-sufficiently. (Don’t “out” yourself, if you have a good thing going. But, I would typically say zero.)

        So, you are still ultimately on the same level as cringey street fighters in the toilet paper aisle.

        Greg Mannarino: “They Want People Desperate. People Aren’t Desperate Enough”

        Sated, crapulent, and slightly-dull, in low-morale living conditions.

        “Let me have men about me that are fat,
        Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
        Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
        He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.”

      10. OK, We will fire Fauci and Brix and charge them with racketeering.

        Fixing 19 is easy and cheap.

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