New York’s COVID-19 Field Hospital Dismantled After Treating ZERO Patients

by | May 25, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Another field hospital has been dismantled after treating exactly zero patients during the COVID-19 scamdemic.  The $21 million hospital was apparently all for show, smoke in mirrors, as not one single patient needed it.

    The Brooklyn field hospital, authorized by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration at a cost of approximately $21 million, closed without seeing one patient. The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook was one of several sites across the city to be converted into a medical facility to try to manipulate the public into more fear. While the plan in Red Hook was announced on March 31, one day after the U.S Navy hospital ship Comfort arrived in New York Harbor, the facility did not open until May 4, according to Pennlive. 

    Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closed After 3 Days & Without Seeing A Single Patient

    These hospitals were most likely set up just to show the public that they should be living in a state of fear and be subjected to utter tyranny because of it.

    Luckily, people all over the world have be documenting the lies from politicians, bankers, and the mainstream media during this scamdemic.

    MSM EXPOSED: Independent People Uncover COVID-19 Lies

    The majority of people know they are being lied to and that this has all been a gigantic hoax perpetrated on the public.  The real question remains where we go from here. Do we continue to allow ourselves to be slaves to the ruling class elitists? Or do we declare ourselves free human beings, capable of running our own lives without government interference?

    What’s important to know, is that you are not alone.

    More people than you think are awakening to the truth that government is simply control over the public and nothing more.  It are not there to help us, have never protected our rights, and will steal from us and kill us if we dare to disobey.  Politicians and cops are also just humans.  They aren’t better than us, and we should have never allowed them any power over us in any capacity.

    The Great Awakening: Our Future Will Be One of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace



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      1. When the psychopaths in my neighborhood were pooring water on my step everyday just before I would leave at no set scedule, knocking plants and lawn sculptures over every day, and breaking into my house vandalizing and stealing, I realized that it was their goal to get me to install surveillance cameras, so I did not install them.

        When my phone was hacked, I realized that it was the goal of an evil psychopath to get me to go to the Apple store, so, I did not go there, knowing also that Bayshore Mall is an abduction capital in America.

        When evil psychopaths are trying to manipulate you to do something, chances are that is never to benefit you, since you know that they are evil psychopaths that hack, spy, stalk, vandalize, steal, and break in.

        It is not a crime to do anyone a favor. It never has been and never will be a crime to help someone. So, you know that the cowards are Anonymous, because they are evil criminal terrorists.

        • it said pouring but was hacked in transmission. A hobby for retards is to hack and mispell.

          • Dammed spel chick.

            • I happen to have inside information that spell check only works for establishment democrats. Those that are not establishment democrats are infected with hidden mal-ware that can’t be destroyed. That is pretty desperate. My posts are destroyed in transmission though. I read them, copy, send, paste, and notice errors when pasting, so it is through transmission that a hacker is doing it.

      2. Why is it that most of the men and women who write opinion pieces on the internet, or who have internet talk shows, the very people who tell the American people that SARS-2/Covid-19 is a hoax, then turn around and tell their listeners that they MUST buy their brand of expensive storable freeze dried food, masks, water filters, colloidal silver products, etc?

        • A public agency will have posted their wants list, in front of God and everyone, so that any salesman could offload this same junk, in the gazillions of units.

      3. If you didn’t already see this as an exigent circumstance, used to embezzle money, you don’t really want to be fixed.

      4. Not to mention the unsanitary ER tent set up in Central Park! Call these what they are, Propaganda Installation Advertisements and Psy-Ops!

        Patrick Henningsen from 21stCenturyWire mentioned on the Sunday Wire radio show yesterday that he was banned from Facebook for 30 days and said that it has happened before.

        Laura Loomer was mentioned on RT website and has also been banned from Twitter and Facebook, even though she is running for congress. I don’t know anything about her really, but she said in the interview that former journalst friends with connections to intel said that Facebook and Twitter listed her as a dangerous person and that any mention of her name was forbidden by the platforms. It sounds like her so called friends are completely full of shit! I have never had any Facebook compamy accounts or apps, but had my Twitter shut down, I have seen activists that have had their accounts shut down, but never heard of Dangerous Person label by social media forbidding mentioning the name of someone. Maybe her “friends” were worried that their own accounts would be shut down if they mentioned her name, which seems far more likely in the world of social media, and were probably too embarrassed to come right out and admit it!

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