The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

by | May 6, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Fear is one of the most powerful tools the elites have at their disposal. Using the mainstream media, politicians and others who want world domination can inject fear into the public at the drop of a hat, making them easy to manipulate and control.

    Aristotle once said: “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” Fear is a powerful weapon, and it’s been used globally for the past few months.  People have shown that the instant the media tells them to live a life scared in their homes, they will comply in order to “stay safe.” Whether the virus is real or not, is not the point.  The elitists must keep the public in a constant state of panic in order to control them. Unafraid and compassionate people are impossible to control.

    Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the propaganda was injected into schools to eliminate critical thinking.

    At school, we were taught to think in certain ways. They taught us what to think, but not how to develop our thinking. And everyone was taught the same. If we thought in different ways than our classmates, teachers would tell us we are bad students. They would give us bad grades and might even expel us from school. Therefore, as students we learned to compromise our thinking so as to get away with trouble. –The Bounded Spirit

    The other hard truth most will not like to hear is that if you are still stuck in the left vs. right paradigm, you still haven’t figured any of it out yet. Left vs. right only exists to give us the illusion of choice.  It’s time to question what we’ve been programmed to think, and it should start there. The fear of not electing the right candidate drives people to polls to vote for evil every year. (The lesser of two evils is still evil.) Politicians are being elected by persuading the masses through the use of fear while journalists influence public opinion by terrorizing people’s minds.

    Fear is the best weapon of all great manipulators. It can move people to do anything, no matter how nonsensical it is.  Take, for example, the COVID-19 scam.  People are still terrified of a virus that even the government has admitted isn’t any worse than the flu.  Why? Because the media, the government’s lapdog, is telling them they still need to be afraid. The elites have learned to manipulate the public’s emotions to their advantage. With global media corporations in place, controlled and operated BY the elite, they can amplify that fear quite easily. Turn on the news, open a newspaper and you’ll see this.

    We have been taught to be distrustful of the mind, however, and of our thoughts. This has been by design and has been perpetuated through society by the elite of this world who understand the power of thought and the nature of the mind. In fact, most of us have been through a long period of mind-programming since we were born to separate our mind from itself so that it does not know or experience this truth. –With One Breath

    Obey. That is the name of the game of control. And controlled you are if you do not recognize how innately powerful, creative, and safe you really are. This life is not all you are, but it is everything you’ve been taught to believe.

    Our emotions are energy and they all have a frequency. The closer you are to the bottom, the easier it will be to manipulate you into obeying and complying with tyranny.

    As David Icke said in a now-banned YouTube video:

    “‘I’m more powerful than them and they KNOW IT.’ And within minutes of the interview ending, they were proving me right. Here they are, this cult that I will explain, that control the mainstream media, my God, has that been any more obvious than in the last few weeks?” -SHTFPlan (the video in this article has been deleted and this article has been shadowbanned.)

    Icke was discussing the easy way to beat “the cult” as he calls it, the elitists, the government, the establishment, the ones who want to control you and enslave you.  He says living life in compassion and love and doing the right and moral thing will be the fall of the ruling class.

    Free yourself by living a life free of fear. Take up critical thinking. Question what you’ve been told.  Believe you are powerful because you are. Stop looking to others for answers and look to yourself.  Find what resonates with you and speak your truth.


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      1. Fear is not an effective motivator.They are the ones who are fearful because they have been completely full of shit and have been violating rights and property. Misery loves company. They want everyone to be afraid, because they are afraid, and they have good reason to be afraid after 9/11, the seven wars that ensued leaving the Pentagon with a $21 trillion accounting error, and this COVID-19 hoax, just to name a few things that they have to be afraid of.

        When the risks of society no longer outweigh the rewards of society, people will participate. What do I have to gain by associating with abusive, gas-lighting,fascist, psychopaths that are totally full of shit and in some kind of sick fucked up game of control and domination? I stand nothing to gain by associating with them. So, why bother? I’m not a masochist and they are the way that they are. I am fine being in my home without them and the misery that they enjoy inflicting on me. They are sadists. That is just the way that they are. I can’t change that.

        • Well, you said it… you have nothing to gain, but millions of people have something to gain! They have institutionalized corruption. For example, in France, millions of functionary, waiting for their next promotion in 6 months and regularly going in the street to get a little more. They expanded this system to the all medical profession, that is now paid directly by the state. Then there are millions of people staying “happily at home” thanks to wealth fare (like me). So basically the large majority of the population is waiting for its paycheck without any possibility to do anything else. Nearly all communications are through phone and emails, hence they control everything we do, any opportunity we have: a job, a flat etc… They even put us en masse in prison (shelter) now and people are asking for this.

      2. It doesn’t matter how much you run in circles and stomp your feet against muh tyranny. It’s too late. Shoulda been done years ago.

        The economy will never recover. No one has money to buy anything non-essential. This creates a never-ending downward spiral as no one can afford to buy and that puts more people out of work. As all the supply chains go down, things will evolve into a scenario like Mad Max. Yes, this is TEOTWAWKI. This is what we’ve been preparing for, for the last 10 years. If you didn’t listen, you’re shit out of luck.

        This is going to be an extinction level event.

      3. “Find what resonates with you and speak your truth.”

        Kinda subjective, that. Opens the door to more than one “truth” that can be exploited to further induce fear.

        Better to read your Bible and speak THE Truth.

        • Well you might read the Coran even truther !

      4. This is a must read article:
        “YouTube is Desperate to Censor ‘Plandemic’ Documentary Detailing a Coronavirus Corruption Conspiracy”

        Big Brother does not want this information being seen.
        Published 15 hours ago
        on May 6, 2020
        By Shane Trejo

        Note: you should alsp find “Plandemic” video on youtube while you still can.
        EDUCATE yourself.

        * * * SHTFPLAN web master, Please publish article with research into this video.

        Opinion Comment:
        Our country and freedoms are being STOLEN with the chicom flu as the excuse.

        Germany 1933
        Amerikka 2020
        Tell the lie. Keep repeating the lie. The manipulated Masses will believe the Lie.

        There is No Santa. Ask any poor child. They learn this at very early age.
        While private school children with well toi do parents continue the Lie of Santa sometimes into the early teens. Well educated and rich does not mean you are smart.

        My observation of the well to do/well educated, indicates they are the easiest to be Hoaxed by Politicians-Media-“Officials”. Why? No street smarts.

      5. good article.
        good work.

        look up Edward Bernays
        understand “marketing” or “public relations.

        Why hane so many scientist and microbiologist been MURDERED in last few years? Now we know.

      6. Fauci was a liar from the beginning. Then, Mike Adams chimed in back in March with his “scientific model” of 2.4 million dead by July 4th. Now we have the “surge in deaths and despair” model due to premature easing of the lock downs. How many have been scared out of their minds and now conditioned to the point that they won’t go out, won’t go back to work, won’t touch or go near another person? The fear, isolation and despair destroys our immune response as much as nutritional deficiencies. It will destroy the economy and will kill more people than this virus could ever have. Families will lose their homes. Children will go hungry. They are not all “idiots that did not listen and prepare”. The CDC, Fauci and Mike Adams are supposed to be diametrically opposed, yet both intentionally or not propagate fear. Their statements and models are not so dissimilar. Technocrats come in sheep’s clothing.

      7. Fiscal libertarians are hearing only from 3%’ers, based on their favorite websites and tv shows. There is a bubble, where we mainly hear our favorite philosophies on life.

        If you step out, into the general public of any blue state, those 97% remaining are vehemently in favor of big govt. Red state RINO’s are always cronies, derivative of helicopter money from our 5th Plank lending monopoly.

        They are not just trying to get through the checkpoint. They are not just wearing the uniform, for work. They have internalized so much propaganda in good faith.

        h ttps://×150.jpg

        h ttps://

        Isn’t there some kind of Prime Directive for civilians on planet Earth? Like when Timothy Leary talks about ‘cognitive liberty’, and says *not to turn people on, against their will?

        In my experience, you *can “fix stupid”, for just a minute. You can drive a point home, convincingly, for just a minute. There is a hundredth monkey for every people group, but they revert to the mean. They go feral without some assigned duty, like the drummer on the Roman slave galley to keep the beat, or like the horse, which goes “sour” for lack of use.

        Free agency is just as rare among humans as in other hives and herds. If you maroon one of the needy ones, he is just going to find a new master, or stronger pheromone, or greater cause, or be orphaned.

        h ttps://

        The small, frog-like creature is giving himself over, purposefully, in the final moments of the cartoon.

        Whether in the natural order, or in manmade order, some of them want to be used by you. The masochist actually wants to be caught. He avails himself willingly, and he feels insulted when you do not accept his hospitality.

        Maybe, you few free thinkers want anarchy. I think, that’s a temporary status between tyrannies, which are needed by the guilt-prone masses, who cannot live without some external validation, to grade and assign worth, arbitrarily.

        • “Every anarchist is a baffled dictator.”
          — attributed to Benito Mussolini

          • Conversely, every dictator is a self-actuating anarchist.

            Any resource, which you have consumed on the overcrowded life boat, has come from a less advantaged person.

            Or, you are that less-advantaged person — perhaps, a loyalist — who has willingly contributed his materiel.

            It can be called class warfare or a symbiosis, as when ex-slaves said they missed their “marster”, who was fair to them.

      8. Trump has his hands tied behind his back and worse. Whatever one believes about him he is trying at every opportunity to thwart this nonsense. When this COVOD-19 scare first came out he said it was a Hoax. Of course he had to back track. He walking around without a face mask trying to give the same message. He is now saying that the ‘pandemic’ will go away without the need for vaccine. Behind him he has the deep state who are threatening his every move. Since his inauguration he has survived a continuous barrage of so called scandals which have been perpetrated by the deep state to get him impeached. He has survived because he is a street fighter and knows how to deal with scumbags. Whatever you think about him the US and the world needs him now to prevent the cult from tightening their grip on humanity and creating a hunger games society predicted by David Icke. The likes of Bill Gates, Soros etc are trying their best on behalf of the hidden hand to subjugate us. Resistance is the key whatever they throw at us…just say no.

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