Fauci Wants Everyone To “Sacrifice” By Refusing To Celebrate Thanksgiving

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Authoritarian Dr. Anthony Fauci wants us to “sacrifice” and give up our traditions and time with family. He is urging Americans to give up Thanksgiving this year.

    Tyrant Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City has already canceled the iconic and historic Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in.  We are supposed to be giving up this time generally spend socializing with family and being grateful for everything so they can keep the fear going over this coronavirus scamdemic.

    “Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year,” said Fauci. And he’s right, but only because people are still bowing to the commands of politicians and going along with tyranny.

    Fauci said Dr. Deborah Birx has done a good job enslaving the masses too using fear. “She’s done an amazing job of traveling to different states trying to get a feel for what’s going on,” he told CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell. Fauci said Birx told him: ”Household transmission now is assuming a greater element of the transmissibility. Don’t assume that because you’re in your own home with your own family that you’re not going to spread infection.”

    Did anyone catch that? Weren’t we supposed to be locked in our homes back in March to prevent the spread of this virus? Now they don’t even want us around our own family? This is getting so ridiculous, and it’s absolutely astonishing that a good number of humans haven’t figured out that this was all a lie from the beginning.

    “People should be very careful and prudent about social gatherings,” Fauci said. “You may have to bite the bullet, and sacrifice social gatherings unless you’re pretty certain that the people you’re dealing with are not infected or have very recently tested, or they’re living a lifestyle in which they don’t have any interaction with anybody except you and your family.” Fauci and everyone else telling people how they will act and behave can piss off. If you aren’t sick of being dictated too, you will make a good slave for the New World Order.

    To say “wake up” has become cliche. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you are probably doomed to a live of servitude in the New World Order where you do one thing for the rest of your life: comply. This isn’t about health.  This about manufacturing compliance with tyranny.



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      1. Anthony Fauci is a psychopath with deniant personality disorder and sadistic personality disorder. He is right up there with
        Josef Mengela, and Fauci has told medical journals precisely the opposite of what he tells the public on a consistent basis.

        1.) Fauci has claimed all of the following in medical journals:
        Covid-19 would be similiar in transmissibility and fatality to a seasonal flu.

        2.) Vaccines would not be essential for covid.

        3.) Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for covid.

        4.) Masks are not recommended for preventing the spread of covid.

        Fauci obviously gets some sick perverted sense of pleasure out of all of this, like many others including Gavin Nuesome, Bill De’Blazio, and Donald Trump.

        This is all just sick as hell! These people are monstrous freaks of nature! Are they alien invaders? This is truly shocking to witness the pleasure that they derive out of all of this. It is horrifically grotesque, sinister, and macabre!

        Andrea Iravani

        • I see that a hacker changed deviant to deniant again.

          Andrea Iravani

      2. Dr. Anthony Fauci can go jump into a Michigan lake. He does NOT represent the American people, nor (from actual research not media hype) is he telling the truth about “covid”. He is in the wrong country, and the only reason some of what he says is being followed is those who “immigrated” here do not know how to reason for themselves.

        The PEOPLE of each state must decide what their REPRESENTATIVES who serve within our governments – state and federal – support. Those who go against the will of the AMERICAN people who put them into office can deal with them as they want, in my state we will remove them, and see to it that they are punished lawfully for any Oath breaking, or duties performed that is not written within the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution.

        • Well said again Cal. Biden will abrogate his elected duties and allow Fauci, an unelected leftist, to decide on another shutdown. My wife is also a scientist and she refutes the assumptions, incorrect tallys of Covid-19 deaths, and other efforts by some “experts” to endanger our nation with more shutdowns.

          Shutdowns are unsustainable & the objective of “no one being infected with Covid-19 forever” is ignorant & unattainable.

      3. I will still celebrate Thanksgiving and thank God that I have it so good. I will admit there is less to be thankful for this year, because of Fakuci, the CDC, WHO and China.

      4. Eat Shit and Die Fauci

      5. This evil,creepy,litlle Fauci guy can fuck off for all I care.Of course,they don’t want the slaves being around loved ones for the holidays.They just want us all living in fear and feeling hopeless/depressed.This covid b.s. is truly the biggest hoax/scam/lie in the history of this country.What’s next-telling the sheep they’ll catch the fake virus from the Thanksgiving turkeys? I wish someone would shove this Fauci guy in an oven for Thanksgiving and forget to turn it off.Cook his lying ass real good.After all,he is the biggest turkey there is! Gobble,gobble…?

      6. This guy gets his rocks off on watching everyone jump every time he says frog. You can bet he won’t be sacrificing anything or cancelling anything. The only talent Fauci has is keeping people buffaloed into the belief that he knows something. If he does it’s nothing he’s going to share with us. The man is evil.

      7. That little weasel can stuff a Butterball up his ass.

      8. Screw you Fauci and the traitorous horse you rode in on. I’m going to not only celebrate Thanksgiving, but I’m going to invite friends to come over and join us:) I’m sick of you, sick of our pansy-ass Governors and sick of all the traitors in this Country. See you at the polls!

        • While Fauci is a pinhead criminal, covid19 is real. For some it’s a bad cold, others a death sentence. There is no way to be able to predict an outcome for any one person if exposed.

          The lying media, lying pharma industry and to a degree the lying medical community (through threats and coercion by Govt no doubt) have all conspired to mislead the country/globe with propaganda and contradictory information about covid19.

          Covid19 was released (accidentally or intentionally) by the Wuhan lab that recieved at least 3.7 million U.S. dollars authorized by Fauci for research into covid19 (trying to achieve gain of function – meaning bio weapon).

          There isn’t just one or two reasons/answers for all of whats going on, it’s far more reaching/chilling than what can be discussed in a forum.

          Having said that, please don’t be the host that doesn’t take this serious and winds up being the cause of family being infected. Be wise, be smart, live to tell about this.

      9. Fauci what can you say, the guy sprays shit out of his mouth every time he opens it. He’s one of the pig committee. Anyone W.H.O. listens to that crap eater should be sitting at his dinner table eating the same shit that he shovels. The guys a little jerk,just ignore him and he will go away. Elbulleheal
        I noticed every one that I’ve looked at wearing a mask,
        There ears are starting to stick out like dumbos. Just saying.

      10. What I have witnessed and heard through this entire “Pandemic” is that the experts are not experts. They just guess ..no better than the weatherman. Enjoy Thanksgiving, there will be no sheep at my Thanksgiving celebration.

      11. Sorry Mr Fauci, I’m still going to have turkey dinner with my family and I’m still going to order turkey dinner with all the trimmings from the local big box store so I can have left overs, just like when my wife was alive and doing all the cooking ( she insisted on doing that ).

      12. “Don’t assume that because you’re in your own home with your own family that you’re not going to spread infection.”

        Then, they expected to escalate their fake, door-to-door “welfare checks”, but have since encountered resistance in some rural areas.

        One of my dogs won’t follow commands, immediately, in the dark, unless I am looking it, in the face. Karens feel anonymous behind their face diapers and window blinds. As do hillbillies, in their neck of the woods. Trifling bureaucrats feel invisible from inside of their comfortable rut, where they are un-fire-able.

        In the exurbs, where you have ruined (Marxist Plank #9), everyone is well aware of an unfamiliar, city-owned, economy-class car, where you just sit, and sit, and take notes with your plastic clipboards — like a predatory animal at the watering hole, and everyone keeps it in the corner of their eye.

        In these olden, hardbound books of housekeeping and children’s hobbies, all the familiar songs have many more verses. (What else were immobile people gonna do?) At least half of the info pertains to the production of food and household products, in shortage at the monopolist box store. The games and the physics projects are college-level, after some generations of social decay.

        If you like to eat, plz ftlog learn where all the trimmings come from, and how to be discrete in a factional ghetto, as though you are doing all these things in an open-air concentration camp or prison yard. You already know where are the red lines, everyone who is coordinated and capable of objective morality.

      13. Fauci should be sitting in a jail cell for crimes against humanity! He authorized the funding of covid19 at the Chinese lab sticking the American public with a 3.7 million dollar bill for covid19.

      14. Some people, having fled the East Bloc, are calling it ‘ghetto skills’, in their prepping classes, because most all of this pioneering has happened under urban sprawl.

        In some iterations of the lockdown, they are segregating city blocks for a special ration of govt chickensh-, under the cover of Covid, saying how the different demographics of social parasites are more-or-less predisposed to the flu.

        While I would generally like for people to be gentrified, intelligent, and proud, that kind of person is going to look out of place, as soon as he steps over a red line. Again, if you’re attentive and sincere, you know exactly where it has been drawn.

      15. Screw you Fauci.

      16. fauci looks like a fossilized alfred e newman with a mask

      17. And Fauci will not celebrate Thanksgiving like he wore his mask all the time at the Baseball game!

      18. What’s up…

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