Greg Mannarino: “They Want People Desperate. People Aren’t Desperate Enough”

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 6 comments

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    Greg Mannarino says the stock market will continue to rise for now and expect more debt after the election to spur inflation. The big goal now is to destroy the middle class and make people desperate. And they aren’t yet desperate enough.

    Another lockdown that impoverishes more and takes the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands more people could very well be coming down the pike. Already, “more Americans are going hungry today than we have seen in the last  75 years. That’s pretty profound,” says Mannarino.

    That says a lot about the current financial state of affairs in this country right now.  But unless people get more desperate, they won’t be taking the central bank’s new digital dollar, which will be tracked, traced, taxed, and tied to a social credit score.  You can be eliminated at will and prevented from spending money if the powers-that-shouldn’t-be decide it.

    This should honestly horrify everyone.  Our permanent enslavement is around the corner if we don’t wake up and stop letting political psychopaths and central banks dictate our lives. If you want a clear picture of what the establishment ruling class wants, it’s the New World Order and can be summed up by reading this article:

    If America had any sense, we would be locking down again now

    Poverty must occur to create dependence on the system in order for this to work in the elitists’ factor.  Once you understand the end game, you should know their next moves, at least to some extent.

    This market is all fake, everything is staged, and we are living in a Matrix far too many are hopelessly dependent upon.


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      1. The big goal now is to destroy the WORKING CLASS and make people desperate. And they aren’t yet desperate enough.

        If Biden gets elected and institutes his shutdowns, the desperation will happen quickly. If Trump gets elected the desperation will take time, but still come. So, which is the better choice?

      2. “The big goal now is to destroy the WORKING class and make people desperate. And they aren’t yet desperate enough.”

        If Biden wins and shuts down the economy the desperation will come quickly. If Trump wins the desperation will take longer, but will eventually come, you cannot pump $10 trillion or more of fake money into the economy without consequences.

      3. More debt…you betcha…

        Trump…record deficit for last year AND record deficit for a presidential term of office…EVAH…in history. Even higher than the magic negro.

        What about his promises to balance the budget and run surpluses?

        Well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. Orange is the new halfrican.

        Quack, Quack, Quack…

        To illustrate a trillion:
        Looking backwards, one million seconds would take you back 12 days.
        One billion seconds back 31 years.
        One trillion seconds? Back to 30,000 BC give or take a few decades.
        Now multiply that times 30 and try to come to grips with the national debt.

        Quack, Quack, Quack…

        Sleepy Joe will make printer go Brrrrrr even better than Obama or Trump.

      4. Psychotronic Weapons 

        Since the devices were illegally implanted in me while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee on March 27th, 2014, I have barely been able to cry, despite intense feeling of sorrow resulting from a serious of personal tragedies and losses that few would be able to survive, all tragic events were a cascade of losses in such a rapid succession and of such grave consequences that to say that it is truly a series of horrors would be a gross understatement. I used to cry constantly. I am simply unable to express it as a result of psychotronic weaponry, it is not that I do not feel it. It started with immediate sleep deprivation and extremely loud tinnitus in my left ear, and the inability to cry. They turned my brain into a three way transistor radio with devices implanted in both ears and in my nasal cavity. I have written about this in the past and have told many people and informed law enforcement, politicians, and health care at all levels, and all notifications have been ignored, laughed at, and even resulted in threats against me by St. Mary’s staff. Immediately my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started using DEWs on me. The DEW users repeat non-sensical chants and sexually harrass me and ask me to give up things to them, none of which I have given up. I do not hear it if music is playing, or listening to the radio because the radio waves are larger than the microwaves and displaces them like ripples in a pool from a boulder would displace ripples from a pebble. It is the most offensive and grotesque personal invasion concievable and I have been raped by a stranger, prior to this, and this is much worse, because it never stops, it is an invisible, cowardly, brain-raping, parasitic, psychopath that will not stop. It is total rape by a total coward(s) and a total moster(s) that belongs in a federal pennitentiary for life. I do not know how many people are involved. Anything with a motor also repeats these chants, as well as anything with plumbing because the microwaves can jump to copper pipes. Since I have experienced it miles away from my home, with or without cell-phone, I have concluded that it is beamed from a satellite, and are frequency specific to the illegally implanted devices. My house is constantly broken into and things stolen and vandalized as well as neighbors that stalk and spy and gas-light and have even placed things in their windows that they stole from my home including curtains , and small round globe colored lights which the lights have been removed and placed back in their windows dozens of times. This terrorism has conicided with all of the tragic losses that I have endured since 2014. I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000 and never had a single problem with a neighbor until then. New neighbors have also moved in all around me since then on three sides. Two of those neighbors have placed items stolen from me in their windows. 

        There is a terrorist network in my neighborhood. The people involved in this are not from a particular political party or religion. Some of the individuals involved that livec here prior to 2014 are Republicans, some are Democrats, some are Christian, some are Jews. I have lived in this neighborhood for longer than all of but four other households. Many new neighbors have also moved into the neighborhood and the majority of the men and women do not have jobs, so how they can live here without jobs is unusual. This was all pre-lockdown.

        Vault7 tevhnology is also being used on me. My smart meter was hacked as well as appliances and people remotely control my lights, thermostat, and appliances at their whims. This could only happen to someone living in a shit-hole neighborhood, in a shit-hole village, in a shit-hole county, in a shit-hole state, in a shit-hole country, considering all that have been notified and refused to prosecute and imprison the psychopathic terrorists. Notifications have gone from the Grafton police, all the way up to Donald Trump. 

        The only reason that I have not killed myself is because I want to expose them and have them permantly thrown in federal pennitntiaries where they can no longer harm people because they pose extreme dangers to society.

        Here is documention that Psychotronic Weapons do exist by written author Mojamir Babacek:

        Andrea Iravani

      5. I have to say I read the entire post by Andrea and it was quite the read to say the least.If even some of it is true,it would explain certain things that have occurred over the years in terms of people’s behavior.Most people would probably think these type of weapons don’t exist and wouldn’t be used against us,but,when we look at history and the absolute evil/horrifying acts which have been perpetrated in the past-absolutely NOTHING would surprise me.Who knows?The tyrannical nightmare we have been living in this year from hell has taught me that nothing’s impossible.I mean, did you ever think we’d be living in a world where wearing/not wearing masks would be a hot topic of discussion?That people would be afraid to be near their fellow human beings,that snitching on others would be a thing,that basically everything would be closed,that children were learning virtually devoid of human contact,that so many businesses would be irreparably destroyed,that the economy would be totally destroyed,so many out of work,so many out of food,so many suicides and so much desperation.Yeah,I would not necessarily dismiss what Andrea posted-especially during these horrible times.With everything the tyrants have put us through this year while using an alleged killer “virus” as their motive/excuse, nothing would surprise me at this point.The horrors of this never-ending year from hell have taught me to be ready for anything/everything and to expect the unexpected…

      6. Yea it’s very sad and I feel very sorry for her. Maybe the CIA put a hit on her because they didn’t like her comments on various websites. Hope it doesn’t happen to me

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