Wake Up! The Dollar Is Being Destroyed By Design!

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Everyone has noticed that gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies are on the rise and that the dollar is getting destroyed. But what most don’t want to admit, is that the dollar is being destroyed by design.

    If you look at this situation we have found ourselves in, it’s easy to see that the Federal Reserve, with the help of their political puppets, is decimating the dollar on purpose. Most Americans, unfortunately, are still willfully ignorant that this is going on.

    “Understand this too…this is it. This market is going to inflate along with the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. There’s no stopping it…It’s massively dollar negative which is the grand freakshow plan here!” said Gregory Mannarino in his most recent market report.

    “If people understood the action right now, the corruption, and the insider trading which is going on in this market right now, the American people would actually do nothing. They would sit there like a deer in the headlights. They would do nothing because that’s what they do. The American people have been sufficiently dumbed down that they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and they just sit there and shake their heads back and forth…You think a regulatory body [the government/Trump] is going to do something about al this?” Mannarino adds.

    So, to sum up, the stock market will go higher, but so will gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. Brace yourselves for what’s coming. The dollar will be ruined and it will be done intentionally to bring about the New World Order’s digital dollar. The only way to stop this, is enough people waking up and refusing to participate in the beast system any longer. Stop relying on the government, the Federal Reserve, the mainstream media, and other authorities to tell you how to live and how to be a good slave in their Matrix.  Leave it behind, evolve, and take some personal responsibility. If you cannot see that the dollar is being destroyed on purpose, you may be doomed to be a slave for the remainder of your life here on earth. It’s beyond time to wake up and see this facade for what it is.


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      1. It is unsafe to have children in this country that is run by organized crime rings that call themselves governments, hospitals, medical clinic, universities, schools, banks, and corpartions.

        The fact that they have still not prosecuted, or even bothered to investigate the actual 9/11 staged attack conspirators, or the $21 trillion in accounting errors at the Pentagon, in addition to scores of other major national, state, and federal crimes proves that they are criminals that have been engaging in high crimes and treason for decades.

        Of course the main concern is to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

        Frankly, I find it baffling that they did not claim that Putin orchestrated the 9/11 staged attacks, and stole $21 trillion from the Pentagon, since he is the focus of their obsession.

        The problem is that they have never been held accountable for their severe behavioral problems in their lives. They have the emotional maturity of two-year olds.

        So now in the heist to transfer trillions more over to the medical mafia that has had decreased federal funding from Obamacare cuts and more stringent regualtions on opioids, the AMA has teamed up with Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and federal, state, and local governments to steal trillions more and impoverish millions after they set the stage for Great Depression 2.0 in 1992 through massive deregulation recreating the same criminogenic environment that existed prior to the 1929 crash.

        In 2000 and 2008 they could have and should have treated the economic shock as they did in 1987, and increased regulation, and let the S&Ls fail rather than decrease regulation and provide bail-outs for fraudulent corporations that are by all honest accounts front operations for ponzi schemes.

        So their strategy is to act insane, engage in pathological lying, scientific fraud, and spend the rest of their lives being asses that are totally full of shit and call it winning. What a prize! Too stupid to even know that they are losers!

        Unfortunately, they are running everything into ruin. They must be stopped, because an object in motion will remain in motion unless interrupted by an outside force, and most real Americans do not want China or global bankers to be the outside force that stops them. This cannot go on with any degree of success though. That is a certainty.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Sputnik has reported that in January the government was notified of a hole in hanger 12 where the ammonium nitrate was stored. The government ordered people to repair the hole as well as guards to secure the location as well as during repair. The repair crew was sent, but the guards never arrived.

        It is extremely suspicious that there was a hole in the building in the first place. It seems as though someone placed the hole in the building, so that a repair crew could be blamed for the explosion.

        The entire Lebanese government has resigned, which is what many Lebanese were demanding over a year ago, demanding “All of them means all of them.” in addition to reports of Nasralla corruption accusations by Lebanese Hezbollah for conceding too much to corrupt government officials. I do not know if the individuals accusing Nasrallah of corruption were infiltraters or not. This Lebanese government formed since they were calling on the resignation of everyone, and PM Diab and the newley formed Diab government formed in January of 2020 said that the corruption extends far beyond the Lebanese borders and is beyond their ability to control. 

        They handed their resignation in to Aoun, so I do not know if he will resign as well, but he seems to have Israeli sympathies by his statements. 

        In Israel, the coalition government is once again deteriorating. Gantz Netenyahu and the Knesset are in-fighting Maybe it is over Lebanon, or maybe it is a distraction from Lebanon.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Ah, the guards. Always been the same.

          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.

      3. “If you look at this situation we have found ourselves in, it’s easy to see that the Federal Reserve, with the help of their political puppets, is decimating the dollar on purpose.”

        Decimate – to reduce by one-tenth. Example – tithing decimates my income.

        Another perfectly good word ruined by misuse.

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