New COVID Shots Could Be Ready By Next Week

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Headline News

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    The Food and Drug Administration could give the green light to new COVID-19 “vaccines” as early as Friday. That means they would be available for injection by next week.

    The latest shots are designed to target the XBB.1.5 omicron subvariant. Though that strain is no longer dominant, the boosters should still magically protect against the current circulating subvariants, which are closely related, the drugmakers and experts say.

    The mainstream media says that this is a problem because big pharma isn’t rolling out new injections soon enough.

    STUDY: Half Of Those Vaccinated For COVID Will Make Spike Proteins FOREVER

    That could prompt further criticism from some doctors who say federal health agencies are acting too slowly in the booster rollout as Covid cases and hospitalizations are once again rising. -NBC News

    Additionally, two sources indicated the FDA is exploring the possibility of granting the boosters a full approval license instead of an emergency use authorization, which is a departure from the approach used for previous COVID-19 vaccine approvals. However, it remains uncertain whether that is still the intended course of action. That could mean that they fully intend to use the full authorization status to try to convince the slave class to get the injections.

    According to ruling class data, about 97% of adults have some level of protective immunity, that they say is from the “vaccines,” even though data has shown the vaccines offer negative effectiveness.

    IT’S OFFICIAL: Pfizer’s New C19 Vax Figures Prove The Old Vaccine Had Negative Efficacy Within 30 Days

    However, because the ruling class needs as many people as possible convinced that they need mRNA injections, they are saying immunity from previous infections and vaccinations diminishes over time, officials aim to shore up protection and take more shots as people spend more time indoors during the fall and the winter.

    ‘Tis the season for vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome!

    Insurance CEO Warns Of Excess Mortality & VAIDS In The “Age of the Vaccine”


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