“Experts” Move The Goal Posts Again: COVID Vaccines Are NOT Meant To Prevent All Infections

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    FILE PHOTO: A vial labeled “Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine” is seen in this illustration taken January 16, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

    The “experts” and mainstream media puppets are blaming Americans for their distrust in the “vaccine” designed to prevent COVID-19. After moving the goalposts once again, those towing the rulers’ line have said the “vaccines” are “not meant to prevent all COVID infections,” and we need to readjust our expectations.

    Ineffective Coronavirus Vaccine

    As reported in an article by USA Today,  Denny Mitchell couldn’t believe he tested positive for the coronavirus in January. The 45-year-old from Houston never left the house without his mask, he avoided indoor dining at all costs, and most important, he was fully vaccinated. But he still got sick.

    While breakthrough infections now dominate Minnesota’s outbreak — accounting for about two-thirds of recent cases and deaths and more than half of hospitalizations — health officials say vaccines are still effective and worth it, according to a report by Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

    What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Government Data: Triple-Vaxxed Are MORE Vulnerable to COVID-19 & Hospitalization Than Unvaxxed

    The data is not looking good for the “vaccines” and those who have taken them. Yet the ruling class and the mainstream media are continuing with the propaganda designed to attempt to convince people to get injected. We also knew these shots were never going to stop at two or three or even four.

    FDA Official Says A FIFTH COVID Shot May Be Needed In The Fall

    It has never been unusual to hear of someone getting COVID-19 even though they’re fully vaccinated and boosted. Somehow, these people all got their shots assuming the master would never lie to them and that they wouldn’t get COVID if they just obeyed and complied with their masters’ edicts.

    Of course, the blame is now on the “barrage of variants” that quickly emerged, some of which, like omicron, were more transmissible and better able to evade the vaccines.

    Most Omicron Cases Hit The Fully Vaccinated

    Health experts had a hard time communicating the shifting reality to the public, said Andy Pekosz, a virologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine.

    By April 2021, the number of infections in vaccinated people was so common that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped tracking them, according to USA Today. But some studies suggest these so-called breakthrough infections already were on the rise. 

    Government entities have been refusing to publish “infection” data because it’s showing immune degradation, or VAIDS (vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) among the fully vaccinated, along with a higher chance of hospitalization or death the more shots a person gets.

    Ruling Classes Cease Publishing Their Own Data Because It Shows “Vaccines” Are Resulting in AIDS



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      1. the blame is now on the “barrage of variants”
        Hmmm, perhaps these evil
        psychos should put the
        blame where it really
        belongs: On the neverending
        barrage of “vaccines” and
        Isn’t it interesting how those
        of us who haven’t received
        these jabs have not become
        sick – not even the sniffles.
        On the other hand, those
        who received these “safe
        and effective” “vaccines”…..

      2. This entire thing has always been a gigantic hoax. There was never a new virus. They reclassified all respiratory deaths from the flu, pneumonia, etc. as “Covid” deaths, then they quadrupled that number by adding people who died from completely unrelated things.

        a gigantic hoax to strip everyone of their freedoms, collapse all small businesses, and create a global medical tyranny.

        We are still playing Simon Says with these lunatics, becoming ever more like trained animals as we delve deeper into the greatest psychological operation of all time.

        Just a reminder..
        A genuinely deadly
        pandemic doesn’t
        require 24/7 advertising
        to remind you it exists.
        Real pandemics don’t need
        advertising campaigns and
        endless propaganda…

      3. It has been my opinion from the start that the vaccines (and the lockdowns and the masks and the fear campaigns used to frighten the people to use them) actually have nothing to do with public health and Covid.

        It is something entirely different, and one that isn’t obvious.

        So what do you suppose it is?

        Again, IMO.

      4. It is only conditioning the public masses to readily accept The Mark. If you can be conditioned now for such a small thing as the flu it will that much easier when they mandate The Mark or you will be pushed outside of society and lose your job, house, car, school, ability to buy or sell. There is truly only a small amount of time left before everyone will have to choose. Free and slave, rich and poor, life or death. He is at the door. Make your peace, weapons will not be the answer. This time it is spiritual.

      5. I’m not a lab rat now FOAD big pharma!

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