Government Data: Triple-Vaxxed Are MORE Vulnerable to COVID-19 & Hospitalization Than Unvaxxed

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Zoey Sky at Natural News under the title: NZ Ministry of Health data show that triple-vaccinated people are MORE vulnerable to COVID-19 infections and hospitalization than the unvaccinated

    Grant Dixon recently released a video summary featuring a series of graphs that revealed how the effects of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) boosters have worn off quickly in New Zealand, particularly after the BA2 variant started circulating.

    Dixon monitored the New Zealand Ministry of Health‘s coronavirus statistics during the last 15 months. By the start of April, the rate per 100,000 of COVID-19 hospitalizations for the booster skyrocketed compared to the rate of hospitalizations for unvaccinated people.

    Prior to the pandemic, data showed vaccines that allow transmission could result in the evolution of more highly virulent pathogens.

    At the same time, the New Zealand government has failed to record and take action on the alarming growth of infections among the vaccinated. Unfortunately, the country continues to encourage mass vaccinations despite reports of adverse effects linked to the vaccine.

    New Zealand government continues to fail its citizens

    Back in February 2021, Minister of Health Chris Hipkins and Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield suggested that the adverse effects of coronavirus mRNA vaccination would affect only one percent of recipients. However, the final total was much higher than their estimate.

    According to the 2021 St. John Ambulance report, ambulance cases increased by 6.8 percent in 2021 to 555,000. The vaccine adverse effect categories increased by 17,000 cases.

    There was a also significant increase in recorded cases of chest pain (up 6,102 or 15.5 percent ) and breathing problems (up 5,195 or 14.4 percent), which correspond to increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis.

    Keep in mind that the St. John figures only include those “sufficiently ill to warrant the call of an ambulance.” In general, ambulance cases involve patients who are seriously ill and require urgent medical attention

    Even before the pandemic, the criteria used by medical researchers to justify the use of new, potentially unsafe drugs have been drifting far away from “proof of effectiveness.”

    To get any paper published, you need to exceed a probability of 95 parts in 100, 95 percent, or 19 in 20. This may seem like a reasonable threshold, but upon closer inspection, you will see that this just means that one specific thing happened. (Related: COVID “XE?” Just another BS “variant” to try to scare more people into taking more blood-clotting vaccines.)

    These rushed trials weren’t conducted long enough to examine secondary effects of the vaccine in detail. At the same time, the long-term effectiveness and the extent of adverse effects were unknown.

    This means the questions “how much, how safely, for how long and what else happened” remain unanswered despite the trials.

    Up until the pandemic, the medical safety criteria applied to drug trials were more clearly defined. Shortcuts weren’t allowed since long trials can help prevent severe effects like illness or death.

    If deaths occurred after a drug trial, the trials would grind to a halt to make way for serious reevaluation. But things have changed drastically because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    No one can say for sure if mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe, but they might also be ineffective against the omicron variant.

    The pandemic caught the government unaware. Even though it has been confirmed for some time that the effectiveness of mRNA vaccination wanes rapidly, the potential extent of this and implications of viral evolution, along with repeated injections because of booster shots, were largely ignored.

    All of this has happened because Big Pharma and governments across the globe worked together to force a product that hasn’t been adequately researched to the unsuspecting public.

    Go to to learn the truth about COVID-19 vaccines.

    Watch this episode of “Beyond the Cover” as host Gary Benoit and guest Rebecca Terrell talk about how the government and media have lied to citizens since the start of the pandemic about face masks, lockdowns and vaccines.


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      1. You dumb shits JUST figured this out? WTF


      2. There’s a reason behind the vaccine hysteria, and it’s got nothing to do with Covid or public health.

        Figure out what it is for yourself, if you can’t do that you wouldn’t believe it if someone tells you what it is.

        Almost everyone in the world will be totally dumbfounded when it becomes obvious, and even then some will still deny it.

      3. No shit Sherlock! Omg if there was ever a reason to not be a lab rat for human trials of MRNA Tech! Get read for it cause Hell is coming to breakfast little lady!

      4. Three’s a charm ???

      5. Perhaps it’s time for alt-news to admit there’s no such thing as ‘covid’, and those ‘triple vaxxed’ aren’t getting covid – they’re getting vaxterminated.

        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just looked! Zoey Skye from Mike ‘Gomez’ Adams’ ‘naturalnews’ website.

        You know, the Fear Porn guy who if you ask for his sources, he BANS YOU from his 7 or 9 websites.

        Yea. Like that

      6. Oh come on! This is all just
        another of those rare
        coincidences we are
        constantly hearing about!

      7. and in other news – Rumors
        are circulating that walking
        in rain will make you wet.

      8. This is the best comedy website ever! Keep up the jokes.

        • @Cynthia, welcome to
          our crazy fun!

      9. Well, I got the three shots, if for no other reason than to shut my son and daughter in law up as they both work in the health care industry. Since then I’ve had a couple other problems pop up that I haven’t had before. Kind of makes a person wonder at what the heck is going on.

        • Alfie to the rescue with the same story he’s told 14,000 fucking times ?

      10. This article (like everything else here) is total bullshit. However, I’m so thankful you morons believe every word of it. The sooner this new variant takes over, the sooner you idiots will catch it, the sooner y’all can head for the exits. It’ll be a wonderful day for humanity once Covid has cleared the dead weight dragging society down. Covid was sent here to eradicate the racists, bigots, homophobes, fascists, evangelicals, and MAGAts. Let’s go Covid!

      11. Anyone that took one shot is an idiot. if you’ve taken three a certifiable moron soon to be dead

      12. Vaccination rates set by the gov’t were not achieved, no where near. In fact, it’s likely the number of vaccinated are overstated. So far, they have developed at least these categories of covid vaccination; the initial jab, the initial jab with booster, two jabs, two jabs without boosters, two jabs with booster, and two jabs with two boosters. These categories were/are also modified by which vaccinations one took. Now it has been reported annual follow up vaccinations may be necessary. The amount of officially sponsored but contradictory, misleading or confusing information has been astounding. Furthermore, all other effective medicine alternatives to the vaccines were prohibited, even as these covid “vaccines” were injuring and killing thousands and thousands of people across the country. Hospitals paid to report deaths due to covid to pad official statistics. Masks, and so called social distancing (what a stupid contrived word) and lockdowns were found to be basically of no efficacious effect. Each night the MSM (a State propaganda organ) trying to spread panic and spewing ever more dire pandemic news. The icing on the cake are the moronic parents who had their toddlers and children covid vaccinated. One has to shake their head at the number of sheep that went along with this whole con.

        • Very well said Bill.
          Always love reading
          your comments. I also
          do not believe for a second
          they “vaccinated” as many
          people as the shady
          numbers they constantly
          put out. If they had met
          their quota, then why the
          hell does the relentless
          “vaccine” push continue?!

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