FDA Official Says A FIFTH COVID Shot May Be Needed In The Fall

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    We warned from the beginning of this scamdemic to get ready for endless shots when your master demands it. Not long after a fourth shot or second booster was “authorized”, a top FDA official announced that fully “vaccinated” Americans are going to need another shot this fall.

    Dr. Peter Marks, the head of the FDA office responsible for vaccine safety, indicated the U.S. might need to offer fourth shots for people under 50-years-old in the fall. People who are now eligible for fourth shots would likely get a fifth shot if there’s evidence that would be beneficial, Marks told reporters on a conference call.

    We know that if they want something injected into the bodies public, the rulers will tell the media to tell the public to get another shot.

    New Zealand Ruling Class Data Suggests The Fully “Vaccinated” Are Getting AIDS

    There is also evidence that immunity doesn’t actually “wane.” Your level of immunity is a judge of how well your immune system works at any given time, and those who have gotten the shots are showing a “waning” immunity, not those who have so far abstained.

    CDC FINALLY Admits Natural Immunity is SUPERIOR to Vaccines

    Marks also said the United States could switch to a different vaccine that targets a specific Covid variant or a mix of several variants. The current vaccines were developed against the original virus that emerged in Wuhan, China in late 2019, and their effectiveness has declined over time as the virus mutates. Pfizer and Moderna are conducting clinical trials on shots that target both omicron and other circulating variants, according to a report by CNBC. 

    “It would not be surprising if there is a potential need for people to get an additional booster in the fall along with a more general booster campaign if that takes place,” Marks said. “It may be that a decision is made that rather than the vaccines we currently have, which are called vaccines against the prototype virus, that we will move to a vaccine that is either against one of the variants or something else.”


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      1. “would likely get a fifth shot if there’s evidence that would be beneficial”, Marks told reporters on a conference call

        Can this Peter guy explain
        to me what the hell is
        “beneficial” about a “vaccine”
        that doesn’t stop you from
        getting or giving covid, has
        hurt, maimed & killed people
        and can possibly give you
        VAIDS !?!? All for an illness
        that more than 99 percent
        of people survive.

        • It demonstrates your compliance and loyalties which earns you favor from the government.

          • It demonstrates your compliance and loyalties which earns you favor from the government for the remaining 6 to 12 months of your life.

            There, I fixed it for you. 🙁

      2. Love how the response from
        the Covid cult members after
        catching covid after being
        jabbed is ” Well, if I hadn’t
        been vaccinated it may have
        been much worse”


        If you had not been jabbed,
        perhaps you wouldn’t have
        gotten sick to begin with.

      3. One shot,
        Two shot.
        Three shot,

      4. Has anyone ever heard of
        a vaccine that you must
        continue to take forever ?

        • How about the flu vaccine ?

      5. KILLING THE

        1 – In the Pfizer shot, the
        terminal nucleoside, uridine
        is replaced by synthetic
        pseudouridylyl. This allows
        the mRNA to pass into the
        cells – where it can
        replicate indefinitely.

        2 – The mRNA ablates the
        activity of TLR 3, 7, and 8 –
        our primary, first line of
        immune defense – making us
        MORE susceptible to getting
        COVID infection.

        3 – The spike protein enters
        the nucleus of cells, binds to
        DNA and compromises a
        persons repair enzymes
        allowing cancer to form – and
        cancer is EXPLODING.

        • They lied at first and said the shots don’t change your DNA. 100 percent effective, 90%, 60% safe and effective. My governor said “ it’s your own gosh darn fault if you get COVID and wind up in the hospital and your not vaccinated”.
          What these big pharma shills do not tell you is you have only about a 1% chance of hospitalization if you catch it. The endless fear campaign was astonishing! So glad to have made it through unaltered and not even a sniffle.

        HOW F–KING MUCH IS ENOGH ?????

      7. Without sounding too gross, ” what the bleep / censored bull snot is going on here ? Is this another way they, the government planners are trying to or are thinning the population out, under the disguise of health management and population management ?

        • Yes.

          Wall Street and Washington have stolen most of the money that was to pay for pensions so they have no choice but to reduce the people claiming those benefits. Make no mistake, these are “soft kill” weapons.

      8. A fifth shot from the fifth commie column,
        I would of never guessed. Why would I even want one shot of experimental mRNA with zero long term studies that has proven to not stop or prevent covid which is supposed to be the very basis of a actual vaccine. The small pox vax is too dangerous for humanity but the mRNA spike juice is a 1000 times more deadly.
        Let that sink in! I will not comply and why would I? I haven’t had a sick day from work in more than 5 years. No Covid sniffles either! Big pharma needs to be broken up, they are way to powerful!

      9. I hope this one is a lot more potent, there still way to many idiots everywhere. I thought they would be dead by now dammit!

      10. wwhd what would hillary do?

      11. Well, for me and my family, shot 1, 2, 3 and 4 weren’t necessary so I’m guessing the FDA is full of excementory material. (aka: SHIT) It is amazing to me that there are people out there that really cannot think for themselves. Poor, poor sheop.

      12. Check with us again in ten years for booster #26.

      13. If you allow #5, you’ll allow an infinite number in the future.

      14. Keep it up, dumbasses. Covid is coming for YOU! Have a Covidful day ???

        • @Darwin, it’s been over 2
          years. So, when exactly is
          covid coming for us ?????

      15. Truth in plain sight:
        big pHARMa……

      16. How about a nice shot of shut the hell up for big scama? I will not comply!

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