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    New Zealand Ruling Class Data Suggests The Fully “Vaccinated” Are Getting AIDS

    Mac Slavo
    March 9th, 2022
    Comments (56)

    New Zealand’s ruling class has released data showing that those who are fully “vaccinated” are getting acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. The newly released data is showing a major degradation of the immune system.

    But just like Public Health Scotland originally did before they were exposed, and just like the Government of Canada is doing now, the New Zealand Ministry of Health only provides a cumulative total of COVID “cases” from the 16th of August 2021.

    This is both irritating and extremely misleading when you consider New Zealand is currently experiencing its largest wave of Covid-19 to date.

    But that isn’t the only deception. On the 16th August 2021, the date the New Zealand Ministry of Health has chosen to provide a cumulative total, just 18.4% of the population of New Zealand were considered fully vaccinated.

    According to Reuters, COVID-19 infections are increasing in New Zealand, with 20,632 new infections reported on average each day. That’s 99% of the peak — the highest daily average reported on March 7. New Zealand has administered at least 10,757,940 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 109.4% of the country’s population, however, only 78% are considered fully “vaccinated.”

    Ruling Classes Cease Publishing Their Own Data Because It Shows “Vaccines” Are Resulting in AIDS

    Now that we know the Covid-19 case rates by vaccination status we’re able to use Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula to work out the real-world vaccine effectiveness.

    *For the full breakdown of the statistics, please go to the Daily Expose by clicking here. 

    Unvaccinated case rate – Vaccinated case rate / Unvaccinated case rate = Vaccine Effectiveness

    The following chart shows the real-world two-dose Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness between 6th Jan and 11th Feb, and between 12th Feb and 24th Feb 22 –

    Between 6th Jan and 11th Feb, the real-world Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness proved to be minus-94.4%, but by the 24th Feb, the real-world vaccine effectiveness fell to minus-281.35%. This means the fully vaccinated are 3.8 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19 than the unvaccinated/one dose vaccinated population. This is what double vaccination has done to the people of New Zealand.

    Much of the data slowly being released by both Big Pharma and the rulers show that these shots they are trying to force on everyone are slowly giving the population who took them AIDS, which is a complete degradation of the immune system.  When this happens, literally the smallest cold can be detrimental, as the immune system will be too weak to fight off any virus.

    What’s With All The HIV & AIDS Headlines in The MSM Lately?

    When people finally realize what has been done to them, will the masters have the nerve to say “well, no one forced you to take the shots?”



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: March 9th, 2022

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      1. Indeed says:

        AIDS is one of the most evil
        parts of the overall plan by
        these psychopaths. What
        better way to eliminate
        people than by destroying
        their immune system and

        • TharSheBlows says:

          The Prepper game plan is to out survive the other 90% of stoopid sheep who are lining up their assssholes for their volunteered aids disease injection jab. Welcome to the party. So who Dumber than a triple jabbed volunteer lab rat?

        • Big Dan says:

          Am I the only one who sees no no real real time footage or evidence of a war in Ukraine. No soldiers actually fighting, no embedded reporters in atual action , no footage of modern nieborhoods or buildings or anything that looks aucupied
          Just a few fake looking stock scenes o er and over .

          • Agreed says:

            @Big Dan, you are not the
            only one. There is still no
            real time evidence whatsoever
            of any “war”. There have been
            many reports of staged footage.
            Also, the webcams on the
            street were turned off because
            many people were accessing
            them and seeing NO EVIDENCE
            of a so called “war”. Throw in
            a few known crisis actors here
            and there and you have the
            makings of a big huge pile of
            fake and staged BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

            • Marney says:

              That’s absolutely ridiculous and actually really sick of you to say. Trust and believe the war in Ukraine is REAL. REAL people are dying by the thousands. REAL cities are being destroyed. REAL women and children are being raped. REAL Russian soldiers are committing REAL war crimes. I’ve seen plenty of REAL footage from the war. An ex-military friend of my brother’s has gone to Poland and then into Ukraine as a volunteer for the foreign legion so I doubt he’s been over there for two weeks pretending there’s a war. I’m sure Poland would be happy to set you straight since they’ve taken in 6 million REAL refugees. Making a claim such as yours is the equivalent of pissing on the REAL mass graves they’ve had to dig to hold all the REAL dead Ukraine citizens. People are dying, suffering, starving, forced into Russian filtration camps, being raped, robbed, tortured, and executed and you actually have the audacity (or ignorance) to claim none of it is real. The reason the live cams aren’t working anymore is because the buildings they were attached to have been BOMBED TO BITS. The reason there’s no journalist there covering the action is because Russian soldiers are indiscriminately TARGETING CIVILIANS AND JOURNALISTS. Three journalists have been killed in recent weeks and two more injured so the ones that were still alive left for their own safety. What would be great would be if YOU would go to Ukraine and document the “fake war” for the world. How dangerous could it be right? It’s not even real right, so I’d love to see that happen. Seriously though, you should really think before you type and for crap sake learn how to spell.

      2. hmm... says:

        Yesterday, more than 99%
        of us survived covid.
        So, what’s the real reason
        for these “vaccines”?

        • Apache54 says:

          reduction from 7 billion to 1/2 billion population the vaccines are death shots and the NORMAL autopsies won’t show the true cause is from the vaccines changes in your body, the truth is there just NOT on the MSM lying news.

          • TonyFox says:

            Yeah, but the issue I have with this, is if you reduce the population by that much, all industry grinds to a halt. No supermarkets, no mass farming, no TV, no electricity. Nothing. So why reduce it that much? Half sounds better.

      3. Question says:

        Soon ?

      4. david says:

        Will these fully vaxxed zombies be giving AIDS to their partners during unprotected sex?

        Is this gonna be the next major depop move?

        • Spider25 says:

          Yes I’m asking the same question, is the pathogenic spike protein transmitted sexually and does it multiply? I cannot find any information on this. This would be a good question for Dr. Malone. I was gonna ask do horses get VAIDS too? I mean Ardern globalists!

          • Michael P says:

            Possible with blood contamination

          • Rabbitnexus says:

            Seriously? There’s plenty of information about this. LOL. How hard have you looked? It is even in the Pfizer documents, they knew about it before the jabbing began.

          • Hornet says:

            Dr Malone is controlled opposition.

            There are no virusses and therefore there is no transmission.

            There is only ONE “desease” which is actually the symptom of a “desease”. A too high level of acid in your bodily fluids. A desease is just the reaction of your body to environmental toxics, radiation and toxic additions in food.
            That’s why people who are in the same environment got all “sick”. No, not sick actually recovering, your body is healing while fighting against the toxics.Your cells are dying of this and will look a lot like an animated virus.

            If your fish is sick what do you do? Treat the fish or do something about the water? I hope you refreh or correct the ph of the water, which is the best answer.

            If you do not believe me I advice you to go watch the Main Stream Media.


          • Hornet says:

            Malone is controlled opposition. Look it up.

          • Some info on Spike Protein Shedding here. I was worried for myself after having sexual contact with a GMO. After watching Dr Bailey’s video I was less worried. But who really knows. Has anyone else experienced how the GMO’s have lost their humanity? Their Trans-Humanity is very cruel and harsh.

      5. Genius says:

        Cool, I can buy up their stuff for pennies on the dollar.

      6. Genius says:

        Buy a used plastic 55 gallon barrel and clean it out good, dry it, fill it with gas and treat it with pri-g. Takes up a lot less room than 10 5gallon cans. Used barrels are cheap on craigslist. They are 10 bux here. Get a couple of 5=6 gallon plastic gas cans to fill when you get gas then dump it in the barrel. Put a spigot on one of the bungs to dispense it back into the gas cans to fill yer truck. Best to put it a couple feet in the air before filling it on its side. Or leave it upright and siphon it out. Put a label on it “WEED KILLER” So niqqers don’t steal it.

      7. loneman says:

        these are the times we’ve been prepping for. food, water, water filters, arms, ammo. these are immediate need to train yourself with solid bushcraft skills. get a good scandinavian ground knife and firesteel, and practice. get good with starting fires caveman style with a bow drill or hand drill, both would be preferable. stock up hard on nonperishable food, and fill the void with wild meat and plants. that’s another thing, know your wild plants and mushrooms. survival is rough and ugly. and we’ll all come out different, especially if you need to kill to survive. we have a real tough task ahead of us, and it won’t be pretty. take care of you and yours

        • Heywood Jablome says:

          Your new to this aren’t you?

        • Mr. Darwin says:

          You’re preaching to the dumb and gullible here my friend. This site ceased to be about prepping long ago. Now it’s nothing more than a bunch of butt-hurt, snowflake, MAGAts whose only purpose in life is to bitch and moan about EVERYTHING and to believe absolutely any and every bullshit conspiracy theory they (or their handlers) can dream up. It’s extremely sad and it’s an indictment on the American educational system.

          • Anonymous says:

            You could always try offering some commentary about prepping in place of hurling insults at those you disagree with.

            How about it?

          • Anonymous says:

            “This site ceased to be about prepping long ago.”

            And that contributed to more than 90% of the site’s veteran posters leaving the site.
            The ridiculous conspiracy theories that are discussed here ad nauseam continues to deter many veteran posters from coming back.

          • Harsh says:

            Says the retard who can’t see that all those conspiracy ‘theories’ are manifesting as truth right before their eyes. Make sure to get your boosters….PLEASE.

          • poppy says:

            You believe the biggest bullshit ever spread, evolution. Other than your ass cheeks you fggt motherfukr. Go get your 5th booster you commi shitstain.

          • Lori says:

            Yeahook how many of those “conspiracies ” have come true. I believe it’s about 16-0. Us ahead. Bit keep on your own path. Quit belittling others because you don’t agree. Kinda childish really but then we expect no less.

          • Marney says:

            You mean “conspiracy theory” like the Hunter Biden laptop “conspiracy theory”? OR the Democrat claims of Trump/Russian collusion “conspiracy theory”? OR the Hillary Clinton spying on Trump’s campaign AND on Trump as the president of the United States “conspiracy theory”? (All of which have now been proven true) Trust me, it’s ALL “conspiracy theory”…. until it’s proven TRUE. A logical person would remain open minded in light of the recent proof of several “conspiracy theories” being FACT.

        • Rabbitnexus says:

          Yes those “caveman” skills of starting fires with a hand drill come in handy. Forget the bow drill, you can do better with many cheaper options like a magnalium block and flint or just a box of butane lighters will last a lifetime. A magnifying lens.

          Sorry just couldn’t get past the image of a caveman with a cordless drill starting a fire.

      8. Woogie says:

        Do those officials responsible for the Covid injections know the The Maori of New Zealand were once head hunters?

      9. James Chambers says:

        See; SHEDDING. Avoid the vaxxed like the plague, because they are!

      10. Sarcastic Tone says:

        I seriously am having great
        difficulty contemplating the
        kindness, intelligence, love,
        respect for others, and just
        overall happiness of Darwin.

      11. Wayne Gabler says:

        Are they sure it is not from many men being isolated on an island with just a few women residents?

      12. Darth Skippy says:

        John Cleese – How to irritate People – Airplane Pilots

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