Devestating Data: 90% Of COVID Deaths In The UK Happened In The “Vaccinated”

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    As if the “vaccine” being an mRNA gene therapy wasn’t the first warning sign, new data is coming to light that exposes these shots as far from effective at stopping deaths.  New figures from Britain are raising red flags about the direction of Covid in wealthy countries that used mRNA and DNA shots to attempt to defeat the coronavirus last year.

    According to Alex Berenson on Substack, hospitalizations and deaths remain stubbornly high and overwhelmingly occur in vaccinated people. In February, 90 percent of the 1,000 Britons who died each week of Covid were vaccinated.

    Each week the British government releases a “surveillance report” which includes Covid deaths by vaccine status. SHTFPlan has reported on these and other reports frequently, and alarmingly have noted a rise in deaths among those who were injected with these shots:

    More Than 66% of “Fully Vaccinated” Israelis Now Suffering Adverse Reactions To The “Vaccines”

    Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Ruling Classes Cease Publishing Their Own Data Because It Shows “Vaccines” Are Resulting in AIDS

    More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDS

    One of the more disturbing charts that was released by the ruing class of the United Kingdom (that pressure it’s slaves to take these shots) was this one:

    In the four weeks ending February 27th, 397 unvaccinated Britons died of Covid, compared to 3,512 who were vaccinated. Using a broader definition, which may include more incidental deaths unrelated to Covid infections, the numbers are even worse, with 5,871 vaccinated people dying compared to 570 unvaccinated. (The United States does not publicly provide this data; it is not even clear American public health authorities collect it comprehensively.)

    Meanwhile, new Covid infections have nearly doubled in Britain in the last two weeks, and now top 60,000 a day. British media outlets have connected the rise to Britain’s “freedom day” on February 24, which marked the legal end of Covid restrictions. With over 73% of Britons “fully vaccinated” you would think these numbers would be the other way around since the rulers are telling the slaves the shots keep you from dying.

    Not only are the vaccinated more likely to die from COVID, but infections are also increasing in the UK, with 65,093 new infections reported on average each day, according to Reuters’ coronavirus tracker. That’s 31% of the peak — the highest daily average reported on January 4. A quick look at the charts on this site also reveals that deaths and hospitalizations are spiking much higher than in the pre-vaccine days.

    When the mRNA jabs began to become available in December 2020, vaccine advocates predicted that poor countries that lacked access to them would face the misery of unceasing Covid epidemics, while wealthy nations would emerge quickly.

    Fifteen months later, the reverse seems to be the case. –Alex Berenson

    What’s With All The HIV & AIDS Headlines in The MSM Lately?

    Media Pushing “HIV Variant” Narrative as Cover Story for Vaccine-Induced Immune System Collapse

    The mainstream media was quick to fact-check articles stating people were testing positive for HIV after taking the mRNA shots falsely labeled as COVID “vaccines.” The MSM fact-checkers made sure people were told those HIV tests were labeled as “false positives.” But in light of HIV actually being used in the COVID-19 injections, are they really “false?”


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      1. I sanction you. I sanction you.

      2. This may be misleading. I am unvaccinated, and I have no plans to get it. However, when reporting information like this, we need to see rates, not raw numbers. If 90% of the population in the area reporting these results are vaccinated, then of course the # of vaccinated deaths will be higher.

        What we need to see is: Of the unvaccinated people that were diagnosed with Covid, XX% of them died. Of the vaccinated people that were diagnosed with Covid, XX% of them died.

      3. There was a recent story
        where wrestler Scott Hall
        had been removed from
        life support after hip surgery.
        They say a blood clot had
        “escaped”. He apparently
        had three heart attacks.
        Don’t know if he had been
        jabbed. Anyone know?

      4. This “vaccine” has truly been
        a panacea for all of the ills
        in the world. We should all
        be extremely grateful.

      5. Just remember folks:
        They are not called
        big pHARMa for nothing.

      6. The people and powers behind the whole Covid thing knew this “vaccine” would do little or less to prevent catching or spreading it. I doubt it was actually about Covid at all in the first place, Covid just a convenient excuse that most everyone would accept for why it was being introduced and pushed on the world.

        So what could the real purpose for it be? Speculation on top of speculation is still just speculation based on someone’s world view, nothing else.

        But I do think it, the real purpose, is something no one is considering yet, or at least talking about. When it finally becomes apparent it will take almost everyone by surprise and leave them dumbfounded or simply in denial and refusing to believe it.

        And it isn’t going to be that long before it happens.

      7. Recently read somewhere
        that there are indeed three
        branches of the government,
        just not the ones that most
        people think of.
        Those three branches are
        Big Banks, Big Oil, and
        Big Pharma, and combined
        they control EVERYTHING.

      8. This needs to be weighed against the percentage of vaccinated vs unvaccinated hospitalized for it during the time being examined (i.e. was vaccinated/unvaccinated ratio, say, 50/50 or 99/1?).

      9. I found out one of my former coworkers wife died from the last Covid booster she got. Deaths are up 40% from 2019 stats in my county since I have been keeping track. My former coworkers are required to be fully vaxxed in order to work, so I expect them all to drop dead.

        • Tell them to put you in their will!

        • It depends on the batch number of your shot.
          These are targeted kill shots.

      10. As usual, everything here is total bullshit. Comrade Mac is lying to you…again.

      11. Waiting for the blow back.

      12. They are effective! Just not the effect you were looking for.

        • Yup. They aren’t lying, just not telling the truth as expected.

          Amazingly, some people just don’t seem to have developed any intellectual defense against the ‘fallacy of accent’, even though some other people use it all the time to be clever.

          People will tend to stubbornly believe what they want to believe.

          The early COVID studies would naturally benefit the vaxxes because so many naturally immune healthy people – who were inclined to asymptomatic or mild illness anyway – were forced to vax, granting the vax an appearance of working.

          Only over the longer term does the truth come out.

          Maybe up to 60% of immediate COVID vax injuries were due to accidental intravenous injection. Intramuscular injection contains most of the vax to the injection site.

          Very few countries like Denmark clued into the problem early and required shots to be aspirated. However, the long term effects of properly administrated clotshots are yet to be determined.

      13. “Holy fucking duh, Batman!”

        (18 month ago me)

      14. And here I thought they died from absecced rotten teeth….

      15. Seems fitting that one of
        the “vaccine” companies
        is named Murderna.

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