Media Pushing “HIV Variant” Narrative as Cover Story for Vaccine-Induced Immune System Collapse

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    NYC Mayor Eric Adams has fired nearly 1,500 employees who refused to take the “clot shot” covid vaccine injection, claiming his intention was to “vaccinate, not terminate.” But thanks to the sky-high death rates emerging among the vaccinated, we now know that vaccination is termination.

    And we know that it won’t be long before NYC is begging these 1,500 people to come back to work because they’ll need to replace all the vaccinated workers who died.

    The VAERS system run by HHS is now reporting over 23,000 deaths following covid-19 vaccinations. When multiplied by the well-documented Under Reporting Factor (URF) of 41, this means we now have nearly one million Americans killed by covid vaccines (so far).

    Around August/September of last year, I publicly predicted we would see one million dead Americans by the end of March 2022. It seems we have already nearly reached that horrifying number before the end of February.

    Get ready for vaccine-induced AIDS to explode globally

    As bad as the one million deaths already are, that number is going to explode over the next several years as vaccine-induced “AIDS” explodes. As Ethan Huff wrote on Feb. 16th, 2022:

    Evidence continues to mount showing that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are causing recipients everywhere to develop AIDS.

    Covid-19 Vaccine-Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or VAIDS, appears to be one of the more serious long-term adverse effects caused by the injections. In essence, the shots are destroying people’s immune systems over time, leaving them prone to infections of all kinds.

    A website known as The Expose (UK) found that covid vaccines demonstrate negative effectiveness, meaning they cause illness rather than preventing it:

    Using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula, the Exposé found that the real-world effectiveness of the jabs is -183 percent, on average. This is absolutely astounding and highly disconcerting.

    “The lowest Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness was seen in the 40-49 age group in England throughout January 2022, recorded at minus-209.4%, with the 50-59 age group not far behind,” it was determined.

    As covid vaccines destroy immune function, people experience “AIDS” with high vulnerability to common infections

    The more covid vaccines people take — and the more time that passes since the injections — the greater the destruction of their natural immune function. Over time, their immune systems approach zero practical functionality, potentially causing them to be diagnosed with AIDS which simply means an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It can be acquired from vaccines, it turns out.

    With several billion people around the planet having taken these AIDS-causing vaccines, it means we’re looking at a global explosion of AIDS diagnoses that makes people extremely vulnerable to common infections such as colds and flu.

    The very same vaccine manufacturers who caused this problem are at the ready, rolling out new “AIDS vaccines” using mRNA technology, supposedly to “treat” those who have suppressed immune systems caused by the first vaccines. In effect, this entire process involves destroying the natural immune system and replacing it with regular, high-profit vaccine injections that are FDA approved for annual use.

    FDA to approve ANNUAL covid-19 vaccines to make sure your immune system is destroyed each year

    That’s exactly what the FDA is planning on doing, according to a shocking new video released by Project Veritas. That video, shown below, reveals a video recording of FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole who explains the FDA is planning on approving covid-19 vaccines as annual injectionsFrom Project Veritas:

    FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine].  I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.”

    Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”

    Cole on pharmaceutical companies: “There’s a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional vaccinations.”

    Cole on the financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies: “It’ll be recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it’ll be recurring — if they can — if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”

    With each subsequent injection, of course, vaccine victims are being exposed to blood clot-inducing spike protein nanoparticles. These nanoparticles also cause myocarditis, neurological disorders, strokes, and the accelerated growth of cancer tumors.

    This means in addition to seeing an explosion in vaccine-induced AIDS in the coming years, we’re also going to see an explosion in cancer deaths.

    We predict that cancer deaths for 2022, when they are finally tallied, will exceed over one million Americans. That number may double again by 2023 or 2024.

    In all, these covid vaccines are quite literally poised to kill millions of people over the next few years through a variety of mechanisms (immune suppression, cancer growth acceleration, vascular inflammation, blood clots, etc.). And this will all spell record profits for hospitals and drug companies whose “treatments” for all these conditions are granted monopoly protections by the FDA (which is funded in large part by Big Pharma itself).

    This entire scheme is a murderous, criminal, junk science profiteering scam that’s designed to carry out genocide against humanity while enriching the pharmaceutical giants.

    Learn more in today’s hard-hitting Situation Update podcast:


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      1. $cientist: hey you wanna take this experimental nanotech mrna gene modifying injection for us?
        covidiot: huh?
        $cientist: its a vaccine
        covidiot: oh, sure
        $cientist: covid has a 99.98% survival rate and actually it hasn’t even been proven to exist
        covidiot: huh?
        $cientist: stay safe, this virus is dangerous, look at all the cases. That’s why you need two shots to be fully vaxed, and then boosters to be up to date, even though the boosters are same as for the original strain and we are 2 or 3 variants later.
        covidiot: it’s safe and effective, safe and effective
        $cientist: Oh, and we’re legally immune
        covidiot: great, I want immunity too, sign me up

        • Stoopid Sheep taking the Jab are now getting AIDS> Karma Baby, We talked about this for years on this website. All about the Great Culling coming and the Stoopid people will be the first to die. Just wait when they crank up the 5G and all these Jabbed start freaking out like Zombies because of all the Carbon nano particles from the Jab will dance in their blood stream. Its coming folks. Eyes wide open and situational awareness if Key. I dumped my Cell phone back in April 2020. Look at how much money I saved by not using that tracking listening device.

          In the end, Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the Earth.

      2. The first time I heard this HIV narrative, Montagnier had freshly discovered four amino acid snippet points, which do not occur in nature.

        The second time, I heard about CovAIDS, it was being memory holed from social media, but still in public, scientific, peer-review journals.

        The third time, they are recalling papers from academia.

        The next time you hear about VAEDS, it’s probably going to be illegal to hear about it.

      3. Anyone who believes this shit needs to be shaken until their brains start working. Fucking morons.

      4. Yep COVID-19 has the back bone of AIDS inserts. I remember an India paper came out quickly in 2020 and it was memory holed and canceled so fast probably by the NIH. FraudChi controls all the funding and what papers get peer reviewed. They say TB is going to make a huge come back in the near future and even taxoplasmosis. I find this frightening.

      5. Mike Adams! LoL! <3

        The man is always ahead of the curve enough to be called a "Conspiracy Theory" but never gets an apology for being correct. 🙁

        He's been talking about this for a while. Many places reporting it now.

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