COVID19: The Deep State Has Made Its Move

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    Nov 14

    The Federal Reserve’s tendency to meddle in the market can be compared to the late Michael Jackson’s infatuation with his own face. Once you start to play God by tweaking things here and there you become disillusioned and think if Ijust keep changing it I can eventually make it perfect – all the while not realizing that what you are really doing is self-mutilation. Our economy has now been so disfigured by the Federal Reserve that our own founding fathers wouldn’t recognize this country anymore than Michael Jackson’s father would recognize him if he had not seen him since he was a young man.

    Jul 6

    One key takeaway from the experience of nouveau farmers is that being skilled in land management, gardening, micro-farming, irrigation, raising livestock, and sustainability are fields of expertise that can be worth more than gold. Experts in these fields, or entrepreneurs that can manufacture tools and equipment, or operate (or rent) farm machinery (or beasts of burden), will find that they can build successful businesses from this rapidly developing trend.