Putin Targets US Monetary System: “Aims to Eliminate the US Dollar and the Euro From Trade”

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    Last year Russia began unloading massive amounts of their US dollar reserves. In the month of December 2014 alone Putin sold some 20% of the country’s U.S. Treasurys, a move that further increased tensions surrounding what can only be described as economic warfare between East and West.

    Then, as if part of a coordinated effort, this summer it was revealed that China had implemented a similar strategy, dumping half a trillion in dollar denominated assets.

    But that’s just the beginning of the end for the US dollar. Amid a major meltdown in Chinese stock markets the People’s Republic sold off billions in dollar assets last week in what was reported to be an effort to stabilize their collapsing financial markets.

    And now, as Russia’s economy collapses under the weight of American and European sanctions, including what many believe to be widespread downward manipulation of oil prices, Vladimir Putin is sending a clear signal to the central bank of the world’s reserve currency.

    A new bill drafted by the President of the Russian Federation aims to completely eliminate the US dollar from the trade of goods:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has drafted a bill that aims to eliminate the US dollar and the euro from trade between CIS countries.

    This means the creation of a single financial market between Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

    “This would help expand the use of national currencies in foreign trade payments and financial services and thus create preconditions for greater liquidity of domestic currency markets”, said a statement from Kremlin.

    The bill would also help to facilitate trade in the region and help to achieve macro-economic stability.

    Source: RT

    The implications for such a move, though not necessarily immediate, are serious over the long-term. That China and Russia are now overtly divesting themselves of U.S. dollar assets signals a significant paradigm shift in global trade.

    The dollar may be strong today as panicked global investors rush to the perceived safety of the US Treasury assets. But as the Federal Reserve is left with no choice but to print trillions more to keep financial markets from ruin, the creditors who usually buy those assets are drying up.

    There will come a breaking point in the near future, and when that day comes we will see the largest monetary collapse in the history of the world.

    When the collapse of the dollar occurs, it will literally and figuratively come like a thief in the night, and I do mean overnight!

    We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve.  But I am not just talking inflation, I’m speaking about hyperinflation which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices. Here are three examples of how quickly a currency collapse can occur when a nation’s money when its money no longer holds it value:

    1. In Weimar Germany, from 1922 – 1923, prices  doubled  every three days.

    2. In the modern era, in Yugoslavia from 1992-94, witnessed prices doubling every 34 hours.

    3. In Zimbabwe, in the two year period from 2007 – 2008, prices doubled  every 25 hours.

    History is replete with examples of currency collapses and they typically follow very predictable patterns in which a nation unravels and social chaos, and many times, widespread violence and even genocide becomes part of the national landscape.

    Source: What will happen when the dollar collapses?

    And though such things could never happen in the “developed” world, we urge our readers to consider the reality of a scenario that involves a break down of the US dollar. We direct your attention to Venezuela, where we can see what a total system collapse looks like in real-time:

    With 30% of Venzuelans eating two or fewer meals per day, social unrest is mounting rapidly in President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist utopia. As WSJ reports,soldiers have now been deployed to stem rampant food smuggling and price speculation, which Maduro blames for triple-digit inflation and scarcity. “Due to the shortage of food… the desperation is enormous,” local opposition politician Andres Camejo said, and nowhere is that more evident than the trampling death of an 80-year-old woman outside a state-subsidized supermarket.

    In such a scenario we can fully expect that our regular systems of commerce will break down to the point that essential goods like food, gas and other critical supplies become unattainable to the masses at almost any price.

    Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, explains what happens within three to five days of the reality of the monetary disaster setting in:

    Have you ever heard the saying, “We’re three days away from anarchy?” In the wake of a disaster, that’s all you have is three days to turn the crazy train around before crime, looting and chaos ensue. In reports during the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, residents from Staten Island were pleading for help from elected officials, begging for gasoline, food and clothing.

    Multiple factors contribute to societal breakdowns including failure of adequate government response, population density, citizens taking advantage of the grid being down and overwhelmed emergency response teams.

    The 3-5 days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens. A good example is the chaos that ensued in New Orleans following the absence of action from the local government or a timely effective federal response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In such troubled times, people were forced to fend for themselves and their families, by any means necessary. This timeline of Hurricane Katrina effectively illustrates “the breakdown,” and within three days, the citizens of New Orleans descended into anarchy, looting and murder .

    Source: Anatomy of a Breakdown

    It’s difficult to imagine a sustained breakdown across America. But make no mistake, should the US dollar every come under attack, and it appears that the opening salvos have already been fired by Russia and China, then life as we have come to know it in America will come to a drastic and near immediate halt.

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      1. “We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve. But I am not just talking inflation, I’m speaking about hyperinflation which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices.”

        Queue DK, with his official BS. 🙂

        Remember, none of those other countries had nukes… We have them, and have USED them.

        Lord help us all.

        • “Official BS” ??? No, nothing official about my perspective. Its based upon basic, rational economics with an interpretation backed by formal education, industry experience, and special expertise. Not too many here can claim that, and their observations in this area confirm my statement.

          Most of the Alt Media Sheeple here follow and parrot the latest Alt Media Meme of the moment without applying just a little bit of common sense to the meme. To wit, their belief that the PTB will destroy their currency (in which they hold their wealth and power) through HYPERINFLATION and destroy their wealth and power.

          Even an Alt Media retard should recognize that the PTB will allow the masses to starve before they relinquish the source of their wealth and power: the DOLLAR. That’s just common sense.

          Its survival of the financial fittest and the poor and uneducated have evidenced their lack of worth by being poor and uneducated; unable to compete on the economic playing field (even if it is tilted). That is the perspective of the NWO PTB; not mine.

          But hey!!! For just $48 I will send you my latest CD that tells you everything you need to know to escape the wrath of my elite friends. 🙁

          • DK, you’re quite pretentious , but in every way wanting.

            Your qualifications are nonexistent, your experience as a janitor and whatever other delusional rattle around in that large and empty skull are no match for reality.

            You forever claim credit for correctly predicting the future, because you make wildly contradictory statements on every subject. Basically you spew sh!t and then strut around bragging about your marksmanship when something actually sticks.

            Finally, the dating-site photos showing you to be a flaccid, feckless excuse for a man gave several hours of laughter.

            Were you even HALF the man you pretend to be, YOU would be sitting in Janet Yellin’s chair.

            Oh, and were we to do a side-by-side comparison of resume’s, education and actual jobs, you’d look even more flaccid then usual. As it is, a loser like you literally couldn’t *get* to the front door, much less get in.

            Isn’t there some Asian porn-star/wife-dating site you could be perusing, instead of bloviating bullsh!t here?

            • Please provide a link to said website.

              I can’t wait to see the website full of fat, arrogant, entitled American women begging for foriegn husbands.

              • I didn’t save the address. I certainly didn’t look at the women on the website, as (unlike Douche-nozzle Kid) I have a woman in my life. After much laughter at DK’s pics and hilarious self-description, I closed it out.

                I could do a search and find it… but I just don’t care enough to bother. I’m sure there are others who could provide the link (assuming he hasn’t deleted his profile in much-deserved embarrassment).

            • Breathial: Believe that if you want. I could care less. My calls are in the archives and in black and white. They have been SPOT ON for years; contrary to Alt Media, and more accurate than LSM.

              Try to attack the messenger if you cannot attack the message. Care to make a different economic argument? I didn’t think so, shit for brains.

              If you took umbrage at my post, you must be one of the financial midgets that I have trampled on here over the years, or an Alt Media Sheeple who has swallowed the HYPERINFLATION meme, hook, line, and sinker; who cannot defend that position because it is totally irrational.

              Fuck off, aswipe !!! 🙂

              • Breathial: Identify the “wildly contradictory statements” and I will be glad to enlighten you as to how they fit together, if you can. They would be in the archives.

                You can’t. 🙂

                • I would, if you were worth my time. You’re not. You’re a phony, the TRUE “keyboard commando.” You’re a fat, single, useless blob of flesh that should feel guilty for wasting perfectly good oxygen.

                  The people who’ve been here for a while know you’re on every side of every issue, and thus are able to claim “credit” for being “accurate.” LOL. What a joke.

                  BTW, did you have any success scrubbing the pics of yourself from the dating websites? 😉

                  If you took umbrage at my post, you must be one of the financial midgets that I have trampled on here over the years, or an Alt Media Sheeple who has swallowed the HYPERINFLATION meme, hook, line, and sinker; who cannot defend that position because it is totally irrational.

                  Uh-huh. Hyperinflation “meme.” Your claims to have “trampled” such people who are educated (when you’re utterly obtuse) is both comical, and rather sad; you’re so far behind the curve you actually think you’re in the lead.

                  And why would I take “umbrage” at a remark from a loser douche-nozzle such as you? It would imply your words have value; they don’t.

                  Try to attack the messenger if you cannot attack the message. Care to make a different economic argument? I didn’t think so, shit for brains.

                  There is no economic “argument,” dummy. It IS, what it is. You stay in the amateur leagues, here at SHTF, because most of the readers of the comments aren’t sufficiently astute to recognize you’re a bullsh!tter. But I do.

                  If you had the stones to post at zerohedge, you’d get your @$$ kicked daily.

                  As for brains, I’ve more education and understanding than you ever will. As well, I’m a documented genius. Basically, that means that I see things others don’t, can crunch permutations faster than others, and so on. An interesting side-effect of being a genius, is being disgusted by BS-artists who clearly couldn’t find their @ssholes with both hands a road map. In short, I’ve no tolerance of fools like you.

                  So your pathetic little challenge to debate economics, is a non-starter, because an honest debate is predicated on intellectual honesty- which pretty much eliminates you.

          • Hey DQ selling his ECON BS for $48. This is the Clown that thought the first day drop on the dow was a 7% decline. Which was only about 2% in reality. He also thinks the Yuan and Dollar are Pegged together as if the foreigm exchange rate is constant and never changes between the 2 currencies. And now this DK Assclown tries to sell his BS .02 cents economic CD for $49.

            DK you need to go get a real job flipping burgers. I would let you balance my checkbook. Then he tries to tell us he has a credit card at 3%. Liar!!! And then fesses up his Zero Rate card was just an initial promo rate then climbs to 12.99%. Which is probably tied to a home equity loan. Then tells us he knows Banker Talk… No wonder your Ex Wife kicked you out of the house. $49 CD. = DKiddy AssClown


            • When DK tells do many lies that he can no longer keep them all straight, his entertainment value goes straight to zero.

            • WWHTI: Yes I misspoke, The 7% I mentioned was not for the day, but the aggregate percentage drop from the high, at that point in time. Altogether the overall drop was 12.5% making it a 10-20% correction from my Spring call.

              Haven’t checked the markets yet today, but yesterday was another down day so the correction continues. Did you make a call last SPRING ???

              Did you catch that link I provided just for you for the Yuan Dollar Peg??? 🙂

          • The article speaks of an event that will never happen. Period.

            The CIS nations don’t count. Period.

            Russia is going down the tubes, as is China. They both will soon be irrelevant outside of their nukes, and we certainly can handle those. Obama is on the way out and he ain’t gonna get away with pulling any fast ones before he leaves. Period.

            Hillary is toast. Period. (Her prison jumpsuit is probably being cut and sewn as we speak.)

            Who replaces Obama is open to question. As Peggy Noonan recently penned, America is in play. Perry, Huckabee, Graham, and the other minor players are all but out of the running. Kasich blew it with his support for gay marriage. Rubio won’t be able to overcome his youth, inexperience, and too-smooth-to-be-trusted image problem. Carson will fade and perhaps get Surgeon General or Secretary of HHS. Trump will not get the nomination and will be seen as simply having been a mole for the Democrats if he goes 3rd party. Fiorina’s primary problem is she’s a woman — the leader of the free world will not be taken seriously by other world leaders if the leader of the free world wears a skirt…sorry, but it’s just a fact of life. Cruz has a chance but the GS connection will hurt him. Walker is fading. So who will be the lucky winner? Quite possibly someone who has not yet announced, but who is carefully and closely watching the game.

            Dkidd: You’re right. The current underclass and other assorted benefit seekers would be well advised to rather quickly get themselves as far away from dependence on welfare as they can, because the doors are closing. The mood of the country going into this election is one of the makers ready to cut off the takers…cold turkey if need be. Those free educations with free breakfasts/lunches/weekend snacks have produced nothing but more takers. The pockets of the makers are near the empty point, and, the makers are fed up with fearing for their basic safety just by doing their weekly shopping. The mobs and gangs have picked the wrong society to prey upon. Americans are fed up as never before and they’re not going to stand by and watch as their lives get yanked from them by a bunch of entitlement-addicted punks.

            I wouldn’t want to be a Section-8 landlord or EBT-dependent business going into the 2017 innaugural ceremonies.

        • Sick of intrusive pop-up ads, I finally reached my limit. I installed AdBlocker. This page loaded very fast and AdBlocker’s icon indicated that it blocked “74” ad attempts.

        • Nope never heard the saying “3 days away from anarchy.” But I have heard we are “9 meals away from anarchy.”


          • wwti: And that is what will kill us. When the non preppers and deadbeats run out of food then the cities burn. Shortly thereafter the countryside burns. All because people wouldn’t store food and water. So sad indeed.

            • Yep Hunkerdown. Thats when We Shoot Shovel and Shut-Up SOP kicks in. (Standard Operating Procedure) for the newbies..


        • LOL! Im with ya! DK (aka) Dont Know SHIT…

          • Here’s another good one:

            Hillary is stumping through Iowa when suddenly, a cow wanders out into the road, in front of the campaign bus and they hit it full on, and the bus slams to a stop.

            Hillary, in her usual charming manner, screams at the chauffeur, “You get out and check, you were driving.”

            So the chauffeur gets out, checks, and sees that the poor cow did not fare well on its unexpected tumble under the bus. He reports that the animal is dead, but that at least it was old, and would probably have died soon, anyway.

            “You were driving, so you go and tell the farmer,” shouts Hillary.

            Two hours later the chauffeur returns totally plastered, hair ruffled, with a big grin on his face.

            “My God, what happened to you?” asks Hillary?

            The chauffeur replies, “When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whiskey, the wife served me a wonderful meal and the daughter gave me the best sex I have ever had.”

            “Why on earth did they do that?” asks Hillary.

            “I just knocked on the door and when it opened I said to them, “I’m Hillary Clintons driver, and we’ve had an accident, and I killed the old cow.”

            • Sixpack
              You are bad, very bad!!!
              But I loved it. Thanks for the laugh!!!!!

        • the sooner we get obama out and a man in, putin will be takin care of !

      2. Good luck. Putin are trying to start WW3?
        No winner here!!!!

        • The losers is everybody else…

          • The house of cards will continue to crumble but those who build their homes on a firm foundation will stand strong and firm.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Gee, if a full-blown collapse happens here, I wonder where the got will get the funding to maintain their surveillance state, police state and to enforce all of their little rules and regulations.

              Cops won’t be writing many, if any, traffic infractions—and we all know that is a big revenue maker for the states. Few people will be able to drive, much less drive fast. Cops won’t have much time for sitting in the bushes with radar guns, when the angry black masses are intent on car-jacking him for his running vehicle and gun.

              I’ll bet there’ll be no politicians out kissing babies either. The code enforcement thugs won’t be out looking for violations, for fear of being robbed and beaten too. They’ll be more interested in getting out of their burning offices.

              In short, the usual thugs will be on the run from the other thugs, leaving US room to get away…or so I hope.

              • Sixpack, when the balloon goes up, everyone will be going home to protect their families. None of the other things you mentioned will matter. It’s going to be a full-blown war.

                • We are just starting to see ‘gang break-ins’ where 8 to 10 members bust into a store, or apartment, or house. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you!

                  • Take as many with me as I can…

                  • NorseMan, if they come to me with anything like that, there will be some more ‘Michael browns’.

              • Just watched my little township pull a seat belt enforcement sting
                The place was loaded with pigs , and they were giving out tickets like it was some kinda party
                So if they needed the money for all the cameras in my AO
                They just got it last night
                In the 15 minuets I sat and watched they had 4 people pulled over

              • Yep Six, When the Poop get so thick and there is no back up for the Cops they will retreat. They know when its not worth it or beyond their control. Or they will just find good cover and start shooting at the worst of the looting scumbags.

                I am looking at night vision IR scopes and monoculars. Yep damn expensive, then I ask what is my life worth? There was lots of movememt in the woods last night, got little sleep, and I sure would have loved to see what the heck it all was. Walking out into the night with a flashlight is suicide.

                • Walking out into the night with a flashlight is suicide.

                  that and turning on any lights in the house when you hear that bump in the night is also suicide , or racking that shot gun to “scare” the intruder away ..

                  that dam gun should always have a round up and ready , the only time you should hear a shot gun rack is after the first intruder has fallen

          • Central planning and socialism are not compatible with a healthy growing economy except perhaps in the Scandinavian countries. Why? I am not sure. Russia tried a free market system but crashed horribly when the oligarchs quickly took over. Putin has brought a halt to that but himself has become an ‘indispensable’ oligarch over everything. War with Russia may be inevitable. Many scholars believe Ezekiel 38 & 39 prophesy that war. Will it be WWIII? Perhaps. The kings of the East could be China or could be Persia.

            It is hard to conceive a total collapse of the dollar, but at the rate at which fiat dollars are being created it may not be too far fetched. All commodities need a market. The only commodity Russia has at the moment is oil, gas, and weapons. I wonder which one of these will help their economy most in the near future? What about an airbase in Syria? Ez 38&39?

            • “That China and Russia are now overtly divesting themselves of U.S. dollar assets signals a significant paradigm shift in global trade.”

              “OVERTLY” ??? LMFAO !!! Thats assbackwards. 🙂

              China and Russia have been FORCED to sell their US Treasuries to protect their plummeting currencies. They had NO CHOICE !!! And it hardly made a blip in the market for US Treasuries.

              The “significant paradigm shift in global trade” has begun with the devaluation of the Mexican Peso. It will continue to decline against the dollar in a measured way, setting up the transfer of excess global production to Mexico.

              If China does not accelerate its transition to a service economy, the Chinese economy will follow Brazil into the SHITTER !!! 🙂

              • “But as the Federal Reserve is left with no choice but to print trillions more to keep financial markets from ruin, the creditors who usually buy those assets are drying up.”

                The FED is not left with “no choice”.

                Even if they choose to create more dollars, those dollars will only replace the losses of the banks. NO HYPERINFLATION and no loss of corporate investors, pension funds, money market managers, and other fiduciaries to buy US Bonds.

                The next downturn will trigger massive deflationary processes, just as it did in 2008/2009. The drop in market value of both financial assets and hard assets, like real estate, represent the DESTRUCTION of massive numbers of dollars, even if those dollars are in the main, digital dollars.

                The only “creditors drying up” are the BRIC’s because they are going broke having to sell their US Bonds to shore up their currencies before their economies are completely destroyed. And that is working too well for them.

                The FED is kicking their ass and kicking their ass bad. Eventually war will be the result but American weapon systems are superior and more numerous. Laser weapon technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The longer it takes for war to break out the greater the advantage now, to the West.

                Those without an underground bunker or a really good cave cut from solid rock, are fucked!!! 🙁

                • “This means the creation of a single financial market between Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union.”

                  LMFAO!!! Has anyone bothered to add up the value of these economies in dollars ??? Fleas on an elephants ass. Just saying. Put them in perspective. Not relevant to the world economy. Only relevant to Russia and these countries are more likely to SIDE with China. Belarus wants to align with Europe (if anyone ever reads anything about Belarus).

                  Putin has NOTHING TO bring to the table. 🙂

                  • DrunkKiddy. You would have way more credibility if you just posted the link instead of cut and pasting someone elses work and articles here. I read that article, and you copied parts of it here thinking we think you wrote it. So whats your point? Trying to sell your $48 CD? How many habe you sold so far??? BWHAHAHAHA


                    • WWHTI: You fucking MORON !!! That reference to the $48 CD was about Lindsay Williams who loves to fleece the Alt Media Sheeple with insider “alerts” from his “elite friends”.

                      LMFAO !!! Read the Onion much ??? What a fucking dope !!! 🙂

                • DK, Thanks for your always poignant, insightful, and somewhat contrarian perspective. The BRICS do look like they are ready to crumble, bricabrac they are. I don’t care much for the elite but it is hard for me to understand how red-blooded Americans can be rootin’ for the communists and fascists of the world. I am not sure what India was thinking when they sided with The Chinese and Russians. There always has been an element in India who connected with the Soviets but free market thinking is raising their ship. Unfortunately corruption at every level of government is destroying the tremendous economic gains they have made in the last 20 to 30 years. There are some states in India governed by the communists. Kind of like Massachusetts vs Texas.

                  • “I am not sure what India was thinking when they sided with The Chinese and Russians.”


                    They are literally between a rock and a hard place geographically, and then they have Pakistan nipping at their heels too, with Iran close behind. Thus their alignment with Russia.

                    “Greater Iran” actually includes and claims most of India and parts of China according to Iran.

                    The only worst places, geographically speaking in the world, are Lebanon, Poland, and Ukraine; meaning that the Baltic States are not defensively, at all.

                    Poland, Ukraine, and Germany could defend themselves against Russia in a conventional war. 🙂

                  • “…. it is hard for me to understand how red-blooded Americans can be rootin’ for the communists and fascists of the world ….”

                    The New World Order is what red-blooded Americans hate the MOST. The NWO is that organized amalgamation of power hungry interest groups who have invaded the USA from within, hoping to change the USA from within, because they “hate US for our freedoms”. They consist of fascists and communists working together where they can to promote their own Agenda and special interests, while posing as Republicans and Democrats.

                    Putin is an attractive character because he is a nationalist who loves Russia and who has administered his government to the benefit of Russian interests; if not always the Russian people.

                    Putin demands that “migrants” become Russian, and speak Russian; unlike the NWO who want to destroy everything American and replace it with an “Open Society”.

                    Death to the North American Union!!! Death to the New World Order!!! Its TOTALLY Constitutional!!! 🙂

                  • If India goes under, where will I call for tech support for all the crap I have?????? 🙂

                    • Guatemala no doubt. 🙁

                • Dk 90 % of what you said is most likely true , but I doubt this blow the country up but instead use them for emp blast instead. Why waste the infrastructure ? They can come in take over an have our resources . Just have to rebuild grid back . That is more logical way to do it!

                  • Prepper1: What in the world are you talking about? A foreign nation using an emp against US and maybe neutron bombs?

                    Mutual Assured Destruction is still in place with the American Triad able to respond to any attack. In fact within TEN years, certainly TWENTY, our laser (star wars) defenses will likely be able to destroy ALL incoming objects.

                    Even if some country could “get the drop” on US, they would still face 100 million gun owners with 300 million guns and enormous stockpiles of ammo. Braveheart alone can hold off a regiment with his guns and ammo.

                    Military domination of America is not feasible and any attack of any significance by any nation would not be just foolhardy but an act of suicide. Remember the neocons invaded and destroyed three countries in retaliation for three WTC Towers that they themselves destroyed.

                    Not gonna happen. 🙂

                    • DK…..
                      You make fair points, but what will probably defeat the people of the US in the end is their lack of appreciation for each other.
                      By this I mean, look at Katrina……people tore each other apart, clamouring for water.
                      Contrast this with Fukushima…. the Japanese stood in line for their water, NO ONE was hurt by their fellow brothers and sisters.
                      That remains America’s challenge…….to see themselves in each other.
                      To steal your last sentence, I sadly repeat…..
                      Not gonna happen.
                      But……Americans much just elect Kanye West to the Puppetry.
                      That in itself shows just how deeply a once mighty nation has indeed fallen.
                      A black imbecile musician being considered for Puppet!
                      Goodnight sweet nation…..ye once were great, but went the way of Rome, and then some.

                    • The US will collapse from within. Would be a waste of time invading the US. Russia is three times larger than the US and have considerable resources.

                      You like your hubris but if the countries outside the Dollar system wanted to set up their financial system why would they trade in Dollars and more importantly why would they hold Dollar assets. Strikes me that playing around with the stock exchange in china creates a nice excuse to liquidate Dollar treasuries.

                    • Nuke em Duke: Yes it is hard to see the Christ in our fellow men and women when we are so diverse. The commies in government are using that diversity to impoverish US and broaden the divide between US.

                      They eschew American nationalism, but promote a global village. They refuse to repair American infrastructure but use taxpayer funds to build mosques in the Middle East.

                      They send American taxpayer funds which are badly needed here all over the world. They send our young American men and women to far off lands to secure their borders, but refuse to secure our own.

                      They give free tuition to “Dreamers” but fail to provide an economy for those American students who borrow to get an education; then they import foreign technicians for half the wage. And then only if they have not sent the American means of production for that industry offshore.

                      There is treason in the White House, treason in Congress and treason even at the local level where cities give sanctuary to repeat offenders, rapists, child molesters, and murders of Americans.

                      Death to the North American Union !!! Death to the New World Order !!! While it is still Constitutional. 🙂

                • Durango,

                  I hope you’re wrong about the whole shebang ending up in a shooting war. The losing side will eventually wind up using their nuclear weapons as a last resort, triggering a full scale nuke party that’s guaranteed to blow your head apart, as Emerson, Lake, and Palmer would say. Now you would think with a name like mine that this would be my favorite cup of tea to be served, but sometimes names, like appearances, can be deceiving.

                • Durango is partially correct, but for the wrong reasons, which of course, he will never admit to even when the dollars in his pocket are mostly worthless.

                  The Fed does indeed have a choice, either to print or to raise interest rates and tighten policy. No one in the mainstream is asking them to raise rates, so the fact that they are about to do it anyway should tell you something. The problem is, IT DOES NOT MATTER which method they choose, the dollar will still collapse in value. If they tighten, this will damage US markets, investors will lose faith, the derivatives market will continue the implosion it started back in 2008, China will continue to dump U.S. bonds as it is now doing in order to support the Yuan and provide liquidity for their own markets, and the dollar will crash because EVERYONE including US allies will dump the currency and US bonds just to avoid being the last one holding the bag when value tanks.

                  If the fed continues to print through QE4, all faith in the central bank’s ability to stave off market crisis will be lost because QE4 will be an open admission by the Fed that the last three QEs were an UTTER FAILURE. Keep in mind that ZIRP is still operational and yet markets are crashing anyway. The era of fiat stimulus is OVER. QE no longer has the ability to prop up markets.

                  Durango’s delusion is his assumption that the East and West are “at odds”. This is nonsense and I have proven time and time again that all central banks collude towards globalization, including the Fed and the PBOC. The Fed isn’t “kicking ass”, it is working lock step with all other central banks to create a crisis environment. The fed is nothing more than a branch bank of the BIS.

                  Beyond that, the U.S. is the most indebted nation in history with hundreds of trillions in liabilities stemming from entitlement programs as well as debts and interest accumulated through decades of borrowing from Social Security to pay off other debts. China’s debts pale in comparison. If you want to know who has been chosen to survive the coming collapse, just look at where all our allies are placing their support for currency swaps. Every nation is building up a forex relationship with the new BRICS bank and moving away from the dollar, while the IMF is set to elevate the Yuan as a new reserve currency next year. The Fed does not need to hyperinflate in order to kill the dollar; the dollar’s value will fall quickly once it loses its world reserve status.

                  At that point, you will see Durango disappear from these forums, never to be seen again and never to answer for all the terrible information he has been spreading here.

                  • Brandon: I’ll respond point by point to you and it will take time throughout the day as I do have other things to do.

                    “The Fed does indeed have a choice, either to print or to raise interest rates and tighten policy. No one in the mainstream is asking them to raise rates, so the fact that they are about to do it anyway should tell you something.

                    RESPONSE: If the FED prints they will only print dollars to replace the losses of the banks. They have been very successful in managing a two tier economy for seven years; meaning enriching the Uber Rich and suppressing the Consumer.

                    They have never tried to stimulate the economy. Crushing the American consumer was necessary to undermine China as it became a military and financial threat: ie South China sea; BRICK’s bank.

                    Of course, no one in the mainstream wants them to raise rates. The greedy investment class wants ever bp they can get. A 25 or 50 bp rate hike will not spell doom for the American markets. It will have a devastating effect on Emerging Markets sucking investment dollars back to US Bonds.

                    Volcker had to raise the prime rate to 21% back in the day to stop borrowing and slow the economy. The two tier economy is working for the Uber Rich and a few bp will not affect them much at all. Neither will it effect the bottom tier. It might affect sub prime car loans but the market is saturated now anyway.

                    So if the FED raises rates or not, depends upon how much pressure they want to put on the BRIC’s. 🙂

                  • “The problem is, IT DOES NOT MATTER which method they choose, the dollar will still collapse in value. ”

                    RESPONSE: The dollar will not collapse in value.There is NO causal relationship between a rate hike or not, and “dollar collapse”. I suspect what you mean by “dollar collapse” is a worthless dollar.

                    The dollar is strengthening as it does every time at this point within the business cycle. Some believe it has a long way to go yet on this trend. Eventually this trend will reverse after the next decline is over.

                    The long term goal of the NWO has been a much stronger RMB to fuel other world economies, including Europe and the USA. China doesn’t want to play that game. The NWO will now transfer excess world production to Mexico and the Mexican Peso is dropping in anticipation of that transfer.

                    The NWO holds their wealth in dollars and dollar denominated assets. To believe that they will destroy their currency is irrational and to believe that another power has that capability is pure nonsense when all other currencies are in rout.

                    Explain, if you can, HOW the dollar will “collapse”. I am anxious to hear your theory. 🙂

                  • “QE4 will be an open admission by the Fed that the last three QEs were an UTTER FAILURE.”

                    RESPONSE: Brandon you believe that QE was designed to stimulate the economy. That premise is wrong. QE was primarily designed to replace the losses of the member banks and protect their balance sheets. Raising financial asset values for the investment class was just a fortunate side effect.

                    The FED knows exactly what they are doing because their super computers are constantly using sensitivity analysis to model any eventuality. So they know EXACTLY what they are doing to US. 🙁

                  • “China will continue to dump U.S. bonds as it is now doing in order to support the Yuan and provide liquidity for their own markets, and the dollar will crash because EVERYONE including US allies will dump the currency and US bonds just to avoid being the last one holding the bag when value tanks.”

                    RESPONSE: I really like this internet meme Brandon. Zero Hedge has already analyzed the effects of China selling the $1.1 trillion in US Bonds that they own over the next year and ZH concluded that this action would REVERSE 60% of QE and raise bond rates 3%.

                    Q: What is the NORMAL, DESIRED long term rate for US Bonds?

                    A: Four percent.

                    Do you think the FED hasn’t modeled that effect before ??? See what I mean. Don’t underestimate these assholes. They will make you look stupid.

                    Stay away from financial, banking, and economics. Use your voice for American Constitutional rights where it can be more effective. 🙂

                  • “Durango’s delusion is his assumption that the East and West are “at odds”.

                    RESPONSE: Delusion ??? Tell that to the families and friends of the dead and see if they believe you. The bodies of the innocent (and not so innocent) are buried all over the world as a consequence of the conflict between East and West. 🙁

                  • “The Fed isn’t “kicking ass”, it is working lock step with all other central banks to create a crisis environment. The fed is nothing more than a branch bank of the BIS.”

                    LMAO!!! Tell that to the people of Venezuela who are going hungry and cannot buy food or water because the shelves are empty. Tell that to the rest of the citizens of the BRIC’s as their economies go from bad to worse.

                    The FED CONTROLS the BIS just as it does the IMF.

                    I don’t think you are stupid Brandon, nor do I think you are naive, but everyone who looks into the night sky cannot pick out the Constellations. Some not even the Big Dipper, North Star, or Orion’s Belt.

                    See the bigger picture Brandon. East and West are already at war. 🙁

                  • “”Every nation is building up a forex relationship with the new BRICS bank and moving away from the dollar, while the IMF is set to elevate the Yuan as a new reserve currency next year.”

                    The BRIC’s bank has not issued its own currency, but I will assume that the Yuan will be the primary currency used by that bank. If the members of the BRIC Bank run their bank like they ahve run their economies I don’t think that the World Bank has anything to worry about.

                    Every nation IS building up a forex relationship with China and the Yuan. This is essential prior to the Yuan becoming a world reserve currency.

                    Do the research and you will discover that there are a number of NECESSARY requirements that China must meet before becoming an IMF member; not the least of which is the free flow of capital, and a FREE FLOATING YUAN. The Chinese FEAR a free floating Yuan.

                    The USA CONTROLS access to IMF membership. China’s action in the South China Sea, and its massive cyber spying will delay their access to the IMF. Even Jim Willie now says that China will NEVER be admitted to the IMF.

                    China has a choice. Play by the Rules and play nice, or they don’t get to play. China is going down. 🙂

                • @DK. Your timeline is wrong. China began dumping their treasuries quite a few months back. The goal of which was to paralyze the U.S. treasury auctions moving forward. Just look at the questions Bill Gross had of PIMCO.

                  There is now no one to buy US Treasuries. Thus, the Fed will print and do the purchases. Haven’t you been listening lately…..The FED is laying the ground work by floating concepts like….QE4….which is bullshit because QE3 never stopped.

                  The BRICS isn’t broke either you silly NWO BOT. It’s in a regional scope. It hasn’t lent any money. You’ll get a good look at the BRICS real soon when IRAN breaks the Nuclear agreement and starts routing all their financial transactions through that bank instead of the BIS (Bank of International Settlements).

                  You better hope and pray I’m right that China gets in as part of the Special Drawing Right this November….even though the IMF, in a pathetic last gasp attempt to control world finance, wants them to wait one more year. Otherwise, me thinks the new election pol speak will gravitate to….It’s the economy stupid.

                  • CS: I will get to the other critcs later when I have more time.

                    1. It was only when the Chinese economy, WHICH IS PEGGED TO THE DOLLAR, imploded by the DELIBERATE collapse of the American consumer by the FED, that the Chinese began selling their US Bonds in earnest. The previous sales and purchases on the open market were used to manage the Yuan or to purchase other assets for Chinese Government owned Corporations, or provide funding for their over seas expansion in other ways: all at the expense of the American Taxpayer.

                    • 2. “There is now no one to buy US Treasuries.” Not true. Not true AT ALL. Most sovereign nations own US Bonds, as do multinationals, pension funds, money managers, other fiduciaries and most investors with excess cash.

                      US Bonds and Treasuries is where the NWO Corporations park their cash when they are not actually using it. The market is broad and deep. These paper instruments represent the WEALTH of these NWO corporations and organizations; because it is backed by the largest economy in the world and the most powerful, most capable military in the world.

                      Consider how long Japan has remained afloat with its Central Bank buying most of its securities. I wish the FED would buy ALL US securities, the WE The People could default on the FED and hang the bankers. They will be buying more bad loans after the next crash.

                      The dollar will die by emp, and nuclear war. Maybe a pole shift. But not until the most powerful and most capable military in the world that defends it and the wealth it symbolizes for the NWO, is destroyed. Thats reality. 🙂

                  • The BRIC’s aren’t broke??? LMAO!!! Of course they are broke and if the FED raises rates 25 or 50 bp it will get MUCH worse for those economies; having a much bigger impact on their markets as global investors pulled out to put their money in US BONDS, than it will have on our own economy.

                    I don’t know that it will, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 25-50 bp rate hike actually STIMULATE the US Economy. WHY ??? Consider that Volcker had to push the prime rate to 21% to slow lending, easy money, and speculation. That COULD happen again as corporations and investors race to get cheap money before it goes away.

                    With respect to Iran, I support the AGREEMENT because Iran will get the bomb one way or another. Under the AGREEMENT the P5+1 and the United Nations Security Council would have to authorize an attack on Iranian nuclear sites by the WEST (READ: USA). It won’t. Let Israel do their own dirty work with assistance from Saudi Arabia. And they will. 🙁

                  • 4. “You better hope and pray I’m right that China gets in as part of the Special Drawing Right this November….even though the IMF, in a pathetic last gasp attempt to control world finance, wants them to wait one more year. Otherwise, me thinks the new election pol speak will gravitate to….It’s the economy stupid.”

                    China will not into the CLUB this year. Maybe not even next year depending upon geopolitical events between now and then. China’s financial system is systemically flawed, needing additional reforms, that cannot be initiated given its current financial crisis.

                    More importantly, CAPITAL must be free to leave China at will by investors, individuals, and corporations. That freedom does not exist. The free flow of capital does not exist in China, or there would be much, much larger outflows during this crisis.

                    This is just ONE criteria that China meet to get access. China has moved too quickly showing its hand prematurely and revealing its desire to run the CLUB and not follow the Rules of the Club. It may NEVER get in. Even Jim Willie says that China will never be allowed into the Club.

                    The USA controls the Club with the major voting rights. Given China’s Cyber Attacks, and military buildup in the South China sea, I would have to agree with Willie (though I most often don’t). 🙂

                • Couldn’t agree more!

              • Yup, I second all of the above. As Charles Hugh Smith recently blogged on Pealproserity.com that the “China Story is officially over”. Hell it’s so bad over there that recyclers of junk have been forced to move back to their villages because the economy is in the gutter.

            • Scandinavia is not doing very well either. I have a lot of relatives in Sweden and they are all desperately looking for places to stash whatever cash they have left. They have always been good savers but there is nothing much to save anymore. They are being rapidly replaced in their country by muslims.
              I really don’t understand this trend in politics over the last 20 years where the politicians find they need to cater to foreigners at the expense of and neglect their own people.

              • Two words Joe: “Open Society”. The TRIBE wants every nation to be open and commingled but theirs.

                With enough diverse groups in every nation at each others throats, the Uber Rich members of the TRIBE can control the Banks and then the government of every country.

                Its a simple plan. 🙁

              • I am of Swedish heritage, speak Swedish, worked for a Swedish company out of Linköping, and have been in Sweden. First, the Nordic countries are NOT the same. Finland actually speaks a language related to Hungarian, and is not a Germanic language at all. They were “Finlandized” (a common term during the Cold War) by the USSR. Norway has quite a bit of oil money, and the Danes seem to have a bit more business orientation. Norway was occupied by the Germans, who transited Sweden by train, in WWII. This left quite a bit of bitterness by the Norwegians against the Swedes, who were ravaged by the Germans.

                100 years ago, Sweden was the 5th richest country in the world, by some accounts. Life Magazine I think around 75 years ago or more called it the most well-off country in the world (whatever that meant). Today… not so good. Despite the election of a conservative, Karl Bildt. In the earl 1990s, the kroner took a massive nose dive, forcing Sweden to wake up + similar to what happened in Canada a few years later. Despite considering the NY Times socialist rag, there is an explanatory article at http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/23/business/worldbusiness/23krona.html?_r=0 on the topic.

                The southern cities are overrun with Muslims… Malmö and Göteborg have no go zone for the police and fire dept. Here’s a few videos for the disaster there from radical Muslims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLE_yGMBdUc ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzLECtFT4aU ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0sRmpvdIIk ; I actually have a former Muslim friend who became a Christian, who was one of those Muslim immigrants (he now lives in North America).

                A bit of rambling, and more focused on Sweden, but the Nordic countries are NOT that well off. Worse, they have frittered away historic wealth, like the British, and their goulash socialism brought at least Sweden to the financial brink in the 1990s. And Norway is simply the beneficiary of good luck from North Sea oil. All this garbage out the socialist Nordic countries being well of is just that – garbage. No, they aren’t Zimbabwe; they also aren’t fully socialist, either, which is why they didn’t become Zimbabwe. Don’t put them on a financial pedestal, as they are definitely no Singapore or Hong Kong.

              • The people involved in this think they can control the uncontrollable. Their goal: Less than a half billion people left standing…forever…with a government straight out of a dictatorship-socialist science fiction novel.

                Problem is: They can’t do that without the resultant total destruction of planet earth…but they are too arrogantly stupid to acknowledge that and the fact that they won’t be able to “civilize” most Islamists because of the sheer insanity of the contents of the Koran.

            • Work ethic, in the scandanavian countries there is an ingrained pride and respect for eachother and country, even there it is starting to suffer wherever there are huge numbers of immigrants, multiculturalism doesnt work unless you are talking about food!

              • Kula,
                sorry to say but there will a war soon between the muslims and who ever is left that they did not kill or convert, things are coming fast and no way to know how this is going to play out.

              • Kula,


                That is what our cuisine is all about here in Louisiana.

            • la eagle:
              Please…..get off your high horse.
              There is no bigger example of “central Planning” than that bastion of US Capitalism, the US Federal Reserve.
              Nuke the Fed……..99% of world problems solved.

              • Duke,

                FYI, Eagles don’t ride horses unless we are after the horse’s jugulars which will be full at a gallop.

                Your comments are still appreciated. IMHO that is.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • Socialism is when the State owns and operates the means of production such as the USSR. This is not Sweden. Successful Swedish private corporations manufacturer and export goods and services. Taxes are generally higher than in US and has been called a ” social democracy” but private capitalism generates the wealth .

        • Sarge, sorry to go off topic, but on the last thread you recommended I get the 590. How many rounds does it hold?

          • Brave:
            Great folks on this site got to you before I did. 9 rounds like the great folks here told you.

            • I’ve got a couple of questions. I have a Barnett Quad400 crossbow with 150 lb draw. The bow has solid limbs, attached by a hex bolt.

              I want to get another limb, about a 75 lb draw, so I don’t have to use the cocking device, I can draw it by hand (and foot).

              Can I just get another limb and switch them out on the same stock, making the bow a 75 lb draw?

              If I do this, will a 75 lb draw still be enough power to drop something bigger than a rabbit?

              • Sixpack, no expert here on the crossbow, but I just bought one with a 385 FPS. Feet per second firing of the bolt. I think that what ever draw it has, the key is how fast the arrow bolt will fly. The faster the fly in FPS the flatyer the trajectory siatance out. If your bolt is less than it is important to get closer to your game to make a greater impact. You could kill a deer with a sharp stick if you can get close enough to drive through the ribcage to create damage. I am not familiar with all the crossbow terms, but maybe consult a bow hunter in your area to check out your gear.

                Also you can get the bolt tips with the 2 inch broad head razor tips which will do good damage to stop game.

                I am on a learning curve here also with the crossbow and turkey season opens up here Sept 19th. Deer is in mid Oct. Happy hunting!!


                • Cross bows are virtually silent, can defeat standard issue vests, and allow suburban hunting, require no permits, if you pay cash are untraceable.

                  Where is the downside?

                  • My problem is, the 150 lb draw is too much for me to draw without a cocking device, which is terribly slow. I might need to send more than one arrow down range, when I might not have 3-4 minutes to reload…see what I’m getting at?

                    I’d like to know if I could still punch a hole in something big, mean and in my face with a lighter draw than 150 lbs. I’m not worried so much about speed, since I’m not talking about hitting a fleeing buck, a squirrel or a bird.

                    • yes 75# is still quite a formidable weight of bow strength

                      having the ability to pull it back faster is also a bonus

                      If the arms are built for that “stock” or for that set up, there should be no problems ..May have to look into adjusting your sites , and possibly your string

                      silent and deadly killers are a very good tool and skill to own

              • sixpack don’t really know much about crossbows, but any weapon than kills using a broadhead or edged cutting devise, kills by hemorrhage and has no shock effect, so a 75 lb draw will work but don’t expect what ever you use it on to just drop where you shoot it. I just recently killed a 350lb black bear with a 60 lb draw compound bow and had a good hit but it still went some distance. So if you want to drop something where it stands you had better stick to a gun that has shock effect. Trekker Out.

                • Thanks Trekker. If I have to send one from my doorstep, I won’t likely be tracking the recipient anywhere. I don’t want to attract any attention, which is why I opted for a crossbow. I’m striving for “silent but deadly”

                  As for guns, what guns? Did you know guns don’t float? At least mine didn’t…

                  • Sixpack
                    I think your best bet is to take it to a bow shop and have them check it out.
                    I don’t know if they are still making this bow. I’m thinking that they have stopped making it so getting a 75lbs limbs might not be possible. Good luck.

                    • It’s less than 3 yrs old. Damn, I thought computers and electronics got obsolete fast. Oh well, it will still pin you to the wall.

                    • Oh I see, they shortened the stock by about 3″ and now call it “The Edge”

        • Sarge, sorry to go off topic, but on the last thread you recommended I get the 590. How many rounds does it hold?

          • usually 9 rounds if its the full length model

            • MODELS: 12 Models/12 Ga/3” chamber, 9-shot with 20” barrel, matte blue or parkerized finish

              FEATURES: Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation. Top mounted safety provides for ambidextrous operation. Additional special features offered on select models include, tri-railed forends to facilitate accessory lights and lasers, Magpul adjustable stocks and MOE forend, Insight/L3 integral lighted forend, and various sight systems including XS Express and ghost ring sights. Special models are offered in FLEX and Left Handed configurations.

              • 590A1 is the duty weapon of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.
                MODELS: 21 Models / 12GA / 3″ Chamber / 18.5″ Barrel (6-Shot), 20″ Barrel (9-Shot) Models.

                FEATURES: MilSpec construction: the only pump action shotgun to pass MilSpec 3443E; Parkerized or Marinecote finishes on heavy-walled barrels; metal trigger guard and safety buttons. Select models feature tactical tri-rail forends, 6-position adjustable stocks, Picatinny top rails, and specialty sight packages.

                • FYA…Good detailed breakdown and thanks. IMHO the only must change is to upgrade the tube spring with a heavy duty Wolff. The factory spring goes bad if fully kept loaded for long period of time.

                  • SV
                    Very good advise. Thanks

                  • And if you left that plug in the ammo tube for decades from duck hunting that spring is pretty weak and should be replaced. In SHTF no tube plugs are required and you would rather fill the tube full of future hot lead.

                    I saw this on my dads old Remmington 12 g. Circa 1947. Took the old wooden spindle plug out and replaced the spring and viola a fully loaded shot gun ready for work. Go through each of your weapons and make sure they are in top shape. Later on in SHTF it will be hard to find old parts for it.


              • FYA, thanks for the info. How many rounds does the model with 20-inch barrel hold?

                • FYA,disregard my last question about capacity. I just read your other post about the 590A1. Now I know for sure what I want.

                  • Braveheart I have a 590 with a speed loader stock that holds 4 more rounds which gives you 13 rds. and I love it. you’ll never go wrong with a 590. Trekker Out. Also have an 870!

              • The UTAS 14 round was at great prices at a local gun show.

                Just saying!

                Avoid the cheap knock offs.

          • Mac, I’m sorry for my same post appearing twice. I don’t know how that could’ve happened.

            • Howdy cuz, you usin’ a darn commie keyboard?
              Best take it out the yard and fill it with lead.

            • All gittery, two black males walked past you, hit send twice.

        • Here is what Netanyahu said back in 1990 when he was secretly recorded. Why does the US let this F-N Criminal ZOG Terrorist set foot in our Country is disturbing. Read this:

          Much of the following scenario was outlined initially in 1990 in a discussion at Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem. At the head of the table was Netanyahu. The group at the table had just stolen 5 American KG 84 cryptographic devices with the help of Canadians serving with the UNTSO on the Golan Heights, giving this Israeli-led cabal real-time access to all US State Department, Naval and NATO communications. This is a transcribed quote taken from an audio recording of Netanyahu at that meeting:

          “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves

          • You know, I stopped reading most comments a month or more ago (do read Sgt Dale, a few other). Came back and took a glance more generally, and you vile Jew baiters are still at it.

            IMHO, you should start your own website, IHateJews.com. You can then do your “all Jews all the time” BS among yourselves… then leave the rest of us alone.

          • It does not matter, please grasp Israel will find judgement, they can’t avoid it. We are in the Great Tribulation despite what Christian groups think. Don’t be preoccupied with a personal vendetta against Israel. It will be to your destruction. This is what is meant by “everyone that burdens themselves with Jerusalem will be consumed by it”!

            The Lord spent nearly an entire chapter in the New Testament talking about grafting trees that weren’t compatible. Read it or be the fool.

      3. Amen Vlad. God Speed to you since it does look like you are real and your goal is to stop the parasitic tribe of the Zionist Rothschild to take over your country and its resources. Please don’t hesitate to use nuke if needed since the cancer cells can only be killed using heavy dose of chemo.

      4. One reason why we prep…

        • EPPE
          Yep that is one of my reasons. Getting hot here today. We are to be 90 to 95 for the nest several days. This going to be hottest days of the summer. The kids have been in school for the last two weeks but the temps were only in low 80’s.

          • Sarge,
            it is 91 degrees F here in NOLA. We have had a cold front pass through and the weather has been nice. Everything is just the opposite of what the emasculated one says. Global cooling down here.

            • In FL today. 95 Degs and Humidity index at 81%

              Sticky weather…


          • Sarge, our thoughts and prayers to the family of the murdured policeman. Be careful, Sarge!

            • Laeagle

      5. Give me a break. The opening “salvo” was the united states sponsoring a coup de tat in Ukraine with the assistance of George soros. Or the united states harassing china in the south china sea. duh.

        • Can I just go on record!

          I did not vote for a revolution in Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Libya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Yemen etc.

          Obama’s adventures will follow him home? Be ready! It’s following America home!

      6. All by design. As Kyle Bass was informed by a high ranking official with the Obama administration yrs ago “Were Gonna Kill The Dollar”.

      7. Nice looking firearm, Vlad. How about telling us ALL about it? Might be worth looking into getting one from the Ukraine!

        I am convinced that Vlad “has the number” of how to play the Hand-Wringer-in-Chief we are stuck with. Vlad has got some serious stones, our current “DearLeader’s stones” are in a very small vial in Michelle’s purse.

        • Putin is at war with the ZOG’s Phony Fiat paper money, commonly refered to as the US Petro Dollar.

          It sucks living in a country (USA) that is usually on the wrong side of history time and time again. Our Govt paid shills need to be displaced.


        • yep, Right next to her (him thing)’s nads

      8. so he’s a lefty with shitty trigger control ,, figures

        • Bring it, Pukin. Come on down into Alaska. The Lord has His hooks in your jaws, and will bring you back, into the land your country once owned.

          There He will rain hailstones that weigh 100 to 180 lbs down upon your confederated armies and crush them, only allowing one sixth to survive and return to their countries.

          You and your satanic minions will die, oh house of Edom.

          • Jesus, who unloaded the truck full of religious nutcases?

            • Pisssinin the wind is this web sites shit for brains freak show. Jebus talks to him daily for instructions.


              • Christian shill who bears false God is PITW

            • Rich, you answered your own question.

          • Did someone forget to take their meds today?

          • Dude, are you serious?
            Putin is the bad guy because he doesn’t want to follow along to the US and NWO policies?
            And this is a bad thing to you?
            Damn you’re dumb!

            • To be expected when they reject what Christ said on He fullfilled the prophets and the law of the old testement and replaced it all with the New Testement.

              Its written so a 12 year old kid can comprehend it all in Glataians and most of the rest of new testement books.

              Obviously for about the past 100 years of cyrus scofield bible Judiaizer preachers and their apostate false teachings on all issues jewish and israel related are mainly to blame.

              Prior to scofield 100 years ago it was mostly just jewsih folks who still thought they had a valid intact covenant any longer…Todays score is jews=wrong 2000 yrs now while scofield brainwashed evangelicals only for aprox 100 years same story.

              Add in the Fact that as Published DNA from Dec. 2012 proves beyond ALL doubts that 98.5% or more of todays international jewish foks are actually Khazars and Not of any hebrew-israel 12 tribes etc peoples…and you end up with mass confusions and total apostacy galore eh.

            • We will see who is dumb when the troops amass at the border.

              • Its becoming more obvious daily that Aka: Passinthewind is a Paid ZOG Shill antagonist that tries to act like he is a Christian. This is the typical ZOG false profit Christianity warned you about. He bobs from right then left antagonizing or trying to make Christians look bizaro. Real Christians do not act this way. PUTIN is a Christian and has kicked the ZOG out of Russia, so when PITW starts with this Putin Bashing he is showing his true intentions. This is classic ZOG Psyopps. That is to demonize Christianity. Passin is just a fake and a lousey fake and a flake.

                So how much doea the ZOG Pay you Passing to post this crap daily? My record and instinct for calling out these ZOG Shills is pretty dead on here at this web site. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing and YOU PISSING IN THE WIND HAVE JUST BEEN BUSTED BY WHO WUDDA THUNK IT. Now Beat it deadbeat!!

            • Annon…Don’t mind pww. He seems to be one of those self declared Zionist Christians who worships mainly the six sided star. It really is scary when you deal with religious psychopath regardless of what they believe. The head of barbaric monsters called ISIS also claims that some form of god is communicating with him. Always be very cautious when someone tells you that god Is walking next to him to justify his/her actions.

              I remember Bush said the same when he started to kill innocent civilians in Iraq claiming they have WMD.

              • Do You Know, the Good Fig from the Bad? The Wheat from the Tares oh stutz far from nugren?

                So watch who you call a zionist.

          • God bless dear pitw.
            Your posts are always appreciated.
            Thank you xXx

          • Nut case or not, he is Biblically correct. Just by chance I read an article that it will take 3000mph updraft winds to keep those size hailstones aloft. Not a good day for kites!

            • HD
              10/4 to that.

          • Passin I expect many here do not know about ‘the hook’

      9. ht tp://www.timesfreepress.com/news/life/entertainment/story/2015/sep/01/us-needs-28th-amendment/322346/

        and Mikes response to this coward …

        To: [email protected]
        Sent: Tue, Sep 1, 2015 9:36 am
        Subject: Starting a bloody civil war seems an odd way to “prevent gun violence.”
        Since you don’t seem to live in any real world I recognize, can you perhaps suggest what I should be smoking to duplicate your hallucinatory results, should I wish to leave this reality for your dopey Wonderland? I guess you haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening since the various state laws have been passed since Sandy Hook. All of them, I repeat ALL of them, have been nullified by “I Will Not Comply” armed civil disobedience. In CT they have an 85% non-compliance rate. In New York it is estimated to be 90%, with county sheriffs in upstate threatening to arrest any state cops who come into their jurisdiction seeking to enforce the wildly misnamed SAFE Act. In CO, I have led smuggling efforts and public demonstrations flouting their law. Same goes for WA state and OR, where we have had armed marches on the capitol steps, breaking Bloomberg’s laws and daring them to do anything about it. We even held a “background-check-free” arms expo/gun show in violation of the law in WA, daring the authorities to do anything about it. They did nothing. The politicians in each of these states have not sent one raid party to enforce their unconstitutional diktats. Indeed, they seem, after almost three years of such armed resistance, not to know whether to defecate or go blind. So who, you stupid, silly little collectivist cypher, are you going to get to enforce your “benevolent” tyranny? Planning on coming yourself? No. I didn’t think so. But until you do, until you decide to have the courage of your so-called convictions and send men with state sanctioned violence to our doors, then kindly shut up. You’re boring the rest of us with your impotent prattle. But, by all means, if it makes you feel better, go back and take another toke of whatever it is you’re smoking.
        Mike Vanderboegh

        • Right on my brother.

      10. If people do not get their shit together soon they are going to be in a world of hurt. I suppose people are trying to figure out if it is all crap that they read or hear but fail to look not only at their immediate surrounding but what is happening in other countries.
        So a two fold blow is coming. One by civil unrest and the other financial. Probably touch everyone’s lives.
        Maybe you should look at your pantry. What you have for self defense. What type of plan you have. Remember some is better than none.
        What I have read here, from all of you, leads me to believe that many are unprepared. Some think it is a game. You only have to look at the Police being fired upon and I do Believe it is condoned by this administration in office. They are talking out both sides of their mouth. This power struggle between Putin, China, the West, the Bankers, Corporations and Politicians is not going to do well for us.

        • You are absolutely right,slingshot.

          many,many,many, are unprepared. The worst part is the majority are not spiritually and mentally prepared.

          There are events coming that even the Preachers are not prepared for. Some are planned by our own evil leaders, along with other nations. Some are events that will be blamed on Natural/Earthly events. Some will be Supernatural events that are put into motion by our Creator, in order to humble a defiant nation in hopes that they will return to Him, before it is too late.

          These events will be continual and the duration will seem to go on forever as things escalate, and get worse for the unbelievers. Hunger and starvation will be two big problems for the unprepared and unbelievers.

          Once the gov takes control of all food growing and harvesting, they will put chemicals and toxins into the foods. A man of God has seen the vision of many houses with cupboards full of canned food, but they would not eat it because it was poison.

          The thinning of the herd will commence. The waters will rise on the East Coast, and many will be washed away. When this event will occur is not specifically known, but it is coming in the next couple decades.

          • Slingshot and Passin, I agree. Not much time left for stacking I think but still proceeding with it. Whoever refuses to prepare is inept and screwed. Ain’t nothin lookin nice right now.

            • Brave, you got a good b out plan I know, and you have faith.

              That, my friend, puts you in the top 2 percentile. I don’t know the exact location of your b o retreat in the ole peach st., but from what I remember, you will be far enough away from the coast when the big waves start rolling in. It is not gonna be pretty for beach dwellers, especially those in the bigger cities, like Miami, and Jacksonville.

              Your faith will keep you strong, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

              • PWTW

                Remarkable how many can remain calm in the face of danger. Especially those that live close to the coast.
                A monumental leap of faith to leave ones hometown, home, friends, job and all the other comforts. To go where you may not have the same comforts at your new location. Then try to explain that to your family and then to your parents your taking the grandchildren away.

                I guess I will be floating over to Texas. Need to put Flare Gun and Boat on my list.

                • I hear ya.

                  I absolutely love the coast. The ocean and all that goes with it, well, except the crowded areas.

                  As a mtn. man, I have always enjoyed visiting and used to go out deep sea fishing to the Gulf Stream. I don’t do that much anymore, but do enjoy surf,pier, and inlet waters.

                  We have a semi-permanent camper at the Carolina coast, and I will miss it, “if” the waters rise as some have seen in their dreams and visions. I have not had them, but I don’t dismiss those that have.

                  It is always better to have a boat, and not need it, than otherwise. when living coastal, low country, and swamp.

                  In case of huge Tsunami, I don’t know if a boat would help if one is close in. But, there is always hope.

              • Passin, thank you for that. My biggest concern is being as far away as possible from any major urban areas. Where I’m going is secluded and far enough away to feel a lot better. Plus, being with family of like-minded people is always a plus. I spent a few years on the east coast and traveled the entire length of it. At least 30,000,000 or better all up and down that coast and it will be toast. I’m hearing some rumors now of New Madrid erupting if the UN Security Council passes a resolution establishing a state of Palestine. US has always blocked it in the past but obullshit says it might be different this time. What I’m hearing is if Israel is divided, then the US will become divided along the New Madrid fault line. I almost shit on myself just thinking about that one.

                • Yea, it is very possible, and the US Naval map shows an ocean rise possible if the Great Lakes are emptied, as was visioned by Edgar Casey.

                  I know Memphis is not where you want to be if that happens.

                  The splitting of Israel would have many ramifications, but further loss of Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount, is the biggest thing. Things are definitely ramping up, and i can see much trouble for America on the horizon.

                  Right now, most don’t want to hear about judgments and ramifications of becoming the heathen nation like Sodom and Gaymorrah, but it is relevant now more than ever.
                  Time is not on our side any longer, and I really believe we will see the first “big” dominoes fall this month and next.

                  Glory be, to the King of Kings.

                  • Dropping a Nuke on Israel and NutanYahoo psychopath, would solve more than half of the worlds problems.


                • Braveheart.

                  I am still trying to wrap my mind around Nibiru. Have to get a case of Ancient Age to watch that one.

                  New Madrid = Shake, Rattle and Roll.

                  Either they will scorch your ass, shake your ass or flood your ass.
                  You can’t win. Hahahahahahaha!

                  • Tsunami, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Tornado’s
                    Even Kracatoa or Yellowstone.

                    Nothing would compare as to having a BIG PLANET fly by.

                    Everybody at once gets to shit their pants.

                  • Yeah tell us again how Noah put all the animals of the Earth on a boat?? Lions and tiger and bears oh my…. how did he feed them? How did he keep the tigers from eating the bunny rabbits? Bwhahaha. What did he do with all the horseshit? Elephant dung? Thats one of the biggest story woppers in the book.


                    • WWTI

                      The big Question is, Does Man have a soul? If he does for what purpose. A scientist did find there is a change in weight after a person dies. Is a live person easier to carry? Coining the phrase Dead Weight. Kirwin Photography has produced images after a cut leaf was made whole in the image. Energy Field? Life?

                    • Interesting concept Sling. What is a Soul? Or is it a made up concept to fit into a religions missing gap theory? Like comfort food is for the hungry. I studied and was raised as a Christian, but none of it made any sense and was very contradictory and hypocritical. Dead weight to me is a limp body with no reaction. I have lifted many dead bodies as a paramedic. Depends on how dead or decomposed they are. Dead as in stiff when rigamortus sets are easy to move, and not one ever complained. A soul to me is just a conceot to lend to religions theory. Dead is dead like a dirt nap, no more brain action and the body decomposes into dust over time. I do not fear death, as that is just another natural cycle of life. I would never want to be burriend in a casket and have a mortician pick and probe and abuse my body to make me look alive for relatives to visit one last time and so they can comment, oh he looks so at peace. Thats some morbid shit there folks. Why not take me home and hang me on the wall next to the deer heads. Just bury me at sea with the living creatures so I can again nourish life. A soul is just a concept, nothing but an unexplained made up gap filler for religion to assume you are moving on to some other place. In reality all any of us will be when we are dead is a memory for the remaining living and nothing more.

                      Thats my take on that subject.

            • Do you really think you are getting out of Memphis if SHTF? Your security guard uniform will do you more harm then good. Also, even if you get out of Memphis, do you think the tribes of people on the roads are going to let you through because you refer to yourself in the third person moniker of “brave heart”? Tough guy security guards are going to be the first with no teeth satisfying the masses.

            • People are just stupid bud, i cant understand a mindset where you are not paying attention to the big picture, i have close family who dont want to hear it, if my farm wasnt so well set up i would really be worried

          • If the government puts all these toxins in the food to poison us, then we really don’t need to care about flooding on the east coast now do we? You remind of an article I once read right here on this site, about people who you do and don’t want in your prepper group.

            There was a tv show on the History channel about some kind of disease wiping out most of humanity and a family who survived the initial onslaught. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember what is was called. Anyway, the family which is a guy, his wife and son, make it to safety in a small community. Naturally, there’s a religious kook spouting off about how ” they” had all been saved by God while everybody else had been ” winnowed” out by this God. This insane preacher guy went on to say that a meal would be served, ” after” church services were over, of course, for those who attended, The message was clear, if you want to eat, we’d better be seeing you at all the church services. The family decided that this was not the place for them and moved on to a different community which was not so insane.

            I see you as the preacher type trying his best to take over the remnants of civilization to fit your ideas of what people should think. I’ll be doing the same thing that the family did if I find myself in that kind of situation, you’ll just be trying to start the same old mind control nonsense that people always do , but the first thing they need to do is gain the ” authority” figure status of a group to gain control. I’ll pass thanks.

            • I can guarantee you one damn thing, I will not be leading any group as a so-called preacher. When the shtf, the time for preaching and teaching is over.

              My family will be flying solo with our little group of prepped family members, and the outsiders like you, will not be welcome in our woods. So, don’t worry yourself about that ever happening. Our families are old school, and no city slickers will be welcome.

              • I doubt you’ll stop yacking about God and blah blah blah, your kind never does. Once you get bored with no internet preaching to do every day, you’ll turn on anybody close enough whose misfortune it will be to be trapped with your kind.

                • Well, you never know, but i can guarantee you one thing, there will not be any liberals or atheist or faggots in our group.

                  Most of those types will be toast anyway.

                  • PWTW

                    You all believe in false gods in your cult. Do you think Jesus cares if a man loves another man. Jesus loves us all. His father created us in his image, your hate is disgusting. You and that moron in Memphis will be the first two crying and giving head for peanuts.

            • Yep Rich those who spout off about Jebus coming back and the wrath. They will be the first to die clinging to their hopey wishy washy book when SHTF. Still waiting for a single soul that was ever saved to come forward and identify them selves. Proof of life has been a No show… just like jebus… 2000 yr old No show suckas. Bwhahaha.


              • Those who reject Jesus are the ones who need him the most. your hyper inflated sense of intelligence is just plain egotistical. Have an open mind and try receiving the lord, he is trying to reach you and you dont even know it.

                • Sounds like a crack addict in relapse. One you get hooked on the religious brainwash crack, you turn to meth for a higher fix. In Religions it is the need for war against anyone who disagrees or refused to be enslaved with your meth lab.

                  Whats going to be funny is when SHTF these Jebus freaks will soon find out their religion has abandoned them in every way. Will they drink the mass suicide koolaid? Lets hope so.


              • Reality can really be a bitch huh,
                Some times i wonder exactly how people get so brainwashed by religion,
                Throughout history religion was never anything other than another way people tried to control others,,,
                All bullshit if you ask me.
                Its how you live, not how much bs scripture you can quote.
                A conscious contact with a higher power,

                • Kulafarmer

                  Too much of it kills the thread most of the time.

                • Kula, agree. I am more of a spiritial person. My spiritual is to blend in with nature, respect her and take care of Mother Earth and its innocent creatures. You as a farmer know sure well if you abuse the soil it will not grow crops to feed you. These Religious freaks destroy the planet daily with pollution and toxic chemical wars. And if they belive a God created the earth then why do they not defend her and nuture her instead of rape and torture her? Thats what I find so Hypocritical about Religion. Its all about use and abuse with these cult control freaks. Cause their religion teaches them they are EGO Superior and everything else is a beast to beat or burden to punish.

                  ~ WWTI


                  • WWTI. Respect for nature!
                    As soon as you got to your dank shack in the swamp you dumped a load of friggin’ ant killer then went on to needlessly waste some other poor critters!

                • Unfortunately the story of the bible is an occult message.
                  Yes a Hidden (Occult) message, providing the keys to enternal life.
                  Very clever people have left clues pertaing to this in little things such as ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
                  If you believe Jesus (that which saves)Christ is a man/person your already lost. Forget Jesus lokk for Christ.
                  Yes he was a person but his story is a cover story for a greater truth.
                  So believe the common story that has to my knowledge served no one to date or dig further and be amazed.

            • Rich – I saw that movie on the History Channel a few years ago as well. That’s weird you mentioned it, I was just thinking about it yesterday.

              I just wanted to say that normal people do not have a desire to control individuals/groups. Even in a SHTF scenario; if they weren’t a mind-controller before the SHTF, they won’t become one afterwards. It’s just not their nature.

              They may want to control how something is done – they want a say, they may want to be in control of something, but they don’t want to control people and their minds. And, they don’t want to control everything, sometimes they just want a say, a voice… which is normal.

              BTW, the technical term for mind-controller is psychopath. Normal people are not mind-controllers because there is nothing normal about controlling the mind’s of others. Only the disordered mind wants to control people’s minds. That’s why it’s well known and has been proven that ALL cult-leaders (including family-cults) are psychopaths.

              • Common Cents,

                Yes, I appreciate your posting, you make good sense. There is one thing however that I want to point out about the show, the people who were running the church thing made it clear to everybody in that little town that meals would be provided but ONLY after the church services were over and for those who attended. They were using food as a tool of mind control over people, if you want to eat, you had best be seen here in church praying in your loudest voice or go hungry. And that, in my opinion, made them no better than anyone who uses threats and punishment to achieve mind control.

            • The Nat Geo Movie was called “After Armeggedon” its on youtube.

          • PWTW.

            On a side note.

            If all those demons are going to be let loose, maybe a good idea would be to have a 500 gal. tank filled with Holy Water connected to a Super Soaker.

            You never know.

            • I guess it never hurts to make jokes, when all else fails.

              • PWTW.


          • Damn PWTW, I thought HCKS had problems.
            I need to re-evaluate my findings.
            So far, HCKS appears to be completely normal.
            I find this to be abnormal human behavior coming from the likes of you.
            Jebus/God is not going to save the likes of you, and Jebus/God is not going to punish those who defy him/her/it.

            • Time will tell, so now we wait and see.

              I am not worried at all, in fact I am very excited because my Saviour is getting ready to break through the clouds, but first, before that, wwti’s saviour breaks through the clouds claiming to be the Messiah.

              That my friend, is not gonna be a problem for me. Sorry to disappoint you, whomever you are, but it may seem abnormal to you now, but in time you will come to realize that I speak truth and the world is that whom has been lying to ya.

              Just keep following the ways of the world and see where it gets you. Not too good!

              • Ohh your savior through the clouds, isn’t he going to save the non Jesus believers in the Middle East first? The Christians love giving cash to the people who killed their savior.

        • This is ALL cloward and piven bullshit…

        • Look at the company the admin keeps,
          Sharpton, Jackson (and i dont mean the cool ones) his buddies from the mooslam brotherhood who have been appointed to positions throughout the DC framework,
          NONE of this should be a surprise.

      11. Obola is getting into the swing of things. Getting quality time with Bear Grils in Alaska this weekend. I can hear him now. If you get your preps you can keep your preps.

      12. “It’s difficult to imagine a sustained breakdown across America. But make no mistake, should the US dollar every come under attack, and it appears that the opening salvos have already been fired by Russia and China, then life as we have come to know it in America will come to a drastic and near immediate halt.”

        First, it’s “ever”.
        Second, that statement contradicts the article. The dollar is NOT under attack….

      13. Dow Jones Industrial down now over 500 points

        • KM, prepare for a roller coaster ride!

          • laeagle,

            I agree, continuing to work on preps.

            • Good to see your post mom.

              • Anonymous,

                Good to have things settle down a bit here and be able to read and post. 🙂

      14. In a monetary and/or economic collapse everyone loses. The End…..

      15. Won’t happen !!!!

        • Maybe in a few years eh, ‘ol boy?

      16. Let September be the month of preps. I am going to be doing something every day this month to get ready for the winter ahead. I pray that everything is going to stay together until the spring where we can at least grow a huge garden. Me and my wife were looking at the stored food this past weekend and there is not enough by far. Even working as many hours I can get it just seems that there is always something that keeps eating up any extra money. buying a little extra food each week and storing it away, we have a full pantry but I am fearful that it will only amount to 2 months.

        • Better change your priorities.

          • you better be getting right with god instead of telling people to change their priorities.
            who do you think you are?
            besides being an asshole, who do you think you are?

            • No, you can’t handle the truth, so that makes me the asshole, yea right.

              See, i can see right through your type. Deep inside you have this empty feeling and actually you are jealous that you don’t have the Love of your Creator inside you. You could change that, but sinful pride has you all bound up like the worst kind of constipation.

              Loose yourself man. Humble yourself. Pride cometh before a fall.

              I am a child of God, from the Adamic blood linage right up through my British/Israelite ancestry. That is who i am.

              Who are you? What are you? Where are you headed with your eternal soul? Hmmm? Got any gospel armor?

              • When you die I see disappointment, just rotting in the ground like the rest of us.

              • passinwiththewind… sounds like you have been following Pastor Arnold Murray’s line of thought.

          • Yeah, I need to focus some more on the food storage. I am just glad we got out of Chicago two years ago. Moved to fema Region 10 bought a house on top of a mountain 100% off grid. 4 miles off the main road, we bought wood stove for heat, and installed enough solar to run everything including a full sized refrigerator. Decent garden (still working on keeping the small animals out. Next season will be a much easier season (first years garden was devoured by deer) built a fence. Its one small step at a time.

        • Order sprouting seeds and you can have something to add to your food before spring.

          • gwynmarilyn,

            Good point!

            Here are a few things to add to your preps.

            SPROUTING SEEDS – Be sure to stock some sprouting seeds in your pantry. If we couldn’t get to the grocery store, due to a crisis situation (bad weather, blizzard, low finances, sick, etc.), fresh fruits and vegetables would be one of the first things we would miss. This would be especially important if there was a crisis situation was in the winter months.

            Our bodies need plant enzymes to help digest food and regulate bowels. Sprouts can be grown in 3-5 days. They are filled with plant enzymes and high in vitamins and fiber. Sprouts can be stored easily, as they take up very little space.

            If you can’t find sprouts locally, you can order online. You can purchase small packages or a #10 can. 5 lbs. of organic alfalfa seeds (sealed in a #10 can) have a shelf life of 10 years (unopened) when stored properly.

            MEDICINAL PLANT BOOKS – Many useful plants grow wild. Recognizing plants and knowing how to use may save your life someday.

            Stock plenty of BAKING SODA and VINEGAR – These both have many uses – cooking, cleaning, medicinal, etc. There are many articles on the internet about uses for these products.
            *Store baking soda in a glass container and it will last indefinitely.

            WOOLY LAMB’S EAR – Grow Your Own Antibacterial Bandages. The plant is medicinal and also edible. The leaves can be used as toilet paper and as menstrual pads.
            Seeds can be purchased online at Amazon. Plant some seeds around your house and cabin.

            CLOTH DIAPERS and DIAPER PINS – Diapers can also be used as bandages.

            Extra QUALITY CAN OPENERS

            ACTIVATED CHARCOAL – Activated Charcoal, no prepper better be without it. Take it for food poisoning & spider bites. Make a poultice for bites mixing the AC with ground flax. Put a thick layer over the bite and change every 4 hours or when it dries out until the bite goes down. You can drink AC mixed with water or I put it in gel caps. It works AMAZING for food poisoning, actually any poisoning or drug OD.

            • More information about sprouts here…

              See more info. about sprouts here.
              Sprouts: A Genuine Super Food

              “Organic alfalfa sprouts are beneficial in reducing symptoms of PMS and menopause, including hot flashes. Furthermore, they contain high concentrations of antioxidants, the body’s defense against the destruction of DNA which is the cause of aging.

              Alfalfa sprouts are abundant sources of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, carotene, chlorophyll, amino acids and trace elements. They contain 35% protein. Organic Alfalfa seed can produce over ten times the seeds weight in sprouts, one pound of alfalfa seed produces 10-14 pounds of sprouts.”

              If you can’t find sprouts locally, you can order online. You can purchase small packages or a #10 can. 5 lbs. of organic alfalfa seeds (sealed in a #10 can) have a shelf life of 10 years (unopened) when stored properly.

              Here is the website where I have ordered sprouts.

            • Thanks Ky Mom for the info!

              • got out then,

                You are welcome!

          • Thanks! good deal too.

        • At least you know what you need to do,,,
          Never can tell when having some extra stuff stashed away will come in handy, im going through that now with my stash, crop failed so have a big old hole in the budget, at least theres a pretty good pantryo fall back on, it can happen to any of us any old time, Murphies law.

        • got, sow some spinach in for the fall and place a layer of straw over top and you’ll have some through the winter. I do it every year. Nice fresh spinach.

      17. The 0.001% in the secret societies that run the show have shown their stupidity in pursuance of their rogue arbitrary foreign policies. That stupidity has forced the East to react to the systemic nature of this disease perpetrated by the West. Action and reaction, that is all, folks. The antidote for apathy is response. Read that previous sentence again. The time for preemption slips away.

      18. I guess when you rely on other countries to help keep your economy going you might want to treat them a little better instead of acting like a bully.

        Eventually the bullied start to push back.

        Many I am sure will defend their good ole USA, but our record is not exactly one of the benevolent helper. Rather our involvement in other countries has always been for the benefit of the few at the detriment of the many.

      19. all reserve currencies eventually lose their status and are replaced

        but for right now
        the dollar is pretty damn strong
        its gonna be around for awhile

        where else are people gonna put their money?

        into the ruble ? LOL
        or the yuan ? LOL

        the chipping away at the dollar will continue
        but the American government,be it dominated by Rethugs or Demorats
        will FIGHT LIKE HELL to keep the dollar in place

        if the dollar loses its status
        we lose our empire
        and empires don’t generally die easy

        • [ the dollar is pretty damn strong ]

          The Dollar is not strong.
          It’s the Illusion of the Dollar that is strong.
          I don’t believe the Ruble or the Yuan will be a replacement.
          I believe the replacement will be a [unknown/new] Universal Currency to be introduced into the System.

        • It’ll be the last roll of toilet paper on the spindle.

          • Got that right. 🙂

      20. DID YOU SEE WALL STREET TODAY ????????



      21. From the HOPI ELDERS from the Art Bell Show

        WW3 IS THE PURIFIER …………

      22. Tick tock, Tic toc, Tik tok and the band played on.

      23. All the talk of the China downturn, and markets are down becuase of the China slowdown is all BS. China is merely the canary in the collapsing global-equity mine. Markets are tanking, currencies are collapsing and commodity prices, now at 16-year lows, are plummeting because the world is sinking into depression.
        The collapse of 2008 was not “thee” collapse in a sense of the word. The real collapse, which is now upon us, was avoided temporarily while trillions of dollars were pumped into the system to prop up too big to fail finacial institutions, buy up bonds, and inflate commodity and equity markets. The party is over. There are no more silver bullets, and the last of the cards has been played.
        Just as the Titanic, the band will play on and the cocktails will still flow…while they insure us not to worry. Just a market correction. Remember, “she is unsinkable”. And while most are subdued into this false sense of security, the elite have already prepared for the world to come apart with there escape hideouts, and their hard assets, long decoupled from the fiat currencies that go hyper-inflated or deleveraged into oblivion.
        The time draws near.!!!!

      24. “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they will comfort me.”

        • Yea I walk through the valley of the shadow of death , I will fear no evil: for thine is a badass, my AR and my 870 will comfort me

          Flame away , I bought a brand new nomex suit

      25. too many breeders

      26. Most the hyper inflation states are not capable of supporting their populations. America has sufficient resources to support everyone in our land. We make all the toilet paper we need. We make more than enough food. We could make all the goodies everyone wants.
        (if you kill the EPA). What bothers me is the controlled inflation.
        I want to see deflations, on a major scale. Crash and burn it.
        We on this site are generally self sufficient, but not looking forward to going back to the dark ages. I’m not going to pay one million dollars for a loaf of bread. I’ll get my wife to bake one.

      27. “And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,”

        The severity of the collapse and of the collapse of the dollar, really will appear to come as a thief in the night. It will come just like a sudden slap in the face, and as suddenly as turning a light on with a light switch.

        Yet the collapse shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The warning signs of the collapse have been growing for years now, and at this present time, it is plain to see that the collapse is just before us. But what do most people do within Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth? They put their smart phones closer to their ears for longer lengths of time. They continue to laugh and play like everything is just going to be alright within Mystery, Babylon the Great. God has given everyone plenty of time to repent. People have made their choices and are accountable for their choices.

        Is there any doubt among anyone here after reading the following verses, that people condemn themselves?

        16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

        17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

        18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

        19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

        20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

        21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. “(John 3:16-21)

        “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

        • Next.

        • Well, you have at least one brother in Christ here.
          For I too, know who Mystery Babylon is, that great city that sits upon many waters.

          Very few will come out of her alive. Very few even know what is about to commence.
          Very,very few even know what this verse means…..Luk 22:42
          “Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”

          It was Jesus Christ prayer to the Heavenly Father, His own Father, to lift the duty that was set upon Him from the eons of time.
          Not a moment of weakness, that most preachers and seminaries teach. No, Christ knew very well that He was going to defeat Death by going to the Cross, so it wasn’t about that. He accepted that He was going to be beaten and kicked and clawed and spat upon as he dragged His weak and weary body to Calvary. He knew most of His friends would betray Him, throw stones and curse Him. Just like the world today, they don’t want truth.

          But; as He was thinking about His future duties and the pain and suffering it would bring, when he returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to pour out that “cup” of wrath from God; that was what He was referring to in that prayer. If there was any other way to accomplish that duty. That prayer came out of love and compassion for mankind, even the ones that were crucifying Him. And, how can people still hate Him?

          That wrath is now upon us people. God is a jealous God and the world has put many gods before Him. The worst, being the love of self and money, with devilish pride. This does not end well for billions.

          Exo 20:3

          Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

          The first and most important commandment people, when did you forget it? Hmmm? But I am the one that has the mental problem?

          We shall soon see the so-called rational thinking from those that cast stones of anger towards Christians, when the earth starts shaking and reeling to and fro like a drunkard. When the seas roar with anger, and winds are moving rocks around. Every mountain and island is moved out of it’s original place. Who will be so high minded and self-preserving then? Hmmm?

          Just sayin’. Prepare!

          • Passin,

            Yes, you’ve managed to find another nutcase to commiserate with, congratulations. BTW, what is ” soon”. I know, your answer will be this” Well, it could start this month, or it may take from 15-30 years , I really can’t say because it’s on ” Gods” timetable, not mine”. Which is nothing more than admitting that you really don’t know jack shit about where or when anything will happen, if ever. It’s nothing more than the sad hopes of an old man who’s pissed off because it’s not the 1960’s anymore and he’s getting closer to death with each passing day and wants everybody else to die along with him because he’s so damn miserable. Yeah, that’s your idea of ” heaven” I’ll bet, just a sorry, angry, sick in the head misguided old man.

            • Laughable all day.

              You got one thing right, I am ready to get out of this hellish world. Where I am going there will not be any likes of you freaks.

              You pukes are in for some bad,bad days ahead.

      28. And just think Religion is the root of earths evil. Google Genocide by false religious beliefs. Also Google “False Prophet” Ever count how many humans have died all over who’s big hoax is more belivable than the others? The good news is Morons killing Morons. Sooner the better for the great culling of stoopid sheep herd.

        Cant fix brainwashed ignorance.


      29. Can you say one world currency boys and girls?

      30. Quick put an enemy face on it; don’t let it be traced back to the source. Decades of bi-partisan consent of US leadership and voters is unbelievable; in the face of the clearest, most predictable outcomes; continuing to choose debt spending believing that intermediate defaults or collection shortfalls would be covered by new business loans brokered globally (the real globalization); a huge over-extended risk. And now, the music is over (a la Margin Call); there are no places to conquer with forced loans (World Bank, World Trade Org, Int’l Monetary Fund); no places to expand the money supply into; no venture opportunities; crossing the event horizon. New game starting.

        • Carrying a slingshot to a gunfight is not my idea of a good time. Therefore, I’ll be sitting this one out. Good luck on the recoil. thanks

          • A slingshot? WTF! Is this guy for real?? Whether it’s a rock or a bullet, it’s a weapon. I choose the gun. And does this guy think they will just stand there or sit in their car and get pelted by rocks without fighting back? He’s dumber than they are! I’ll sit back and watch him work his magic 😉

      31. Why would Putin do this? The Fed, Obungler and the bankster Obama cronies (e.g., Jon Corzine) are already doing a much better job of destroying the dollar than Putin could even dream of

      32. Not a Putin issue; central banks do not know how to exit their failed strategies. Over-leveraged in all nations. Over the implosion event horizon. Whats the new game? Staying alive.


        I need to know if anyone heard about this fact. I was told this by and employee recently and I was told that management is pissed and didn’t like what they had heard through the woodwork..about facial recognition cameras going into all the stores nationwide because Academy is the biggest retailer of ammunition in the country, that it’s popular with veterans and red necks, so the chicoms.and the Russians not only took over but Own the stores. I need to know if anyone heard about this and I mean ligitimate proven posters on this site. I know the agency ass clowns will go on the attack. If I get attacked severely then we will know that something happened backing up what I may have heard. Let it rip. The Russian and Chinese can better track the whites and patriots since email do not go to Walmart anymore since JH15 commensed. It happened since. A Lot of red necks and veteran shop at Academy. Well it was nice shopping there while it lasted.



        Getting the truth out as we prepare of calapse.

        • HCKS=batshit crazy

          • Since you’re the definition of batshit crazy-you would know! BTW, get another handle and stop mocking God!

            • Hey, wait a minute! Maybe I”M the one who’s batshit crazy! Jebus hep me!

              • WWTI… Tossa.

      34. If enough nations turn away from the US dollar it will no longer be the worlds reserve currency how could it. May the strongest nation win. I’m going woodstove shopping this weekend it’s the only thing I really need most homes in the northeast have a woodstove or fireplace. Want one that I can cook on.

      35. All right shtf family answere for the 40 days and 40 nights, he was prepped.A zoo on a very large
        Ship is very doable with the proper preps. Bring it,let’s hear your ideas,how did they get rid of waste,where did rain water come from for drinking?Got hay got grain? Think they put food on the boat? How long can a living being go without food? Think there was any fish in the water? My animals have pens and are kept separate. Not trying to force my free will on anyone just listen to my gut………….

        • Not to be a smart ass here, as many say I am, but they were not on the Ark/ship, for only forty days and nights.

          Check out the scripture.

      36. well worth a few minutes of your time


        ht tp://www.theburningplatform.com/2015/09/01/long-term-planning-is-the-name-of-the-game/

        “Putin, the much-lauded savior of the misinformed world, has called for the end of using the US dollar in trade amongst Eurasian countries. The time frame given for this change is between the years 2025 and 2030. Hardly the mad rush out of dollars that is being widely promoted and regurgitated.”

        “So, with the much hyped collapse of the dollar unlikely to happen, ”

        “I’m just going to come right out and state it with absolute clarity. Gold will continue to depreciate.”

      37. Ecompany. Your banned form this website trolita. Your are nothing more than a agency troll. Your racist comments will not be tolerated on this website..your banned dred lock thug. Pull your pants up on your ass and get the f…k off this board. Keep screwing with the cops on Houston, you asses are lots get lead From them. I just saw what went down in Illinois.



        Agency ass clown moderator.

        • Dude!!!!!!
          You have lost all and any credibility of being a normal, sane person. If anybody needs to be banned, it is you and possibly the christian bible thumpers.
          You need to be locked away in a mental institution!!!!

          • Awh, come on Anonymous.

            “If anybody needs to be banned, … possibly the christian bible thumpers.”

            Can’t we stay too ? ? ? ?

      38. It’s all about deflation here. Wait until the government reduces SSI, EBT, and all other benefits as they tell us cost of living reductions. That’s what the Great Depression was all about, deflation.

      39. This board is getting loonier everyday like a freak show. This is what SHTF in the streets will be like. Freaks on the corner preaching Gods wrath and yelling repent, and where I put a bullet in them, to silence them. Send them back to their maker who created these freaks.

        • As long as they’re not standing on the corner in front of your house, let ’em preach. It’ll give the thugs something to do for a few minutes. If nothing else in your heart, consider them free “bait.”

          • sacrilegious fruitcakes

        • What happened to “i am leaving this site”?

          I will tell you what happened….you are a liar!

          You ain’t got anywhere else to go. No one else will have you.
          You are lost! And you are the looney on this “board”.

          • Passin,

            Perhaps she meant she’ll be leaving this website ” soon”. Which, of course, YOU know that it could be this month, or maybe 15-30 years from now. It’s likely her departure from this website is on ” Gods” timetable and not hers, so you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself when ” God” decides to act, won’t you?

            • chuck you farley, I wasn’t talking to you or sixpack.

              • Bingo, hit the nerve center. One thing religious freaks hate the most is to be served with their own sermons.

        • This board is out of control!!!
          HCKS and Passinwiththewind have turned into a Insane Asylum, and most of us here do not belong in it with them.
          It’s sad to see people that think they are normal, but they are anything but. Mental psychosis of their magnitude is beyond overwhelming.

      40. DOW Futures Plus 80 pts.

        “And away we go”.

        Jackie Gleason.

      41. The chaos will be worse in these black neighborhoods where they are already killing cops and each other. It’ll take time to reach more civilized neighborhoods.

      42. Back on point ,, this crap is already burned out
        so ….. in other news

        the fact that Jeb Bush considers your firearm rights to be compromisable depending upon where you live tells you all you need to know about the prick and the elite he represents.

        • Domestic enemies and traitors

      43. 28 Benefits to Prepping Even if TEOTWAWKI Doesn’t Come

        ht tp://morethanjustsurviving.com/prepper-benefits/

        “While most preppers do take the threat of a financial crisis, a solar flare, or even a zombie apocalypse very seriously, there are many benefits to prepping even if these TEOTWAWKI situations never come about in our lifetimes.

        Many of the criticisms non-preppers make of preppers have to do with the fact that preppers seem “paranoid” about the future and apocalyptic, end of the world situations that probably won’t even come about in their lifetimes. What these people fail to see is that prepping has a phenomenal number of benefits for preppers even if these apocalyptic situations don’t end up taking place. The vast majority of preps will help in difficult situations that commonly arise in life.”

        • I tell people at the grocery store that buying extra groceries is better than putting the money in the bank. Even if there isn’t a sale, the prices are still lower now than they will be next month. Everyone can see that inflation is much higher than interest at the bank. The further ahead you are in buying groceries, the more money you save in the long run.

      44. Iran Deal a GO–Funding for Planed Patient Hood a GO–War on Cops a GO–U.N. Small Arms Treaty a GO; do we need to go on, the A$$CLOWNS running the show has all but destroyed The United States of America. RIP AMERICA!!!

      45. situation in Venezuela continues to deteoriate

        President Warns Nation Of ‘Massacre And Death’ – Scenes Of Plundering In The Streets, Empty Shelves And Mile Long Lines Should Have Americans Preparing For The Worst

        h ttp://allnewspipeline.com/Venezuela_Poverty_Massacre_Death.php

      46. Hell yeah, let’s attack each other! If you posted above this you don’t know wtf you are talking about, live in one of your dads’ basement, and still listen to miley cyrus. If you post after this, you are a transdimensional lizard alien hatchetman for the nwo.

      47. E Company, your banned.



      48. Mac, please check into what happening here on the site. It seems like everytime we post, our comments keep going on before this E company agency ass clown poster


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