Consolidated Power, The End of Independent Business: “What This Reset Means”

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    This article was contributed by Brandon Smith, who originally published his article at

    Editor’s Comment: The larger themes of collapse and the destruction of the dollar have been cynically orchestrated from the top-down. While a major event is in the works that will destroy wealth in the hands of most Americans, the elite at the top are unlikely to lose theirs.

    Rather, they intend to consolidate power at the expense of human dignity and independence. The thin shadow of a free market that remains now will likely disappear as every crisis imaginable is utilized to shake free the tokens of self and force the great global reset to be a plantation of digital control for the masses that will approach total. Though things are teetering on edge, a great reset, as Brandon Smith argues, will be an attempt to seize even greater control…

    What Will The Global Economy Look Like After The ‘Great Reset’?

    by Brandon Smith

    A very common phrase used over the past couple years by the International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde as well as other globalist mouthpieces is the “global reset.” Very rarely do these elites ever actually mention any details as to what this “reset” means. But if you take a look at some of my past analysis on the economic endgame, you will find that they do, on occasion, let information slip which gives us a general picture of where they prefer the world be within the next few years or even the next decade.

    A few goals are certain and openly admitted. The globalists ultimately want to diminish or erase the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. They most definitely are seeking to establish the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights basket system as a replacement for the dollar system; this plan was even outlined in the Rothschild run magazine The Economist in 1988. They want to consolidate economic governance, moving away from a franchise system of national central banks into a single global monetary authority, most likely under the IMF or the Bank for International Settlements. And, they consistently argue for the centralization of political power in the name of removing legislative and sovereign barriers to safer financial regulation.

    These are not “theories” of fiscal change, these are facts behind the globalist methodology. When the IMF mentions the “great global reset,” the above changes are a part of what they are referring to.

    That said, much of my examinations focus on these macro-elements; but what about the deeper mechanics of the whole scheme? What kind of economic system would we wake up to on a daily basis IF the globalists get exactly what they want? This is an area in which the elites rarely ever comment, and I can only offer hypothetical scenarios. I am basing these scenarios on the measures that the establishment most obsessively chases. If they want a particular social or economic change badly enough, the signs become obvious.

    Here is what the world would probably look like after a global economic reset…

    Initial Crisis

    Who knows what the trigger will be? There are so many potential catalysts for economic instability that there is no way to make a prediction. The only thing that is certain is that one or more of these catalysts will be triggered. A Saudi depeg from the U.S. dollar, a large scale terrorist attack, a general rout in stock markets due to a loss of faith in central bank policy, a confrontation between Eastern and Western powers. It doesn’t really matter much. All of it is designed to produce one outcome chaos. To which the globalists will offer “order,” their particular order using their particular solutions as “objective mediators.”

    In our highly interdependent system in the West in which more than 80 percent of the population has been domesticated and is psychologically incapable of self-reliance, it is very likely that a disruption of normal supply chains and services would result in considerable poverty and death. Such a threat would invariably lead frightened and unprepared people to demand increased government controls so that they can return to the level of comfort they have grown accustomed to within the grid.

    One important factor to note is the rationale globalists will offer for increased centralization and control in the hands of a few. In my article, The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses, I study the clever narrative of Rand Corporation member John Casti and his “Linchpin Theory.” In Casti’s theory (more propaganda than theory), collapse is inevitable in what he calls “overly complex systems.” The more independent elements within any system, the more chance there is for unpredictable events that lead to supposed disaster. Ostensibly, the solution would be to streamline all systems and remove the free-radicals. That is to say, complete centralization is the answer. What a surprise.

    In a post-reset world, the elites will argue that the banks and bankers are not necessarily to blame. Rather, they will accuse the “system” of being too complex and chaotic, leaving itself open to greed, stupidity and overall unconscious sabotage. The fact that the crisis was engineered from the very beginning will never be mentioned. Centralization will be championed as the cure-all to the barbaric relic of complexity.  Almost all other changes to our economic environment will stem from this single lie.

    Thinning Of The Financial Herd

    You are going to see long standing financial institutions sacrificed in the name of rehabilitating the global system. Do not assume that certain major banks (Deutsche Bank?) will not be brought down, or that certain central banks will not be toppled (Federal Reserve) as the reset progresses. Also do not assume even that certain geopolitical structures will not be brought into disarray (European Union). In the push towards total globalization and one world economic governance, the elites have no loyalty to any single corporation, nation or even central bank. They will chop off almost any appendage if they can achieve a one world system in the trade.

    What this means on a micro-level is the activation of bail-ins; that is to say, the legalized confiscation of bank accounts, pension funds, stock holdings, etc. as a method for prolonging a collapse event. We have seen this already to some extent in Europe, and it will happen in the U.S. eventually. Some people (socialists/communists) may even cheer the action as the end of “capitalism” and a step toward economic “harmonization”; which is easy for them to cheer for since most of them have never worked hard enough to earn property or assets worth confiscating.

    Currency Devaluation

    Everyone who is aware expects this, but it is important to realize that currency devaluation will probably occur across the board in every region of the world. Some currencies will simply be hit harder than others. The dollar is a primary target of the globalists and WILL be brought down. It won’t disappear, but it will become progressively irrelevant on the global stage.  If the projections of ‘The Economist’ are the correct timetable, then the end of the dollar will be well underway before 2018.

    While the initial scenario we face in America will be one of stagflation, many necessities and the means to produce those necessities will skyrocket in cost.  There may not be inflation in every sector of the economy because imploding demand could offset some of the effects of falling currency value, but there will be extreme inflation in the areas that hurt common people most.

    The Digitization Of All Trade

    Despite all the failings and control mechanisms involved in fiat money, there are still worse systems to be had. Last month more than 100 executives from the world’s largest financial institutions met privately at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc. to discuss the future of money; more specifically a software apparatus called “Blockchain.” The goal is to implement Blockchain as a medium to fully digitize monetary transactions around the world and in a way that is traceable and foolproof. In other words, the goal is put an end to all transactions involving physical cash.

    The establishment of a cashless society would mark the end of all privacy in trade. Even supposedly anti-centralization digital currencies like Bitcoin are hindered by the blockchain feature, which requires the tracking of ALL transactions in order for the currency to function. While methods for anonymity could be argued, the fact of the matter is, digital currency by its very nature is a destroyer of the truly private trade offered by cash and barter. When all trade is tracked, and all savings digitized, whoever owns the keys to the core of the blockchain will have the power to wreak havoc on the life of any participant at will.

    To be sure, the “blockchain” that the elites have in mind will never allow for anonymous transactions, because digital currency is not about anonymity or “convenience,” it is about control.

    Consolidation Of Government Power

    Corrupt government is the tool by which globalists can extort goods and labor from a population as well as exert force to subdue rebellion.  It is highly unlikely that the global reset will result in a collapse of government.  On the contrary, it is usually during economic collapse that governments grow in power to the point of totalitarianism.  There will always be a new currency mechanism or financial structure to replace the old, and the globalists will always have a way to pay off armies and useful idiots to do their bidding.  No one should be counting on the idea that the elites face collapse as we face collapse.  This is naive.  The elites created the collapse; they plan to be ready to use it to their advantage.

    The End Of Private Production And Business

    After the reset and the opening crisis it is probable that resource allocation will become a major issue. Production of goods on the massive scale seen today will not ever be allowed to return if the elites have their way. This will create a perpetual lack of supply (by design). The only methods for dealing with lost production on an industrial level would be to either encourage localized production in every community, or to force people to reduce their standard of living and demand in the extreme. The elites will certainly press for the latter.

    Localized production in every community would kill any means of financial control the globalists might have on a population. In fact, I believe they will attempt to make any local production impossible, first through taxation so high that only the largest still-surviving corporations can afford to operate, and second, by confiscation of raw resources needed to manufacture goods on a scale that would grow wealth for a community. The government will claim that such resources must be managed by the authorities for the good of everyone rather than “wasted” by independent businesses in the “pursuit of personal wealth.”  You won’t even see children running lemonade stands, let alone common people operating small factories, farms and store fronts.

    Eventually, they will also have to limit or outlaw barter and alternative currencies in order for the digitized economy to work.

    Carbon Output And Environmental Extortion

    No matter how much information is released which completely contradicts the fraud of man-made global warming, the establishment continues to charge full steam ahead with the creation of a carbon-based economic model. Why? Because the idea of the “carbon footprint” is the ultimate weapon for domination. A “carbon tax” is a tax on life itself. There is no way around it.

    In my article ‘Ecological Panic: The New Rationale For Globalist Cultism’ I dissect the elitist think-tank propaganda of Council on Foreign Relations member Timothy Snyder.  Snyder argues in his writings that nearly all man-made disasters are a product of high or extravagant living standards.  Though his definition of “high living standards” is rather vague, I expect that he sees the vast majority of Western society as people that need to be taken down several pegs.  He also argues that tyrants and mass murderers often ignore scientific authority in the pursuit of greater productive wealth, and that people who ignore “climate science” are contributing to future holocausts.  So, to summarize, we all must stop producing, stop pursuing personal wealth and achievement and sacrifice our own individual progress in the name of progress for the collective and the safety of the planet.

    Like Casti, Snyder’s narrative requires the populace to bow down to a central authority in the name of the greater good.  And surely it is mere coincidence that the globalists these men work for will be at the helm of that central authority.

    Remember, in order to fully centralize, the elites must streamline. This does not only mean streamlining economic governance, but also streamlining the size of the system they seek to dictate. The larger and more diverse the system, the harder it is to wrap your tentacles around it. This means greatly diminished production, but also by extension greatly diminishing the population. Population controls then become vital.

    If the production of carbon can be taxed and administrated, then the production of life can be taxed and administrated. The establishment becomes godlike; the purveyor of all means of sustainment. The carbon boogeyman can be used to frighten the now crisis weary public into complete sublimation, for if mere carbon can cause the end of the world as we know it, then people, by their very existence, become a threat to the future that must be regulated.

    Anthropogenic climate change is THE model the elites must assert if they hope to convince the citizenry that a concrete ceiling on production and population is acceptable. If we ever get to the point where human society becomes so self-loathing as to seek its own enslavement and destruction through carbon controls, it may be a thousand years before we ever see freedom again.

    We’re Not There Yet

    All of the dangers described above are NOT set in stone. Some may claim that the “end is nigh” these people are idiots. The end is never nigh. Humanity has faced calamity after calamity for generations; our calamity just happens to be historically epic by comparison. It is not the last calamity. Centuries from now, there will be new disasters and new idiots telling everyone “the end is nigh.”

    Through it all, courageous people have risen to the occasion. Some are successful and some are not, but we do not live in a New World Order, yet, and that is saying something. Today is nowhere near as terrible as tomorrow could be if we do not act accordingly.

    The globalist reset needs a trigger, a crisis which admittedly we do not have the ability to avoid. But, the reset also depends on the right people in place to rebuild the system after the crisis unfolds. Here is where the future can be determined. Whoever is left standing after the opening salvo will have a choice: to hide and hope for the best, or to fight for the position to choose who builds tomorrow. Will it be the psychotic globalist cabal, or will it be free people of conscience? It may not seem like it now, but the end result is up to us.

    This article was contributed by Brandon Smith, who originally published his article at


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      1. Bring it quickly, times a wastin’

        Same shit, new day.













          • Acid, you forgot to mention that this is all my fault, because I’m a ‘baby boomer’


          A high IQ elderly Japanese man travels the entirety of the Silk Road, witnesses the barbarian Muslims shocking levels of poverty and stupidity.

          It’s almost a comedy show.

          It is only because of the white’s ignorance of Central Asia that a single Muslim would be allowed to settle in the US. They bring nothing but misery.

          Great pictures of the Registan!

        • 80 IQ, 70% INBRED PAKISTANI SAND APE MAYOR OF LONDON: “Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe – it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of the extremists. Donald Trump and those around him think that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam – London has proved him wrong.”



          • Anyone who believes that the NWO Globalists want to replace the US dollar with SDR’S doesn’t understand that the USA controls the IMF by voting weight.

            Only Russia and China want to replace KING DOLLAR with a global currency because, like its unmatched military capabilities, King Dollar gives the USA, and American Businesses a BIG advantage in the world.

            These dollar haters do not understand that SDR’S are SPECIFICALLY not a currency by DEFINITION and by CHARTER. If anything, they are more like a bond.

            The NWO GLOBALISTS hold their wealth in DOLLARS and DOLLAR DENOMINATED BONDS :


            War would come long before the DOLLAR was replaced. 🙁

            • Maybe thats why they havent taken our guns yet, figuring they can have a backup backup plan, if they can manipulate people against eachother so can they use them to their benefit

          • Acid:
            This baby boomer and many other baby boomers think you are right. Many of us are too old to fight, so why don’t you go battle it out with the traitors who are bringing the Muslim hordes into the peaceful Countries like Sweden and cities like London; and of course here in America. I would love to hear your war stories. If you wind up in prison, it will be like Mandella. Perhaps you will become our Leader. Heil Acid!!

            • Under that Globalist Elitist plan, America will turn into something like Palestine is today. The cockroaches hijack the country, rob it blind and consolidate power then take everything the common folks have, including your land, dignity, freedom, independence, peace and security.

              However the Good News is, that Americans are toting 200 Million Guns, and 12 Trillion Rounds of Ammo. So go ahead and try to take it you bitches. I won’t be the first American to die for his freedom and country.

              And that is why the ZOG Commies are hammering hard against the 2nd Amendment. Their last big hurdle to crush the masses… Once unarmed and defenseless, the populace will be too weak to offer up any resistance, to their Tyranny.

              Well not on my watch!! Outta My dead cold hands!!


            • You are never too old to fight. Many of the greatest soldiers in history were 50+.
              Even my great grandfather who had polio, couldnt walk, had only one eye and was developing Parkinsons, fought. He took out at least 15 Nazi soldiers before they got him.
              Traditionally, the majority of soldiers were older. at least 40. This was because they had skills, were patient and had reason to fight to protect their families.

              • I would MUCH rather “get into it” now, at my present age, which is certainly considered ‘old fart’, rather than returning to a younger age and face the same ‘elements’ we are now ‘concerned with’.

              • I turn 61 next month, and I’ve been disabled (“massive nerve damage, Chronic Intractable Pain” per the V.A. and a civilian pain specialist) for almost thirty years and after 7 back operations – I think I need a new hobby. I’m older than I should be and slower than I like. I’m also stubborn as Hell, and if I get taken out SOMEbody’s comin’ with me! Meanwhile I’m an American, a Texan on top of that, I’m the son of two wartime veterans (WWII, Korea and Vietnam), brother (both of us joined and are wartime vets), uncle, cousin etc. to many more wartime veterans, and I go where I choose when I choose, and do what I want and still can. Even if I HADN’T been born with it, I’ve earned the right live my own life as I choose so long as I harm no one else and manage to remain within the Law of the Land as framed in and by the Constitution for the united states of America. I’ve never thrown my weight around (210 lbs on a good day at 6’2″), but aside from in some specialized fields, if someone wants to claim to be my “better” he’d best stand ready to prove it. I love my country as it’s supposed to be, and I absolutely LOATHE what has been and is being done to it!

                I’ve done all I can to prepare my family and friends as well as people in blogs like this one. I don’t really expect to live through the mess I see coming (I’m really too poor to do a lot of what I’d need to do, though I HAVE done a lot), but I will leave that bit of my country that I occupy at least a bit cleaner and safer than it was on my way out the door! Age, damage, pain, poverty – none of it means anything set next to will. There are people I love that I’ll do whatever I can and must to protect, and there’s a Constitution that I swore long ago to protect and defend. Promises like that don’t ever run out, and I never did run worth a damn anyway. Can’t run at ALL these days. No matter. If it’s at all possible I’ll be where I’m most needed WHEN I’m needed according my own priorities and I’ll do whatever I can that needs to be done. No one can say or do better than that. I keep my promises, and I know there are a great many others out there who feel the same!

          • There are stupid people everywhere. There are a lot of people with mental issues in third world nations. It is mainly an environmental issue. People talk bad about the EPA here but if it wasent for them we would be in the same boat. Unfortunately, the EPA has gone insane just like all the rest of the government and has lost track of its original intent which was to protect people.

            • Ed, after serving ‘a lifetime’ in The Federal Government, I can tell you will assuredness that NOT ONE of The ABC Agencies were put into effect to “assist civilians” in any manner.

              Each agency was formed to literally (and slowly) “take it all over” (I give you The BLM as an example. Federal Law prohibits the federal government from owning any land, yet they own (practically) the entire lot of Western States …all but about a 10th of Nevada!

              These agencies all have one thing in common and that is to ensure “continuity of government” in the event we DO experience a “crash” or “attack” or “natural disaster” or “etc.” Not one man in any of those agencies are there to assist ANY civilian, in any way nor at any time.

              Not ‘jumping’ on you …just tossing in my 2-cents worth. 🙂

          • Hell, they violate their OWN customs if they feel like it! As long as they out-number their victims they are destroyers. Appeasement is surrender to these people, and dammit we’re an ARMY of over 200 MILLION trying to make nice to a bunch of savages straight out of the Middle Ages! In the places where “Allah” rules and people actually follow their scriptures, the wealth all belongs to the privileged few and the rest are starving! Education consists of literally beating the Koran into the heads of the ignorant. They’re now using the same “strategy” against Europe that army ants use against EVERYTHING in Africa: drown The Enemy with their own bodies, and the survivors take what they want and eat anything that doesn’t run fast enough. (If it’s Hallal(sp?) in this case; if not, they destroy it, ruin it for everyone else and move on). They eschew the effete use of TP and just don’t touch food left-handed. They believe all men in “Paradise” will be 90 feet tall and all will look the same (it’s the only way the “Prophet” could keep the peace; otherwise they argued about it!) As far as I can tell the position of women in Paradise is essentially the same as here except that their men have other distractions created for the purpose of sex and don’t bother them. Houris, I think.

            What’s happening in the world now is the result of centuries-old planning by the so-called “super rich elites”, who plan on killing off 90% plus of the world’s human population, and with NO regard for any other populations either, plant or animal. And they have FEARED Americans so much they’ve poured gigatons of neurotoxins and other poisons into the atmosphere whence plants, animals and the water supplies take them up for us all to breathe, eat, drink and soak up through our skins. Even so some of us – quite a lot of us, really – are so sh**headed stubborn we won’t give in! We cut out what we can – things like the conditioning from TV and movies and all the rest – buy and grow organic non-GMO as much as we can, learn what we can and prepare as well as possible. Our (illegal, unqualified) “President’s” homies are being let into the country and left free to wander, to steal as they can, to destroy when the time comes, and meanwhile to enjoy the vices they’re not allowed back home.

            The totally insane “elites” bought Washington D.C. with the loans to fight the Civil War (which THEY also created). It was never the legal Capital anyway, and if we can’t get their tools out of it, we CAN set up the LEGAL government elsewhere, like Philly, where it began. The Obama administration and the bribed, threatened and plain corrupt Congress, appointees and “alphabet agencies” are now working the will of those “elites” against the captive U.S. populace, which remains mostly unaware of their danger. “Elite” tools in government and industry accelerate the human experimentation on us, and prepare for when even MORE “futuristic” weapons and toxins are to be turned loose on the populace, which is mostly unprepared to deal with the truth of all that’s been done and continues to be done to us. The economy was set to collapse ab initio, and all they have left to do is trigger it all after they finish stacking things to fall apart. There is to be little, and mostly spiked food, no clean water, too little available medical care etc. remaining to help a populace that’s mostly scraping by just days or weeks at best away from utter poverty and starvation. It’s “illegal” to set food aside for an emergency; otherwise they couldn’t starve us out. It’s illegal save rain water (!!!), and in too many places it’s illegal to grow your own food in “your own” yard! The Constitution means nothing to police, or to too many law makers!

            When a government works THIS HARD to take away the means of self-defense and survival in an emergency it has ALWAYS meant a coming totalitarian takeover in the works, and STILL people deny it, spending their time and money in their usual pursuits, all the time just days away from disaster. Most Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness and starvation, and they think that’s NORMAL! Our “medicines” kill, and healers who discover real cures ARE killed. Almost everything we touch, eat or drink is toxic, with half of what we wear, while the means off cooking food and of communicating over distances are inundating us with RF and microwave radiation. And don’t discount leaking Nuclear power plants, power lines and MAST towers, Cell phones that cause cancer when carried close to the skin and held against the head too often and for too long.

            America has it’s toes over the crumbling edge of a VERY long fall, and most of us have gotten used it; it’s “normal”; it’s how things are SUPPOSED to work. Whenever it’s triggered, the Collapse WILL HAPPEN. It cannot NOT happen now, and it’s going to be one Hellofa mess when people really start hitting bottom…

        • Got that right! i’m so sick and tired of waiting ! Bring it on, so the cleansing can begin!!

          • The real true main reason for multicultic divirsity via flooding ONLY and All white nations with all types of NON whites is…

            Because besides the huge issue of 2nd amendt firearms in our hands that so hinders their globalistic JWO plans.

            The Other and never discussed major issue is..

            After the past 2,000 yrs of experience of first being found out as infiltrators and destroyers aka nation wreckers….

            And then once found out and when the scales tip over to weigh heavy on the scale side of royally pissed off and wide awake aware whitey folks…

            The biggest ever Fear that always has so plagued the so called zio eliets is that…

            Once wide awake and royally pissed off enough, all of the nations whites are going to join forces as One unit and go…

            ALL OUT NAZI upon their sorry asses in the same way as has always happened prior, and which created all of those almost 300 total Boot outs from, 109 Nations so far to date. And their only defense against such an event is to not only disarm whites of weaponery, but to also disarm white folk of being a Voter majority within their own nation! Nothing else can acomplish this but Multicult Divirsity Floodings of non whites into all white nations.

            Therefore our New Nationalistic Slogan for the usa and its founding whitey folk race of humans that have discovered, founded, created, built and Paid for in cash$$$ And in Our forefathers Blood and lives to create what has provably become, The Greatest Ever Nation to ever yet exist upon planet earth to date.. should be…

            A New National USA whiteman slogan of..

            “Make America Number, 110, and NEVER AGAIN!”

            Trump could do swell if he’d adopt such a national slogan eh.

            Disclaimer: For them what are too far gone with personal whitey guilt and who posess an uncanny ironic and fully Unhealthy mental attitude of self loathing whiteness, which causes them to act as if they must at all times somehow prove to all others that their own vast Love of all persons and issues NON white are first and top of their list of issues to daily dwell upon and acomplish.

            I will Tell them what that new national slogan means.

            by “make america #110” it means the 110th nation in recorded history to have given the Nation wreckers the Big BOOT OUT!…and of course by “never again” it simply means to teach/Train future white gens that in order to continue a propserous, safe, happy, Nation and personal life like america Used to consist of…They, the future whiteys gens Must adhere strictly to an attitude of Never Again to allow any re-infiltration of said nation wreckers to ever agin inhabit the shores and lands of the usa period.

            And let the Past experiences of those 109 other nations wreckings, and eventual bootouts to regain prosperity and national well being etc, be forever imprinted upon their young minds as a warning of utmost importance.

            And That Is Home-schooling to the proverbial Inth Degree!

            Because Your white future gen childrens will never ever get taught such things within any usa public schools period. For this is where they learn first hand to be such self loathing/self hateing whites at.

            • And there’s the entire reason as to why Home Schooling will quite likely land you in jail, and for a myriad of more reasons than mentioned.

              New words to me: self-loathing? self-hating? Sound like psyche-probs to me and not normal emotional upsets or ‘crowd mentalities’.

              Boot them out …that would take generations upon generations.

      2. They have to consolidate all the business so they can take them over.

        Just think one day everything will be owned by the Federal Guberment! How else can they take control.

        Oh Ya! Isn’t that Socialism.


        • It’s High Treason, breaking the Constitution and friggin’ highway robbery as far as I can see… Every step they’ve taken on that road is good for a prison sentence at LEAST. Some things, like selling – SELLING! – lands smack in the middle of the country to an unfriendly foreign power is worth being stood up in front a stone wall somewhere… And THEN there’s throwing the borders wide open and FORBIDDING any sort of vetting of foreigners wandering in through an open and undefended border. Pardon me, but how is that NOT treason??

      3. What things end up looking like may depend more on how many people are still alive after things clear off and stabilize than any other single factor.

        I’m thinking at least half the population will be gone.

        Maybe I’m wrong about this so I’d like to hear other peoples opinions about this.

        • Try 2/3 of the population.

        • Far more than half will die, as it seems unlikely that an EMP would not be at THE TOP OF THE LIST (as our first “surprise”).

          That alone would take a large percentile of “the aged” and infirmed right out of the picture.

          What would follow (imho) would be declaration of Martial Law (if not just in large cities, then everywhere they could manage to instill it without losing all of their LEOs in an effort TO instill it. Martial Law is the one thing NOBODY wants to see or hear coming down the pike …as that would be our 2nd Warning Siren that they are “going for it” to take the guns, and I believe “they” care not how many die (of them) in the process as long as it eventually gets done …and I don’t have to tell anyone that fighting the government is 10,000 times harder than fighting City Hall.

          I’m not so sure that we’d WANT to fight (directly). Why make a target out of yourself if you can avoid it? The whole idea is to AVERT a conflict when outnumbered or playing by THEIR rules. Wait, and do it under YOUR ‘rules’ …silently (and win to fight another day).
          We’d be better off “in the shadows” playing sniper (silently and from behind every blade of grass), stated another way.

          THAT, in itself, would place them in a difficult position (as we’d already be in a most difficult “set” of positions purposely created by them to ‘quell us’ (hopefully in their opinion).

          How many BOL’s are ‘camo’ed’? How fast can you make your home look like it has been pilfered and stripped and half-burnt out to (hopefully) keep others from trying to come in?

          Secret hiding places? Don’t use a damn thing found in books, they’ll be the first places searched using ‘tech’ methods and dogs and IR or magnets (umm, as in those things that find metal buried in relatively shallow soils)? *brain-fart here…
          (Still, things can be easily hidden and sealed very well in most any home …glass houses being the exception). 🙂

          Damn, I wish this site had an “encrypted room” where if you lack the keys, you ain’t gonna understand what’s being said. IP addy is kept secret …the whole nine-yards. Hmm, even then I don’t guess I’d reveal a damn thing related to what I was doing. no no no…
          Belay that last suckass idea…. 🙂

      4. Repost.

        I do appreciate all the articles that SHTF posts. Some are not my favorite subjects but fine I do get a nugget of information that has influenced my preps.

        Let’s face it folks. They mean to do us harm. They will take our food, our water, our land ,our means to defend ourselves and the means to support our families.

        They have poisoned the air (Chem Trails), our water, our land, our food and with the medical and drug pharma have made us Human Guinea Pigs.

        Are they Not waging War on Us? They are Silent Killers.
        How many times we have heard people say that we need a law to fix the problems. I do not have a problem with making a law to fix things but how many laws have really fixed the problem. Only to find it made the problem worse because an idiot wanted to take the meaning of the law to the extreme interpretation.
        You can bet they will make laws against guns, cash and precious metals and every thing we need to live.

        We are living in the good times and if Hillary becomes President. Her paybacks are going to be a bitch.

        “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

        • The Key to all of this is starve the Beast NOW. Cut off the Commie Cable TV crap, delay paying any taxes, Declare your Freedom and Get off their Grid. They hate that, when you grow your own food, and they can’t sell their GMO Frankenstein concoctions, which they call food, to you.


          • Who:

            I agree. People who are waiting are missing an opportunity. Don’t wait for the horse to run out of the barn before closing the door. Stop feeding the beast. That’s good horse sense.

        • You are correct. When morality was ripped from our classrooms and replaced with a big sucking sound, we lost the next generation. We had ” laws ” to help us understand what is “right”. No thinking involved. This is what we got.

        • You can’t fix High Treason, sabotage, government corruption and Enemies Within who control many of the country’s greatest strengths with a law, or even a batch of laws! Especially when they have control of the law-making apparatus as well as owning the law-makers. They’ve totally ignored or attempted to illegally rephrase the law anyway. When the Enemy has dragged things down to the Law of the Jungle, the Jungle is where you fight, and you’d better do it with all the savagery that belongs in a jungle, else you WILL LOSE.

      5. Moderation is TERRIBLE!

      6. We can see the events coming closer everyday. When you take morality and God from a country this is what you get!!

        • This stuff was All Pre-written of and as one famous poster guy here says often:..”Check the Archives it is in there!”…. the only thing I would add to that is to check the zio eliets Archives of their own written protocols of the elders of zion in it’s every chapter, which fully details every possible part or section play by play of the end game scenario destructions of whites and their nations in order to create that evil JWO globalistic rulership…”It is In their elders protocols archives” all right…just research it see for yourself.

      7. Fear of THEM is driving a world wide prepped movement.

      8. Remember, Obama said, “you didn’t make that. Somebody else did”. And that’s how those commies think and act. You owe them. It’s their religion.

        • Guess what,,
          They can bite me!
          No more production period if thats what it takes to not support the problem.
          Who is John Galt!

      9. This guy is brilliant and his diagnosis of the elite scumbags guiding us peasants into worldwide, total slavery is SPOT ON. Which also means he is a target.

        I love his writing and his thinking, which mean I am also a target.

        An no, all you anti-Semitic cretins, this is not a Jew plot.

      10. When shtf they will loose all control over people cus the sheeple will either die off or be killed im talking 1700s not 1800s where there was sherrifs and army but 1700s where if you got killed and was unarmed well you should have armed your self onlything is instead of muskets and flintlocks people will have ak ar ect it will be a survival free for all not just a little disruption like katrina hope of return to normal will be non existant or at least 100yr out

        • I agree with your assessment. It will be a Root Hawg survival of the fittest. Stone Age in all likelihood.

      11. Sanity and morals will be gone people will act out of despiration and with no conscience and knowing not haveing to answer for their actions it will be a true dog eat dog world psychopaths will be crawling out of the wood work like roaches along with rape remember the movie deliverance

        • Whyever did you write in the future tense?

      12. Its already starting, just look at the control the government at all levels is trying to exert over any form of business.
        Thats it, NO

        • yep , unelected assbags at government agencies writing regulation that is protected and enforced as law .
          Sooner or later people will have enough of being controlled by leftist wack job tree hugging butt pirates who follow little girls into restrooms and change gender every five minutes.
          I gotta believe !

          • Please let it be sooner than later that people say enough

          • “unelected assbags at government agencies writing regulation that is protected and enforced as law”

            Great summary – and you’d BETTER believe! It’s gonna be a long, bloody slog, but I think they’ve BADLY underestimated who and what Americans are. We’ll shed a LOT of deadwood in the beginning, but those left are going to be well-tempered steel. A lot of those who signed up at age 17 are going to realize too after getting their noses rubbed in it just how wrong, how flat-out EVIL “our leaders” have become in the names of wealth and power for the few no matter who or how many innocents and hard-working, plain, ordinary good people are being demonized while the REAL demons are walking you with the best over everything over the bodies of the innocent. THAT is where it’s going to get REALLY interesting for TPTB – those who survive that long. Those of them who intend to survive had better be able to dig fast and deep as well as being ready and able to seal it over REALLY well or they’re NOT gonna make it!

        • Here is one y’all may not be aware of. Let’s talk about Obama, China and “high-end Cadillacs.” Nothing rides like a Cadillac and what is more American than Chevy right?

          Well, many moons ago China made an under the table deal with Obama, due to the amount we are indebted to China. Obama GAVE CHINA “the entire ball of wax” that goes with Cadillac.

          The Cadillac Symbol, the rights, essentially everything to do with a Caddy. We’ve got a 2010 CTS-V, (I had no idea of it when I purchased). You lift the hood, look at where the little sticker is, and it say Cadillac CTS-V – MADE IN CHINA.
          I’d sell it but on these mountain roads not much can keep up with that machine …so she stays.
          Call ANY GM dealer and ask them, don’t take my word for a thing.

      13. Where can you buy a suicide bomb vest? I am getting tired of these Communists. No I wouldn’t actually do it. I’m just being sarcastic. But I wish I had the power to oust all these bastards. I want a return to free enterprise. An end to the restrictions, permits, intrusions, and outright criminal acts being perpetrated against the people of America and the rest of the world. Why couldn’t the rapture be when all of them suddenly disappear. Pray for divine intervention. How does that go? Say a prayer and pass the ammunition.

      14. Really good article!

        …” more than 80 percent of the population has been domesticated and is psychologically incapable of self-reliance…”

        I hope that 3% will be enough to throw a wrench into TPTB plans for the USA.

        • It was the last time. That’s about the percentage who actually fought if I remember my reading correctly.

          • Meant to suggest: see if you can find the Bill Cosby routine about the American Revolution.

      15. Overall a very depressing outlook.

        • Ya think!?
          Its enough to make a guy not get outa his pjs in the morning some days

          • Some days I don’t. A plus side of retirement.

            • heheh…guilty as charged! (or, me too)

      16. Government wants more immigration from Latin America, the Middle East, and South Asia; this movement is called the browning of America. It’s not necessarily a racial issue, but they know the areas and societies from those parts of the world world have little to no history or culture of individualism, personal freedoms and liberties, and civil rights that empower persons against government. The goal is to flood our country with immigration, legal or illegal so that they eventually have sufficient numbers to negate the will of the people who were born here and were reared and inculcated to these precious values. These particular cultures also have birth rates far exceeding those of us who are native born. It is very obvious TPTB have a long-term plan to change America completely and irrevocably.
        When these cultures overwhelm the natural will of the American people by sheer numbers you can be sure the Constitution in whole or in part, especially the Bill of Rights will be negated. That of course is not possible now; but it will be possible and likely in the near future.
        Many other third-world changes will also take place. For example, property rights. Remember, these cultures are marinated in the share-the-wealth principle. Your land, or investments and money, any type of property, houses, etc. will be confiscated. Don’t think you will just go to court, or pick up your gun and defend what’s yours, your rights will be nullified long before this happens. If you think your heirs will inherit and keep what you want them to have you better think again. It will go to immigrants and their children, they will demand it. Don’t believe me? People who have lived in their homes for decades are being forced out in several European countries to accomadate the Muslim hordes. Read about it, it’s even in the main stream news.
        If that isn’t enough, many cultures have publically stated they will not allow us to continue to live as we desire, that we will have to adapt to and practice their faith and customs in every way, including intermarriage. That is what is in store, it is only a matter of time, the wheels are in motion.

        • Just because some OTHER set of cultures say they will not tolerate OUR way of life does NOT mean they will have the means of taking it all away from us. You may tell me anything you wish, but I will tell you right back there is no way in hell I am going to walk out of my abode (and supplies).

          I’ll be carried out feet-first and quite dead, but at no point will I bow to anyone nor anything except death itself, and not ‘self-inflicted’.

          I don’t care what the Euro countries are doing. They’ve never had a “fair shot” at a damn thing anyway …with their pompous ways they’ve gotten what they’ve been vying for quite some time …and they’ve been caught with their pants down, just as was Paris …AND, The Entire Middle East (they’ve been at war so long they do not know any other way of life)….so you can’t compare that to The USA nor Americans. (Ya can’t put square pegs in round holes)!

          You have forgotten the numbers of armed Americans, and legal (by THEIR rules or not), we WILL SHOOT THEIR ASSES at the point provocation ‘tips the scales’ a tad too far.

          Our Constitution is NOT “that fragile” and not as easily disassembled as you would have ‘us’ think or ponder on? Me thinks you are a ‘nay-sayer’ attempting to convince everyone there is no sense in doing anything but turning our lives over to Hillary and Mr. Bill …Billy.

          The Constitution is just as “in place” as she ever was and all attempts at making dents in it have thus far failed, and will continue to fail as long as we have Patriots and freedom loving people in America. The day those kind of folks die and move on, perhaps you’ll have the America you are describing.

          I’d rather die than live one hour inside MY “changed” nation, and that’s exactly how it’ll go down IF ‘things’ DO ‘go down’. Period.

      17. So once again they’ve explained to us what they intend to do to us all so THEY can own and rule the world. They’ve poisoned us MASSIVELY, they’ve BADLY damaged the food supply, the water supplies, the air supply, they’ve poisoned much if not most of the soil, poisoned the seas, the rain, they’ve RUINED this formerly hard-working, moral, ethical society, and they’ve advertised that they intend to have 90% or more of us killed off, much of that to be a Luciferian sacrifice, plus it will free up a GREAT many children for their use and amusement. And there’s still a lot more and worse I haven’t even touched on. Now, there are how many lawyers among us? How many military and ex-military? How many hunters? Detectives? How many technicians, etc.? No law can touch them? No nation would dare act against them? Just one question: WHY NOT? What worse than what they’re GOING to do COULD they do at this point? There are at most 500 hundred of them, less than 100 at the top, seven point five BILLION of us, and WE’RE not safe?? Sounds like MASSIVE conditioning to me!

      18. So once again they’ve explained to us what they intend to do to us all so THEY can own and rule the world. They’ve poisoned us MASSIVELY, they’ve BADLY damaged the food supply, the water supplies, the air supply, they’ve poisoned much if not most of the soil, poisoned the seas, the rain, they’ve RUINED this formerly hard-working, moral, ethical society, and they’ve advertised that they intend to have 90% or more of us killed off, much of that to be a Luciferian sacrifice, plus it will free up a GREAT many children for their use and amusement. And there’s still a lot more and worse I haven’t even touched on. Now, there are how many lawyers among us? How many military and ex-military? How many hunters? Detectives? How many technicians, etc.? No law can touch them? No nation would dare act against them? Just one question: WHY NOT? What worse than what they’re GOING to do COULD they do at this point? There are at most 500 hundred of them, less than 100 at the top, seven point five BILLION of us, and WE’RE not safe?? Sounds like MASSIVE conditioning to me!

        • Ian, “that” is the missing narrative of everything that is being said. At least we find we agree on several facets of what’s coming down in the nation, and reasons for why it just can’t happen as many are portraying it to be “in store” and “imminent”.

          Worldwide (including NATO forces and such), there are far more than 500 ppl looking to take down America. Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran ….ISIS, Boko Haram. Just those sources put it well over a million, WITH nukes, EMPs and “equally armed” to boot.

          I don’t see how you flogged it down to just a few hundred, as it is those very few that are controlling the ‘most dangerous’ and determined.

          We are just going to have to be meaner and MOST dangerous. (None of this would be happening if our leaders had not taken on foreign policy AND if we had steered clear of The UN and their fanatical ideas). This is the shit that Hillary is also responsible for setting us up for during her ‘reign of terror’ that may well repeat “like an echo” from the past…

          • Equorial, the number 500 isn’t my estimate. Another who’s studied the “elites” FAR long than I have gave it out as HIS estimate of “lesser elites” who are still powerful enough to utilize those direct contacts and sometimes “elite” money. The actual, top-of-the-heap Elites are people like Evelyn de Rothschild, David Rockefeller (though he’s a bit BELOW the Rothschilds a bit though) and so on.

            I also think that Obama has ignored the law, especially portions of the Constitution, and has pushed THAT about as far as it can go. That document is the one rock-solid piece of legislation that would take a treasonous and highly open PUBLIC act to change at ALL. They would be attempting to take away, to UNDO God-given Rights, not just legislated rights, and I really believe a great many would wake up if they tried it. It would become IMMEDIATELY apparent just which rights they trying to take away, and NONE OF THEM out-rank or can override the acknowledged gifts of our mutual Creator! “Authorities” having been trying all through our history to get Americans to believe that the Constitution GRANTS us those right; it does NOT ! It acknowledges them only, AND it says there are others not named that are rights nonetheless.

            Such an attempted alteration would instantly become a public confession of those who proposed it, who wrote it, voted for it and so on that they were taking away something that was ours from birth by Divine Right! NO politician would survive that, perhaps even literally! This fake wannabe totalitarian “government” is pushing harder and harder to just quietly slide our rights out of the way. You see it most I think in cops who keep giving motorists and a few others orders they have no authority whatsoever to give. I expect any time to see a video across the Net of a cop beating someone to death or even shooting him for refusing to obey an order that he had no authority whatsoever to give. That’s pretty much the next step, and THAT will say to anyone paying attention that our Rights are clearly, unmistakably under ATTACK, that the “authorities” are trying to simply set the Constitution aside, quietly, so nobody notices! The problem being that it’s just not something that CAN BE DONE quietly. It would be more like Lexington and Concord: suddenly politicians and political enablers, vicious cops and cooperating military (ESPECIALLY our own!) would suddenly discover a necessity to become bulletproof. It seems to me that they’re very near to that point now, what with secret “trade” treaties and such that those who are supposedly are there represent US have literally sold us out! Obama himself has stepped so FAR beyond Presidential authority more than once I’m flabbergasted he hasn’t been LOUDLY called on it at the very LEAST, nevermind there being no charges brought.

            Make no mistake: we’re on the very edge right now. I suspect the man who’s visited “all 57 states” has had his elbow jogged to hurry things up… Just adding up his errors – mistakes no American would make – tells people that he ISN’T an American. The money, the bribes and threats it must’ve cost get him elected TWICE no less and now TO KEEP HIM THERE without being charged for ANY crimes are almost beyond MY imagination!

      19. B from CA: There just might be an entire different usa outcome…Ie: read the Christ’s Parable of “The Wheat Vs Tares” in the new testement.

        In that parable both wheat and tares refer to humans, but the tares are actualy weeds that look exactly alike to wheat when it begins to grow…However, when the harvest aproaches and comes near to harvest time, that is when both wheat and tares Mature fully…and once matured that is when changes takes place and then those tares are very easy for even the most inexpereinced field workermen to distinguish from the real wheat.

        That is the reason the Lord tells those workers of the fields to Wait for harvest time and the full maturation of tares so that zero colatoral dammage happens to any of the wheat..

        And once that time is arived at, is when those field workermen are told they will uproot the tares, bundle tares together, and take and throw those tare weeds into the great fire where already burns the pruned branches of non pruducing friut trees, and fruit trees that appear to be bad fruit trees and were given another growth year and extra care and fertalizer etc so to give one last chance to produce good fruit…All that fail are to also get uprooted and thrown into the fire pit so they cannot do dammage nor ruin any good fruit trees which IS certain to happen if allowed to remain within the fields and orchards of wheat and good fruit trees…

        So to sum up here…Basically wheat and good fruit trees are actualy Humans that are Good and of Gods childrens.

        while those Tares and bad fruits and non producer bad fruit trees are what gets eliminated and permanantly destroyed by fire before any can contaminate the godly good children.

        but Key component is to Wait untill tares mature at close to time of harvest when even the worst amature field hands will be able to quickly determine which are tares vs which are wheats to be saved for Gods barns!

        read the entire parable for it describes it much better than I did here…and so far I see that there exists only Two main groups humans that can possibly be them that makes up tares and wheats…Whites are wheats and always get planted in a nation First…Then afterwards, is when those Tares get “planted” Via Satans Seed, and only One other group worldwide looks so much akin to european whites, yet are Not real whites eh…guess who!

        • Good Guys: You are making a horrible interpretation of what you are attempting to state.

          I do not believe I need to tell ANYONE here that, at the time in history that Christ was said to have told his followers of that Parable (and many others), THERE WAS NOT A WHITE MAN TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE ASIAN CONTINENT – (to the best of their knowledge back then nobody had ever seen “white” men …they were all Hebrew or Hebraic, Egyptian (non-white race too), and other, scattered, non-white cultures.
          Also, during that same era, the Jew’s greatest historian only mentioned Christ one time. “There is a man named Jesus in the city who has been ‘evangelizing’ (the jewish word for that anyway). Now, one would think that a man who fed millions of people with three fish and all His other “wonders” would have made more of an impression on that famous Historian, but that’s all he wrote of Christ. (Also, during that era, Jesus Christ was a very popular name to have, like Dave or Mary once was in the states). There were (literally) hundreds and hundreds of Jesus Christ’s in those times. Try to get your reverend to admit that one…

          Just food for thought, since nobody wishes to discuss prepping any longer or feel it is past time for prepping and the end is nigh…

          That just blew hell out of your “Whites are The Good” …100%. In reality, White’s (our government) is responsible for the deaths of millions of Muslims in Iraq, (due to them having all those weapons of mass destruction that were never found, but Bush DID find and take as much oil as he could (under the table) for himself and his Texas oil buddies (I’ve said this before I’m sure).

          In short, “whites” (our leaders) are responsible for more deaths than “lives saved” everywhere in the world it seems …and you say “whites” are The Wheat as opposed to The Tares?
          “Thou shalt not kill (actually translates to murder, no ‘kill’). But our leader DID kill, to extreme degrees, over many wars and many religious ‘head-butting contests’ …and even so we, the whites, are The Wheat and all others are tares (weeds, unwanted ppl)?

          Mmmm. Given that no whites were around at the time, as I’ve said, it just blew your battleship out of the water. That’s all I have to say (or argue) about that, other than that it quite simply MAY mean “if you are of a good soul, you are the wheat; and if ye are of a bad soul, thou art as a tare to be swept away as is all unwanted things.

          The MEEK (not whites) shall inherit the earth. There’s no mention of color (much) in The Good Book other than a verse that says ….”and the yellow hoarde shall infest the earth.” Most feel that one points to China …who is seeking to infest America, not the earth (and they are doing it daily, unfettered in any way).

      20. The trigger will be the two false flag dirty bombs set off this August, one inside the South Carolina naval base and the other on the northeast side of Indianapolis. These bombings will coincide with Turkey and Israel launching a massive bombing raid upon Iran’s nuclear facilities by their air forces. Russia detonates a low yield nuke in the atmosphere above Iranian air space creating an EMP that wipes out a quarter of turkeys fighter bombers and half of Israel’s fighter bombers.
        The subsequent revelation that 2 of the terrorist were caught at the naval base and have revealed that 4 more trucks are on the highways headed to other cities throughout the U.S. allows the president to declare martial law and have the entire highway system shut down until the national guard and reserve can assist homeland security and the state patrol in the search of all trucks. Quietly he will order all federal firearms dealers to stop selling firearms and ammo. Department of Homeland security will inventory the weapons at all stores for later confiscation by the military. After 7 days of the highways being closed and no trucks delivering goods to the cities, riots will break out and then Obama has the excuse to move his troops from the highways to the cities to prevent any loss of life. this is when the troops along with DHS will go to the local gun stores and confiscate the weapons. when done with the stores they will move on to local citizens who have firearms. Obama will have complete control of the news agencies and the internet will be shut down so that the actions of the military will not be revealed. Of course the barrage of gunfire in the streets will be eerily reminiscent of the early days of Iraqi invasion by the U.S. and will most assuredly get the point across that the U.S. has entered it’s second American Civil War. The elites will do their best to have the U.S. military destroy Chinas military no matter the cost to the U.S. military and they will make sure that all the militaries of Europe and Russia are destroyed or mostly destroyed. The plan to rebuild under a global leadership only takes place if all militaries are mostly destroyed and as long as Russia and China can be convinced not to go full Nuclear. that is the ace in the hole for the elites. they will start the war in Europe against the Russians and in southeast Asia against the Chinese causing as much damage to those militaries as possible. They will keep it conventional with the threat of letting loose the nukes from the U.S. if Russia uses any more nukes on European soil. Of course the Elites know the Russians are going to steamroll over Europe in a conventional war but they also know Russia will take massive losses that will set her military might back a decade or more which is the goal of the elites. The civil war in the U.S. and the war against the Russians and Chinese has two goals. the first is to allow for the legitimate destruction of the financial records that pointed toward the theft by the elites. the second goal is to try and kill off as many of the true fighters as possible leaving only pacifist neutered males that will be easily controlled once the fighting is over. Making sure that all militaries of the world are severely weakened helps to ensure that no nation has the advantage except the U.S. which will still have a quarter of its navy and air force.
        The plan was in place for a minority black male to be the president so that he could be used as the patsy. Logically the elites needed this minority black man to cause such havoc and be so vilified and hated that upon his death all further pursuits for those who might have also had a hand in the destruction of the economy would cease. Of course all the war game scenarios indicated that at least 50 million dead where needed in the U.S. to create such a psychological distaste for violence that any thought deviating from rebuilding the nation in accordance with the founding fathers was laid to the wayside.
        Obama is that patsy and his fate has been planned for over ten years. His part in this tragedy was to encourage blacks to openly riot at their convenance and open the borders to let in the supposedly radical islamist from Syria who are able to set off the bombs and then unknowingly take the blame from the Republican white knight who is part of the majority population and will lead the rebels to victory in the next great American civil war. All of this was to eventually create a backlash by the majority whites towards the black president and the black race creating a race war along with a civil war. Remember they need at least 50 million dead to achieve their goal of destroying the will to fight after the war is ended. The elites could not have guessed that Donald Trump would have put such a wrench in their plans by wiping the floor with their puppets in the national elections. The elites are still pot committed since the economy is going to crash in the very near future. If the car is going to crash anyway it is always best to direct the crash to your benefit and that is what they are doing by using the dirty bombs as the trigger. Trump is not their man but they still have to use Obama as the patsy so they are committed to using the bombing to imploded the economy and blame the whole sequence on Obama. They will have Obama put the elections on permanent hold after the bombings knowing that trump will call out Obama as a traitor to his country and should be held on charges of treason. Obama will be instructed to put out a warrant for Trumps arrest for sedition. Trump will flee to Austin Texas to set up his opposition to Obama while Texas and many other southern states vote upon succession from the U.S. With Trump as a wild card the elites will be forced to pressure him to pick a globalist as vice president so that they can kill trump before the end of the war. they will also have Obama killed before the end of the civil war so that he cannot testify as to those who really directed his administration. so yes we do know what the trigger is going to be and the elites are not going to wait for it to just happen because control is what they do.

      21. c.j. – You are giving us dates, places, notification in advance of assassinations, the advent of Martial Law and how it would be done. The elimination of an Election (forever) and basically the end of the world as we all know it …depending on how one ‘reads’ your post.

        Please cite your precise sources so that WE might ‘survey’ them to see if we reach the same conclusions.

        If what you say is truth, then I guess I’ll call my ship back to The USA and head for The Carib ourselves! (Nobody wants anything down there, except the babes). And, I always did find the southern hemisphere fascinating anyway… (away from major land masses). We’d love to find an unheard of island, as would anyone.

      22. I agree with Brandon Smith’s assessment as always but with one exception. The “end” IS near. Absolutely everything points to Jesus’ soon return. Everything that is happening in our world today was foretold in God’s Word.

        The one and only prep that is essential is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. After that, all other preps are gravy and should serve purposes that are eternal and glorifying to God.
        Not just the here and now and you and yours.

        Watching these things come about from a biblical perspective gives you the only right perspective.

        For anyone to think that humanity is not headed toward total destruction is under a great delusion.

        One world govt isn’t a new concept. Ever heard of the tower of Babble? It’s inly gotten more sophisticated over time.

        I am not trying to come across as fatalistic. I’m truly trying to throw out hope to all of you, my precious fellow Americans. This life is super super important but really only because of eternity. Only because God is our Creator and loves us madly.

        Everything we do and think and say should always be filtered through that knowledge. Because it’s the absolutely only way to keep your head while watching this world kill itself out of sin and rebellion.

        Love God, love people, do stuff.


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