Report: All Out War As Russia Prepares To Deploy 50,000 Troops To Ukraine: “Cities Burning, Hundreds Dead”

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    russia-prepares-to-invade-ukraine(Pictured: Russian forces, near Markyne, Novoazovsk District, Donetsk Region within last 48 hours)

    The second Ukrainian ceasefire appears to have fallen apart as reports from around the country indicate that heavy fighting has resumed.

    Though Western media has yet to report on activity that began Sunday, independent journalists and eye witnesses have been updating social networks with photos, videos and first-hand accounts.

    It’s all-out war in the Ukraine with multiple Ukrainian cities now under attack by rockets, mortars and heavy artillery fire

    Other sources note that as many as 50,000 Russian military personnel have massed either inside of Ukraine or directly on its border, with heavy armor, including T-90A tanks making their way to the hot zones:

    Ukrainian activists on August 14-15 published photos of the Russian amour on their Facebook page. Military authorities in Ukraine believe the number of Russian troops within and close to its borders has risen to more than 50,000, raising fears of a substantial escalation in the conflict raging in Ukraine’s eastern regions.


    Sources on twitter are confirming that Russian T90-A tanks are beginning to move into the Ukraine and heading for the city of Donetsk to reinforce rebel held (pro-Russian) positions.

    Current intelligence suggests that once Russian military hardware reaches Donetsk, a battle for the strategic port city of Mariupol Ukraine will commence. Mariupol, steel-making city of 500,000 is the biggest, urban center in the conflict zone still controlled by Kiev.

    Source: WWIII Started An No One Seems To Have Noticed

    Fighting and a major war resumption in Ukraine is underway, as noted by Mish Shedlock:

    • Intense shelling from multiple positions started in #Donetsk
    • South of #Donetsk very heavy combat, I see lots of explosions there, very scary
    • Intense shelling started also in #Starohnativka.
    • #Mariupol can hear heavy shelling from the east.
    • Intensity of Ukrainian shellings on #Putilovka and #Spartak is increasing!
    • Ukrainian shellings on #Sahanka and #Oktyabr (with MRLS Grad)! East of #Mariupol

    No Confirmation

    I can find no confirmation anywhere else. I called my friend Jacob Dreizin (a reader who speaks Russian and can read Ukrainian) and asked what he knew about a major escalation and received this reply:

    Not yet, but likely soon. It’s simply too hot for a major advance now. Temperatures are in the 90s (32+ Celsius). We will not see a major advance until temperature breaks to the mid-70s (24 or below Celsius). That may happen sometime this week“.

    Dreizin did say the shelling has been the most intense since March, before the Minsk accord.

    With a population of nearly one million people, the contested city of Donetsk is at the center of the dispute. Videos below show that the city is now under heavy artillery attack:

    Last year the United States targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal assets, along with the assets of scores of other Russian officials and businessmen. At that time we warned that Putin would not take such a move lying down and surrender to the will of the West.

    As the President of Russia, what do you do when those same sanctions now target your personal wealth and business interests? Do you sit idly by while $40 billion dollars are confiscated from your personal accounts? What course of action do you take next?

    That is exactly the position that Vladimir Putin is now in, and according to the following report, National Security Adviser Susan Rice makes it clear that the United States is seriously considering this as an option.

    The strategy may have worked out great when the United States seized the assets of deposed leaders in Egypt and Libya. It’s an entirely different matter when you target the President of a nuclear armed nation and one who has had no qualms about going head-to-head with the United States, not just in rhetoric but with his actions both economically and militarily.

    It’s been suggested that Vladimir Putin may have prepared a multi-pronged strategy that may include an attack on U.S. financial markets as part of a broader war strategy, the timing of which would be almost impeccable given that a variety of analysts and insiders have warned that the Fall of 2015 may see an increase in the acceleration and intensity of economic crisis.

    Why blame domestic fiscal policy or central bank machinations when Russia would be an ideal scapegoat for a U.S. stock market crash and subsequent economic collapse.

    Details remain sketchy, but if Russia has in fact put boots on the ground in Ukraine then we could well be seeing the opening salvos of World War III in real-time.

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      1. A storm is brewing and none of this ends well for the world and especially for the former USA.

        • GO USA, GO USA, Sign your kids up in the military and do your patriotic duty! We MUST fight and die for the banker masters! Remember it’s only evil if someone else does it.

          • Thats right Genius its all about protectng our freedim in USA USA!! The Free is getting dimmer and dimmer.

            This what Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his Jan 1961 farewell speech. The Military Industrial Compex Mafia Beast that is so out of cotrol they need perpetual war now to keep their mansions running. And we are bankrupt already.. off to war they go again. The MICM lickes their chops…

            • WWTI, They hate us for our freedom lol. I can’t believe people ate that shit sandwich. We have never been free.
              Hope your offgrid life is going well. We are seriously thinking of selling the house here and moving to the offgrid place. I like the comfort and convienience of this place but I feel the time is short to even be able to sell it. The problem with the offgrid place is in winter it can be snowed in and no access in or out. A medical emergency would be a problem in winter and require a helicopter. But hey, nothing good comes without a price. What a conundrum 😛

              • a 4×4 with snow chains and a slight lift kit will solve your problem.

                • I already have that, thanks.

            • I we want to fight for our freedom as you so put it, then we need to fight for it here at home,,,, Russia doesnt want our cough cough “freedom” The people there are actually MORE free. But I’m sure you never been out of the states and seen how the world really is. They are arming their borders for sure,,, they are not invading anything, but they will protect themselves

          • Our government is so stupid they really are about to drag us into a war that is none of our business. We’ve already seen from the fiasco in Syria that Putin’s diplomacy is several orders of magnitude better than Obama/kerry and that all our government really wants is war with anyone it can bully.

            just frightening.

            • Putin would have no chance of success attacking our financial markets – unless, of course, we had an over leveraged market built on free money and hype – but that could never happen in a ‘free’ market? Right?

          • Fly your flag and be sure to have your magnetic support the troops decal on your car! Show the world that you support the zionist bankers and are a good slave with no god dammed critical thinking ability. Show everyone that you are a dumb assed brainwashed. propagandized, false patriotic, retarded, msm loving, asswipe of an excuse citizen of the US corporation, willing to kill and die for your masters that you bitch about, religious cult member, never question anything, distracted, ignorant, right/left paradigm zombie, overbreeding, human resource!

            • Does anyone think that the ZOG (zionist owned govt.) is somehow seperate from the military? Do you think the military is not controlled by the same assholes that control our govt.? I will put it simply.. “Those who control a govt. also control it’s military”. Pretty simple huh? If you think the mil is fighting for freedom you are a complete moron. Keep doing the bidding of your masters idiots. Proud of your service to the enemy are you? You are used as toilet paper dogs to enrich the people you claim to hate. Ever wonder where the term dog tags came from? Didn’t think so….

              • Genius you are not entirely correct:
                the one who control the Money( Rockefeller & Rothschild) the same controls the Government+ Military .
                Wag the dog !!
                I find your replays the most intelligent , whatsoever !

            • Genius…..Which flag? The one with six sided star that belongs to Victoria Nuland and her tribe?

            • I DO support our troops, and I’m proud of our flag — and I’m no sheeple headed, lame brain, unthinking slave either. The flag stands for the country — not the arrogant politicians, wealthy banksters, and greedy corporate elite who are now in control.

              As another so aptly stated, “I love my country, but I’m disgusted with my government.” Be sure to make the distinction clear.


              Son of Liberty

              • If you hate your govt. why do you support fighting and killing for them?

        • This just in from Zero Hedge: “Savannah River Nuclear Facility Under Lockdown Amid Security Event”…

          H Canyon and HB Line remain and are supporting the DOE Enriched Uranium and Plutonium Disposition Programs by reducing the quantity of fissile materials in storage throughout the United States. This supports both the environmental cleanup and nuclear nonproliferation efforts and the creation of a smaller, safer, more secure and less expensive nuclear weapons complex. The canyon is used to support the disposition of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from across the DOE Complex

          Wonder what will happen first: Nuclear war with Russia/China, a nuclear explosion (From Fukushima/ a U.S. plant), Global Financial explosion, Water suddenly unavailable (according to experts in 2016 water will be main concern!), or… what??

      2. Get all your stuff now before our dollar crashes…Russia or not.

        • I keep thinking that MAYBE things will be O.K…. maybe it won’t be as bad as we have all predicted… MAYBE it will be awhile longer before all hell breaks loose. I don’t have my stuff ready yet!!!


          • Take hat little cash you have and go buy long-term storeable food, and some water jugs. Fill the jugs and stick them in the corner of a room. When you can, get a firearm, and a couple hundred rounds of bullets. From there, get more food.

            • If you don’t have a gun, better get one while you can! A cheap 12 GA single barrel beats a blank.

              Mall cop: “Stop or I’ll throw my keys!”

      3. I personally know a guy in the Ukraine and ask him about things every time I talk with him. He says things are quiet because of all the supplies that they got from the NATO countries. Mac, do you want to know anything specific? I can ask him. Send me an email.

      4. Then again, i can expect that what we are seeing in Ukraine is exactly what will be coming to our cities and worst with Jade Helm 15. You see, this is not Ukraine, over here in the US. I bet the agency azz clowns posting on here felt that the people of that country was better off being dumbed down. They have never even heard the word or term Prepper.

        A current dictator once quoted. Guns belong in the hands of soldiers, not civilans.

        The results:

        Lets see what happens when soldiers come into your neighbourhood and you dont have guns. God will not be around to stop what they will do to you and your family. God helps those who help themselves.


        Local normalcy biased idiots have advised us for the past 3 years, that we need to relax and not worry too much, Government loves us, answers to us and is obligated to pay our way, to make sure that the grocery stores are full of food, that way we have keep having lost of children and more babies, and that the reason why i am single is because i am looser and with and attitude like that, no women will want me. They really have no clue who i am or where any of us Ligitimate posters are really coming from. The Question is, what was the indicator of life lesson that created the condition, that forced us to prep. The answere is this, we are constructive thinkers, and constructive thinkers plan ahead.

        Pessimism is always good. It’s protects people like me in the present and the long run everytime. Besides i don’t like roaming the streets at night and contemplating drinking bayou water without filtration. I have done alot of Constructive thinking during that time and the findings for devastating to say the least.




        Constuctive thinking at it’s finest.

        • Let the cleansing of fools begin!

        • HCKS
          `10/4 my friend 10/4

        • Roger on that HCKS !

        • Good post. It’ll give someone coming on board much to contemplate.

        • they were correct in being paranoid, as they were hunted down to a man and killed

      5. He’s getting desperate. Oil revenues way down, and his cadre of backers are saying “Who else can we get to do our dirty work”.

        BTW there’s a report that Carly Fiorina paid Putin multi-millions for a Hewlett Packard monopoly in Russia.

        • Reminds me of another country I know. I bet russia is less corrupt than the USA.

          • Genius, when I was a kid, I always heard that the old Soviet Union may be a bully, but they’re a bully with nuclear weapons. Obama and his masters need to back the hell off from Putin because I think he’s inching closer to the button, if you get my drift. When I was 5 years old, my older brother and I helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement because some lunatic named Nikita Khruschev put some nuclear missiles in Cuba aka the Cuban Missile Crisis. We just barely avoided WW3 that time. I’m not so sure we’ll avoid it this time.

            • i fear that since the pacific has so much radiation already from fukushima, there’s not as much stigma attached to using those weapons…the “genie’s already OUT of the bottle”, so to speak….who is there that can stop this madman(obama)?…BTW, “mish”(google him, and READ his column) has been covering ukraine all along, he does a good job checking on different sources, and covers stories that are often not found elsewhere.

              • Yeah I’ve read lots of his stuff before, mostly economic stuff, and he’s consistently good.

            • Braveheart: Reference nuclear war; we no longer have mirv capability on any of our silo based missiles. I’m sure you know mirv means multiple intertarget reentry vehicles, as in able to hit multiple targets with one missile. Ouch, all of our land based missiles are now one target only weapons. We are at a severe disadvantage. thanks and God bless.

              • Don’t worry about land based nukes. The 14 Trident II SSBNs together carry approximately fifty percent of the total US active inventory of strategic thermonuclear warheads. That would be the submarines. They do have mirv.

                The commander of a Trident Sub is the third most powerful person on the planet destruction wise after the US President and the Russian President.

                Lets hope one doesn’t go rogue.

                But seriously, what we know about is probably not what we should worry over.

                It is the secret weapons we don’t know about that you should, if you chose to, lose sleep over.

                • .02 …. I’m not worried about a Sub Captain going rouge. At least they can be trusted. I’m more concerned about Fagg Vader in the Blight House going rouge. That chutney puncher would nuke his own team if he gets the chance. Mr Putin isn’t the problem. Our chief clown is!!

            • Braveheart; I’ve heard through reliable sources that Obama will give the Cubans back Guantanamo and the Cubans will directly turn it over to the Russians. We’re right back to 1960 and possibly another Cuban crisis. Obama is giving away the store and we are screwed!

            • absolutely wrong you but head totally brainwashed !
              Say American(usa) and flush the toilet !

      6. Yes, note all the NATO exercises going on in neighboring countries and U.S. military training of the Ukrainian military and neo-Nazi Azov, before the resumption of hostilities, between the Ukrainian government forces and the separatists.

        Don’t trust anything coming out of the Ukrainian government and so-called – Ukrainian activists = U.S. NGO’s.

        Got more pictures besides a bunch of separatists hanging around their “Russian” armor?

        When the Ukraine government forces are hanging around their RUSSIAN armor… do we all get the Russian shakes?

        • So should we trust the info coming from the US media instead?

          • Well, uh… Genius, think really really hard on that. But before you do, plug the holes in your colander.

      7. Russia… a global force for good!!

      8. This should come as no surprise to any of us.
        You don’t spend that kind of money moving “chess pieces” just for the fun of it.
        People in this country can deny deny deny all day long, but it’s coming to our doorstep and rapidly.

      9. Putin figures he may as well get on with the show NOW, before Trump takes office…….Obozo is a pushover.

      10. Never thought I’d be rootin’ for the Rooskies to stop the NWO. Joe Bidens’ son, Hunter Biden is on the board of directors of the largest Ukrainian energy company (go figure). Problem is the headquarters is in Cypress, not Kiev. Wars, so the big guys can steal the energy profits from the people.

        • Hunter Biden died of a suffen brain tumor. About a month ago. It was pretty hush hush in the media. They got him….

          • I believe that was Beau Biden.

            • You are correct Jim. Hunter is still alive and stealing.

      11. Sources on twitter are confirming that Russian T90-A tanks are beginning to move into the Ukraine and heading for the city of Donetsk to reinforce rebel held (pro-Russian) positions.

        If true, then I can’t blame Putin making this move.
        I certainly hope nobody is surprised that “tensions” have risen from this fiasco?

        When the Ukrainians voted and elected a Official to represent them, then suddenly he is removed from office and replaced with a US Puppet /w NATO backing – “what could possibly go wrong?”

        Typical US Foreign Policy, spiraling out of control.

        • Spot on FTW. What could possibly go wrong. Ukraine’s puppet Prime minister I believe is a Jew. So count on trouble.

        • Most importantly it’s NONE of our business. This is all taking place in a country where 40% or so, mostly in the east, speak Russian and consider themselves Russian.

          As recently as 24 years ago these two were part of the same country and what kind of a madman would’ve risked war over Russia moving tanks into Ukraine to protect Russian citizens?

          We’re sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong and I have no confidence whatsoever that our morons in the State Dept. or Obama won’t totally screw this up worse than it already is.

          • Sooo, since 40% of Los Angeles County speaks Spanish, if Mexico invades, we should just let it go?

            Ukraine and Ukrainians suffered enough under Russian domination before and during WW2. Look up “Holodomor”.

      12. Boots on the ground… boots on the ground… lookin’ like a foo’ wif yow boots on da groun!

        … Go go John Titor. 9_9… it’s all sorta gone to sh*t since 2000…

      13. This whole thing makes no sense to me. Why would Russia want any of the EU countries?

        Everything in the EU is falling apart, Money crisis, Muslimes beheading people and trying to force sharia law. If Russia takes over the area they will have all these problems.

        Why would the USA want anything to do with all of these problems.

        I can only see one answer. BANKERS!!!!


        • Sgt Dale, that is the question “why would Russia want any of the EU countries?”

          The answer is: they do not, even though Western MSM propaganda says differently.

          “Why would the USA want anything to do with all of these problems?”

          Answer: CONTROL

          • No war will happen unless it is part of the plan. Does ORDER OUT OF CHAOS sound familiar? Remember Kissinger saying we will cause a crisis so big that people will be begging for troops on the streets? As I recall, Russia payed off the debt to the freakshow bankers. Can’t have a country not under the debt thumb of the zionist masters can we? They usually want more than 1 reason to create their false flags so who benefits? Think>> war from hell to create the crisis, zionist banking installation, destruction of USA, people agreeing to global governance to stop the mass carnage, destruction of currencies to give birth to the new global currency, mass depopulation (blaming the war). It’s a perfect win for the globalist cabal. They have said what they want to do for decades but no one pays attention. We are just experiencing the last looting before the end game. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you have an IQ over 70. Time for the sheep to get slaughtered.

            • REPOST FYI:

              WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

              But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

              By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia!

              This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous, and it is the catalyst for world war 3. The Rothschilds do not control Russia, and THAT is the problem.

              Personally, I HOPE RUSSIA KICKS ASS.

        • Sgt. Dale, Pu-10 doesn’t want Europe. As you said, who would want the EU. What he is doing is a rouge to get us looking that way then he will launch a surprise attack against the American mainland. That attack is Biblical, and that is why I don’t worry about a financial collapse, because Biblicaly speaking we must be destroyed at the height of our economic and military power. The bad news is we can’t last much longer financially so we can expect an emp, cyberattack, or nuclear strike very soon. “The Hammer of the Whole Earth” can be nothing but America, and the bible says all our riches will come to naught in one hour. So hold on to your seatbelt my friend.

          • H and B
            Thanks for the come back.
            You guys bring up some very good points. They make you think.

        • sarge, it’s EXACTLY like the cuban missile crisis from the 60’s….why the HELL would putin put up with american troops on his border…my understanding is when ukraine was freed, it was with the understanding the U.S. would never try to get the ukraine to join NATO, and let america in there…which is exactly what obama’s trying to DO….hell, we ALREADY got boots on the ground in ukraine!

        • Sgt , Ukraine is the bread basket for crops in that whole region , plus of course the gas reserves, put two and two together starve Europe and freeze them lol

        • Russia has for 1000 years wanted warm water ports. This is why they are also making moves in the Baltic. The Black Sea and the Baltic both have choke points to access the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In the case of the Baltic, control of Sweden and Denmark are necessary to assure free passage, which implies control of Poland and Germany. In the Med, you need control of, or at least cooperation from, Turkey.

          In the case of Ukraine, it is a natural pathway for pipelines that move gas and oil to Western Europe. It’s either that or thru Syria, which is another Russian proxy war if you hadn’t noticed.

          Ukraine is also a major wheat-growing region. Russia is always short of good grain growing land.

          • The Old Coach. You got it ass backwards. The USA spent 5 BILLION USD destabilizing Ukraine. Why?

            Because the world, and all its commodities belongs to US(A).

            Russia is just protecting itself.

            We… are the aggressors. Go look at that map in my previous comment.

        • Okay. I tell you what. First thing. Google a map showing Russia, Europe, Persia, Middle East, and North Africa.

          Take a good look at that map. What do you see? Nothing? Just some countries and water?

          Okay. Do you see the Caspian Sea? Do you see the Black Sea? Do you see the Mediterranean Sea? Do you see the Persian Gulf? Do you see the Red Sea? Do you see the Arabian Sea?

          Do you think NATO is pissed that Russia acquired Crimea and kept its Black Sea Fleet Naval Base because of… DUMBOCRACY?

          Okay. Now, after looking at that and all those seas, WHAT DO YOU SEE? Think!

          Or, am I the only SOB left on this planet that can look at that map and figure it out?

          I’ll give you a hint: Access.

          Access to what? Look at the map and think.

          Resources. TRILLIONS OF IT. Pipelines. Oil. Gas. Minerals.

          Now, what backs, beside faith and credit, the USD? What is purchased by the USD? Who has the worlds reserve currency?

          Now, what do all those seas have in common?

          Since we are just talking about Ukraine, can you now see why NATO… the other word for the USA, is pissed that Putin kept Crimea?

          What do you know about the MINERAL resources of… Afghanistan?

          Want to talk… Syria? Libya? Iraq? Iran?

          How about… CIA-ISIS.

          All … wars … are … economic … wars. From antiquity to present. Always. And forever.

          What countries in the Middle East and Persia did, or planned on, dumping the USD?

          Seriously, this crap isn’t hard to figure out.

          Look at the map. Let it sink in.

        • Sarge, they want the energy profits.

        • Wonder if we could get something like that established here?

          • Wondering what you can do to help your family, community and Republic? If you live in the southeast one thing you can do is check out SECOM.
            Get involved with a Community based Org where most everyone can get involved and make a difference.
            SECOM is a Constitutional Militia with the focus of reaching out to our communities and arming our communities with the tools for education , defense , prepping and Survival.
            SECOM is looking to reinstate the sense of community within our communities.
            Get involved locally!
            What is SECOM?
            We are the
            Southeast Constitutional Militia.
            We The People-In Full Support of Constitutional Ideals.
            More and More people are waking up to the realization that our country is rapidly moving in the wrong direction. I have found myself in situations where I have been asked what is that “Militia thing” all about? Are you Anti-Government?? This is my answer:
            The Southeastern Constitutional Militia isn’t anti anything….we are a group of citizens that are Pro
            Pro-Constitution of the United States of America
            Pro-Bill of Rights
            Pro – Family
            We believe in the sanctity of the documents that created the greatest nation in the history of the world…The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
            We believe that our Communities are better off protecting and defending themselves than relying on some bureaucratic goliath organization to do it for us
            We believe that the soul of this nation is the Family.
            And we will defend all of the above
            We are simply… American. Our ancestry is irrelevent…. we are all
            Americans. As Americans we believe in one simple,undeniable TRUTH. That TRUTH is that rights are
            bestowed on ALL people at the moment they exist. We pledge our lives to protect “We the People” whenever
            and wherever it is called for.
            We work to empower our communities in the following ways:
            Education of the Constitution & Bill of Rights
            Citizens Defense Training
            Emergency Preparedness Training
            Community Action and Assistance
            Empowering Citizens and Families
            If you are a United States Citizen and you believe like we do, join us. “We the People” are the only hope that this country has.
            Check the content here and judge for yourself.
            Violence is contrary to natural law, except in survival and defense. We do not offer violence as a solution to anything and will not accept members that do! We train fervently only in order to survive the violence so often offered by others.
            We are in NO way any LEO, Racists ,or anti semetic…

            Welcome to a home for thinking patriots. …
            SECOM on facebook
            SECOM Main site

        • Illini:
          GREAT POST!!!!. We need that here in the USA.
          N. Reb

      14. Normally shtfplan is a bit more careful with vetting their sources. Basically this entire claim of “Russian Aggression” is based on social media posts identified as coming from Kiev.

        Putin isn’t stupid enough to cross the border into Ukraine. He knows that is what NATO and the US want; a real bloody war with Russia with which to distract the people of Europe and the US from the economic melt-down their respective governments have caused.

        • Exactly right Mike –

          There has not been any Russian Aggression, but MSM seems to report otherwise – gee, what a surprise!
          Unfortunately, a day will eventually come when the US and it Western Collaborators will push Russia and or China too far!
          Anything to divert it’s attention(s) of what the West has created – economically and politically.

        • Mike, excuse my French, but those f#$%ing international bankers and their puppet the african virus in the WH need to back off. Russia and China both have nukes and feel more threatened by the NWO day by day. This is one time I would support a coup to go in and clean house as long as they’re doing it for the right reasons.

        • Absolutely agree with you there Michael Rivero.

          Putin has stated quite clearly on many occasions that he is not interested in “annexing” Ukraine as the lying msm would have the masses believe.

          Putin doesn’t need Ukraine, nor does he want it. But what is vital to him is that the buffer zone of the Eastern Ukraine regions become legitimately Independent. Putin knows what the game plan is, and he probably has a pretty good idea how to deal with it.

          And he’s been doing a good job of it so far on the diplomatic front.

          • OK, I’ll ‘splain it again.

            Russia wants Ukraine as a route for petro pipelines to Western Europe.

            Russia wants the warm-water port on the Black Sea to project power toward the Bosporus and Dardanelles.

            Russia would like to get out from under the proxy war they are fighting in Syria, which is the other pipeline route the Western Europe.

            Russia covets Ukrainian farmland.

            Criminey, do I have to do ALL the research on this board?

            • Russia already has the pipeline thru Ukraine and they already have the port. The Russians don’t need to project power toward the Bosporus, they already have a Black Sea fleet. The US got around the treaty that governs the number of foreign war ships in the Black Sea, by placing the naval weapon systems on coastal bases in Romania.

        • Michael Rivero is a cute pseudonym for Mikhail Rostovo, and this poster is a Russian troll working from a cellar in the Kremlin along with several hundred others.

          Lots and lots of satellite photos show Russian military equipment in Ukraine. It cannot be denied, except by lying through the teeth.

          • If you enjoy lying, condescension, baby rape, murder, mass murder, theft, financial fraud, financial terrorism, plagiarism, ethno- favoritism, bragging without grounds, self-promotion, organized crime, smuggling diamonds and drugs, money laundering, currency fraud, insider trading, propaganda, infiltration, false flags, demeaning and attacking your host, pornography, homosexuality, poisoning food, not returning lost property, cheating, poisoning water, stealing children and selling them, stealing children and raping them, stealing children and murdering them then call Mike.

            Or drop by his website and leave an email.

            Mike Rivero is a tribe member his wife/exwife is an Ashkenazi.

            His website is loaded with Tribal sponsors and he got himself quick booted off of Alex Jonestien who he was chumming up to for a bit before the egomaniac free for all.

            So whats up mike? things slow at your place? I see you had a whopping 275 people listening to your pathetic rant tonight. Better stay in Hollywood with the rest of your kind b/c it is obvious we have better things to do than listen to your gate keeping.

            Trolling the boards seems like desperation to me.

      15. Good job fascist psychotic filth in the US State Department, you started another war and the brain dead dumbed down fascist boot licking coward Zombie trash in America will believe all your mainstream media fascist propaganda and lies about Russia being the aggressor. Never in the History of the world has their been a more psychopathic maniacal evil Corporatist fascist government than the government of wolves, criminals, and fascist genocidal NWO filth in Washington District of Criminals.

      16. Prophet,
        Joes boy died.
        There navy (Russia) is weak compared to the USA, an imo British. Heck I think French navy could out match Russian Vavy. T90 vs Abrams or British or Israeli tanks – T90s lose. If nato decided to go full on vs Russian ground forces I think Nato would fair well enough. So far though its Russia vs a small Ukraine county with minimal force backing. Sure the Russian federation has some operating nuclear weapons an I hear some are in moth balls, an many aren’t updated. Most I think need to get heavy handed with russia, they know strength.

        • Ya right KarVer, Is that why the russians a few months ago flew by the west coast and said on our radio comms something to the effect of “we just want to say hi to american pilots”? Or the undetectable subs they have right off our east coast? Or the many reports of russian troops already here in the US? Do some homework before you think they are weak. Who needs tanks? Planes and subs will do the job fine. If war does break out it is the plan of our masters anyway they will be told to stand down. China also has undetectable subs and similar tech. Back to the drawing board for you lol.

        • if it’s U.S. against russia…it aint gonna BE us against russia…….it’s going to be us against the chinese and russia…maybe even the WORLD…..the world’s SICK of U.S. pokin’ our noses in everybodys bizznuss….we are about to get our comeuppance, i fear…..and it would be JUST LIKE obama, to bring a TANK to a nuclear war!

        • KarBer I’ve studied the USSR /Russian military capabilities since the cold war 60s. You don’t have a clue. Their military is something the US would not want to engage unless you were an insane leader. If it went nuclear you we would have thermonuclear annihilation on both sides within an hour.

        • KarVer, Joe had more than one son. His son Hunter is still alive.

      17. Regardless of the superior battlefield weapons the Russians have they still can’t win: John Kerry will talk them to death!

      18. With the price of oil down , the pipeline to supply China becomes a losing deal for Russia. Get ready fast.

      19. This is reminiscent of “their patrol boats attacked our destroyers (Tonkin Gulf) = BIG LIE that cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. The banksters and corporate militarists made out like bandits. Working class soldiers and civilians by the thousands died for that lie.

        Ditto “they have weapons of mass destruction.” They did not. BIG LIE.

        This stinks of warmonger + CIA propaganda. A few tweets? Some pictures of what and whom? Only the propagandist knows for sure. I am not an expert on Russian history. Don’t speak or read the language. Neither do you. But Geoffrey Hoskings of Univ College, London does. So does Richard Pipes of Harvard. Other scholarly sources. i mistrust the impartiality and “expertise” of instant internet “experts” trying to incite us and them to fight.

        Bankster US/NATO interests overthrew the popularly elected Ukrainian government in 2014, installed their stooge. Ukraine as a sovereign nation is a historical fiction, was part of Russia for centuries. And other empires before that. NATO threatens to put heavy armor and artillery on Russia’s border, and that’s fine, that’s OK? Russia puts same on ITS OWN border, and that’s not?

        Let the bankster and corporate fascists, and their sons, go die for their own bullshit.

        I trust authentic scholarship before i trust anonymous internet “experts.” What credentials do the internet “experts” have? What books have they written, where have they taught? zero, zero, zero = their claims are propaganda bullshit.

        • The MH-17 crash in Ukraine was taken down by an Israeli fired air to air python missle. Final report due in Oxt 2015.
          Truth suck for the Cabal.

          • Clever of them to plant parts of that Russian SAM in the wreckage then, wasn’t it?

      20. let Russia have Ukraine-it will be their Puerto Rico

      21. This thing might as well have been written by the CIA….
        Was it?

        2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor – Vietnam era] retired. POB 177 W Pawlet, VT 05775
        802 645 9727 [email protected]

      22. russia has had boots on the ground since day one of the ukrainian civil war conflict, for the last 1.4 year since the Zog CIA coup started.

        what people seem to forget is the south west and southern beach coast of ukraine population is 85% russian origin.


        also it was Zog Amerika CIA and israehell mossad that started this civil war to turn the ukraine into a new homeland for the european jews, as jews have grown tired of the terror wars in israel and m.e. are now fleeing israel in droves back to russia and europe.

        • bruin, don’t say israhell has anything to do with it around the christians. Their lips are firmly glued to they’re masters ass and any truth will be vehemently denied! The chosenites are above reproach.

          • no, no Genius.

            ” Their (Christians) lips are firmly glued to they’re masters”

            nail pierced hands. That’s nail pierced hands !

        • Ukrainians have been crushed beneath the boot-heels of Russians for hundreds of years, it’s true. That doesn’t make it right. It is long past time for Ukrainians have an independent country. If Western European colonialism in, say India, was immoral, then it’s equally immoral for Russia to colonize Ukraine. Or Lithuania and Estonia.

      23. Braveheart; I concur with you completely. If a coup is necessary, and I believe it is, millions of us will, with sadness in our hearts, back the military 100% in its efforts to restore the Republic. No matter what the costs, no matter the tears and blood expended, the Americans will back the American military in it’s efforts to restore the American Republic, the only government in the history of mankind that was a revolt against power, power of some men over many men. If we die in the coming struggle, let it be known that we die with honor and that our ancestors were proud of our efforts to maintain liberty on this bedeviled planet!

        • Aurelius, thank you for that. as long as the military is acting FOR the american people I’ll stand with them. If they turn AGAINST the people, they sign their own death warrants.

          • Thanks for the laugh boys. I can see both of you on the front lines, rifle in one hand, walker in the other. You really don’t need to post this nonsense, I think we all know that your big battle will never get beyond keyboard maneuvers.

            • The Jones boy is quick with the attempted insults. Here is your message, lad! I walk three miles a day and work out three times a week. No walker for me but I do have a rifle which I’m rather good with. No front lines for me either, I’ll create my on line of resistance which you’ll do well to avoid. I don’t know for sure but I suspect that I could steal your woman from you, if you had one. Your boyfriend?, no,no,you can keep him. By the way, I just had my 72nd birthday and you don’t get to be this old by living the life of a punk. You could well learn from this.

              • Yeah grandpa, I’m sure everything you said is all true. Old men always feel the need to talk tough, Why? Because they know they’re old and useless, useless for anything but canon fodder. No go and drink your Ensure, and make sure you have the nurse change your diaper, and make sure to take your afternoon nappy, you’re prone to get cranky when you’re tired.

                • Jones, respect your elders ‘ya useless piece of shit!

                  • Who, or should I say what the fuck are you ftw? From what I see you’re just a mouth looking for a place to spew your dribble.

                    • DRIBBLE????
                      Are you Basketball Jones?

                      It’s Drivel, ‘ya moron!
                      Go and Troll Alex Jones Website, your name will be considered welcoming over there.

                    • From

                      Dribble; verb, to let fall in drops. 2] To drivel, slaver. Now that you’ve confirmed yourself to be the stupid fuck you are, { before you opened your mouth you were only suspect}, try learning the English language before you open your ignorant cake hole.

                    • Nice try attempting to cover your idiocy, but you’re are still wrong — next time, refer to Webster’s Dictionary for accuracy.

                      Full Definition of DRIBBLE

                      1: to issue sporadically and in small bits

                      2: to let or cause to fall in drops little by little

                      3a: to propel by successive slight taps or bounces with hand, foot, or stick
                      b : to hit (as a baseball) so as to cause a slow bouncing

                      Examples of DRIBBLE

                      Juice dribbled down his chin.
                      She accidentally dribbled wine onto the rug.
                      Dribble olive oil over the warm bread before serving.
                      She dribbled across the basketball court.
                      He skillfully dribbled the soccer ball towards the goal.

                      Full Definition of DRIVEL

                      1: drool
                      2: nonsense

                      Examples of DRIVEL

                    • Cover MY idiocy? Websters confirms the definition in your first 2 points. No, your a pissed off little troll who didn’t bother to check his facts prior to shooting off his large, empty headed mouth. I can’t even say nice try because you’re an obvious moron.

          • The problem is that the military is NOT acting in the interest of the amerikan people. They are acting AGAINST our interests. Like Kissinger said in plain fooking english ” Soldiers are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy” READ IT, BELIEVE IT!

          • WAKE UP DUDE! Comon braveheart.. Smedely Butler the most decorated soldier in or nation’s history. This is 1913.. the military NEVER was for the people..


            • yes your right war only makes us pore and to the rich it gets rid of the eaters

      24. Russia is like humpty dumpty. They will not be able to re-assemble the CCCP. They have the resources to be self sufficient, and very rich, but they aren’t a very productive population. They killed off most the smart Russians, so only the very cleaver survive. Cleaver people avoid work, smart ones profit from it. They have state of the art Nuclear missiles and submarines, mostly because they are cleaver thieves, but they have no depth to project force, like America, or NATO can. For Russia to hang on to all its resources, it will need to focus on Asia and Europe economically, not militarily. America had better focus on the Americas, Africa, and limiting China in our sphere of influence. Follow the money. We will make more money outside of Asia than we will meddling in Asia.

        • Relik,

          Russia is like humpty dumpty. They will not be able to re-assemble the CCCP. They have the resources to be self sufficient, and very rich, but they aren’t a very productive population.

          Like the US can ever reassemble the constitutional republic it once was? Like the US is a super productive country anymore? Russia is rich and we are the biggest debtor nation on earth!

          they are cleaver thieves, but they have no depth to project force, like America, or NATO can.

          Russia is allies with china and between the two they can project an enormous force both militarily and financially. Add the fact that a lot of countries are sick and tired of the US bullshit and will not be on our side. Also the BRICS nations are set to kick our ass to the curb.

          Why would anyone want our currency when it is bound by debt from hell? If I lived in another country I would tell the US to shove it.

          • Constitutional republic ressurection, no way as long as we have Democrats. Such a Republic depends on moral and ethical people and that is not a description of most Democrats and way too many GOPe.

            As to BRICS, most the money that can leave those countries is coming here.

            If the dollar ceases to be the currency of choice. Fine. But I don’t think the Bankers everyone complains about on this site will go for that, or the Euro would have taken over long ago.

            I live in America and I tell the Federal government to shove it all the time! I’d kill it in a second.

            • Rellik:
              You have made some very fine points
              They give me something to think about, thanks
              N. Reb

        • Rellik, America needs to focus on America.
          Unfortunately, we don’t have politicians focusing on Americans needs.
          America, needs to remove itself from Foreign Policies and clean up it’s own backyard on Domestic Policies.

          Will it happen? Highly doubtful as I am not an optimistic person.

          • FTW:
            You are correct, We do need to clean up our own back yard.
            We also need a foreign policy that stays out of other countries business., but one that has teeth to it. It should say If you mess with the USA you will have a very, very bad day.
            We should get out of the U.N., IMF., and only help those countries that back us up.

      25. BS! Russia isn’t going to Ukraine! They don’t need to!
        Ukraine will go bankrupt even the IMF and Jews controlling everything won’t be able to save them. They will make there citizens freeze that will cause a revolt. Russia doesn’t have to do anything but sit back and wait.

        I can’t believe you posted this Hyperbowl of Russia invading Ukraine you sound like Stupid Jewish Zionism of NATO!

        • FACT: it is a proven fact , russia already has troops fighting in the ukraine as does zog amerika!



      26. Biased article…
        “This entire claim of “Russian Aggression” is based on social media posts identified as coming from Kiev.”
        Whatever spin is needed, ad nauseam, to keep the addicted natives of his site, riled up and coming back for more.

      27. Time to purge the neo-cons from our government, starting with Victoria Nuland and Samantha Power.

      28. This is all a cover for what is coming. What ever IT is???
        1-No one wants nuke’s going off.
        2-No one wants some ones money problems.
        3-No one wants some ones religious problems.
        4-No one wants any extra mouths to feed.
        I just have a feeling that there is something big about to happen and Russia needs that piece of land to grow food for her people. That area is like our Midwest corn belt to Europe.
        This is Russia’s Jade Helm they are securing an area were it is going to be safe for food production.
        Take look at the map the area is similar to our southwest. Plus they will have a warm water sea port. Just like Texas and California has.

        Russia needs to go into another country to get what they need. The US already has it in our Southwest and California.
        Russia’ s population has fallen sense WW2 and they need those people in that area to grow food for them.

        NOW ON THE OTHER HAND!!!! If there is a full SHTF type war. We will see it coming and us preppers will be able to top our prep tanks off and dig in.
        And those that did not get ready after all the signs that are out there telling them that the S**t was about to hit the fan. All I can say. I’ll be hope and praying that they survive or they feel on pain.
        GOD HELP US ALL!!!!
        N. Reb

      29. Thanks Sarge, thanks Prepper1.. comradery, is good experience as e just entered the SHTF VENT HORIZON. We have entered it. It’s going to happen, the stock market will crash, the people’s loans wik be called and all the cats will be gone and so will the houses. The American people are going to very angry. We are the survival of this economic and population rebuilt back the economy under the founding of our constitution..



      30. Mark . I’m VERY suprised that you would publish an article like this – I would’ve expected more from you. This “The Russians are coming” crap is what one would expect from the stenographic services regugitating the white house & the Pentagram’s “talking points” . . NYTimes, Fox news & other assorted main stream garbage.

        To quote ANY Ukrainian source on anything to do with Russia is the height of stupidity & I’m afraid you have gone way, way down in my estimation.

        Chris in Ch-Ch

      31. This is based on TWITTER feeds? LMAO.

        More BS propaganda for the sheeple. Smh.

      32. Can’t believe you are printing the propaganda from Ukrainian News………

        Still no word on MH170? Thought they said Putin shot it down.

        What about the US troops and mercs already in Ukraine?

        • Actually there is some new news about MH70. Some people studying the wreckage have identified pieces of a BUK missile.

          • Kiev has loads of Buk missile and cound had enforced a no fly zone over the war zone so the finger still points towards kiev and the USA tried to stop the year long investigation into flight mh17 and start a new one in an atempt to play for time but Russia used its veto at the US to stop the plan and want the on going investigation to continue.

            Russia knows how to deal with Nazi’s and witnesed the same type of false flags from Hitler as we are seeing today in the Ukraine but i am not sure they will know how to deal with the bankers who are pulling the strings from Israel and Washington

      33. Why is this not being heard on any other news stations!

      34. “Ukrainian activists on August 14-15 published photos of the Russian amour”

        Russian amour? As in Russian love?

        Who writes this shit?

      35. It’s about time the Rooskies invaded somebody. They’re way behind us in that category.

      36. I don’t want any 3rd world country to have nukes. Wait. The US is rapidly nearing 50% non-white. 52% of kids entering kindergarten in the US are non-white. That number gets larger every year. Good by America.

        • My mind left America some time ago, but my body is still physically here.

          • Wow, now all you need to do is find somebody who actually gives a fuck and you’ll be all set.

            • Jones … have a thing for Trolling do ‘ya?
              I believe it is the other way around Jones.
              People don’t give a fuck about you, that is why you resort to trolling the forums.
              I’ve already given you too much attention, now piss off!

              • I took my trolling lessons from a real asshole who calls himself FTW who thinks he knows everything. Now what?

              • I learned my trolling from an asshole named FTW who thinks he knows everything, now what?

      37. The blood is on the WEST’S hands for helping overthrow an elected gov. So we could move NATO.
        Its all created on purpose.I bet many of those mask wearing guys throwing NAZI salutes were CIA.
        A lot of unconstitutional stuff going on. Many evil people who will burn in Hell! People willing to kill others just for money.

      38. This play has already been written. We’re just seeing the revues of the ‘off Broadway’ production. Can’t wait till it reaches the ‘Great White Way’.

      39. The Russians are not going to send military into Ukraine to fight.

        This is not even close to true.

        John Waterman

      40. The son-in-law of a friend of mine is a Captain in the British Army. He is on duty during operation Trident Juncture, which begins in eastern europe in late september. The official NATO figure for troops is 36,000. This is way and above the norm for a multi-force exercise. My friends SIL told him that the figure was 100,000 personnel.

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