Today’s FDA Full Approval Will Lead To “Vaccine” Mandates

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The Food and Drug Administration is trying to finish up the plans to fully approve the falsely labeled “vaccine.” Once, the full approval happens, which will likely be sometime today, mandates will permeate almost every corner of this country.

     The United States surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, said on Sunday: “We already know that there are many businesses and universities that have moved toward vaccine requirements,” Murthy told CNN’s State of the Union. “And I think it’s a very reasonable thing to do to create a safe environment.”

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is trying to finish its licensing process for the life-altering drug as soon as today, the New York Times has reported.

    FDA “Finalizing Paperwork” For Pfizer’s mRNA “Vaccine” Full Approval As Soon As Monday

    “Vaccine” Mandates In Job Listings Soar As FDA Expected To Fully Approve Pfizer’s Jab

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    “We’ve given it to hundreds of millions of people,” Murthy said. “We’ve seen that it’s doing its job. And that’s why we’re continuing to recommend that people get vaccinated starting today and … as soon as they can.” So far, this experimental gene therapy shot has been administered under former president Donald Trump’s “state of emergency” declaration last year.

    “The best protection we have against Covid-19 is the vaccine, and if you get Covid-19, we actually do have treatments that work,” Murthy said. “Ivermectin is not one of them.”

    The Biden administration is also preparing to roll out an expansive booster-shot campaign next month, offering a third shot to patients who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

    Unsurprising Alert: Biden Urges Fully “Vaccinated” To Get A Booster Shot

    Everything seems to be happening at once.  Hurricane Henri is barreling down on the Northeast, “vaccine” full approval is likely today, another war with Afghanistan is brewing, and violence is taking hold in American streets. Not to mention the stores have less and less food every time we go.

    Stay prepared and aware.  This will all come to a head at some point.  Is this is? Maybe, maybe not.  Only time will tell. Keep using critical thinking and discernment and decide today if you’re going to bow down and lick the hand that feeds you, or prepare to go it alone.

    We all knew this was coming. It’s here now. Time’s up.


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      1. YUP,
        The punishment for non-compliance, we will see how far this corrupt government of scum will go! I bet we won’t be surprised.
        At least for those of us who understand. LOL

      2. These limp wristed sodomite faggots at .gov can dictate,mandate,salivate,and mentally masturbate all they want about their vauxcine B.S.
        They have been and are being exposed world wide for their crimes against humanity.

      3. Covid backwards in Hebrew is DIVOC- means possessed by an evil spirit. Found article here actually. So I look up Divoc and found all that is needed to know about this vaxx being the Mark of the Beast. This is the link and the site of the official .gov document as proof. Please share with as many as possible.

      4. So tell me how they know it’s safe after only about 8 months of being out?

        What we do know though, is that it doesn’t protect the vaccinated from the virus, either catching it or spreading it. A shame they ignore collection of valid (verifiable) data showing how many of the vaccinated catch both the regular and (verified by genomic sequencing) Delta variant compared with the non vaccinated.

        But only a relative handful of people are actually interested in that, the Covid agenda being a political one rather than a medical one.

        Always remember, when politics enter the room, Truth leaves it.

        • @Anonymous, correct.
          Also, as politics enters,
          common sense also
          makes a quick departure.

      5. They lied! Still not FDA approved!?

      6. Fiendish?

      7. When masses of (inoculated) people start to fall out and masses of victims loved ones witness it, I suspect masses of the perpetrators – including lots of the medical practitioners will be chased down and have the life summarily beaten out of them.

        It will be a righteous and joyous time dispatching the evil. There is a time for killing. Rejoice in the passing of evil. A lot of the evil think they have the cat by the tail – these aren’t the best and the brightest.

        If a die-off of inoculated comes to pass, it will be rather difficult for any of these murderers to convince the un-inoculated that it was just a simple mistake; “oops, sorry, better luck next jab”… I think we’ll witness your slaughter Uncle Faucster. Good luck.

        If this crew of sub-human lower than whaleshit scumbags think they’re going to inoculate me or other like minded, we’ll bring it to you. You bring your injectors along, and we’ll bring our injectors along, and we can have a “dueling injector party” fucktards.

        Where does this putrid wanna-be greaser fauci get off declaring its time to submit? You keep threatening you dirty ass scumbag, keep it up greaseball. Keep it up puke.

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