Unsurprising Alert: Biden Urges Fully “Vaccinated” To Get A Booster Shot

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Joe Biden is urging everyone who has been fully “vaccinated” with the mRNA gene therapy to get a third shot.  He, like many others, is now claiming immunity wanes over time.

    Does anyone else wonder how many boosters they will talk the masses into? Will this be annual? Bi-annual? Whenever they need to make a change to the mRNA technology?

    “Earlier today, our medical experts announced a plan for booster shots for every fully vaccinated adult American. This will boost your immune response, it will increase your protection from Covid-19,” Biden said on Wednesday according to a report by RT, adding “It’s the best way to protect ourselves from new variants that could arise.”

    Vaccination sites across the United States will begin giving third doses of the experimental gene therapy shots starting on September 20, Biden continued, noting that on that date, anybody fully vaccinated on or before January 20 will be eligible. “We have developed a plan to begin offering these booster shots this fall subject to FDA conducting an independent evaluation and determination of the safety and effectiveness of a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines,” the health agencies said.

    The booster shots, like the original experimental gene therapy shots, are not fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  They have been added to the emergency use authorization that included the first two doses.

    Pfizer Wants To Give Healthy Adults A COVID-19 Booster Shot

    Big Pharma Giant and other vaccine producers, had previously hinted that their two-dose formulations would not offer long-lasting protection against the virus, with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla even suggesting annual vaccinations could be needed from here on out. It may not stop at annual shots either. They could very well tell the masses they need a new shot every time the ruling class invents a new variant.

    We all saw this coming.  It is going to continue to get worse until they can get a vast majority of the world’s population to inject this substance. Stay aware and prepared.


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      1. Everything from masks to this “booster” shot are tacit admissions that the vaccines doesn’t work. If they did, this additional shot wouldn’t bee necessary, and particularly the masking thing to protect you from it wouldn’t be needed.

        Add into that the claim of it making the disease much milder and no demographic support to show that this is true across the same range of ages and such that were used in the past to show who is most vulnerable to severe symptoms and death and it gets even more interesting.

        But almost no one will see it that way, buying in to the government line without requiring proof it is true instead.

        FWIW, never believe anything anyone says about anything unless they provide proof along with their statements or you can independently verify them by your own research.

      2. Thank you so much for saying the masses could be told they need a new shot every time the ruling class invents a new variant.
        That is exactly what they are doing – creating/inventing
        new “variants” as an excuse for more jabs. Not falling for it. If I wasn’t scared of the non existent original “virus”
        I sure as hell am not scared of its’ non-existent “variant”

      3. A couple of excerpts from something I read recently:
        We know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, we know they know we know they’re lying – and they just don’t care.

        If the pandemic were real, these people wouldn’t need to fight what they call disinformation because people would see the pandemic with their own eyes.

      4. Mr President, I will of course do as you say oh great one
        because every aspect of my life is spent following your every “recommendation”?

      5. “booster shots for every fully vaccinated American”
        Well, I gets that leaves me out as I haven’t been even halfway vaccinated.
        Goshdarnit , seems I always miss out on everything. It’s
        not fair I tell ya, it’s just
        not fair?????

      6. “It will make you safer and for longer, and it will help us end the pandemic faster”

      7. When your dead from the vax the pandemic is over for you. That’s how it end.

      8. Can’t remember where I read this but it speaks to this “vaccine” not being to “help” your health. Someone made a comment along the lines of
        “If the vaccine was really to cure a deadly disease, it would not be available for free.” “They would charge an arm and a leg for it and only the very well off would be able to get it” “The government and big pharma are in the money making business and if this alleged “vaccine” really helped you
        it would only be available
        at a premium and yet, they are practically begging you
        to take it”.?

      9. Note to self DO NOT mark down Sept. 20th on calendar.

      10. The real question is WHEN will they turn on the nanobots and kill you with this vaccine, that is what this is about.

      11. You first Commie!

      12. Before The Deluge”

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        And some of them were fools
        Who were making plans and thinking of the future
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        With their hearts they turned to each other’s heart for refuge
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      13. the folks aren’t kicking the bucket fast enough bill gates has authorized the booster to kick it in high gear!

        • @ notu, you are correct.
          The same thought has
          crossed my mind too.

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