FDA “Finalizing Paperwork” For Pfizer’s mRNA “Vaccine” Full Approval As Soon As Monday

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 30 comments

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    The Food and Drug Administration is working with Pfizer to “finalize the paperwork” needed to give their mRNA experimental gene therapy shot, falsely labeled a “vaccine” full approval.  Right now, people are being injected with a substance under emergency use authorization.

    The Unites States regulator, at the commands of the masters, is expected to give full approval for Pfizer’s jab in the coming days, The New York Times and Politico reported on Friday, citing several “people familiar” with the agency’s planning. Though the FDA still has a “substantial amount of paperwork and negotiation with the company” to get through, it could give full approval as soon as Monday, The Times added. 

    Full approval will embolden tyrants to mandate these shots as conditions of employment or to purchase food.  The ruling class has already said that they can’t exact tyranny and enslave the public on their own. They will need the help of businesses to ensure people comply with their commands.

    The Ruling Class Urges Businesses To Mandate COVID Vaccines For Employment

    Morgan Stanley Mandates COVID “Vaccine” For Employees To Return To Work in New York

    Anyone not expecting this outcome (the full approval of these gene therapies) is delusional.  Ruling class medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci has already told us he’s confident the FDA will approve these shots and he’s working toward convincing the slaves they need a third one, or a “booster” to protect them from a virus that, if existed, wouldn’t need a 24/7 propaganda campaign to convince the public it exists.

    This approval comes as the ruling class realized that all the fear-mongering hasn’t worked to “vaccinate” everyone in the United States.  While many have fallen for the obvious lie, they still need more to get this shot.

    Health officials have voiced hopes that full approval for the Covid jabs could improve vaccination numbers in the US, which have been losing pace since hitting a peak in April. Recent polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that more than 30% of respondents would be“more likely” to be vaccinated if the FDA authorized the shots, suggesting the move could indeed spur immunizations. -RT

    Reports of the FDA’s plans come soon after the White House began promoting booster shots for all fully vaccinated adults, citing U.S. health agencies, which noted the immunizations are losing effectiveness over time, particularly against more infectious Delta mutation.

    Unsurprising Alert: Biden Urges Fully “Vaccinated” To Get A Booster Shot

    Pfizer Wants To Give Healthy Adults A COVID-19 Booster Shot

    While the FDA hasn’t yet approved third doses for all healthy Americans yet, the agency did give the go-ahead for those with compromised immune systems, while Pfizer recently submitted its initial trial data for universal boosters.

    We knew this was coming. It was done to get more people to willingly take these shots and that much is obvious.

    Stay prepared. Stay alert. Stock up on food and water filtering and water storage supplies if you haven’t yet.  This just ramped up to a whole new level, and we have literally days before we see the mass propaganda to take these shots unleashed on the unsuspecting slaves of the U.S.


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      1. These psychos can
        “approve” whatever the hell
        they want – that doesn’t make
        me want this “not a vaccine”
        that much more. Just because they label it as “approved” doesn’t mean that we approve it. Stay away from that garbage folks,
        as far as possible.

      2. As you mentioned, now is the time to prep and stock up as much as possible. We may not know exactly what these evil creatures have in store for all of us, but based on their evil history – it sure as hell won’t be anything good!!

      3. What’s the correct timing order for a 64 Corvette 454?

      4. May the people New England states, West Coast states, and a few other lib sh*thole states succeed in obtaining the Marxism that so many of them crave. I want them to have it too. I want to see their joy when deprived of the Constitutional rights that many of them apparently detest. I want them to have the the kind of justice and equality they espouse. I want them to embrace the surrender of their private property for the good of all people. I want to hear them say how safe they are when any travel needs official permission. I want to hear them tell us how enlightening it is to live stifling and stagnant lives. I want to hear them tell us how good institutionalized CRT is and how empowering it is to be 2nd class citizens. I long to see their smug satisfaction of living under a highly authoritarian State, while ridiculing the free people of other states. The .
        I’ve known some people from those states, some of them hated Southerners more than they love themselves. So, I believe they would accept totalitarianism if the rest of us had to live under the same conditions.
        The heaviest concentration of those receiving the covid jab are generally in those states. The lowest concentration is generally in the South. I going to make a high-minded and noble gesture, they can have my doses. I’m sure the majority of people I know feel the same way. We will forgo our vaccinations so that the people in the mentioned areas can just keep receiving 2nd doses, then their boosters, and their upkeep vaccinations too. In fact, I insist all of them, everyone of them, keep taking these jabs, so that they are all safe of course.
        This comment doesn’t apply to the freedoms lovers in those states. Leave those states if you can. They need you to stay and pay the taxes that help support the systems that want grind you down. Vote with your feet and leave those g*dd*m states.

      5. Phuck Phil ??? Guess that “hoax” was a bigger deal than he thought, huh? I’ve been anxiously awaiting the news of Phil Valentine receiving his Darwin Award, and here we are. ? I hope all you trump cock-sucking, dumbass Covid deniers keep believing the pandemic is nothing more than a “scamdemic”. The fewer of you idiots inhabiting our country, the better. Phuck you all ??!

        • Keep making you comments karma, nobody cares what what you say, you’re only proving how irrelevant you are. We all see by now you’re just a little worm of a man.

          • @The Observer, you’re right
            totally agree with you?

      6. Since this will end up being forced on us, there should be liabilities involved somewhere.

        I know manufacturers aren’t liable under Federal law, but somewhere down the line the people doing the forcing should be liable in one way or another.

      7. They can approve it, people still won’t take it. I won’t. I made a mistake and took the J&J but no more… too many problems with them.

        • Well Phil Valentine ain’t gonna take it, I’m pretty sure about that..

      8. As soon as this is approved they will start to make MORE laws to force people to take this or face more issues for not taking it. That alone should be your RED flag that something is NOT correct about this. IF you have done the proper research you would know about spike proteins and what the vaccines WILL do to you. and they can be controlled by electronic frequency to activate and change your RNA which can do many tings in your body. GOOD and BAD, now use your brain do you really think it would be good? LOL Don’t be stupid they want to lower the population and If your white YOU ARE the target!

      9. There are some things you can take IF you took the vaccine and are sorry you did or whatever the reason was. Iodine is one of 4 known to help offset or stop the spike protein process,

      10. I heard it is illegal to approve a “vaccine” when there exists a treatment for the virus (which there is, many of them). Can someone check this out? I’ve no doubt the powers that be will ignore the illegality and approve it anyway, but just saying….


        Dear America: DO NOT COMPLY. – YouTube

        Do not let media-fueled guilt trips coerce you into doing something you do not feel fully informed about.

        • All of the Covid PCR testing and fake case numbers and Cases Stats are a total lie and the CDC admitted the PCR tests are all false positives and are phasing the tests as false positives, oh later on this year that will stop using them. WTF? Why not now? That’s the fraud here. 95% false positives. The CDC also has been caught paying off Hospital Medical Directors to lie that their ER’s are packed out the door and thousands are dying. And that every person dying are the NON-vaccinated. Its exactly the Opposite. The Jabbed are ones dying of heart attacks and neurological damaged brains. All a BIG FAT LIE to scare people using fear, to kill them to make a profit. NEVER CONSENT.

          • Vitamins D,C, K and zinc are vital nutrients for the natural immune system, vaxxed or not.

            There has been talk of thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency causing COVID-like symptoms, so if you’re not getting good diet look into supping the B vitamins.

            With so many vaxxed sombies out their potentially spawning variants of something – remember, colds and flus also still exist – a healthy immune system will be critical for the winter cold/flu season.

            Directions for safe use are printed on the bottle and online; be wise about taking any medication.

      12. BREAKING NEWS: Romania closed all of its Jab clinics, they realized this is a kill genocide murder shot, and Both Japan and India just wiped out 96% of all of its Corona cases by using “ivemectim” a tube of paste that is used for deworming horses and getting rid of parasites and bots. You can buy a tube ivemectim at your local feed store for about $10, and just 1 tube will treat up to a 1250 Lb horse. Just reduce the dosage for your body weight and take orally. NEVER TAKE THE TOXIC CLOT SHOT JAB. EVERY SHOT REDUCES YOUR BODIES NATURAL IMMUNITIES TO FIGHT OFF VIRUSES. AND IT CLOTS YOUR BLOOD AND CAUSES HEART ATTACKS AND TURNS YOUR BRAINS INTO MUSH. THAT’S WHAT THE CRIMINAL FDA PACKED WITH DRUG COMPANY EXECUTIVES ARE GOING TO RUBBER STAMP THIS KILL SHOT. YET THEY REFUSE TO APPROVE VITAMINS, ZINC VITAMIN C & D AND OTHER ORGANIC HERBS AND NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS THAT BOOSTS YOUR BODIES ABILITY TO FIGHT OFF THESE VIRUSES. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE CRIMINALS.

        • Never take any medication not formulated for humans, ever. Medications are not safe except when taken as directed on the instructions or guidance of a doctor.

          Some nut took HCQ formulated for pet fish and died, then his widow blamed Trump.

          A few so-called preppers have advocated stockpiling pet meds as a cheap and easy way to get antibiotics; that’s total disinformation.

          If you don’t trust the vax, which was formulated for humans, why on earth would you trust meds never intended for human use!

          Common sense, people.

          • I don’t trust the medical community now – when they have been pumping our ‘cans’ full of BS since 2019. Early in 2020 I realized there existed no deadly disease outbreak, when I couldn’t find any sick or dead truck drivers anywhere. A large number of truckers have two legs dangling in the “six feet under hole”; truckers are not the healthiest lot at large. If there were a deadly disease outbreak, the truckers would have been decimated; think about it. I’ll believe a deadly disease outbreak when I see dead corpses laying about in the streets. That may come to pass shortly with the coming flu season in combination with the binary weapon being pumped into the arms of millions of FOOLS. If I am not aloud to fend for myself (without a binary weapon system shot into my arm) I will consider that the final evidence that I’m under attack by enemies both foreign and domestic, and I have the right to defend myself. By the way, if there are no groceries to be had at your nearest grocer (very soon) will having a vaccine passport make any difference?

          • Nope, it looks like she intentionally killed him by giving him a much higher dose of Chloroquine Phosphate than she gave herself:

            ” We have the toxicology report for the man who was given fish tank cleaner by his wife.

            Chloroquine blood test: 17,000 ng/mL (well over fatal dose)

            Calls into question (1) wife’s claim they took the same amount; and (2) that he was only given a “teaspoon” pic.twitter.com/uV2B6B8JfG
            — Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) June 17, 2020″


            HQC and it’s older related medication Chloroqiune have a low overdose threshold ( sometimes as little as 3 to 4 x the recommended dose like what was done to sabotage HQC in the RECOVERY trials), whilst Ivermectin has a much higher Leathal Dose, and is quite a bit safer.

            Quality Ivermectin, whether for cattle or humans should be roughly comparable…the standards ARE lower for Vet meds, but in general in an emergency you will be fine…if you stick to proper dosages!

            Research, Research, and Research some more!

          • Some of animal/vet meds are the same as human meds, I.E. antibiotics,. And the purity and standards are the same. I’ve taken them before with zero problems.Look at the garbage they sell for food in the grocery stores and nobody blinks an eye before they eat it. Ivermectin is a worm/parasite treatment for animals, I have used it to de-worm dogs before, works great, has a pleasent apple flavor. Dosage is according to body weight. It won’t hurt you at all, if it kicks the “virus” in the arse that’s a good thing. It’s a win win, if you got worms it’ll get rid of them too.

          • The fish antibiotics are the same as the human antibiotics and are often made on the same production line.

            All you need to do to be sure is match the pill or capsule up with the human one by comparing it in a “pill identification book”. I have such a book and have found that if you get Thomas Labs fish antibiotics the pills are exactly the same as the human ones in the book.

            I have taken these as needed for the last ten years with no adverse effects.

        • Most notable and trusted doctors like Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who knows these “shots” are BIOWEAPONS, ALSO recommends 500 mg of QUERCETIN because it helps deliver Zinc to the cells more effeciently for immunity, ………. especially against SARS COV2 Proteins that reduce immunity if you had the Covid shot. It can be bought at health stores or over the counter.

      13. Approved poison is
        still poison ?

      14. @Stupordave, great points.
        I have also yet to see the piles of dead bodies anywhere. Again great post.

      15. The only real way to rid us of covid is to start injecting the politicians with 762×39 or a variant of said. I call this new process MRPA (Mass Reduction of Political Assholes ) from the clinical testing point we dont need 100% effectiveness.

      16. https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-dr-simone-gold-truth-about-covid-19-vaccine/5738794?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles

        Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors shared information about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and talked about the massive disinformation campaign that has taken over America and the rest of the world.

        56:09 minute video. She visits the fertility question starting around the 25-30 minute mark. Excellent video. This woman got fired from her job as a result of her refusing to go along with the ‘official narrative’ and for choosing to treat her Covid patients with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which she said were very effective and helped her patients recover fully.

        She exposes the effort by the evil ruling elites to push blatantly false propaganda, trying
        to claim that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as being ‘dangerous’ – and by trying to force mandates (via these Obama care exchanges that most doctors now belong to) that threaten doctors with revocation of their medical license to practice if they prescribe these drugs. These evil SOBs are tyrannically consumed with their determination to FORCE these vaccines on people – and to prohibit doctors from writing prescriptions for these two very inexpensive

        Turn the clock back, and using hindsight – which is 20-20, as they say – this whole Obama care
        agenda now becomes clear: the evil ruling elites cunningly setting the groundwork, putting the pieces into place in advance for what we now see our evil rulers doing. They had to have power OVER formerly independent doctors and hospitals; because they KNEW what they were planning to do (unleash a pandemic) and they knew they wanted to develop a death vaccine and didn’t want doctors to be able to prescribe medications that could be effective treatments – so, by forcing doctors to join these Obamacare Health Exchanges, they could issue mandates and impose penalties on doctors who did not obey.

        This is not a coincidental or unintended consequence of Obamacare. These diabolically evil bastards sat down and they planned this whole thing out and they thought of every possible obstacle to their agenda and came up with ways to mitigate resistance or non-compliance.

      17. Who are the three unnamed people “quoted” in the Politico article? Without being named, they are not credible sources of news.

        The real news about the FDA is that there are hearings on the viability and safety of gene therapies scheduled for two days next week, Thursday September 2 and Friday September 3. The hearings will consist of blocks of time to study each separate side effect, such as neurological, cardiac, etc.

        Link: https://www.fda.gov/advisory-committees/advisory-committee-calendar/cellular-tissue-and-gene-therapies-advisory-committee-september-2-3-2021-meeting-announcement

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