The Ruling Class Urges Businesses To Mandate COVID Vaccines For Employment

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    The masters are now asking business-owning slaves to do their dirty work. The ruling class insists that businesses mandate the COVID-19 vaccines as a condition of employment.

    We knew this was coming. They told us this was coming. Medical journals wrote entire pieces on why those who “refuse” the “vaccines” should be “published harshly” and what that would look like. If the rewards don’t work to “voluntarily” convince people to roll up their sleeves, then the masters will resort to punishments, and those are being dolled out now.

    Some U.S. Employers Consider Docking Paychecks Of The Un”vaccinated”

    Joe Biden will meet with the chief executives of United Airlines Holdings Inc. and Kaiser Permanente in a bid to encourage more companies to follow their lead and require workers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Howard University President Wayne Frederick and Diane Sumpter, a small business leader from South Carolina, are also expected to attend the virtual meeting alongside United CEO Scott Kirby and Kaiser Permanente CEO Gregory Adams, a White House official said. The meeting will take place today, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. 

    Biden plans to highlight the four companies as a model for other private-sector leaders, as the masters race to get more slaves vaccinated and continue to fearmonger and propagate the lie about the spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant. The rulers said the participants in this meeting reflect four sectors—large corporations, small businesses, healthcare providers, and colleges and universities—that the ruling class sees as pillars in inoculating the slaves against the virus.

    A few weeks ago, Biden required all federal workers to get the shot and the military is now mandated to receive it by September 15 of this year. If you think it stops there, I pity your delusion. This is rolling out everywhere and there is a rush to get this jab into everyone on this planet. There is still only speculation as to what this shot actually does, but for those interested, this video might be helpful:

    If this continues, and there is no reason the masters will stop consolidating power, then we all are going to have some very serious decisions to make, and likely by the end of the year.  This has the potential to get out of hand quickly.

    Stay aware and keep using critical thinking. That’s still the best advice for right now. We are being bombarded with lies, and we can feel it. Keep your preps topped off. If this situation blows, you will be glad you took the time to think through a preparedness plan.


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      1. They are only screwing themselves. Fire half the people plus no one will work for them. I’m retired now so I don’t have to deal with it but if I did I would walk out on them. Only the debt slaves and those with kids will cave in because they HAVE to work at all costs. Too bad for them. One trick ponies too stupid to make money some other way…

        • One DICK Pony is more like it… you show yourself a total smug wet stinking ass. Some people are young and just starting out, some people have had medical or other situations that make things difficult. You have a small mind and live in a small world. I feel sorry for you, you’re a very pitiful wretch. BTW – retired people are a waste of space and useless to society. Retirement is a concept of no trick ponies who have nothing to give. You seem to fill that bill.

          • I see the denial is strong in this one. Why hate the truth? So you would rather get the death jab than figure out another way to make money? There are so many ways to make a living under the table (without vax) I can’t count them all but then that’s so far over your head it might as well be the moon. I said I retired I didn’t say I quit working. I am extremely valuable to a lot of people, you not so much. I have skills that make me a lot of money while helping a lot of others and no one can demand anything of me. I bet you can’t even come close. Go get your vax and another and another be a good slave to your job (because you know nothing else) and FOAD…

            • I never said I’d take the jab (I won’t) and I have no issues with employment. You prove yourself as having a very small mind. You also have the need to believe you have some superiority over others and your usefulness to society. I’d love to meet you – people like you live in an inflated world in your own mind, but are mostly no better or even inferior to most other human beings. The moment you elevate yourself above others shows much about your character and self awareness. You have proven, with your own words, you are a loser… it’s easy to deceive yourself and others, but in the END you will stand before one you cannot deceive. You’re NO BETTER than the people creating the world’s problems right now. Congratulations on your delusions of grandeur… ignorance is your bliss.

          • I too, have achieved a high degree of success and self sufficiency like Genius. He has apparently been responsible and achieved self dependence and reliability, and is satisfied in his situation, there is nothing wrong with that. But he also appears to frequently take smug gratification dishing out insults to those who have not, as if it was personal, even though it accomplishes nothing. Everyone sees this trait of his, but it’s nothing to get worked up over.
            Here’s some advice; just keep working, keep learning, make sound goals, and strive for them, always improving. If you have to change gears then adapt and keep going, don’t stop. If you can, try to help someone along the way. Never gloat in the failure of others, it only serves to satisfy some niche in a maladjusted personality.

      2. It’s their way to evade the courts and get around the Constitution.

        Fascism in action.

      3. I am fortunate to work for myself snd don’t have to deal with this nonsense—until they require poison jab for contractor license!

        • And you can bet they will, either that or require it for anyone to legally contract with you.

        • The health insurance companies may make coverage prohibitively expensive or unavailable for the unvaccinated, too

        • Will there be printers?? Black market.

      4. It will be hard to mandate “work from home” workers to get the vaccine.

        • Some firms are considering a weekly surcharge for unvaxxed, to “offset increased health care costs”!

      5. Well, I got the shot, the vaccine just to shut my son and daughter in law, as they both work in the health care industry. If I hadn’t, then maybe I could have been with my wife of 48 yrs again. She passed away of cancer 4 yrs ago.

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