The Fear-Mongering Never Ends! Germans Will Have A “Really Terrible Christmas” Unless They Obey

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments


The ruling class and their mainstream media puppets are now telling the German people that they are going to have a “really terrible Christmas” unless they bow to their masters, obey the orders, and just get the shots. The fear-mongering is never-ending, but at least many people are figuring out this scam.

We know they need everyone to take these shots to get their agenda of totalitarian domination completely set. So we should also know that the fear-mongering and propaganda will not end until they reach their goal, or people stop believing in the lie of authority.

“We are currently heading toward a serious emergency,” Lothar Wieler,  the director of the Robert Koch Institute, stated, adding “we are going to have a really terrible Christmas if we don’t take countermeasures now.” He added that hospitals are already struggling to find enough beds, according to a report by RT. And we can trust that, right? Afterall:

New York’s COVID-19 Field Hospital Dismantled After Treating ZERO Patients

And what’s the reason for the fear-mongering? You guessed it. More vaccines:

Wieler has called for a campaign for a further increase in vaccine uptake, from the current 67% to well over 75%.

The disease institute director also believes bars, nightclubs, and other large-scale venues should be temporarily forced to close, while other areas of public life would be off-limits to the unvaccinated.

On Thursday, the country’s vaccine advisory board, STIKO, recommended that booster shots be made available to everyone above the age of 18, in an attempt to counter waning immunity levels. -RT

Their agenda is obvious. They are desperate to get this shot in people. If they don’t they will punish those who continue to refuse to obey their commands. German leaders are even pondering new restrictions to replace the nationwide epidemic rules, which could include a lockdown of the unvaccinated, following measures already taken in neighboring Austria.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. They have told us their end game.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

Stay aware of what these people continue to say. They are showing their hand and it’s forcing many to wake up to the illusion of freedom.


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    1. Anonymous

      No Bond, I expect you to die.

    2. Indeed

      Can any of these “experts”
      explain to me why if we are
      in an alleged “pandemic” with
      the most contagious, worst
      “illness” in the history of all civilization – Why have I been
      feeling healthier than I have
      in my entire life with not even
      a hint of a cold or even the sniffles – all while not having
      taken ANY “vaccines”. Would
      any of these “experts” be willing to entertain that question?? Of course not!!!,
      because by doing so, they would run the risk of blowing
      this blatantly false “killer covid” narrative right out
      of the water.?

    3. A. Watcher

      I think the German people have had about enough of this Covid© B.S. The great German people have always been a warrior class people,(although sometimes misled) I hope they wake up and say “we’re mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!!” My great Grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Hanover Germany with his parents in the 1870’s and became a prosperous farmer here in the States. When I was in the Army we did some cross training with the West German Army 274th Parachute Battalion,it was great,I received their Schützenschnur badge in gold for participating in their markmanship training,along with several others. Go Germany! Be strong! Stand against tyranny.

    4. Anonymous

      Being fair about it, the only reason they keep up this fear mongering is because it works.

      If it didn’t work, they’d stop doing it.

    5. jakartaman

      Stupidity is the real pandemic
      What part of poison non vac’s do people not understand!!!

    6. Jocko

      Acthung Herr Hitler!
      You would think the German’s would have learned something from following orders in WWII!

      • Laura McDonough

        Europeans and Australians, like most Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot think for themselves. Most are addicted to social media and go along w/ anything the majority chooses to accept. Most men today are cowardly wussies and need to grow backbones and fight for their rights and future generations…. Nihilism and stupidity prevail. Churches (corp. 501c3’s) are globalist gate keepers and condone any push for globalism, clergy are apostates and on the take for their own personal gain. Churches are businesses and social clubs and people will sit and believe the lies. Home church w. family or friends.

        • George

          You’re full of crap….you know f-all about us Aussies…nearly a million protested over the weekend …millions in Europe, Brqzil roo….while you lazy fat Americans sit back and watch.

          • Anonymous

            Is she?
            Look around and see for yourself.
            People are so dependent and addicted to their phone they are hopelessly lost without it.

          • marcy

            I saw your protests. Way to go. You’re not a bunch of cowards just shooting your mouths off. You talk the talk and walk the walk.

    7. Genius

      Was is dis shiez? Das is verbodden? NIEN! Ran en den speck hier Hitler! Got is mittens! Ashlo’s!

    8. Mike

      Kraut’s got to kraut.

    9. carl

      I give this article a 3 reichs!

    10. Bill

      The Germans are among the most capable people in the history of the world. They have excelled and led in every area of human endeavor. Their weakness is that they are conformists and this historical inclination to conform has unfortunately been harnessed by powerful governments and globalist institutions to their own detriment.
      Germany is now a nanny state, patriotism and displaying pride in being a German is discouraged, and society is effectively “woke”. The marriage rate has dropped off dramatically and the birth rate is far below replacement, except for immigrants which is well above replacement. To show the decline of how pacified men have become one can find a few videos on-line of women being beaten up or sexually assaulted in public by immigrant males with groups of German or European men merely looking the other way. There are also a few on-line videos of leftist German politicians stating a desire for the extinction of the German people and to be repopulated with 3rd world immigrants.
      To continue making comparisons of modern day Germany to the Germany (or all of Europe for that matter) of the 20th century is completely inaccurate.

      • Jocko

        You made one observation that is totally accurate both in the 20th and 21st centuries. Germans are conformists. That conformity got many hung at the Nuremberg trials. Just” following orders” did not work as an excuse.

    11. Linda

      It already happened. As of next Wednesday I can’t go to the gym anymore, since I’m unvaxxed. The only thing I’m allowed to do is groceries shopping.Today I received another letter from the medical association to remind me to get my shots. Well, I have no desire to play Russian roulette.

      • ABC

        Nothing wrong with going to the gym,but in reality,you don’t need a gym to exercise and stay in shape.
        You just have to get creative and use what’s available.
        Most inmates are in great shape and they do the bulk of their training in an area the size of the average bathroom while sharing that space with another inmate.
        You don’t need anything to do push ups,sit ups,squats,etc;
        Go outside and find a thick/strong enough tree limb and do pull ups.
        A kitchen counter can be used to do dips.
        Two chairs also work for doing dips.
        As you are well aware DIET means more than anything.
        Eliminate the FAKE processed foods and do as many push-ups,sit ups,squats,pull ups,etc; as you can do,3 times a day and within 1 hour, and get outside and walk or run, and you’ll stay in shape.
        If you can’t get outside just walk back/forth in your home for 2 hours nonstop and you will be fine.
        Good luck to you.

    12. Frank Thoughts

      I think it is worth putting on your thinking cap on this one. What happened in 2015? Europe was flooded with millions of Muslims. What do we know about Muslims and the Covid? They are are at higher risk for death because a) low Vitamin D levels in darker Europe, b) much higher rates of inherited diseases because of inter marriage, c) higher rates of diabetes (same with blacks). Not a single white European doctor has died of the Covid but hundreds of South Asian and black ones have.

      Is Europe cracking down hard because they went all in on meeting their employment needs with millions of Muslims and those Muslims need to be protected from the Covid? The first mayor to use live rounds on protestors? The Muslim mayor of Rotterdam.


    13. marcy

      We have no masters other then ourselves. We are our own higher power. We were given the knowledge of right and wrong, and to practice self control and rule over ourselves. We are no ones slaves either. Come on people, fight for your rights. And, respect one another. Put a clog in the assholes agenda from the NWO.

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