Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The ruling class is telling us to our faces that they won’t stop this phony charade until the entire population of the globe submits to the COVID-19 vaccine. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said on Friday that “the pandemic is not over until all people in the world have been vaccinated.”


    Merkle says that in addition to sending money, wealthy countries should also share their COVID vaccines with poorer nations. Speaking after a video conference of leaders of the G7 group of large developed economies, Merkel said they had not discussed specific percentages of their vaccine stocks that should be given to poorer countries, according to a report by Reuters. 

    The simple question we should all be asking is does the vaccine work? If it does, why does everyone need to be vaccinated? Let those who don’t get it get sick.  If it doesn’t, then what is the real reason why everyone needs to be vaccinated?  Most of the ruling class, including top medical tyranny Dr. Anthony Fauci, has admitted you can still get COVID-19 if you’ve been vaccinated. So that answers all the pertinent questions for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Tyrants: “Prepare To Wear Masks & Socially Distance Even After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine”

    U.S. Government Diligently Working With Big Tech To Censor ANYTHING That Could Cause “Vaccine Hesitancy”

    Fauci: Vaccine “Open Season” Will Begin In April

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    We all should have plenty of evidence to know this vaccine is not about our health or the health of anyone.  It’s about control and oppression.

    Meaning they will continue to destroy everyone’s lives until we willingly submit to our own enslavement.  Wake up, people.  They aren’t even making an attempt to hide it anymore.  They demand our oppression and this will continue until the people of Earth wake up to the truth that there is no such thing as authority.  No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. Calling it “government” doesn’t change that foundational truth.


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      1. They just put a corrupt Nigerian woman in charge of World Trade. There’s your answer as to what the global economy will look like in a year’s time. Now, usually black people will support anything with a dark skin. But in the case of this woman, she is so corrupt, Nigerians can’t even bring themselves to praise her and wish her well.

        In other news, the Nobel Prize winning Ethiopian leader has spent the past few months killing over a thousand Christians, while the head of the WHO has been busy running interference for China, killing hundreds of thousands from the ‘Rona.

        When you want things to go bad, hire a woman (Merkel, Lagaarde, May etc.). But if you want lots of deaths, genocide, massacres, then that sh#t needs a black dude (or dudette). Dems the rules.

        • Idi Amin?

      2. A little off topic but,this just in: Snowing in NYC Less than an inch of snow expected.
        State of emergency declared!
        Everything to be closed indefinitely! National Guard activated!Panic Everywhere!
        Tyrants Cuomo and Deblasio to huddle together in secret underground bunker!?

      3. Q.Doctor,would you recommend that I take that covid vaccine?
        A.Of course I would.It is completely safe and nothing bad will happen to you.
        Q.Doctor,would you recommend this vaccine to your own parents,children and other family members?
        A.Of course I wouldn’t – WTF is wrong with you?! Are you insane?!That fucking shit
        will kill you!!!!

      4. It is quite telling that many of the “elite”(such as “Dr” Falsi)
        who allegedly took the vaccine have not suffered any negative side effects at all and yet, many in the public have died or had very serious effects after taking it? Could that discrepancy be due to the fact that what the “elite” are “vaccinated”with is just a saline solution and not what is being injected into the general public?

      5. After getting the jab:
        Can I toss the mask? No.
        Will I have to continue
        the social distancing?Yes.
        Will I still have to wash my hands constantly? Yes.
        Can I hug anyone? No.
        Can anyone hug me?No.
        May I have huge parties?No.
        Can I still transmit covid?Yes.
        Will others still be able to transmit covid to me? Yes.
        Could I still become gravely ill and drop dead? Yes.
        Will I be able to resume
        normal activities? No.
        Will I get my rights backs?No
        Will travel restrictions in place be eased? No.
        Will curfews be cancelled?No
        Will the lockdowns end? No.
        Will the totally absurd rules and mandates continue?Yes.
        Can I visit loved ones? No.
        Can loved ones visit me?No.
        Will I have to take even more vaccines regularly? Yes.
        Will this lunacy ever end? No
        After listening to all that – it all sounds great! Sign me up for this vaccine as soon as humanly possible!!!?

      6. We are only slaves or sheep if we allow ourselves to be –
        I do not fear anything – death included.
        If any politician or any other authority thinks they can run roughshod over me and my constitutional rights and liberties they will be in for a rude Awakening –
        Watching the news today the La AG refused the death penalty of a MS13 gang member.
        Let me be very clear if any of my family gets hurt by any illegal – The politicians and the Judicial system will pay dearly.
        Wake up and grow a set – Where the hell are the alpha males – are they all now metrosexuals?? I have not read one story where a family member exacted true justice for a family member – this country is toast

        • “I have not read one story where a family member exacted true justice for a family member”

          The townspeople used to wear their Sunday best to event, like those.

          “Where the hell are the alpha males…”

          There seems to be a pheromone, emitted.

        • The majority of alpha males are too busy being CONTROLLED by their wife..
          They traded their FREEDOM for marriage and a lifetime of being CONTROLLED by their wife..
          They must do as told,plain and simple..
          If they refuse to do as told,it usually doesn’t end good for the men..
          Stay single guys..

          • There are comportment and deportment, one’s inward and outward life.

            Be outwardly impeccable.

            She, and your dog, and the help will know whether you are crazy enough, without one libelous word spoken.

        • @Jakartaman, there are no such things as alpha males anymore.Might be extinct?
          Nowadays,most guys have been feminized into getting in touch with their “feelings”.
          The rest of the “men” are too busy plucking their eyebrows,
          grooming themselves and
          using feminine make-up?

      7. Then I guess the Pandemic won’t end until I am dead or vaccinated by force.

      8. “wealthy countries should also share their COVID vaccines with poorer nations.”
        “specific percentages of their vaccine stocks that should be given to poorer countries”

        They are still trying to prioritize prolific consumers vs. uncontrolled breeders.

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