Fauci: Life Will “Return To Normal” By Christmas

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    Head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci has said life in the United States will almost return to normal by Christmas, if people get vaccinated and then still social distance and wear masks.  That doesn’t sound “normal.”

    In fact, Fauci even said vaccinated people are still going to have to take precautions and “measure risk factors” when contemplating activities. But if the vaccine works and protects these people, why do they have to still worry about getting and spreading COVID-19.  Things are not adding up and haven’t since this thing was declared a pandemic back in March of 2020.

    In an interview with MSNBC, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warned that there were many variables at play and returning to some sort of normalcy “is not a mathematical formula…it’s a question of estimates.” But he agreed with President Joe Biden’s estimate that things will start getting back to normal “by the end of the year, by Christmas.” -Market Watch

    The ruling class is still going to try to eliminate small businesses like restaurants and attempt to force the public to wear masks. Even though they want people vaccinated. Fauci also specifically said that once vaccinated, people will still need to separate low-risk contact from higher-risk public activities.

    Is anyone still falling for this? Or is this the lull before they pull out all the stops and turn this into an actual illness? We already know many people do not handle this vaccine well at all.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Your “new normal” is going to look just like they told you it would look almost a year ago, even with the vaccine available. Things will never go back to what most would consider “normal”. Fauci said theaters and restaurants will likely still have reduced capacity, and “Maybe you’ll still have to wear masks” in public. “But these are all estimates and so many things can happen to modify that” for better or worse, he said. One concern is that new variants of COVID-19 could cause infections to spike again, potentially interfering with that timeline, according to a report by Market Watch. 

    They are not letting go of this scam.  The big concern now is that many people are figuring out this was an elaborate hoax from the beginning. So what does the ruling class do next to convince the masses to roll up their sleeves and take this vaccine?

    Stay prepared. Stay alert. Don’t put anything past these psychopaths in the ruling class. Use discernment and make sure you know not just what is going on, but why.


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      1. Like you mentioned,is ANYONE still falling for this?
        This covid nonsense is such a crock of shit! Why doesn’t that little weasel say what they really wanna say which is:We are going to continue dragging this shit out as long as possible and by Christmas we’ll come up with many more inane reasons for you slaves to keep obeying these ridiculous rules while all of us are laughing at all of you sheep incessantly behind the scenes! This guy and Prez Bidet are such huge pieces of shit! Most people should realize by now these assholes are just mocking us at this point.They are playing with us as a cat does with a mouse.These psychopaths are NEVER going to stop with this tyrannical b.s.- Never!!

      2. Fear mongering

      3. Fauci should just put on
        twenty full face masks and put us out of our misery of having to look at his lying
        ass face!

        • The symptoms and bullshittery displayed by this ancient psychopath indicate the treatment required is a full body tar and feathering (with cruelty free feathers, of course).

      4. I don’t believe Tony is a real
        “Dr” but I think I finally figured
        out why he is called Doctor.
        Think it has something to do with his uncanny ability to
        “doctor” the covid stats at will to keep the fear agenda
        going and going.Yeah,that has to be it.?

      5. Being told when we will be allowed to return to any semblance of normal by evil people who themselves are nowhere near anything close to normal is eye-opening?

      6. I remember when they tried the ebola scam here a few years ago but it didn’t work because people didn’t fall for it.The deception was right in your face.Videos of patients being transported surrounded by these plastic things where anyone could see there was no one underneath the enclosure.A little boy who was an ebola “sufferer” who was seen dancing right before the news cameras got there who then lay down and acted like he was in pain.Nyc police officers caught on video
        removing rubber gloves and dumping them BEFORE heading into an apartment where there was a severe case of ebola awaiting them.
        A father who was seen pocketing money for crying and acting like his son was “dying” of ebola.Msm reports of everyone dying of ebola in Africa and yet those living in Africa calling family members living over here and saying not to believe the msm over here because what was being reported over here was not actually taking place over there and they would know because they live there.My point is that that ebola scam here in America disappeared quickly because people saw right through the bullshit and did not buy into it.The only reason this covid hoax has lasted this long is because so many sheep have fallen for it.If more people had resisted this covid narrative at the beginning -none of us would find ourselves living this tyrannical nightmare we are now living under.?

      7. Fauci himself however will never return to normal and will forever remain a fascist,tyrannical prick!

      8. Since I am practicing social distancing, I will therefore be unable to get the helpful
        “vaccine”. My astrologist has told me to remain at least 72 inches away from everyone and to also maintain a 6 feet radius from any “vaccine”?

      9. If it is true that only the good die young then Dr Falsi and Bill Gates will be around for quite some time to come.

      10. I had my first wuhan / corvid vaccine shot last night, I was real hesitant about getting it, but with my daughter in law being a nurse and my son being a hospital maintenance man and a couple of others riding me about it, I got mine last night. My left arm is a little sore and I feel a little on the crappy order and have had a headache since last night. It hasn’t helped that I drove to funeral 150 miles away either ( my fault, should have stayed home ).

        • the first vaccine holds an engineered tag/marker that emits a unique antibody through your body so the next generation/variation of coronavirus leads to death because of your antibodies’ reaction to it from your immune system–you are committing suicide with a cytokine storm

        • I never had kids (thank goodness) but I have nieces/nephews ranging in age from 19-26, and they have tried to pressure me into taking the vaccine.
          I simply told them that I was not interested, but I appreciate their concerns.
          I told them that I don’t try to pressure them into getting JOBS and stop living off mommy/daddy,so please don’t try to pressure me into doing something I don’t wanna do.
          If my family doesn’t want to associate with me because I don’t want to put a toxic vaccine in my body, so be it..
          It is what it is..

      11. If we are all still here.

      12. Q.Can unvaccinated people infect the vaccinated? If the answer is yes,then the vaccines do not work.
        If the answer is no,then the ones who don’t wish to be vaccinated should not be bothered by anyone!?

      13. Just out of curiosity Dr. Fauci, what do you call ” normal ” ? Or is this just another CYA moment on your part?

      14. Define “normal”.

      15. Yes Master Fauci. You know everything.

      16. Says FauciBear. Grrrrrr ???

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