The “Experts” Predict Another COVID Surge

by | May 3, 2022 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    According to several reports from mainstream media, the “experts” are predicting yet another COVID surge. They’ve been warning from the beginning that when we think it’s all over, we are going to be hit with another that will “get attention.”

    As CNN reported, in the next few weeks, the US is likely to record its 1 millionth reported Covid-19 death, a number that is so staggering it seems unbelievable. And that’s because it’s been exaggerated to make this scamdemic look worse than it has been. That doesn’t mean something that will actually harm human beings isn’t coming in the future, but the panic over a cold that was hyped up to generate fear in order to get people convinced they need a gene therapy shot has been obvious.

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!


    They Admit It: The Flu Has Disappeared Now That COVID Is Here

    Is the mainstream media ginning up more fear or do they have something nefarious planned that they already know about in advance?

    Dr. Deborah Birx, another medical tyrant, the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force coordinator during the Trump era, said that we can expect surges in cases in the South in the summer and in the North in the winter. During an appearance on CBS News on Sunday, Birx pointed to a new rise in Covid-19 cases in South Africa as evidence. “Each of these surges are about four to six months apart. That tells me that natural immunity wanes enough in the general population after four to six months — that a significant surge is going to occur again,” Birx said.

    If that’s true, then those who have taken the “vaccines” which are showing up in human beings as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) are going to have a hard time fighting off a really nasty variant.

    Whistleblowers: The COVID “Vaccines” Are Causing Cancers & VAIDS

    We also have heard that the bird flu has jumped to one human being so far.

    Bird Flu Jumped To Human In Colorado

    Even though the “experts” are warning new variants will “evade vaccines”, they are demanding all humans get injected and stay up to date on booster shots.

    “We still need to push forward getting those vaccines done to give the highest level of protection we possibly can,” Dr. Anand Swaminathan, an emergency medicine physician, said on CNN over the weekend.


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      1. They need to get the timing just right if they intend to use it as a tool to win the elections.

        They were pretty good at it last time, but people won’t be facing a brand new and unique situation this time the way they were then and it will be harder to get it past them.

        Are they good enough to pull it off again?

      2. The so called experts don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. The scamdemic is over morons. Nobody cares anymore, the more lies they tell the worse they look. We want to live life and be left the hell alone. Take your jab and no job and shove up your gubermint dole ass! I will not comply!

      3. The ‘experts’ are technocratic idiots. Omicron died in the southern hemisphere as they transited to their summer.

        We’re well into spring. People outdoors will through exposed skin make sun-derived vitamin D. The same sunshine is death on viruses. COVID is over in the Northern Hemisphere.

        Attempts to delay this with renewed lockdowns have by and large failed.

        What’s not over is the Globalists Deep State’s biological war against civilians, though. If not COVID, then something else.

        Between a very large population of vax-damaged people with reduced immune systems, inflation reducing accessibility to healthy foods, (where supplies and distribution centres haven’t been simply destroyed) – and dishonest cuts to medical care reducing availability of quality medical care – we are set-up for constant medical disaster.

      4. The “experts” predict.
        Well, there’s our problem
        right there: Too many damn
        “experts” predicting bullshit
        after bullshit after bullshit.

        • Professionalism, the leave things to the professionals attitude, was one of the causes of the fall of Rome as the people became incompetent at taking care of things themselves because they believed they were incapable of it.

          • A major reason for the fall of the Roman Empire had to do with the fact the Roman aristocracy and the ranking bureaucrats were systemically and generationally suffering from extraordinarily severe lead poisoning. The average Roman not so. The Roman leadership were so severely lead poisoned they were all cognitive dullards and bat-shit-crazy.

      5. One thing I noticed during
        the alleged “pandemic” was
        not hearing anyone in pain,
        not even seeing anyone with
        the sniffles and ( I’m not
        exaggerating) not hearing
        people constantly coughing
        or sneezing at all. I don’t
        know about anyone else but
        as far as I can tell – these
        past years have been the
        quietest alleged pandemic
        conditions in history.

      6. Yet another surge ?
        Doesn’t covid ever rest?
        This truly has to be the
        hardest working “virus” in
        the entertainment business.

      7. Are we up to the 557th
        wave/surge yet ?

      8. Since the “experts” tell us
        anyone who dies nowadays
        is from conjob 19 , then,
        what the hell were people
        dying from pre covid ?
        Oh I forgot that no one ever
        died before covid.
        Forgive me – I apologize.

      9. the demo’s are going to cheat in the 2022 election…more drop boxes to steal the election again. This is what this title ” THE “EXPERTS” PREDICT ANOTHER COVID SURGE” is all about… should have a 24 hour camera at each box…

      10. Poisoning the water with venom with bits of a flu virus can happen anytime as long as gov agents do it.

        What protects against Cobra venom protein peptides? Strangly enough all the things they don’t want you to take for Covid……… Zinc, Vit C, D, ivermectin, quercitin, glutathione, N Acetyl L Cysteine and Nicotine.

        What symptoms of venom protein peptides cause? Same for Covid…….Loss of taste and smell for up to a year or so, respiratory problems, fever, and hair fall out after recovery.

        Another thing Pfizer lists “Luciferase His Protein” in their shot I saw on their documents. Who was Lucifer? A serpent. What protein has a serpent? VENOM.

        • Just don’t let a Cobra bite you and you’ll be fine.

        • Well I have never had that “flu” and I take a lot of vitamins and smoke too. So I am covered ya? I haven’t been sick in years. I never wear a mask either. HMMMM… What is that about? Get Prepped, Get ready, your masters are about ready to pull the trigger………..

      11. This is all BS! They want another lockdown so they bring in mail-in ballots again to steal the 2022 mid-term elections. The Nazi/DemoRats know the RED WAVE is about to wipe them out of both houses of Congress and they need a way to keep people locked up so they can fake another mail-in ballot stiffing scam on the American People..!!! The CDC is nothing but another fraudulent private (deep state controlled / NWO) organization bent on destroying the USA. Oh, the CDC is not a government run organization either..!!!

      12. Sure there’ll be another “surge”… once the Death Vaxxx kicks in!!

      13. We knew they couldn’t create just one convid in those china biolabs.

      14. I have personally been expecting a return of the 1918 pendemic. If covid will always be with us as stated by the experts then a resurgence of 1918 is right around the corner. Sac…

      15. YAAAAY, Covid! One more trip around the block. Finish what you started and make sure you clean up the trash (i.e. the unvaxxed, science-deniers) this time.

        Let’s Go Covid!

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