MSM: Omicron Sub-Variant Is Almost “The Most Infectious Disease In The World”

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The mainstream media is doing its best to convince the masses that an omicron subvariant is almost as contagious as measles, which is allegedly the most infectious disease in the world. That could mean the end of people getting the injections, one viral expert says.

    Once a COVID-19 variant “evades vaccines,” people won’t be lining up to be injected with a sauce that doesn’t work.  Even though there is a mound of evidence that proves those injected are not anymore protected than those that are not, they are obviously more worried about the messaging.

     David Montefiori, a viral expert at Duke University, told WRAL that the current COVID-19 vaccines are working well against the current COVID-19 variants, but a new mutation could spell doom for the vaccines. “We are seeing these new forms acquiring increased transmissibility and out-competing the earlier form,” he said. “We will continue to have omicron lineages that will evolve and hopefully not be able to evade the vaccines.”

    But are the “vaccines” working?

    Fully Vaccinated College Campuses Are Seeing A Surge In COVID Cases

    Scientific Data Shows That The Fully Vaccinated Have Become COVID “Super Spreaders”

    Most Omicron Cases Hit The Fully Vaccinated

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky even said these shots can’t stop transmission.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    Instead of scrapping the “vaccines” though, they are pushing for us to get more. Montefiori says the shots should be updated regularly. “I think this virus is always going to be with us,” Montefiori said. “I think it’s going to be something we have to live with.”

    The fear-mongering has died down at least some with regards to the coronavirus and its plethora of variants, but the mainstream media and the ruling class are still attempting to keep people on edge as we wait for the next shoe to drop.


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      1. Only person I know that has contracted Omicron (or any Covid) was early this year and he was fully vaccinated
        Said he had a mild headache and a low fever for several days before it went away.

        As for me? I don’t take vaccines for anything and I never catch anything there is a vaccine for. I have more faith by far in God’s immune system than I do in any man made vaccine.

      2. Montefiori said. “I think it’s going to be something we have to live with.”

        Yeah, like I ( & many others)
        have learned to live with it
        without being injecticided,
        without wearing masks, and
        without living in terror of
        the common cold. Go figure.

      3. and phony 19 was ALMOST
        a pandemic…..but not quite.
        Not even close.

      4. As they say: evil never rests.
        Cue next fake crisis and/or
        plandemic in 3 – 2 – 1

      5. Covid is so over. In fact, it
        never even started.
        As pandemics go, this
        particular one was pathetic.

      6. Actually, the most
        infectious disease in the
        world are the psychos behind
        all of this. They are the real
        plague upon humanity They
        are the real disease that
        needs to be eradicated.

      7. It’s baaaaaaack! Catch it while you can, shitheads! Remember, DEEP breaths…
        DEEEEEP breaths…

        Let’s Go Covid!

      8. Holy shit Dr Jones, we have cold, flu and respiratory viruses that circulate among the human population? Who would of thought OMG, we are not allowed to catch a cold anymore! You will be cancelled for a sniffle in May! Drop dead morons, this isn’t March 2020 and the Medical Industrial Complex has lost all credibility!

      9. Para
        [email protected]
        01/11/2020 7:27


        Vladimir Putin – President

        Note: This document was sent to Germany, Russia, China, Japan, France, and England through respective embassies in Brazil.


        This information comes from the Plejarens, registered copyrighted in Switzerland, attached (04)files.
        Covid-19 incubation period goes from four weeks up to twelve weeks in some cases, any vaccine protects for a few months only, this virus is transmitted via de air, all fabric(Cloth) masks are unsuitable even more dangerous, most FFP2 and FFP3 available at the market has no full protection due to low-quality product.
        The coronavirus can bring about mild or severe organic damage to all organs, consciousness, and blood vessels. The coronavirus also befalls pets and all other mammals. There is no life-long immunity even after the end of the pandemic corona will continue to exist for all time, there is no herd immunity.
        Various organic afflictions, which arise due to the coronavirus, settle undetectably as an impulse(organic structure with energy) in the organs and can trigger completely different ailments and diseases years or decades after a recovery. Treatment must observe different ethnic and blood groups, do your research here
        In Switzerland, contacts with Plejarens have been happening since the 1940s and continue today and will continue in the future. These contacts are considered false by the scientific community induced by four powerful groups behind governments, their agencies, religions, and sects whose sole purpose is masking the message brought to all people of the Earth.
        “All economic, political, and religious philosophies on Earth are false. These philosophies lead you to an Overpopulation for profit, causing fauna and flora extermination, and climate change. All this competition and stress brings hating, crimes, anxiety, depression, suicides and all kinds of psyche unbalance, creating wars and conflicts that will never cease until the population reaches a number that is in balance with the natural renewal of the planet’s resources which is about 529 million for this planet, 1.5 billion still manageable, in the other hand, manipulate DNA bringing life expectancy to eight hundred years before the end of this millennium.”
        Finally, worldwide birth control is the way out, all these false philosophies disappear naturally with proper population numbers, and even fauna, and flora recovers partially(much is lost forever). The four groups work against birth control with all means for profit, people’s well-being is not their goal(objective).

        Kind Regards
        ……………………………, MD – Brazil
        geologist – 11/01/2020

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