Fully Vaccinated College Campuses Are Seeing A Surge In COVID Cases

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    The ruling class continues to tell everyone else that these “vaccines” are safe and effective. At this point, perhaps they don’t know the meaning of the word “safe” or “effective,” unless “effective” means something other than being able to stop the transmission of the virus.

    Some rulers have actually said these shots are worthless now, while others have kept the propaganda going strong to maintain their grip on power over others.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    The mainstream media claims that cases are spiking on college campuses because, despite the rapid spread of the omicron variant, most schools are beginning their spring semesters in person. Just 14% of colleges are beginning the semester online, according to new data from the College Crisis Initiative. This time last year, before there were vaccines, about 40% of colleges started online.

    “You feel the stress on campus,” says Aisha Ghorashian, a senior at the University of Oregon. Despite having a student body that is more than 96% vaccinated, her university logged 960 COVID-19 cases in the first week of January as students returned to campus. Ghorashian was one of them. “People, I think, don’t feel safe,” she says. “You see that double masking and you see those N95s that I’ve never seen people wear before.”

    Colleges are some of the most vaccinated places in the country, according to NPR. By September 2021, 74% of college students had received one dose of the vaccine – compared to 54% of the general population in that same month, according to a study by the COVID States Project.

    University of California Berkley’s 99% Vaccinated Football Team Has A COVID Outbreak

    For students, there’s a lot of uncertainty around how this semester will pan out. Senior Sophia Kriz is back on campus at Dartmouth College. The school is requiring all students to get a booster shot by the end of this month. It also implemented weekly testing and moved most of the social activities online, although classes remain in-person. –NPR

    Even with two shots, and boosters, the cases are skyrocketing. This can be evidenced by looking at Israel, and now, college campuses in the United States.

    Israeli Study: 4th Dose Of COVID “Vaccine” Is Less Effective

    Israel’s Vaccination Program Is Failing: 6 Month High In New Cases


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      1. Q) Does the Covid “vaccine”
        provide immunity?

        A) Only for the manufacturer.

        • When they finally realize the virus is being produced by their own bodies because they took the needle…

          We do have a pandemic, a pandemic of gullible nimwits incapable if discerning fact from fiction.

      2. Recently saw a sign which
        pretty much sums up the efficacy of these alleged
        It said:

        ALL RISK
        NO BENEFIT

      3. Oh wow! Wow gosh gee screw me… I’m glad I was not smart enough to go to college and rack up all that debt, then spend the next ten years trying to get somebody else to pay for it, just to go back to the same school to help teach the next generation of hopeless youths become even more of highly educated idiots then meeee. just to get vax after vax and still get the same covid as those “unclean fools”… Fuck did we get lied too?

      4. GOOD.

        • Fuck you, you soulless piece of shit. How dare you wish Covid on college students!? Just because you weren’t smart enough to get into a college doesn’t mean you should want those who were to get Covid. Herein lies the problem with you trump-worshiping, Covid-denying, anti-mask, anti-vax shitheads. Y’all are too stupid to live and you want the rest of society to follow suit. Well, the majority of American society have functioning brain cells (unlike you and most everyone else on this site), and we are sick and tired of you shitheads prolonging this pandemic. YOU are the reason this pandemic won’t go away. YOU are the reason our democracy is falling apart. YOU are the fucksticks ruining what used to be a wonderful country. Y’all can FUCK all the way off. ?

          • Cry more. Nobody cares.

            • You may consume my excrement whenever you’re ready. Have a Covidful day 🙂

          • Wow, well you are such an astute person with eloquent intelligent use of language, how could I not be swayed to your argument?

            You read a lot into a single word, dipshit. You are a post turtle.

            • Then explain yourself. What does “GOOD” mean with no other context besides the title of the article?

          • Make sure you get your 5th booster to stay extra safe for a disease that has a 99.7 percent or better survivable rate moron! In case you missed the memo librat, the shit shots do not stop or prevent covid. Get it through your brain dead brain ! BTW zero shots for me and no COVID ever!

      5. OH my goodness, people get sick after the shots cause this is so normal with all the other vaccines we got as kids right! Can’t see the writing on the wall guinea pigs! The covid shit shots do not stop or prevent illness!
        I haven’t had a sick day from work in 5 years.
        Cold Green tea every morning with my slew of vitamins. Get hosed Big Pharma cause you do not manage my health, I do! I will not comply!

        • First day of med school; A patient cured is a customer lost.

          Pop Quiz; Whom said; ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and why?

      6. Has anyone here stopped to think the maybe Slac Mavo might be a DEMONrat operative who’s trying to kill you all off with misinformation? Think about it…if you’re able.

        • Logic fail. So he’s in cahoots with all the other guest authors and all their supporters?

          Probability check. The conflict of interest lies with the money; big pharma and their subservient media and government connections.

          Oh wait, you already portended that I do not have the intellectual capacity to make such a judgment.

          Doieeeee! Foiled again by the hubris of trolls whom talk down to people they disagree with. I’ll just never be able to keep up or win with these people, they’re too good. I need to question myself more often and reconsider my entire life. That is really helpful advice, thank you for taking time out of your day to share.

          See you coming a mile away partner. Fail. Thanks for playing, please come again.

          • I suppose my theory is every bit as plausible as the prevailing opinion here that every politician, doctor, scientist, and world leader is using vaccination to kill off the entirety of civilization, huh?

      7. The worst of this IS that we know this vaccine is also mind altering and so these college kids may just be our new mindless idiots, Worker-Bees with no mind of their own just as the NWO wants.

        • You’ve been dipping into that conspiracy theory again, better take a break.

          Clint Eastwood; “Did they put something in the vaccines that turns everyone into assholes?”

          That’s a bonafide real quote son, you can take that to the bank.

      8. Only 0.08% of the worlds population have died from the ” Plandemic”?

        It’s an American made bio-weapon designed to win the last election and stop trade negotiations with China.

        We must stop this madness!

        Resist and the Devil will flee from you


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