Israel’s Vaccination Program Is Failing: 6 Month High In New Cases

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Headline News | 23 comments

The vaccine, which is becoming an obvious part of an agenda, is failing in Israel. With almost 93% of the country fully “vaccinated” against COVID-19, their cases are at a 6-month high.

Israel has administered at least 16,821,374 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 92.9% of the country’s population. Obviously, the vaccines don’t work at prevention or transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (its existence is still in question) so why are the rulers bothering anymore?

We know they are lying and we know this vaccine is a part of the agenda or they would not be pushing it to this extent.

Image: Israel’s mass vaccination nightmare worsens as nation reaches a six-month HIGH in new covid cases


Despite having an authoritarian police state that pretty much requires all citizens to get “vaccinated” in order to live, Israel’s current state of public health is dismal at least as far as “positive” test results are concerned. Now deaths and hospitalizations and cases are skyrocketing especially since the country started implementing the third dose of these shots.

The country is now set to institute another lockdown. According to a report by Natural News, new restrictions will go into effect on Sunday.

“New rules for the education sector were also set to go into effect Sunday,” ToI reports. “Classes for pupils in grades 7-12 in communities listed as ‘red’ or ‘orange’ will only be allowed to open for in-person learning where 70 percent of pupils have received the first dose of the vaccine.”

“Pupils in classes where fewer than 70% of kids are vaccinated will learn online. This decision will also apply to primary schools (grades 1-6) in three weeks.” In “green” and “yellow” communities, public education will continue on as normal for all grade levels.

Even though almost 93% of Israel has chosen to take the “vaccines,” the ruling class is warning everyone can still get sick and die. “The risk for everyone one of us to contract the disease is the highest since the beginning of the pandemic,” announced Prof. Eran Segal, a computational biologist from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and one of the Israeli government’s top coronavirus advisors.

How is it possible that this risk for everyone is higher now when Israel is approaching a 100% vaccination rate? These are just more questions we aren’t supposed to be asking or even thinking about.

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    1. Anonymous

      Every time you hear about the number of “cases” keep in mind that that has little or nothing to do with the number of people that are actually sick, hospitalized, or that die from it.

      And those last three categories are the only ones that really count.

      Except in politics where the total number is the only one that counts.

    2. Reprint

      quick 2 minute video:
      one of many side effects
      “vaccine enhanced disease”

    3. JRS

      The vaxx isn’t supposed to prevent infection. And they have said this.

      But with each successive shot, the dollars pile up in the tiny hat accounts that own the rights to the vaxx. Soon the pills will be distributed, and the same tiny hats will again rake in the profits.

      Big smiles, expensive whiskey, and fat Cubans all around.

      Besides, there is an energy crisis, and Israel has no crude. Their production went from about 400,000 barrels per day in 2020 to zero barrels in 2021. This is why they must import or steal their oil from Syria and the Kurds. If they keep the people on lockdown, it saves fuel.

    4. Woogie

      They are toast. It is such a sad thing with such eagerness to commit suicide. They left their God and according to Dr Zelenko, took the mark of the Beast.

    5. Awaken

      Wake Up

      No to Masks

      No to Jabs

      No to Tyranny

      • Jocko

        No to Microchips

    6. jo

      If you believe anything israel or a jew says about this wholly jewish vaxxine death shot, you are a fool.

      • Anonymous

        Trump is a Jew?

        I didn’t know that.

      • RK

        If you believe anything anti-Semitic goose-steppers like “Jo” here say about Jews, you deserve every bit of the death and damnation that’s coming for you.

        Hint to you “anti-Zionist” Fauc-heads: if “Zionists” (i.e. decent—unlike you—human beings who want the Jews’ rightful homeland of Israel to continue existing) were really behind these clot shots, native Israelis (at the very least) would all be receiving harmless saline placebos, and Israel would be utterly free of the Wuhan Virus. Instead, “vaxxed” Israelis are suffering and dying at pretty much the same rate as people in every other heavily “vaxxed” part of the world (such as Gibraltar).

        That this poison is afflicting Zion (i.e. Israel) just as much as everyone else who’s taking it tells people with actual working brains—unlike you—that “Zionists” clearly did NOT create this virus, or the clot shot that (in fact) a whole lot of your fellow brain-dead “anti-Zionist” goose-steppers (such as Biden and his fellow illegal White House occupants) are trying to force on us.

        When we’re busy executing the vaxcists for their crimes against humanity, goose-steppers, we’re going to be hanging you “anti-Zionists” from lampposts and sticking your heads on pikes right next to theirs, because you’re WITH those vaxcists and are their whores.

        • SPQR70AD

          RK go back to hell demon jew

          • RK

            No, YOU go back to Hell, goose-stepping vaxcist whore; and take your butt buddy Biden with you.

        • JasonS

          when you say ‘Israel’ I take you are referring to Occupied Palestine?

          • 223

            When you type in JasonS do you mean to type in HabibM ?

          • RK

            Nope. Talking about Israel, rightful homeland of the Jews. The Jordyptian Paleo-Nazi squatters on Israel’s lands have no right to be there, and anyone who supports those squatters against Israel’s rightful inhabitants is going to roast in Hell with Dennis Raimondo and Rachel Corrie and Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and all the rest of your fellow Hebrew-hating gulag-loving goose-steppers.

        • 223

          Dont expect retards to be affected by logic or facts . They re just applying the”never let a crisis go to waste” approach -jews are notoriously hard to govern into submission.

    7. Unknown

      ‘Besides, there is an energy crisis, and Israel has no crude. Their production went from about 400,000 barrels per day in 2020 to zero barrels in 2021. This is why they must import or steal their oil from Syria and the Kurds. If they keep the people on lockdown, it saves fuel.’
      This is new info to me, thanks for sharing.

    8. NoVaxCidentForZme

      I’m pretty sure this is the poster child for the word Insanity? Clot juice doesn’t stop illness but let’s get to booster 8 , 9, 10 lol.
      I m 44, haven’t had a single sick day out from work in over three years. I manage my health and not Big Pharma. I will not comply !

    9. Between Three Centuries

      Israel has succumbed to its own self fulfilling Biblical prophecies of Revelations that its Zionist shills created and deceived most Christians into believing. A prophecy from a Iranian cleric seems to be more accurate that Zionism would end up in the dust bin of history as a failed form of government. Iran has not attacked an other country in 25O years. I think they can wait an other 10 years for Israel to die off from their vaccine suicide. That is why they are not letting themselves be provoked by anyone.

      • RK

        When you get to the Lake of Fire, say “hi” to your false prophet Muhammed and his false god, Islamonazi shill.

      • Anonymous

        Zionism is a form of government lol? There is that intellectual and neurological decline that cones with the jab I guess.

    10. Bobby Lokey

      Who (such as an Adolph Hitler that reportedly tried to exterminate the Jews) could know that any would-be “Jew exterminator” need only frighten “The Chosen” into simply taking a COVID kill shot? It would have saved so much money wasted on bullets and bombs, not to mention world outrage. Hitler must have spent billions on bombs and gas chambers and still didn’t do the job he reportedly set out to do. But heeeere comes a simple little ol’ COVID scare, and the Jews show up in the high 90% of numbers to VOLUNTARILY take the kill shot and be lauded by the whole world for having done it. This stuff is all crazy as all he_ _, isn’t it? Wheeew!

      • RK

        Yep…and when Jews started dropping like flies, all the leftards of the 1940s (like Dalton Trumbo, for one) who looked admiringly up to Hitler (because he was closely allied with their hero Stalin at the time) would have blamed all these mysterious deaths on… THE JEWS! Y’know, that big bad secret cabal of money-grubbing capitalist Jews who are plotting to take over the world… somehow… by committing mass suicide!

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