Scientific Data Shows That The Fully Vaccinated Have Become COVID “Super Spreaders”

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    The government claims that the unvaccinated are responsible for continuing to spread the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) because they refuse to get shot, but the latest data shows that the opposite is true.

    In Ontario, Can., at least, hospital beds are filling up with people who took the jabs, believing they would provide protection against infection. The reality is that the shots are spreading more infection, as well as the new covid “variants.”

    Publicly available data from the Ontario government suggests that the vast majority of hospital admissions throughout the region are fully vaccinated.

    “As per the information, there seem to be 1,327 ‘Fully vaccinated cases’ in hospitals as of January 7, contrasting to only 441 ‘Unvaccinated cases,’” reported Great Game India. “There were 100 patients inside the hospital for ‘partially vaccinated cases.’”

    “There are 119 ‘unvaccinated cases,’ 17 ‘partially vaccinated cases,’ and 106 ‘fully vaccinated cases’ in Ontario’s ICU … The great proportion of patients who screened positive for COVID in Ontario originate from ‘fully vaccinated’ individuals, according to the data.”

    Throughout the province, there were 9,515 cases of the Fauci Flu among the fully vaccinated as of January 7. This is compared to just 1,543 cases among the unvaccinated and 375 cases among the “partially vaccinated.”

    Getting vaccinated will result in the “collapse of our health system,” warns expert

    The situation is much the same in Alberta and Quebec where the vast majority of hospitalizations are occurring in the fully vaccinated.

    In Alberta, there were 258 patients in the hospital for covid despite a “complete” immunization record, along with 19 cases among those with “partial” vaccination status.

    In Quebec, there were 1,948 fully vaccinated patients in the hospital and 1,046 hospitalizations among the unvaccinated.

    Overall, the vast majority of sickness and death is on the fully vaccinated side of the spectrum with very few unvaccinated illnesses and deaths. And truth be told, even these are likely a factor of “shedding” caused by the fully and partially vaccinated.

    Despite all this, the Canadian government is obsessed with vaccines and still claims that they provide some kind of protection. At best, the shots supposedly reduce the risk of hospitalization, we are told. But even this is a baseless claim without any scientific backing.

    According to Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the injections, people who take the jabs are the true “super spreaders,” not the unvaccinated.

    This fact is not stopping Canadian Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos from insisting that everyone get vaccinated regardless of the outcome. In his view, all Canadians should be forced to take the jabs even if many of them later end up having to be hospitalized.

    Duclos announced that Fauci Flu shots will probably soon be mandatory throughout Canada, though not everyone agrees. Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta tweeted that at no point will the jabs be required in his province.

    “Alberta’s Legislature removed the power of mandatory vaccination from the Public Health Act last year and will not revisit that decision, period,” Kenney wrote emphatically.

    “While we strongly encourage those who are eligible to get vaccinated, it is ultimately a personal choice that individuals must make.”

    In India, there is a similar uptick in cases of the Wuhan Virus wherever the injections are being widely administered. In Chandigarh, for instance, 77 percent of all new cases are occurring in the fully vaccinated.

    A world-renowned virologist and former senior officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has repeatedly warned about the risks of getting injected. He says that the vaccinated are becoming a breeding ground for the virus and that the fallout from this will be the “collapse of our health system.”


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      1. The gov’t already knew all these facts a long time ago. Yet, it has insisted everyone get all the covid jabs, our feeble minded prezz goes on saying continuously the entire population needs get the jabs and keep getting them until officialdom says otherwise (and when pharma has made enough money). What a colossal scam! Even with the jabs you can contract covid and transmit covid as easy as the “unvaccinated”. Now it turns out if you have had the jabs you are even more likely to get covid, and be sicker. Your gov’t, my gov’t, our govt has lied lied lied to us! One has no choice but to conclude since the gov’t knew these facts yet insisted everyone get the jabs that the real goals were to help Dems. to win the 2020 election by creating covid pandemic scenarios to enhance their cheating schemes, to help their pharma buddies make tons of money, and to create public policies (in secret) to grab ever more power.

        • Pssst. The people filling hospital beds with Covid right now are the unvaccinated and children too young to have gotten the vaccine.

          • Actually it’s the opposite, I assume you’re being sarcastic?

            • I assume you’re an idiot.


      2. Anything and every thing the Government and their stooges like the MSM is just a huge pack of LIES> Its exactly their opposite The Jabbed are filling up the hospitals and dying. Like Comedian Bob Saget, He took the 3rd booster and dies within a month. A perfectly health guy. There you go more proof. Folks, the game here is to outlast and survive the other 90% of stooges set to die. About 59% of Americans have took the jab. Stay away from all of these spike protein covid spreader idiots.

        • The saddest thing about this whole scandemic is that my closest family members have all taken the jabs, and I might see them all die by this time next year.

          The prospect of being completely alone and having my relatives all gone is very depressing.

          • Agreed. My sympathies, friend, because I’m in the same boat. My dad lives in a retirement community. Those fucking sheep neighbors. Pressure caused him to take three shots. So, It makes me angry when these knuckle dragging “pray for war” goons slather hate on the jabbed – wishing them death. It very much shows their fear and insecurity level. I personally wish these cretinous, awful, jackasses would crawl into their bunkers, rip into their MRES and shut the fuck up.

            • This comment makes absolutely no sense. So, typical for the mental lightweights here, I guess.

            • Look up PPD or Paranoid Personality Disorder and it’s all laid out right there for you.
              Notice the similarities?

          • First of all, I had no idea there was a “scandemic” going on. What’s a “scandemic”? Anyway, sh!t for brains, the only one dying in the next year will probably be you. You and the rest of the clowns here are too stupid to live and y’all keep proving that daily.

      3. More than 47K illegal migrants failed to report to ICE after release in past 5 months
        ht tps://


        • That’s less than 10,000 a month.

      4. Insurance companies are refusing to pay life insurance for the vaxxed. It is in the same clause as suicide because it is an experimental therapy. Damm people are stupid.

        • Proof please. Your comment is bullsh!t.

          • Go away liberal troll

            • Go f@ck yourself with something hard and sandpapery.

        • Do you have any supporting evidence for that?

          I can’t find any.

          What has your life insurance agent told you?

      5. Love to see real proof people die from the to have the people’s names that died from the vaccine.

        • 970 people died after being given a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine shot. Of those deaths, 495 occurred following a Moderna shot, and 475 occurred following a Pfizer shot.

      6. Off topic;

        Where has poster “AI” gotten off to?

        • Where has poster “AI” gotten off to?

          Maybe – Aliens, Slug people, Politicians, grocery store employees, Oh God – how the list is soooo long – has abducted IT.
          So, please refrain from mentioning that presence any further, let’s not push our luck.

      7. I am all for freedom of choice, but it appears here that similar to the MSM you are not reporting fairly. You are not saying for instance what percentage of the population are vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This is an important point as if 95% of the population are vaccinated, then as a percentage of people being sick it now swings the other way, in that more unvaccinated people as a percentage of those vaccinated are now getting COVID. Looking at web data only it shows 75% of Canadians are fully vaccinated (quick look). Therefore we would expect a point of equilibrium being that of 100 people in Canada having COVID, 75% would be vaccinated and 25% would be unvaccinated. a 75/25 ratio. Looking at Quebec model that shows 2000 vaccinated versus 1000 not vaccinated being that we have a ratio of 67:33 which equates closely to the percentage of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. Just saying .. no need to resort to the MSM tricks .. keep reporting fairly and the truth will come out.

        • If the vaccinations and hospitalization rates are equal, this implies that the vaccines do not work. If they reduced hospitalization – as is the claim – we would expect the ratios to be inverted … a larger percentage of unvaccinated should be hospitalized.

      8. This is why the CDC reduced the quarantine time from 14 days to 5 days because the infected are still contagious and will help to spread the virus even more. If you have not woke up to the fact they ARE trying to kill off most of us, you probably won’t until you’re in one of the new crematoriums they are building everywhere to handle all the deaths that are here and getting more every day.

        • So, let me get this straight. The 99% of the world’s doctors and virologists who got the vaccine and the booster did so because they knew it would kill them? That makes so much sense… How about all of the politicians (both Dem and GQP) who have gotten the vaccine and the booster? Did they all have a death wish as well?

          • Those jabs the politicians supposedly got, were probably just saline. Just to fool the rest of us.

            • I hope no one young, or old, or any animals for that matter, depend on you for their care. You should seek mental help immediately.

      9. The only new variant being spread is Omicron, and that variant came from Southern Africa, which back in November 2021 was under-vaxxed.

        Everyone assumed the 100% vax obsession was about removing the control group or ADE-ing newer, more pathogenic variants. Which it likely partially was.

        However, the real threat may have been the natural unvaxxed immune system interacting with the virus to produce mild COVID variants. It always been understood viruses evolve to be milder. That is, within their genetic capacity – a genetically deadly virus doesn’t have much room to evolve to be less lethal.

        Omicron’s spike protein changes go far beyond vax-targeted receptors, suggesting reaction to a full-spectrum immune response while co-infected with a coronavirus cold.

        • Sometimes catching one disease protects you from catching another one (i.e. Cowpox vs Smallpox).

          Wonder if it’s that way with Covid and something else as well.

      10. What makes me mad as hell,
        there is not one single congress critter, governor, mayor or blood sucking parasite politick that will even mention the possibility of an Adverse side effect from an experimental shot.

        What are they waiting for? Do they think this is going away? People are angry, I got the shots , what do you mean I got COVID? You just need 3 moar boosters to stay safe!

        The Rogan-Malone podcast has gotten 50 million views already. Should bring a joy to our faces. Impeach Brandon, I will not comply!

      11. Who let the fuckin liberal trolls in here

      12. What a crock of shit? Seriously, Who let the dogs out, to lie, cheat and poison us with their jabs and other nonsense?

      13. The MRNA tech are not vaccines. The CDC or FDA Phizers conglomerate changed the very definition and what the shots can’t do is stop or prevent transmission. I’m not worried about cold like symptoms and haven’t had a sick day from work in 5 years. This BS cannot blowup in the faces of the elites fast enough!
        I will not comply! I ll be homeless first!

      14. Aapparently you didn’t read the article, Mr. Darwin. Are the words too big for you to understand? You are a nasty one though.

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