JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon Says Un”vaccinated” Won’t Be Paid

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, says that working remotely is no longer an option, and if his employees want a paycheck, they need to have several doses of a vaccine in order to access the building where they will work. Dimon has threatened to fire all workers who continue to refuse to get injected.

    Dimon told CNBC that under the company’s vaccine mandate for its New York City headquarters, unvaccinated workers cannot enter its offices. Those workers also don’t have the option to remain unvaccinated and work from home.  Their choices are to get vaccinated or to get fired.  “To go to the office you have to be vaxxed and if you aren’t going to get vaxxed you won’t be able to work in that office,” Dimon said Monday. “And we’re not going to pay you not to work in the office.”

    But this isn’t that big of a concern, considering 97% of JPMorgan Chase’s staffers based out of the company’s main headquarters in Manhattan are vaccinated, according to Dimon.

    “Complying with the requirement means either submitting proof of vaccination by the January 14 deadline or receiving an approved medical or religious accommodation or state-permitted exemption,” a source with knowledge of the bank’s policies told CBS MoneyWatch while noting that the same deadline does not apply to branch staff. 

    His remarks come after Citigroup, the fourth-largest bank in the United States, took a hardline approach to vaccines. The bank is demanding that workers get their injections by the end of this week or risk losing their jobs under the company’s vaccination rules. Employees with qualifying religious beliefs or medical conditions will be exempt.

    The Ruling Class Will Monitor The Use Of “Vaccine Exemptions”

    The definition of “fully vaccinated” continues to change as well, with the ruling class continuing to add more boosters onto an already two-shot program. Others have suggested getting shots every few months in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

    Booster Shots For Everyone! FDA Authorizes a Third Shot For All Adults

    All of these mandates from employers are coming as the CDC’s own Rochelle Walensky admits the shots don’t stop transmission, and therefore, do not stop infection.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    Pfizer’s own CEO Albert Bourla has also admitted that the “vaccines” only offer “little, if any” protection. 

    And yet, the push to inject every single human being on this planet continues.




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      1. With the ASSC decision against government forced vaccinations there is no long an implied liability protections from adverse reactions to private corporate forced vaccinations.

        Some law firm should be gearing up for this, it could be a real money maker for them if anyone is seriously injured or killed by them.

        For that matter, religious objections no long have that as an escape clause and this might be pursued as well on civil rights violations with forced vaccinations ignoring reasonable religious accommodation grounds.

      2. To the employees of JPM, make this Demon fire you and sue the shyte out of them! The EUA expired on the 15th of this month. I would like to think the Nuremberg code formed of informed consent applies now. How is this not coercion? Take the mrna tech juice or starve! I will not comply and let’s go Brandon !

      3. All unvaccinated customers should fire Mr. Dimon.

        He’s too stupid to manage their money

        • Right on target Marilynne!!! I will most definitely close my accounts if they go through with it.

      4. Hint to vax skeptics of the general public:
        Is your money kept there.

        That has never been explicitly laid out, yet.

        “…for its New York City headquarters, unvaccinated workers cannot enter its offices.”

      5. Well first off I’d sue the crap out of the bank or any corporate that thinks they have the right to inject me for any job since it only applies to the medical now so corporations better check their lawyers before they become insolvent themselves!

      6. What’s that saying? Go Woke, Go Broke. Fook him and his nwo bank. Vote with your wallet, STOP shopping amazon, walmart, cokeacola, big banks, big social media, anyone who is a commie corp. fools. I can’t believe how many people complain about all the sheet going on yet are more than happy to support their enemies, damn people are sooo fkn STUPID!

      7. Pretty much anything you can get on amazon you can also get on ebay. A lot of times for a lower price too. FKKK amazon.

        • I go to local brick & mortars to find what I need first, then eBay. Lots of times you can even get what you bought with no shipping cost. Sometimes in the bidding you can get a great deal. But if I have to pay an extra buck or two for the same item I still prefer eBay. I see Amazon as a site just for mere consumerism, whereas eBay is for a more thinking person. Just my opinion.

      8. Totally illegal. Why do Americant’s accept this type of bull shoot? Because they are WEAK and want to do as little as possible with max gains. As a whole we could over throw the liberal fooksticks that want to kill us. There are more of us then them and we can have “special elections” to get rid of all the corrupt politicians and replace them with fresh minds and hearts. Also, no more lawyers!!! It is beyond time for the next revolutions!!


      10. if this isn’t THE foretold “mark of the Beast” it is a close second and meets ALL of the criteria.

      11. This covid hoax has opened the doors to all kinds of opportunities for not only gov’t power grabs but also for corporate entities to take advantage of people. This likely includes the ongoing booster jabs one will have to keep getting to save their job. And since it’s all done in the name of fighting covid they have the blessing of the gov’t.
        Maybe owners of the buildings and the city gov’t in NY city have something to do with this decision. Maybe they don’t want to see people working at home and cause their buildings to be empty and unnecessary, and therefore not generate revenue for them. If the buildings are rendered unnecessary then rents aren’t being paid and less taxes are being collected.
        The center of banking, investment houses, and finance are located in NY city and spreads it tentacles across the US. I recommend to everyone they do what they can in their way to avoid financial transactions that ultimately wind up in these banks, investment houses, and financial institutions.

      12. And may I ask what are the snowball chances in hell that this Demon is Vaxed himself? Yeah didn’t think so!

      13. I guess when 50 percent of the work force can’t work because toxic shots we can count on a systemic civilization collapse. All apart of the Great Schnob Reset?

      14. If you have a Chase account of any kind. Close it, move your money, credit cards, mortgage to another bank.

      15. Sue this phucktard into the ground. Serial offender.

      16. Boosters for Bankers? Where can I make a donation for this campaign?

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