Booster Shots For Everyone! FDA Authorizes a Third Shot For All Adults

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The Food and Drug Administration has authorized booster shots for everyone! All adults who have already gotten two shots should line up, obey the master’s commands, and get the third dose. Anyone who thinks it stops here at three shots is delusional.

    Previously only people ages 65 years and older, or those at higher risk of infection, had been eligible to receive the booster shots. “This emergency use authorization comes at a critical time as we enter the winter months and face increasing COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations across the country,” Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said on Friday.

    Pfizer CEO: If You Dislike My Product, You’re A Criminal

    This is just one more movement of the goalposts. These shots are going to be required repeatedly going forward and that has always been the goal. They have actually already told us as much. You will be expected to comply.

    BioNTech CEO Says “Booster” Shots of Pfizer Vaccine Will Be Required Every 12-18 Months

    If you choose to not comply, there will be “punishments.” They are not going to make your basic fundamental right to be free easy to obtain.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    The agency had previously approved a booster dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for adults who had received their initial immunization at least two months before. According to Yahoo News, there’s no downside to getting a third shot. Ted Ross, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Georgia in Athens said the government bought so many doses so long ago that many will go to waste if they aren’t used soon, Ross who got a booster shot himself.

    Has anyone else noticed that there’s a shortage of literally everything right now, but oddly enough, there are plenty of supplies available to inject the world? Billions of syringes, needles, and goo for every human on earth are readily available, but there are empty shelves at the grocery store. Odd how the supply chain shortages affect everything except these shots.

    We live in the strangest of times.  Nothing these sociopaths do makes sense anymore when even the smallest level of logical critical thinking is applied. And yet, there are still people who believe there are some who have the right to rule them, and they are obligated to obey. We need to evolve past needing a master and being slaves. Until we realize no one has a higher claim over our life and property than we do, we will be treated like submissive slaves.


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      1. At least they did extensive testing to make sure it’s safe to have that many shots in a short period of time first.

        We can be truly thankful the FDA has our best interests at heart as we approach our national day of thanksgiving.

      2. “If you choose to not comply, there will be “punishments.” They are not going to make your basic fundamental right to be free easy to obtain.”

        There are punishments for TREASON as well.

        A short drop… with a sudden stop.

      3. Ted Ross, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Georgia in Athens said the government bought so many doses so long ago that many will go to waste if they aren’t used soon.

        Yeah, we wouldn’t want some
        ?diabolical poison☠️
        to go to waste.?

      4. The members of the cult
        of the covidians are probably
        already forming lines to be
        sure they are the very first
        ones to get their next shot.

      5. Yawn, Covid is so March 2020. Pound sand medical gestappo. I will not comply!

      6. All by design, it seems to me. Decades of slow-motion set up, coming to fruition as we watch. I’m waiting for whatever Black Swan comes winging our way…

      7. The demand that we all get the shots does not add up. Scientifically it is unnecessary. And scientifically questionable. Big pharma will make $150 billion this year. And $150 billion next year. Corruption. And the world’s rulers are using the Covid for totalitarian reasons. Freedom is dead. And it will be for a long time. Big government, big pharma, big tech, big media, the medical industrial complex, etc. have total control now. They control our access to food, medicine, health care, fuel, heat, electricity, travel, work, our bank accounts, and education. This is going to get much worse. Sort of a digital gulag. It must be destroyed. Great suffering is about to begin. They are prepared to unleash another bio weapon on us.

      8. Well, since I’m here…….Dr. Kary Mullis received a Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR “test”. He says the CDC and the WHO intentionally miss used the “test” in order to get positive results. Dr. Mullis says the CDC and WHO actually produced 97% false positives. Read that again. And then the CDC and the WHO incorrectly called the false positive tests “cases”. They weren’t cases. Cases are when patients are sick. The people didn’t even have the virus. If you remove the 97% false positives from the reports of actual cases, you no longer have a pandemic. You no longer have a reason for lock downs and forced vaccines. Make no mistake, some of the elderly and high risk people died. But no pandemic. Was this a practice run for the next bio weapon they turn loose on us?

      9. Look at it this way, places like Africa where there is a very low rate, and very low means very low, are being totally devastated.

      10. wow, This is great I get to get this booster shot for FREE!
        I hope all the democrats and BLM and liberals line up for this miracle of science. Ya I know some are saying that the Jabs only last 2 months. Ya I know that some are saying the Jabs greatly reduce my own immune system – effectively giving me AIDS and the affect reproduction capabilities and give us clots in our heart.
        Ya, I know that most of the new deaths from covid are the vaccinated. Even some are now saying that nature immunity is FAR better-wtf. Why is covid not a big problem In Africa where the Jabs are not being used?? How many jabs are we going to need in the future??

        HELL NO – no jab for me – I will take my monthly regiment of Ivermectin and vitamins – I am not smart but I am not stupid!!

        • Thanks Reprint, great video. Been trying to find a video exactly what is shown in this video. All should see it!

          • @Bill, you are welcome.

      11. Many of us will soon be millionaires! Think about it.

      12. Boosters for Libs movement! Anyone who hasn’t gotten the poison snake juice isn’t going to now! Take my job away I don’t give a hoot anymore. I will move to a red state 90 miles to my North where they cherish freedom, the right to earn a living and chose what is right for you.

        I will not comply. Dark times are a coming and we all need to prepare. Have a good amount of of stored food, water , gold , silver and lead. If your able buy a small piece of property you can at least camp on outside a major city.

        • No more….

      13. Like the name implies, I’m gonna rush right down to CVS and get my wonderful booster. Today. The very second the store opens. And I can’t wait. Just like my co-worker friend who not only rushed out there to get the booster jab, he bragged about it. Now, 4 short weeks later, he’s on his death bed with advanced cancer. He’s a 2 time cancer survivor. But with the booster he got, it’s 3 strikes he’s out. But I’ll just ignore facts and science and go knee jerk. Oh wait, I can’t go get a booster. I never took the first 2 jabs. Oh shucky darn, I guess I’m out of luck

        • @Jack Awf, good for you
          and very well said.
          Good to know there are
          others out there (like me)
          who haven’t gotten these
          shots and won’t be getting
          the “boosters” either.

      14. My dad died after his first Moderna shot of a heart attack. I’ll never take it..

      15. Authorize away. That doesn’t mean anyone is getting your jab! Not me for sure.

      16. Whoever is running the FDA needs to be take out with shotgun slugs and then the people need to go to the CDC and do the same. These people are Satan’s spawn and have proven it is they who are the criminals pushing this sick sick sick Plandemic and fake fake vaccine.

        Bill Gates and his foundation is continuing to pursue the funding for BioWeaponry research which Anthony Fauci has managed to drop right in the middle of an unsuspecting public.

        If they are not taken out we will deserved exactly what we get !

      17. Notice how this virus only affected the older people, hardly any millenials. This is an older people genocide. And the CDC only vaccinated mostly older people. ? Satan is in the CDC, governments, globalists, monarchy, Vatican etc.

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