The Ruling Class Will Monitor The Use Of “Vaccine Exemptions”

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The ruling class is ramping up the use of the medical surveillance state by monitoring those who use a “vaccine exemption.” We are truly living in a surveillance police state in which we have little freedom.

    President Biden recently announced a mandate that required any company with at least 100 employees to mandate its workforce. The only way to avoid the mandate is to claim an exemption on either religious or medical grounds. But now they will monitor those who use these exemptions.  Be prepared to be considered a “threat” if you continue to disobey the master and his commands.

    “Unfortunately, as a country, we have experience in dealing with exemptions, but we’ve got to be vigilant there and make sure that people are using them, you know, in the spirit that they’re intended and not abusing them or asking for exemptions when they don’t apply,” Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “That’s an area that we continue to monitor in the days and weeks ahead.”

    There has been massive pushback against the ruling class for their attempt to mandate vaccines. Medical tyranny is taking a turn for the worse, and we should expect it to continue,

    “The American Dream has turned into a nightmare under President Biden and the radical Democrats,” Republican South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said on Twitter in response to the mandate. “They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad.” Murthy claims that businesses are “welcoming” the mandates.  “A lot of businesses are actually relieved that these are going into place,” Murthy argued. “And we’ve heard a lot of feedback from the Business Roundtable and others that this will help create safer workplaces.”

    Except people are bailing on jobs in record numbers and unwilling to go along with this tyranny. Many who don’t consider themselves “anti-vaxxers” are opposed to this vaccine simply because they can see how hard it’s being pushed compared to others. People are beginning to figure out that they desperately want this shot in all of us, and the sooner the better.

    We live in a state of slavery, and people are finally figuring it out. It’s time to work together outside the rigged system and allow ourselves to be free human beings once again instead of slaves.



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      1. ” People are beginning to figure out that they desperately want this shot in all of us, and the sooner the better.”

        That’s the real issue here.

        They’re certainly not concerned with the welfare, or healthfare, of the American people or there would be the same degree of urgency on other issues affecting them (like the illegal immigration and critical industry labor shortages that threaten their lives).

        So what is the real reason and why is it being kept secret?

        Who in a position to ask this question is willing or even allowed to ask it?

        Something to ponder, not that it will do any good to do so.

      2. FWIW, the free exercise of religion is not the free exercise or religion if you have to ask for and receive the governments’ permission to exercise it.

        Nor is the government allowed to determine which religions are valid (State approved) and which are not and further not allowed to determine which of their tenets and practices are to be allowed to be practiced.

        You don’t have to ask permission to exercise a right, a right the government is specifically forbidden to interfere with.

        So even the the granting of an exemption to someone is a violation of the Constitution, not that any one actually cares about that old piece of paper any more or the meaning of the words written on it.

      3. He is gonna have a hard time tracking my exemptions, I rely on the IBF AND THE BCA….International Bowling Federation, and the Bonsai Club of America

      4. The ruling class can kiss my ASS case closed!!!

      5. nothing has changed for thousands of years…….

      6. Hello from Commierado! This BS Tyrannical mandate from our globalist overlords and Big Pharma does not fly with me and only makes my resolve stronger. If this mandate is found constitutional then our constitution is truly dead as disco! I will not comply!

        As a security and hospitality pro of more than 20 years experIence, if i am forced to quit a job i love and cannot make ends meat, I will be moving to the glorious free red state of Wyoming where they already have a vax bill of rights hitting there legislature.

        Big pharma, I am not a lab rat! And if you do your research on the mrna shots and agree to this, then you are the research! I know so many people that felt sick after the first shot and had to go back to the hospital. Its working though right! Yeah its working on your early retirement from this world! Stick your clot shot up your arse big pharma I will not comply!

      7. One religion where people don’t get vaccinated is the Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science), founded by Mary Baker Eddy. I was brought up in it.

        • yes but oddly enough , Christian Scientists can refuse based on religious beliefs yet Native Americans cannot refuse based solely on historical incident of Goverment sterilizing their women and attempting to infect them with smallpox via infected blankets etc.

          let me see if I can say this in the native tongue of my forefathers….fukoff phizer joe .


          Alternatively, Cessationists believe that the works of the Apostles ceased at the Pentecost.

          One Cessationist, Calvinist, Baptist, mathematician and pastor used to calculate for us, again-and-again, how much weight the cripple’s legs would gain, when he miraculously jumped to his feet.

          I said, pray that kind of prayer, then.

          He told the congregation that he had speaking with a witch, on a mountain top. (That was me.)


          afaic, we have a state church and an underground, like in Red China.

      8. The ruling class has become just like a rabid dog and should be hunted down and removed in a permanent manner. They are NOT leaving us any other choice.

      9. How about you take your exemptions and shove them where the sun don’t shine. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY OR DO IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN H3LL BEFORE I TAKE YOUR FOUL SHOT.

      10. How dare the Surgeon Gen. chime-in about the exemptions. He wants to limit them so more people will be harmed by the toxic jab. So much for swearing to “do no harm”❕

      11. They don’t know the difference between the Hippocratic oath and the Hypocrite oath.

      12. A suggestion: Perhaps it is time for all essential workers to insist upon a “non-vaccine exemption”. That is essentially what has already been granted to members of the Senate as well as NBA stars. What makes them so special?

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