Illinois Under Complete Lockdown AGAIN Starting Wednesday

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    All coronavirus scamdemic regions in the state of Illinois are going under lockdown again the day after the election. The state reported 35 deaths and 6,980 new cases on Sunday alone, which means more poverty and house arrest for the entire state.

    According to WGNTV, Sunday’s numbers stop the streak of three straight recording-breaking case days. On Saturday, 7,899 new cases were reported with 46 additional deaths. We know this data is cherry-picked and propagated to get people on board with additional restrictions on their livelihoods and freedom. With Illinois going back into lockdown, this could be the future for the rest of the United States as well.

    COVID-19 Cases Surge As “Second Wave Gathers Pace”, Prepare For Another Lockdown

    With the noted increase in positivity rate across the state, Governor Pritzker along with the IDPH announced Sunday that resurgence mitigations will go into effect beginning Wednesday, November 4 in Region 2. All 11 Illinois regions will be operating under resurgence mitigation efforts beginning Wednesday. –WGNTV

    Any excuse will be deployed to get people to agree to another lockdown. People are not desperate enough to willingly accept the chains of their enslavement, so another lockdown is all but certain in order to foster that desperation.

    As winter approaches, the government is making sure people are going to go out of business, be destitute, and submit to the New World Order.  This is all a part of pushing the agenda and they want people willing to give up freedom for the illusion of freedom. It’s all a part of their plans. Be prepared for this type of lockdown and restrictions to happen all over again.

    UK Heads Into A Second Lockdown Citing COVID-19 Cases

    Fauci’s Warning: “Hunker Down” Over Winter, Second Lockdown Coming

    Stay calm, be fearless, and get any last-minute preps in order. Anything could happen at this point.





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      1. I wonder how these governors/tyrants get together in a room somewhere and decide on taking away our freedoms and locking everything down again? I mean,are they not afraid they’ll catch this ultra deadly,phony baloney “killer” supervirus during one of these secret meetings??

      2. Forbes says:

        Poll: More Than 60% Of Democrats Plan To Vote Early Vs. Less › sites › 2020/10/07
        “Oct 7, 2020 · “By the morning of Election Day, Nov. 3, a majority of votes for president may have already been cast.  who plan to vote early in the 2020 election and those who plan to  voted, compared with just 28% of Republican voters.”

        AP News says:
        “AP-NORC poll: Majority plan to vote before Election Day › article › election-2020-vir
        Sep 18, 2020 · Fifty-four percent of voters say they will vote before polls open on Election Day. More Election 2020:  evidence it means the result of November’s election would never  Robert Schott, a Republican, plans to vote in person 
        DENVER (AP) — A majority of President Donald Trump’s supporters plan to cast their ballot on Election Day, while about half of Joe Biden’s backers plan to vote by mail, a sign of a growing partisan divide over how best to conduct elections in the United States.”

        “Overall, 39% of registered voters say they will vote by mail, well above the 21% who say they normally do so, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The rise is skewed toward backers of the former vice president, 53% of whom plan to vote by mail. Fifty-seven percent of Trump’s supporters say they’ll vote in person on Nov. 3.”

        “Fifty-four percent of voters say they will vote before polls open on Election Day. In 2016, roughly 42% of voters did so.”

        “Trump for months has denigrated mail voting, and Democrats have expressed concern about postal delays that could keep such ballots from being counted. The poll finds ebbing enthusiasm for mail voting: Only 28% of Americans say they would favor their state holding elections exclusively by mail, down from the 40% who said so in April as the coronavirus pandemic was first spreading in the U.S. and before Trump launched his anti-mail campaign.” -AP News

        CNN says:
        “More than 91.6 million Americans have voted so far, as a majority of states are reporting record early voting turnout in the 2020 election. While it’s too soon to know how that record turnout will translate to Election Day, the massive early voting numbers suggest a high level of enthusiasm for voting this year, despite the obstacles of a pandemic.
        These votes represent about 43% of registered voters nationwide, according to a survey of election officials in all 50 states and Washington, DC, by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalist.
        Sixteen states have already seen more than half of their registered voters cast ballots ahead of November 3.
        Nationwide, the more than 91.6 million ballots already cast represent about 67% of the more than 136.5 million ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election.” -CNN

        If the poll that claimed that 54% of voters planned to vote before election day was accurate, what accounted for the huge increase in early voting where 67% of ballots have already been cast? 

        Whether voters changed their minds and voted early, voters lied to pollsters, voters mailed in ballots and intend to attempt to vote in person but will not be able to because people can only vote once, massive ballot fraud has already occurred, or the polls were terribly inaccurate is uncertain.  Any of those things, or any combination of those things could be true.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Looks like they’re recording the shooting deaths as COVID deaths. That media is absolutely shameless.

      4. I lived in that Commie state of IL back in the 1980’s for 10 years, and saw all the corruption and bankruptcy coming then, so I moved to FL. Best move ever. So who is still living there. Property taxes are way out of wack and getting worse. WHy fund corruption. GTFO!!

        • I did the same as you, but i came back in 90s. Wish i was still there……

        • I did very same as you. Came back in 90z. Wish was still there….

      5. I’m just glad that Oprah got all of her Chicago property sold and reinvested in Maui and Telluride.
        That would be just terrible if her and Doctor Phil got locked down.


      6. Hahaaa…the idiots – beginning with Laurie Ligthtfoot – are at it again! Beginning with Sweden it has become all too plain that lockdowns are functionally ineffective on virtually EVERY level. Dr Fakey…Oops, I meant Dr Fauci – really, I did! – has proved to be about as reliable as the moment to moment direction of the wind. It is notable that the Left is SO certain that ‘following the SCIENCE’ is the appropriate response; since when did Demo-craps EVER care about Science, he’ll most of them can’t even spell it.
        So…how’s that working out for you’ll up in Chicago?…LA?…Portland?…Minneapolis?. I’m fairly sure that list suffices to illuminate the ABJECT failure of the entire pattern of mentation of those on the Left based solely on the merits.
        Thankfully, in very short order virtually every municipal Blue bastion will be on the cusp of outright DEFAULT by XMAS, Donald Trump will shortly be confirmed by the Electoral College for a second term and he can (actually) dig in to his long awaited, oft spoken of, Swamp Draining Civic project. Naturally, that must needs begin with him requiring the resignations of Wray, Barry, Haspell and about 100,000 Obama era holdovers; he has met the ENEMY and now knows where to expend his dry powder. Once those are excommunicated from the beuracracy, then – finally – the indictments against Crapper, Bren-ass, the Hildebeast and yes, the Obama nation himself. As well, he will have the mandate he needs to bring the entire lunacy which is the Flynn affair to an abrupt conclusion…and thereafter get Sullivan permanently removed from the bench…with EXTREME PREJUDICE.
        Inasmuch as the Demo-rats have staked thier entire existence on defeating Trump the most likely result of Trump being sworn in for his second term will be the effective implosion of the entire Democratic party along with all of it’s apparatchik’s..Nancy Piglosi, Fucked Scummer, Adam Shit…etc, etc.
        Good God, things are coming up roses everywhere!!! It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day for a neighbor….

      7. Hopefully Sgt. Dale got the hell out of that sheethole! On a better note… Trucks with Trump flags all over town here!

        • Genius, how are you? I also hope Sgt. Dale got out of there. I’m still in north GA living it up. Best move I ever made. I miss you and all the old gang. I wish I knew what other sites they went to so I could say hello to them. Take care. I’ve been fighting “lockdown” all this time any way I could and still doing so. Plus I already voted. Take care.

          • Hey DP. Good to see yer still kickin. The good old days here are sadly gone. Gettin ready for the big shitshow unfolding. Keep your powder dry my man!

          • Genius & Deplorable Renegade, thought U2 were in some undisclosed BOL. Good to see some of the “old gang” here posting.

      8. The information in this particular comment is important. Everyday the MSM issues more shrill alarmist news that the number of Covid “infections” are increasing at a geometric or even an exponential rate. The deep State wants everyone to be tested for Covid, this is part of a larger strategy on their part. For example, they test 50,000 and then say 48,000 have the virus. Or say 100,000 are tested in a day, the authorities claim 90,000 have it. This can rationally mean only one of two things; either the tests are so inaccurate it almost always defaults to show the presence of the Covid virus. Or herd immunity has already taken place; after all, 99.9 % of everyone tested showed zero signs of illness or symptoms.
        The State (especially in liberal states) is rabid in in its desire to test masses of people. The State needs these numbers to validate the claim they must have more lockdowns and create more social policies to constrain the population. My response against the State is simple, just don’t get tested (unless one feels genuinely ill). I refuse to be declared infected, I won’t be added to a data base to be on a list for “vaccination”. If enough people do that it will help remove the means by which the State imposes its will and its designs for your compliance and submission.
        An intelligent and rational response for any citizen is to always hold suspect everything the State says and does, to understand it never acts primarily in the interest of the people. The truth is the State despises you. You are really only a managed disposable resource for its purposes.

        • Bill is absolutely right.One must always remember the most frightening phrase in the English language:”I’m from the government and I’m here to “help”.Never trust them – NOT EVER!

        • There is another angle to this which having occurred to me a bit ago is troubling.
          To wit, every person who undergoes the standard nose stabbing procedure and naturally identifies that sample with their actual identity- whether they are aware of it or no – are voluntarily surrendering their genetic data in doing so. Think about it; what better way could ‘THEY’ get such a vast number of people to willfully – eagerly even – submit to a procedure from which their unique genetic fingerprint could be obtained and once having done so then have that stored in perpetuity.
          I can’t speak for anyone else, but even the notion of that raises the hackles on my neck up to the level of a porcupine.
          Anyone willing to bet that THAT doesn’t underlie this nationwide effort?

          • I totally agree with you.
            I have been saying the exact same thing. Makes perfect sense!

      9. Genius, how are you? I also hope Sgt. Dale got out of there. I’m still in north GA living it up. Best move I ever made. I miss you and all the old gang. I wish I knew what other sites they went to so I could say hello to them. Take care. I’ve been fighting “lockdown” all this time any way I could and still doing so. Plus I already voted. Take care.

        • Hello Old Friend!
          How goes it in your neck of the Woods? Hope all is well with Thee and Thine. We are WELL indeed. Be safe, be well and be Blessed Brother…

      10. We get these general decrees from on high about lockdowns, but we need some names to go with them. Otherwise the homosexuals who run the news media are just sitting up there toying with us and having a big laugh about how easily we all cooperated with their lies.

      11. Ya and where are the flu numbers? It is flu season….thousands die every year from the flu despite a so called vaccine aka flu shot. Wake up people! Take your vitamin c, d3, and zinc. Then eat right and you will either not get it or fight it better….if this was a real pandemic we’d see way more dead bodies…WAKE UP….

      12. If biden wins, HARRIS will really win, and everyone knows it. Half the time, Joe doesn’t even know where the hell he is !!! And both Harris and Joe are MARXISTS, Aerican BOLSHEVICKS !!! And, of course, The Commies also have retained control of the House. So, here we are, the Bolshevicks RUN our ONCE great nation. God help us. Our Republic teders down into Marxism. Add these Goddamned UNNECESARY lockdown to the mix and we are facing the 2nd Great Depression, pretty much guaranteed !!! Way to go, DEMODEVILS !!!!!!!

      13. Trump can declare the emergency over, thus canceling the emergency powers currently bestowed upon mayors and governors nationwide. Businesses can open back up, masks will become optional and life can start to get back to normal with or without covid being a general concern of the population. Then, the DOJ can start prosecuting treasonous mayors and governors (I’m looking at you Pritzker and Whitmer) that refuse to let their citizens go about their business as they please. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will once again reign supreme soon enough.

      14. did the same got out and glad I did.

      15. Vote Democrap and this is what you get. Suck it up!!

      16. “Trump can declare the emergency over, thus canceling the emergency powers currently bestowed upon mayors and governors nationwide.”

        The governors authority does not emanate from the White House; their authority has no bearing on the statements of the President.

        • @Kevin2 Hard to admit it,but,you are totally right. The tyrannical mayors/governors of this country will continue with their authoritative b.s. President really doesn’t have the power to “order” the tyrants to cease the lockdowns. Sometimes,I wonder what these tyrants(such as Cuomo here in NYC) would do with themselves if this so called “health emergency” ever ended. How would these control freaks get their kicks then? I did not vote for this guy and never will. This city has been circling the drain at a rapid pace under his tyrannical watch. Andy was waiting for something like the covid b.s. to have an excuse to exert even more of his “authority”/aka control over the people of this city. Is it any wonder so many are fleeing NYC en masse?

      17. The courts continually strike mandates down but if no one obeyed it would be over. Stop obeying and giving validity to unlawful orders.

      18. dat a biden state who care

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