Gavin Newsome Ready To LOCKDOWN California AGAIN

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    California’s head tyrant, Gavin Newsome is ready to lock down the entire state once again. The latest rigged and fake coronavirus case numbers show that a post-Thanksgiving coronavirus spike is coming, which they probably already planned in advance, considering Newsome says stay-at-home orders may be needed.

    If current trends continue, California will need to take what Newsom described as dramatic, drastic action, including a potential stay-at-home order for areas with concerning hospitalizations and ICU capacity, according to LAist. At this point, draconian and tyrannical measures are already in place in 51 of the state’s 58 counties. Those are in the highest, most restrictive, most dictatorial “purple” tier. There are 6 counties in red, 1 in orange, and none in yellow.

    The state of California also anticipates another large increase in cases within the next 1-2 weeks, due to Thanksgiving activities and gatherings, Newsom said. See how that works? You disobey the tyrants, they will blame it on your refusal to be enslaved and try with everything they have to continue to make you compliant.

    Remember, Newsome was the dictator that said you must wear a mask in between bites of food:

    CA Governor Says “Wear Masks Between Bites” When Eating

    California is also hoping to start mass vaccination for a statistically irrelevant virus in mid-December. The state anticipates getting approximately 327,000 doses in mid-December from Pfizer, Newsom said. The second doses will likely follow within three weeks, and more vaccine is expected soon from Moderna, as well as other vaccines in late-stage trials to come.

    Recommendations are being made this week for the “Phase 1a” vaccine distribution plan, focusing on certain health care professionals, with that plan set to be released later this week, Newsom said.

    Vaccine Chief: The First Americans Will Be Vaccinated For COVID Next Month

    Things are about to ramp up and get really ugly really quick. Make sure you are prepared for what’s coming. They really want to make sure we suffer a “dark winter.”

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      1. “”vaccine distribution plan,focusing on certain health care professionals” Yeah,maybe so the care professionals fall to the vaccine first,so,when the rest of the sheep begin dropping dead from the toxic cocktail – no health care pros will be around to help them. I highly recommend to my fellow commenters NOT to take this upcoming DNA altering vaccination. Don’t take it!

      2. California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc. are serving as great examples of the IDIOCRACY the USA has become. Legislatures & Courts are too cowardly to straighten out the problem. We canNOT have a nation if we allow LIARS and THIEVES to steal our elections.

        The Main Stream Media is complicit in the theft of the election. History shows that many people die when communists take over. We are close.

      3. Cranerigger is right except for one thing. We’ve watched Trump systemically ignore domestic corruption for 4 years. He even pardoned 5 Wall Street megabanks for fraud. Why people are worshiping this hypocrite is beyond comprehension.

        What goes ’round, comes round. We not only need to get rid of Trump, we need to sweep this completely fraudulent regime “government” out of our country. All of it.

        • Dances with penguins

          You going to advocate for Biden? Trump v Biden & Trump v Hillary. A no brainer, choose Trump. “The Establishment” hates Trump; what’s that tell ya?

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