Joe Biden Warns: A “Dark Winter” Is Ahead

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Headline News, ORIGINAL | 6 comments

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    Presidential candidate Joe Biden, in his speech in his home state of Delaware, warned the public that a “dark winter” awaits us.  He isn’t the first elitist or establishment ruling class member to warn us of this either.

    Back in May, ousted vaccine chief Rick Bright has warned Congress of the “darkest winter in modern history” without a ramped up coronavirus response. Meaning, unless you submit to even more tyranny and fully enslave yourselves to the ruling class, it’ll be “dark winter.”

    Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us

    And the term “dark winter” continued to be used by the political puppets and ruling class since.

    “Darkest Winter?” DHS “Prepares” For EMP Attack

    The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything…

    Fauci’s Warning: “Hunker Down” Over Winter, Second Lockdown Coming

    “President Trump said we’re rounding the corner, it’s going away, we’re learning to live with it. They are quotes. But as I told him last night, we’re not learning to live with it. We’re learning to die with it. This is a dark winter ahead,” Biden, 77, said according to a report by NDTV.

    “Already more than 220,000 people in the US have lost their lives to this virus. Worse yet, a new study from Columbia University suggests that anywhere between 130,000 and 210,000 of those deaths were avoidable,” he said.

    “COVID-19 dwarfs anything we’ve faced in recent history and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The virus is surging in almost every state. We passed 4.8 million cases. And when Trump was asked this week what he’d do differently to get the pandemic response right from the start his answer was and I quote, ”Not much. Not much.”,” said the former vice president.

    “We don’t have to be held prisoner by this administration’s failures. We can choose a different path. We can do what Americans have always done: come together and meet the challenge with grit, compassion, and determination,” he said. Unfortunately, we’re all prisoners of the ruling class, put on house arrest last spring for doing no wrong, and most are too deep in their own cognitive dissonance to even understand what’s going on.



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      1. Here is a classic example of a slick marketing psy-op attempting to persuade people into believing that if capitalism did not exist, that we would be living in a Utopian paradise where only humanitarian goals would be implemented by the power structure. They have a very strong motive to persuade people into accepting this myth which can be proven to be a complete lie. They want to keep the system in place. They want to keep the people in place. They do not want to be held accountable for the actual problem, their own crime spree. It wasn’t their fault, it was the system’s fault.

        This article ironically uses the tobacco industry as an example of capitalism run amok.

        This article ironically does not acknowledge that Cuba, probably the most communist country in existence or at least on par with North Korea has sold Cuban cigars for centuries!

        The problem is corruption! Greed, and corruption can still exist in communist and socialist countries, and it has, and it still does. We know this to be a fact because China, Cuba, and Venezuela are all involved in The Big Lie, The Scamdemic, If capitalism is the problem, there would not be corruption in socialist and communist economies.

        Global Research has to their credit been a valuable source of scientific information regarding the Scamdemic, but why it is that Global Research refuses to hold China, Cuba, and Venezuela accountable for scientific fraud and extreme human rights abuses as a result of the Scamdemic is seriously problematic. They blame America, yet will not acknowledge that if America was actually as in control of the world as they claim that it is, America’s economy would be growing at a rate that surpasses China’s, and that America would not have the deficit problems, or the financial problems that it has.

        Most economies in the world are a combination of socialism, communism, capitalism, and agrarianism.
        These are slick marketing tactics.

        China allows private property ownership, private business ownership, and China also has a stock market, so exactly what is not capitalism in China is a mystery! China also has billionaires and millionaires!

        This is all a slick marketing fraud! Should we blame it on capitalism, communism, socialism, or corruption?

        Andrea Iravani

        • Of course Silicon Valley loves Chinese style “communism” because it allows  billionaires,  and the techies also want complete control over everyone’s life, and total surveillance of everyone’s life, and total control of a fake money supply, which by the way also requires that you use their technology! They are the psychopaths that destroyed America, and now they want to assume total control over everything! Hell No! Send them to prison for their crime sprees! from massive Bill of Rights violations and crimes ranging from profiteering off of to 9/11 to covid scamdemic! You are the disease! You are not capable of providing the cure! Oh, and let’s not overlook how faulty the technology is, as well as how expensive! 

          Andrea Iravani

        • ‘Cause China, Cuba, and Venezuela are traditional victims of Western European imperialism.

          The Euro imperialist elite turning more overtly against Westerners and especially Americans and the Anglo-western middle class, is new. They need to reset the power gap between themselves and everyone else.

          Trump is probably the most hated American President in Euro power elite circles since Eisenhower pulled the plug on the British-French Suez war, then warned Americans of the military-industrial complex.

      2. 220,000 deaths in a country of 350 million is .0007% of the population. The median age of death in the US is 78. The average Covid median death age is 78. If you are under 70 there is a 1% chance of death IF you even get it. If you are over 70 you have a 4% chance of death. I’ll take my chances

      3. The only thing regarding a “dark winter” is whatever they have planned. The media is already quoting rising COVID cases and they are setting the stage for future lock-downs, vaccines, and controlling the masses through every avenue possible. I don’t buy their stats for one minute. Too many people who died of this virus also had serious underlying health issues, all the while flu deaths and cases have dropped dramatically. It doesn’t take a genuis to realize we are all being played. I have been out and about since the beginning of the year. I am living my life. I have taken 6 plane trips and planned accordingly depending on what state I was traveling to. I wear a mask where mandated and don’t wear one if given a choice. I have been to Vegas and several casino’s in the NW- what many experts would consider high-risk behavior and yet I survived. I’m not saying this virus isn’t real- what I am saying is even if you get exposed you might not suffer any symptoms or only have flu-like reactions. Personally, I don’t think as a general public that we have reacted the way the ruling elite would have liked or anticipated. It became clear early on, that we were all being fed an agenda and it was about power and control. What I am concerned about moving forward though is what else they are willing to do to make us comply. I am having increased concerns about the grid as that would be the quickest and most devastating event to bring the vast majority in line. Even as a long-time prepper, it startles me to look back on this year and see what they have done and at what lengths they are willing to go to win an election. Will they call martial law after the elections? Will we have rolling blackouts or grid-down to control us? Forced vaccines? Controlled travel, shopping, etc. to those who don’t comply? We are entering the danger zone for sure. I pray y’all stay safe.

      4. I suppose I’m fortunate that I don’t live in fear like the author. Fear just doesn’t seem like a logical response. I was just looking at the numbers for Florida where I live – there were +3,377 cases today with +19 deaths. As the number of cases goes up I’ve been expecting the number of deaths to go up as well but for the last several weeks the deaths are actually going down as a total and as a percentage of new cases – and not just in Florida. So either the virus is weakening or treatment has radically improved (or both). My thinking is that everyone knows this but the folks that write such articles as this one are doing it for political purposes only. So – live in fear if you want but don’t expect us to grasp our pearls and panic like you are doing. That’s your gig so enjoy your fearporn. The rest of us are going about our lives just like we do every year in the presence of the flu.

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