“Darkest Winter?” DHS “Prepares” For EMP Attack

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    The Department of Homeland Security wants you to believe that they give a damn about us. So, they are “preparing” for the “dark winter” we’ve been promised.

    DHS says, in its own government document that it needs to “combat” and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that could drop the nation’s power grid for a substantial amount of time. If we have learned anything over the past 8 months, its that when the government “prepares” for something, it’s actually making us a promise. Will this be any different?

    Richie from Boston noticed the link between a “dark winter” and the DHS’s EMP announcement as well. Richie has been heavily censored on YouTube for speaking against the government and their assistance in pushing us into the New World Order, or Agenda 21. This document might end up foretelling the literal dark winter we were warned of.

    The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything…

    As Richie has said several times before: get ready. “These dudes are going to do this!”

    Read the DHS’ “Program Status Report here.

    What If Your Preparedness Plan Isn’t As Sound As You Think?

    “I’ve been warning you they are gonna do this, and then here they come,” says Richue. The elites have been advertising their plans to us if we decide to pay attention. “They’re gonna knock out the power!” If you haven’t figured out a way to et water without power and a way to eat, please do so now. Buckle up, folks. With the vaccine coming on November 1, a likely EMP attack, and the contested election, we have a bumpy remainder of 2020 to look forward to.

    Agenda 21 Requires Martial Law

    “Here comes the promised ‘darkest winter in modern history,'” Richie says. Prepare, stay alert, and be aware of what’s going on. Itis becoming more imperative than ever that you wake up and realize the reality of the situation we are in.  This can have a great ending, but we need to stand together and reject the government and the guys pulling their strings for good (the last form of slavery). Their power is all in your perception.  The truth is, no one has power over you. You own yourself.

    In the meantime, prepare, and stay in the loop. Knowledge is half the battle especially right now in this spiritual/mental warfare and psyop games being played on us.

    Marin Katusa on U.S. Energy Dependence: “You Want Social Upheaval? Turn Off the Power Grid”



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      1. Hummm…… sounds like a book series I read. The Going Home series, portrays DHS as the bad guys that do this exact thing to the US. A good read it is. 10 books in the series and they are all fast 300 page reads.

      2. Did you mean “DHS” “prepares” for “EMP attack” ?

        Andrea Iravani

      3. shopping list:
        Snow shovel
        Snow shoes
        Winter camping gear

        Ok, I’m ready…

      4. Its possible that the government might shut off the Leccy. and then the Countinuation of Government Cabal would hole up in places like MT Weather. The government states that 90% would die without electric. And the Taking Parasites would perish very quickly. only the healthy Self Reliant who have Know How would survive. And they would need to be lucky. And it would be a Stone Age lifestyle not a regression to the 1800,s. Yes they have told their plan. Its written on those Georgia Guidestones.

      5. Mark,
        Ok the lights will be going out… maybe. Certainly this would be a good time to throw the switch. I enjoy reading a lot of these articles, it seems to be a lot of “doom porn” a times for those of us that are of a prepper mind set, and that’s fine. You have here a platform to inform others on what to do in the event of a (insert crisis here) We are really currently in a time of major crisis going on and it might be a good time to encourage articles about getting ready to meet the challenges ahead that we are going to face and preps to mitigate the impact of the situation. This would really benefit people that are new and just waking up to what’s coming. I know that it has all been done before somewhere but… There really is little time left, but with in reason you can still get stuff done that will be useful across the board for urban, suburban, and rural folks that are new. Sure it’s a bit late if you’re not gonna be able to buy self sustaining farm or even that AR-15 and 4000 rounds of ammo easily or cheaply but there are other options. We need to focus on all aspects of basic prepping while there is still a little time to do so freely. Covering the basics of food, water, energy, etc. for those new and looking for info, bug out bag basics, bug in storage, keeping it simple and cheap… not complaining here, just some suggestions to further the cause….”avoid crowds, be prepared”.

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