CA Governor Says “Wear Masks Between Bites” When Eating

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The ruling class is desperate to have everyone masked up. California’s governor Gavin Newsome says you should wear your mask in between taking bites of food. This lunacy is not ending, but ramping up.

    At least Newsom is being ridiculed on social media after urging diners to wear their masks in between bites.  But The ruling class is desperate to have everyone masked up. California’s governor Gavin Newsome says you should wear your mask in between taking bites of food. This lunacy is not ending, but raming up.he also warned them to “minimize the number of times you take [the mask] off.”

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    There is definitely an effort to make people believe that the masks work and wearing your symbolic muzzle is how to prevent infection from the COVID-19 scamdemic. The Democrat governor’s office tweeted on October 3: “Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend? Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites. Do your part to keep those around you healthy.” Yet, in the same post, there’s a graphic that says: “minimize the number of times you take your mask off.”

    The following Twitter user nailed my sentiments about all of the mask mandates:

    People have started to figure it all out though:

    Newsome is taking heat for these hypocritical and contradictory posts on social media. Some of these governors sure do have a religious addiction to mask-wearing. Even the avatar which was chosen by the governor’s office says: “wear a mask.” With President Donald Trump testing positive for COVID-19, the mask propaganda will increase. Trump himself had already been ridiculed and shamed for refusing to wear a face mask 24/7.


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      1. What a sick, disgusting, evil, psycho!

        Surprising that the fucking psycho isn’t legislating mandatory
        G-tube feeding, so that everyone can wear a mask and receive nutrition simultaneously!

        Then, you can go to a restaurant and have a nurse hook your
        G-tube up to a can of Ensure, and go to a bar and receive
        Intervenous alcohol.

        The psycho belongs in prison for life!
        A worthless, evil, useless, fraud!

        Gavin – Noose Him!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. I got gavin newsome some drop his mask dog shit bites,dropped off in his front yard. Newsome, democrap, part of the PIG committee and a champion shit eater. Elbulleheal

      3. There are door cards, barred windows, and cameras at the no-tell motel, yucky foreign massage parlors, and threatening pot shops, so no excuse for any more-dignified businesses to be open to the general public, unless you are living on subsidies for that.

        Make them pay for certified delivery, or provide adequate security, in situ, owing to social decay.

        Historically, better houses were staffed by a large crew, who never especially interacted with their employer. In the same respect, in which we cover construction areas with tarps and boards, walkways would have been engineered away from the powm’s and craigslist stereotypes. In conservative, meaner countries, there is still policing along the lines of a truancy officer, to ask where they belong during working hours — the same, leftist demographics, who think they would yell.

        Game the system, if you are smart-enough, if this is not the mark and the living end. Live artfully, as you can. But, owe no debts to the kakistocracy.

      4. They reopen businesses and make it impossible for them to succeed.Who the hell wants to go through all these hassles/rules just to eat some food? These govs/”leaders” are such slime.To hell with the whole lot of them! ?

      5. You’re an idiot.

      6. Hey gavin , make sure you put your mask back on between kisses of my arse. Power drunk is the understatent of the year. He and his aunty Nancy don’t want to reopen the economy and actually help the people they so called represent, they just want us to pay for the states precovid coffers that sit empty like Calpers because they don’t want to have to admit theve already stolen the money from the accounts. Meanwhile he’s using the state atf to write anti gun law over night. Not the state legislature, never asked the citizens about it never made a ballot or was voted on. I know these people want to play God, but how’s that work when no matter how hard to be a demgod they know damn well they are not God. Until then mask on mask off kiss my unmasked ass ya drunk on power twit. The day he’s recalled we having a big ol unmasked parade. Coming in 2nd only to the point me when he and aunt Nancy meet the real God, and they are told no vacancy at the pearly gates. But here’s a mask for us both, it’s very smokey where they are both headed, and not soon enough.

      7. There is NO LIMIT to the tyranny the DEMONRATS are willing to impose in their efforts to micromanage your lives. These idiots are represented by Maxine Waters (CA), Crazy Mazie (HI), DTM (Dumber Than Mazie also from HI), Pocahontas, and the rest of the Parade of Idiots. We watched their WITCHHUNT on the President, we watched the travesty of a confirmation hearing on Brett Kavanaugh, we watched their endorsements of the atrocious behavior rioting in large Demonra-run cities, etc. Do you really want this type of governance for the entire country?

      8. Will someone ask this moron how you take down your mask to take a bite and not potentially get the virus on your hands and in the case of finger food eat the virus? See folks how what they say now doesn’t jive with what they’ve said in the past? This is one way you know something stinks. It’s not about a virus it’s about you covering your face, covering your individuality and changing you into something else. SCREW MASKS! Trust me you would rather die than live in a world where your government forces you to wear a mask everywhere.

      9. @Donny,very well said! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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