Trump’s Condition Improved Again Overnight, Chief Of Staff Meadows Says

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Experts, Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Update (0835ET): National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said the president has always been in control despite his illness and hospitalization.

    “Our adversaries knew it, our friends knew it,” O’Brien said on the Hugh Hewitt radio show. “China has a very serious health problem and they need to get it fixed immediately. They can’t keep unleashing these plagues on the wold.”

    * * *

    President Trump’s condition has improved again overnight, according to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

    In an interview with Fox News, Meadows said he expects Trump to depart the White House Monday afternoon, though the decision will be made later in the day.

    “We’re still optimistic that, based on his unbelievable progress,” he will be released, Meadows said in an interview with Fox News, adding that “that decision won’t be made until later today.” Meadows said Trump’s condition continued to improve over the night and “the doctors will have an evaluation sometime late morning.” “Obviously this is an important day,” he said. “The president continues to improve and is ready to get back to a normal work schedule.”

    As we noted earlier, in addition to optimism over a COVID vaccine, optimism about the economic recovery, and optimism about a fiscal stimulus, we can now add another category of “optimism” cited by traders to justify overnight futures ramps (at least for the next few days): optimism Trump will be discharged from Howard Reed hospital any day now, perhaps as soon as today, and then stage a full recovery.

    Of course, fears that the White House isn’t giving the public ‘the whole story’ will create risks that an errant anonymously sourced report claiming Trump needed another round of supplemental oxygen could send stocks plunging.

    Such a turnaround would be remarkably quick, especially for a patient with at least two comorbidities: Trump’s age, and the fact that he’s “slightly overweight”, as Dr. Sean Conley said.

    But National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien said in an interview with one of the Sunday shows that Trump was “in great shape and firmly in command of the country” while he is being treated from coronavirus.

    In other news: Despite spending quite a bit of time with the president recently, Rudy Giuliani has tested negative for COVID-19.

    Meadows reportedly spoke with Trump Monday morning and said that Trump will meet with his medical team shortly.


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      1. They can’t keep unleashing these plagues on the wold.”

        Trump will be discharged from Howard Reed hospital any day now,


      2. This is what I have said about Trump, that he is willing to throw his most ardent supporters under the bus in order to try to gain the respect of his adversaries, who will never ever respect or even stop 
        trying to impeach Trump. It makes no sense to support Trump.

        If Proud Boys started looting, and committing arson while wearing aprons, the media and the DNC would think that Proud Boys was the greatest fraternity in American history.

        Hold a bake sale as a joke with the motto in aprons “We’re Not To Proud To Bake.”


        Andrea Iravani

        Hacker prevented me from posting on Unz saying too much commenting take a break but also phpwordpress error, meaning that it did not reach the site server.

      3. People that wore masks and distanced still got sick, proving that these methods do not work. Masks have also increased cavities and gum disease by 50% according to NY dentists. 

        The statistics are inflated and wrong. The majority of individuals that did die were people with other diseases, in some cases up to five diseases were present. 

        Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics! 

        Yes, people die of respiratory disease. It is actually extremely common for bed-ridden hospitalized and elderly people in nursing homes to die of a respiratory disease. When the immune system is weakenned by other, or multiple illnesses, the body’s immune system is less capable of fighting off a disease. 

        That has always been the case.

        Trump is out of the hospital now. 

        This is hysterical hypochondria and it is being used to destroy people’s lives. More people have died from the lockdown and poverty and and emotional trauma that led it caused by destroying their lives, isolating them, and suicides and alcoholism and drug addiction increased, as well as domestic abuse, and food insecurity, which are all far more life threatening for the overwhelming majority of people, not to mention the effects of anxiety and depression, which also damage the heart and the brain.

        This was totally evil and it was a total con based on scientific fraud for the purposes of a fall guy for bail outs of psychopaths that have bedn bailed out in 2000, 2008, and 2020, in many cases. They are evil con artists that should spend their lives in federal pennitentiaries! 

        This was a pre-meditated crime against humanity on a global scale! These are monsters! Not people!

        Now the lawsuits are starting! I want these evil monsters removed from society permanently, because this has been going on for two decades, and it gets worse every time! Instead of suing for money, move to prosecute! Do the world a favor and get rid of these monsters!  

        Many drug companies were sued for the opioid epidemic. Many still will be. Throw the opportunistic monsters in prison!

        Andrea Iravani

        Hacker again prevented me from posting above comment on Unz

      4. How can anyone believe the “statistics” about the covid deaths, when the media has LIED about everything else day after day. I would bet the farm that the REAL number of covid deaths is way less than one hundred thousand. They have lied and cheated on ALL the stats about covid from day one, just to keep the lock down. Why can’t people see this? The lock downs not only will cause a complete collapse of the economy, but also KILL more people than the virus. All this is not about YOUR health, but about wrecking the economy of the country causing total collapse. Stop listening to the lies and go to work….help save yourself and our country.

      5. One question for Trump, “If covid19 is not the terrible virus to be feared, then why did you lock the country down destroying millions of lives”?

        My guess is that Trumps ego is a detriment to common sense!

        Covid19 is real, you don’t want to get it and with each passing day, it is beginning to look as though the virus was released intentionally but made to look like an accident!

      6. If China is actually concerned about the environment and life on earth, what is the Vhinese obsession with the deadly 5G? What exactly is it that they need to download or upload at such speeds for?

        5G vibrates water molecules at the high end of its frequency range. That is the way that microwave ovens cook food, by vibrating molecules.

        Bees have shown to behave eradically when exposed to 5G and even lower Gs, and it is now suspected that all of this elctromagnetic cellular and wi-fi radiation is largely responsible for declining bee populations which are vital for pollination.

        If China is responsive to the international community and scientists, we would all appreciate not only an explanation, but an abandonment of 5G.

        Andrea Iravani

        • The true interest/nature of 5G (has nothing to do with internet speed) is it’s military applications….. Deadly, extremely deadly…..

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