Fear Mongering Continues: A “Record Number” Of Coronavirus Cases As “Pandemic Surges”

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 16 comments

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    According to numerous mainstream media sources, the coronavirus is surging still and we should all be living in fear of it. More countries are seeing spikes in cases, and we knew this was coming.

    According to US News, Ukraine saw a record number of new COVID-19 cases on Friday, reporting 7,517 new cases. The Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine now report more than 330,390 cases of the virus and more than 6,160 deaths, including 121 in the past 24 hours.

    Poland’s Ministry of Health reported a pandemic-high of 13,632 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, bringing the country’s total to more than 228,310 cases. More than half of the cases, 119,000, are currently still active. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Twitter that more than 10,000 of the country’s 18,000 hospital beds are occupied.

    Beginning Saturday, the entire country will be in a “red zone” and strict social distancing rules will go into effect, the health ministry announced. Restrictions include a remote school for all but the youngest students, requirement that children under 16 be accompanied by an adult in public spaces, closure of restaurants except for takeout or delivery, the limit of five people gathering outside and restrictions on the movement of people older than 70.

    Russia set another record on Friday when it recorded more than 17,000 coronavirus cases for the first time since the pandemic. The country’s coronavirus headquarters reported 17,430 cases, bringing the total to 1.48 million cases.

    Globally, health officials report more than 41.79 million COVID-19 cases, and more than 1.13 million people have died (using their guidelines.)

    More Lockdowns Around The World As COVID-19 Cases Surge

    “Third Wave” Of COVID-19 Propaganda Continues & Ramps Up

    The United States logged more than 73,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the highest daily count since late July. Twelve states — including Indiana, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Montana — reached their highest seven-day average for new cases.

    It is still possible they will attempt a second lockdown. At this point, with the fear propaganda in full swing, don’t put anything past them and stay ready.


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      1. The number of hospital beds tweeted by Polands president does not make any sense. In 2015, Poland had 250,000 hospital beds. I thought do most Polish women give birth at home? That is not the case. I checked. Very strange numbers coming out of Poland claiming for the past few years to have a death rate of almost 10% (which would be extremely high), without a birthrate increase of the same amount, or a net migration of the same amount, yet, the population remains static. It does not make any sense!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Also, the differences do not add up together to account for the shockingly high reported 10% death rate.

          Andrea Iravani

      2. I will not deny deaths from the flu but what type of flu ? .. Doctors get paid to call Influenza Corona Virus .. Mammoth Biosciences in South San Francisco is to my knowledge the only company that can ISOLATE the Corona Virus .. Mammoth has contacted the NIH, NIAID, & CDC and they don’t want their KIT .. Mind you the reagents used in the Mammoth kit are the same used in all the labs across American but the US Govt. doesn’t want to know which version of the flu it is ..

        I was listening to a podcast where a panel of Virologist (All with PhD’s) commented on the junk science that is being passed off as science .. 1st, All Corona Viruses due to their weight and size “CANNOT BE AIRBORN” .. Dr Fausti is a liar .. 2nd, the entire worlds money supply has been infected .. Think about this for a moment or two .. If the entire money supply is infected then a downturn could not have happened .. One Virologist postulated, “It may be that someone is mechanically spreading the Corona-Virus for Monetary Gain of Function” .. What he meant by this should be obvious .. Bill Gates is planning on Infecting the entire world population with is Vaccine ..

        According to Dr. Judy Mikovitz PhD because US manufacturers use many different animal and reptile species to create vaccines these other viruses that are common to these animals are injected into humans and what ends up happening is that our DNA is altered by XMRV gamma Retroviruses that accompany the vaccines .. In addition to this they use the 1960 Fetal Stem Cells which cannot die .. What is a cell called when it cannot die ? .. Its called cancer ! .. So they are including cancers in the vaccines ..

        In 1986 the Congress passed Vaccine Act .. This made all Vaccine producers exempt from prosecution .. The NIH has over 1 million cases of Auto-Immune diseases which have come as a result to vaccines that CANNOT BE DIAGNOSED .. Without a diagnosis NO TREATMENT PLAN CAN BE PRESCRIBED FOR A PATIENT .. Autism & Cancers have been directly linked to vaccines ..

        If you haven’t seen the videos on alternative media site called Plandemic 1 and Plandemic 2 I would highly advise this course of action .. Additionally I would seek out videos from Dr David Knight PhD who has outlined the Criminality of Dr Antony Fausti and his murderous cohorts ..

        Before the Vaccine act was passed in 1986 the number of adolescent vaccinations were about 12 in all .. After 1990 they number 72 .. The number of guinea pigs numbers increased exponentially along with the profits from drug companies supply drugs for the diseases they caused in children .. Pre 1986 the Drug companies took in 10 Billion per years .. Now the drug companies take in 60 Billion conservatively .. Do the math .. It all adds up to malfeasance on behalf of Drug Companies ..

        If you still think that I am picking on drug companies lets give some examples of what Bill Gates has done .. In Kenya Bill Gates got the Kenyan Govt to force innoculate all women of child baring age to get tetanus shots .. They were given a series of shots and ALL these women became sterile .. Not satisfied, okay .. Bill Gates again gave the Indian Govt an ultimatum and they gave 10’s of thousands of children Live Polio vaccines which in due course gave 10’s of thousands of children Polio ..

        Bill Gates’s father and grandfather were bankers .. They both were practicing Eugenicists .. They both saw that the world population need to be cut down .. Bill Gates vaccines, In My Humble Opinion, have a depopulation agenda .. That apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree ..

        You won’t find information like this in the Main Stream Media because the Leftist Media Agenda serves no one but the Left .. We saw this in Bolshevik Russia and Now in Venezuela .. When ever the Leftists control the media, politics, governments and business we are going to find an agenda .. The LEFT is COMPLETELY INTOLERANT to anyone or anything that gets in the way of their agenda .. George Soros said in front of the World Economics Forum at Davos Switzerland that President Trump was the worlds greatest threat to humanity .. What Soros should have said was that Donald Trump was the worlds greatest threat to the Leftists Agenda whom I believe encompasses Antony Fausti (yes I spelled it this way to implicate Dr Death and his cronies in the Leftist Plandemic) ..

        People who write like I do aren’t allowed in the media because People like me are typically attacked by the Left or Deep State or Commie Scum because I don’t agree with their agenda nor do I believe anyone else will when it is exposed .. What I have expose is a GRAND CONSPIRACY which the LEFT ALREADY ADMITS TO .. They have a depopulation agenda .. yet they will call me a Conspiracy Theorist in hopes to discredit what I an others have to say about their plans for the “Great Reset” as they called it at Davos in 2019 .. Now are these theories or are they facts .. You can search out these things I have written about or you can be a Leftist Liberal and not do anything accept listen to the Lame Stream Media who lies just about as much as Joe Biden’s Criminal Syndicate does ..

        • It has been questioned, repeatedly, whether anyone has actually isolated the virus, ever. If you can show an example, it would settle one talking point.

          So far, they are saying that PCR multiplication of they know not what is a test.

        • There isn’t a planned genocide on black people, because to be frank, the population is exploding, and as British historian said, “they are everywhere”.

          Nigeria went from 50 million to nearly 200 million and is heading for a billion!! The country is totally corrupt and unstable.

          Uganda saw its population explode and is also ungovernable. South Africa is heading for epic race war and failure. China has already gamed all of this and is just waiting to take the land when blacks eventually destroy their populations in war and disease and famine.

      3. Just in time for election day. I’m glad I’ve already voted.

      4. What ever. P.S. You know where you can stick my shot.

      5. “CASES” of Covid-19 are NOT the PROBLEM. The MSM canNOT seem to make the distinction between folks testing positive for Covid-19 and a DEATH from Covid-19. This defective thinking leads people to incorrect conclusions. The Sweden approach to the disease demonstrates our draconian rules & tyrannical Demonrat edicts are not needed.

        Perpetual shutdowns are not sustainable. Does anyone believe counting deaths while there is a financial incentive to categorize any death as Covid-19 will yield an accurate result?

        • Just about everything concerning covid is either lies or cheating the numbers. I don’t think anyone actually knows what the truth is. They continue to tell when there will be another “surge” and sure enough it happens just like they say. As soon as the supposed numbers start to go down, more testing is ordered and more “cases” reported. Some reports show 90% positive results with testing. Connect the dots and the picture reveals the testing swabs contain live virus, so… more testing, more cases. Watch closely, you will see numbers go down and testing goes up, then ANOTHER surge. They HAVE to keep the numbers up, to justify the lock downs, so the economy will crash, which is the ultimate goal.

      6. Vote like your life depended on it. I would rather die from corona virus than Biden Harris.

        • In the same respect that all other forms of ID are essential, Trump never once guarantees against vaccination being required to do business.

      7. In 2009 the WHO removed “enormous deaths and illnesses” from their definition of “pandemic” and replaced it with “infections” (i.e. cases from BS tests). Look it up. It was during swine flu and they had shots to push.
        Another big nothing burger!

      8. Personally, I work with the tools GOD has given me.
        My own immune system!

        I boost my system with, C, B, elderberry, garlic and oregano – I am 75 – don’t get colds, headaches, or flu!!

      9. It shouldn’t matter if we had 1,000,000 new cases. Since we aren’t seeing a corresponding surge in hospitalizations and death, then this should be a non-issue. Since the flu and the common cold also belong to the coronavirus family, I suspect that if we had tests to detect the presence of the virus and antibodies and administered it to everybody, we’d also be seeing a surge in flu and cold cases each winter. You don’t see anyone freaking out about flu deaths, which are not much lower than than the coronavirus deaths. We as a population have degraded mentally to the point where we can’t logically assess facts and act on them.

      10. And in the meantime, herd immunity is happening.

      11. The fear mongering has crossed over into stupid mongering….

        The COVID-1984 True Believers first pushed more and more testing, then did nothing over the summer to increase health care capacity in their large Blue cities.

        The come cold and flu season in the fall, ta-daaa we have a 3rd wave COVID-1984 crisis, and they are probably calling every cold and flu case they can get away with COVID-19 as well.

        Does anyone even remember colds and flus anymore, how dangerous colds and flus are, and how masks and vaccines didn’t do much to slow them down even after COVID-1984?

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