Fauci: Full Approval Of COVID-19 “Vaccines” Expected By The End Of This Month

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci is expecting the Food and Drug Administration to fully approve the COVID-19 experimental gene therapies being falsely labeled as vaccines by the end of this month. Once that happens, the federal government will begin demanding employers and private businesses mandate the shot so they don’t have to do it.

    They are going to push off the responsibility for mandates onto others.  “No one wants to get ahead of the FDA because they’re an independent group that makes their decisions and that’s good in many respects because there will never be any concerns that we are influencing them, but I hope, I don’t predict, but I hope that it will be within the next few weeks,” Fauci said on NBC‘S “Meet the Press.” “I hope that it’s within the month of August.” That would be in the next 20 days.

    Full approval is expected to lead to “a flood” of mandates for vaccines, although not at the federal level, he told USA Today‘s editorial board in a wide-ranging interview. “Organizations, enterprises, universities, colleges that have been reluctant to mandate at the local level will feel much more confident,” Fauci said. According to a report by Seeking Alpha, Fauci is saying that the U.S. won’t be locked down again.  Could that be because he expects people to take the shot once it’s fully approved and mandated by businesses?

    “They can say: ‘If you want to come to this college or university, you’ve got to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this plant, you have to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this enterprise, you’ve got to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this hospital, you’ve got to get vaccinated,'” Fauci said.  And we know they want every human on Earth injected with whatever is in those syringes.

    “Unless we vaccinate everyone in 200 plus countries, there will still be new variants,” epidemiologist Dr. Larry Brilliant told CNBC Asia, who predicts COVID could become a “forever virus” like the flu. They have already let it slip that this hoax will go on until everyone takes the shot.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    Fauci says there won’t be another lockdown, but this guy has flip-flopped, moved the goalposts, and changed his mind so many times during this hoax that it’s impossible to trust him. We know by now that if these tyrants think for half a second that they can get away with another lockdown and still come out of it in power over the rest of us, they will do it.

    Prepare for anything. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust Fauci at all. He’s a lying sociopathic tyrant. But he’s getting desperate as his power slips away as more wake up to the slave state they’ve been living in under tyrants like him. Because of that, stay prepared and use critical thinking.  These people will stop at nothing to maintain power and we shouldn’t put anything past them at this point.



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      1. This may be rushing things a little.

        There really aren’t many long term studies that have been done to show it is safe over longer periods of time.

        Still, our leaders would not take a chance on endangering the public by approving something that could be dangerous for many of them.

        So I guess it doesn’t matter to anyone with any degree of importance and influence.

        So that means we can have confidence in the approval.

      2. Does the FDA wave a magic wand and it becomes a real Vaccine? Or does it get approved as a Gene therapy ?

      3. I am in agreement with you
        I also don’t trust “Dr” Falsi
        at all. The little leprechaun is an evil, bought and paid for, corrupt lackey for the elite
        and he has been doing this shit for years . This is not
        the first go around for this evil bastard. I think most people don’t trust this creepy little imp and nor should they. Not in the least!!!!

      4. These people are doing all they can to destroy and discredit science and ruin everyone’s trust in science and scientists and governments forevermore.

        Variants are caused by vaccines. The way evolution works is that natural selection needs pressure for it to happen. In the unvaccinated the virus runs free with nothing stopping it, no need to mutate. But in the vaccinated (assuming vaccines work), only the viruses that have mutated and can evade the vaccines will infect. Natural selection means that if you are trying to kill a population of anything, including viruses, only the strongest with specific traits survive.

        But there’s zero proof any of these variants exist, or the original virus for that matter. The PCR test can’t tell if you have any particular coronavirus, influenza, or what.

      5. So the bribe monies must have been sent out to the appropriate people in the FDA

      6. Fauci says no lockdown, well they know it would be catastrophic to businesses they cannot survive another lockdown and the people in many countries are showing what they think by protests and hopefully the sheeple here would rebel as well.

      7. “Piggies”

        Have you seen the little piggies
        Crawling in the dirt?
        And for all the little piggies
        Life is getting worse
        Always having dirt to play around in

        Have you seen the bigger piggies
        In their starched white shirts?
        You will find the bigger piggies
        Stirring up the dirt
        Always have clean shirts to play around in

        In their styes with all their backing
        They don’t care what goes on around
        In their eyes there’s something lacking
        What they need’s a damn good whacking

        Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
        Living piggy lives
        You can see them out for dinner
        With their piggy wives
        Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon

        • @Anonymous thanks
          for the laughs ??

      8. Covid is an invisible enemy. Just like after 9-11 they told us there was a terrorist under every rock. Now they’re telling us covid is hiding around every corner waiting to get us.
        This crap won’t end under we stop complying. If we comply we will be under full tyranny like Australia and then we will never get our freedoms back.
        We’ll be living under the beast system.

        • @ Billy Blade great post
          Totally agree with you.
          People need to stop complying with all of this
          b.s.!! Again great post.

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