Dr. Anthony Fauci Owns A Patent On SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV Insertion

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci owns a patent on at least one HIV insertion, known as gp120. HIV’s gp120 protein is the one that activates LFA-1 on CD4 T-Lymphocytes and increases cell susceptibility to LFA-1-targeting leukotoxin, according to a 2011 study.

    Interestingly, gp120 just so happens to also be allegedly located in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, as well as in the spike protein of all covid “vaccines.” As it turns out, gp120, as applied to the spike proteins in both covid and covid injections, effectively destroys the body’s immune T cells in the same way as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). And gp120 specifically is used to deliver HIV into the lymphocytes via the LFA-1 receptor.

    T cells are a critical component of healthy immunity. Without them, the body basically has AIDS, which is why a growing body of evidence points to the “fully vaccinated” now having vaccine-induced AIDS, also known as VAIDS.

    New Zealand Ruling Class Data Suggests The Fully “Vaccinated” Are Getting AIDS

    Whistleblowers: The COVID “Vaccines” Are Causing Cancers & VAIDS

    Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    More Government Documents Prove COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing AIDS

    So-called “mild” covid may not leave the immune system decimated of lymphocytes forever, only until the body recovers, however, those who take the “vaccines,” on the other hand, could face a much worse outcome.

    As you research, you will find that many “fact-checkers” claim that Fauci wasn’t involved in this HIV insertion. However, if you search Google Patents, you’ll find the following:

    Use of antagonists of the interaction between HIV GP120 and α4β7 integrin

    HIV related peptides

    Since “nature” or anything “naturally occurring” cannot be patented, what exactly is HIV and why does Fauci have patents on its parts and “cures”? Why is HIV suddenly “mutating” after society living with it for 40 years? Why do the “fact-checkers” insist Fauci doesn’t have patents on HIV’s spike proteins or pieces when he clearly does?  When will the COVID-HIV variant be introduced?

    What’s With All The HIV & AIDS Headlines in The MSM Lately?

    MSM Begins To Warn Of HIV & COVID-19 Variants TOGETHER

    What is really going on here? It’s probably just a bunch of coincidences, right?



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      1. This evil “Dr” Faulty seems
        to have his filthy hands in
        everything. If it’s evil and to
        the detriment of humanity,
        you can be sure this creepy,
        satanic bastard is involved.

        • This information has been published several times since 2020 on various sites, and for some odd reason it automatically disappears. Its not picked up on- when it should go viral. Even the alt media dont run with it. Are they so clueless they cant grasp the huge significance of this data??

      2. Fairly

      3. Where has the little Mengele Gnome been hiding lately? Him and and Darwin must be buddies!

      4. Is there anyone more
        universally despised than
        this evil leprechaun –
        anyone at all ???

      5. Heard our distinguished
        “Dr” has been thinking about
        retiring. Sounds like he’s
        running scared. Hopefully,
        he will swing in the breeze
        before he can retire.
        This piece of trash deserves
        a very “special” retirement
        plan after all the lives he has
        taken and/ or destroyed!!

      6. I don’t like Fauci. I have images of him screaming in agony which are quite pleasant to me.

      7. Hard to believe this
        disgusting turd hasn’t
        been flushed yet.

      8. Twenty-five years ago I read the book, Inventing the AIDS Virus, by Peter Duesberg. The forward by Kary Mullis was especially enlightening about how “The Science” actual works in practice. Recently I read Jon Rappoport’s book, AIDS, Inc., written before Dr. Duesberg’s book but including some of his work. Both are excellent resources.

        In my opinion, the syndrome labelled as “AIDS” contains a lot of diseases with many different causes – some of which appear due to long-term drug abuse. I doubt “The Virus” called “HIV” causes any of these diseases. However, I will not be surprised if this virus causes the next big “Pandemic.”

      9. GP 41 – Birx
        GP 120 – Fauci
        GP 160 – Redfield

        Together they are “The carrier signal of death”

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