Deutsche Bank Elitists Warn: “The Age of Disorder” is Coming!

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 3 comments

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    The ruling elites from Deutsche Bank are warning that the “age of disorder” is coming. If you know anything about those wealthy bankers who pull the strings of the political puppets, you know they desire to control and own the world, and regularly use the phrase “ordo ab chao.” Order out of chaos.

    Deutsche Bank analysts have said in a new research note, that this “age of disorder” will likely reshape politics and economics. And you can bet none of that “reshaping” will be done in the best interests of the general population. They will “reorder” society as they see fit to keep us in a two-tier society as their slaves.

    While we saw “the best-combined asset price growth of any era in history, with equity and bond returns very strong across the board” since 1980, “the Age of Disorder” is likely to break this trend, said Deutsche Bank elitists, according to a report by RT. Economic war will go on complete with tariffs, sanctions, and attacks in the technology sphere regardless of who wins the 2020 presidential election say the banksters.

    These slave masters want to shift even more power and fiat currency away from the public and into their hands.  “Such a shift in the balance of power could include a harsher inheritance tax regime, less income protection for pensioners, more property taxes, along with greater income and corporates taxes… and all-round more redistributive policies, the Deutsche Bank report said. Translation, be ready to be their slave, and obey their commands.

    Pay attention and be aware of what’s going on, but do not live in fear. Knowing is different than fearing.  It gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself and get ready for what they have planned for us.


    This is all a scam to force us to be slaves to the elites. The government is in on it and most of them are puppets of all of these “elitists” who think they have the right to own others. Slavery needs to be abolished for good, and all forms should go including enslavement to democracy. The fact that that’s a “controversial statement” is a testament to how well they have been able to control the minds of the public.

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      1. What is truly and inarguably apocalyptic for all of humanity is the matter of nuclear waste. There is no solution. It is a fatal and unavoidable reality. Do you seriously believe that the governments will admit it? They admit nothing! Nothing could possibly explain such reckless gluttonous behavior other than that they all know that the end is near because we have reached peak nuclear waste and they all collectively decided to make the most of it like the roaring 20’s on steroids, and then go out with a bang. The amount of reckless abandon and mistakes and deception could not have any other rational excuse. 

        Any victory would be a hollow and false victory, since the issue of nuclear waste is inslovable. That is not to argue in favor of the status quo. Just fair warning to all so that they may realize the uglier truth that is hiding behind the ugly facade. It is inconquerable. People, nations, corporations, banks can be conquered. Nuclear waste can never be conquered. 

        Andrea Iravani

      2. All we seem to do is hear what the Elite Satanic inbred Rockefellers /Rothschilds have planned for us step by step so thy can own the world, why are we even listening, cant these ihnhumans be rounded up and disposed of to some remote Island, if this had been done 200 years ago we wouldnt be letting these inhumans kill the planet as they are with Solar radiation and killer 5G which will ravage all on this planet, but not them they will hide away whilst areas of the world are divested of useless goyim…

      3. Trump has revealed himself to be as unscrupulous a charcter as one could be, with his “4D chess” strategy including using a plandemic scamdemic based on scientific fraud as a fall guy for his economic disasters as well as his culture of corruption, in addition using divide and conquer to trying to incite race wars turning blacks and Jews against white Christians and vice-versa. This effort has been advanced through multiple treasonous 1st amendment violations with Israel 1st policies that have both placed the needs of Israeli national security above the needs of U.S. national security, and have induced an establishment of the religion of Judaism by refusing to allow individuals and organizations participatimg in or organizing, or promoting BDS ( the boycott, divest, sanction of Israel and Israeli companies products ) from recieving U.S. funding, which includes Universities and their professors, in addition to other individuals that morally oppose the Israeli holocaust on Palestinians and many Muslims in the region including Syria, Iran, and Lebanon. The DHS under Trump claims that white supremist groups are the largest national security threat, which is both insane and idiotic since their numbers in addition to their capabilities are so small. So DHS thinks that white supremists pose the largest national security threat, above all other militaries in the world? Really?! Why in the hell are we spending so much on the military with over 700 military bases all over the world? American white supremists just are not there, unless it would happen to be the military themselves. Government agencies and private corporations are forcing people to go through “white privelage” re-education camps. This is based primarily on bull shit. The largest contibutors to over-all racial inequality are single parenthood and illegal alien status. Those were not laws or discriminatory practices that caused those inequalities, but life style choices of individuals to have children out of wedlock and being in the country illegally. White children born out of wedlock are in similar socio-economid situations as black children born out of wedlock. It is because of the choices that their parents made, not because of the choices that anyone imposed on them. Obviously, if a single teen-age girl or young female adult has children and is not married, there are problems with both being able to financially provide for the child, as well as being able to care for the child. This is not a baffling mystery. Similarly if someone is illegally working in America, it also reduces their ability to earn income and they will be more impoverished because of the choices that their paremts made. These individuals want to blame society for choices that their parents made. Nobody wants to believe that their parents made bad choices. It creates cognitive dissonance, but it is true. Blaming innocent people for your parents choices will create additional conflict for you in your lives, because people resent being blamed for something that they had absolutely nothing to do with. Their parents were most likely married and here legally, and yours in most instances were not. Only 24% of blacks are married. That is shockingly low, and that is more responsible for economic inequality than any other factor.

        Trump pretends that the financiers of BLM are unknown and are in the shadows, even though everyone knows that it is corporate America financing them, ( 194 corporations ) who Trump refuses to hold accountable, because it benefits him politically, while heavily moving to prosecute the people that they are financing to loot and commit arson and vandalism for the purpose of insurance fraud and bail out money in FIRE economy of Financials, Insurance Real Estate, replacing FAANGS economy Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netfilx Google, ( Economist Michael Hudson stated on his website that FIRE would replace FAANGs. )  BLM Global Network recieves donations in an electronic trail from ACT Blue that processes DNC donations, to Thousand Currents with convicted Weather Underground terrorist, and self proclaimed “trained Marxist” Susan Rosenberg on the board, exposed by accountant Charles Ortel for committing fraud and not having registered with the IRS. 

        Trump is relying on a gas-lighting psy-op QAnon to get re-elected. QAnon psy-ops and gas lights fools to believe that Trump is covertly working behind the scenes to bust pedophile rings, yet said that he wished his friend Ghilsaine Maxwell well, and has supported police running illegal black market bitcoin child porn websites. He should have busted and prosecuted the police for doing it when it came to his attention, but he did not. It is an inexcusable act of crime, and proves that the police are sex offenders of minors.

        That is how desperate and full of shit Trump is! Unfortunately, if people are stupid enough to fall for QAnon, they are stupid enough to fall for Trump.

        Aggressive Prosecutor Kamala Harris is also willing to overlook all of these crimes, in addition to refusing to demand an investigation into the staged 9/11 attacks with collusion of governments, corporations, the media, and the Federal Reserve. Harris is quick to prosecute some, but quick to forgive and overlook or ignore the crimes of others if it is to her political or financial advantage, which she has proven. Kamala Harris is every bit as much of a fraud, and every bit as corrupt as Trump, and so is Biden, but face it, the election is all about Harris. Biden is basically a non factor and it has been accepted that he will not be doing anything at all or making decisions on his own behalf, which is why the DNC chose him out of 32 other candidates that are not senile sex-offenders that have bribed Ukrainian judges for the financial and political gain of their son.

         Andrea Iravani

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