Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 86 comments

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    It seems that the U.S. military is geared up for a permanent cyber war with the people and various governments of this globe.

    Though tensions with Russia may have been temporarily alleviated with the election of Donald Trump – who has signaled for peace with Putin – the long game is much more complicated.

    With new powers in Washington taking shape in the next administration, one faction in government was quietly, subtly parading its power.

    The Continuity of Government contingent of the shadow government will not be taken out of power by any mere election, and no matter what decisions Trump makes and no matter what inflammatory remark he may make, there are those who will still have their finger on the button. And that means a tremendous amount of power.

    Residents in the Denver area were presented with a mysterious white plane that flew in a “racetrack pattern” for more than an hour above the city before it landed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, where the aircraft – what the Navy has now disclosed to be an E-6B – is housed.

    Here’s the bizarre route that observers tracked, and the Navy was later forced to confirm:

    It’s mission remains classified, but military officials admit a drill was underway…

    via ABC 7 Denver:

    A plane shrouded in mystery captured the attention of thousands on Wednesday. Nobody knew why a high-altitude plane circled the City of Denver for hours. Now the Navy has some answers. 

    Denver7 tracked IRON99 as it traveled from the West Coast to Oklahoma, where it eventually landed at Tinker Air Force Base, however it spent roughly an hour in Denver, circling in a racetrack-style holding pattern over the city.

    Denver7 branded it a mystery in a previous report because officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and a dozen Air Force Bases could not confirm what the flight may have been.

    A day later — after the plane landed — Navy officials… confirmed IRON99’s identity is a Navy E-6B Mercury, created by Boeing at a cost of $141.7 million per unit.

    The unit’s overall mission is classified, Hubbell said, [elaborating that] the E-6B is “command, control and communications abilities to direct and employ strategic resources.”

    […] the planes are able to launch nuclear missiles and communicate with diverse assets, including nuclear submarines.

    […] a high-ranking federal official … said the plane was involved in a classified training mission organized by the Department of Defense.

    The training mission reportedly centered around electronic surveillance and involved several agencies which aren’t likely to comment on the mission, the source said.

    Given that the E-6B deals with “command, control and communications,” as well as electronic surveillance and communications with nuclear submarines and other assets that could launch nuclear war… one can assume that a major mission is in rehearsal – to take charge of the nation’s vital weapons and resources in the event of a catastrophic emergency, break down in order or disabling of the power structure in Washington.

    A similar E-4B was spotted flying above the capital on the morning of September 11th, shortly after the attacks. It was reportedly conducting a drill, but later instructed to prepare to go active as a mobile command center. Both planes deal with sensitive electronics communications involving, at least in part, nuclear launch codes and military continuity in the event of a breakdown of order.

    DOOMSDAY PLANES It is important to note that the E-4B is no ordinary aircraft. It is a militarized version of a Boeing 747-200, equipped with advanced communications equipment, and capable of carrying a crew of up to 112 people. Nicknamed “Doomsday” planes during the Cold War, E-4Bs serve the president, the secretary of defense, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In times of national emergency, they can act as highly-survivable command, control, and communications centers to direct forces, execute war orders, and coordinate actions by civil authorities. The U.S. military possesses four of them in total. One is always kept on alert, with a full battle staff. Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska is the “Main Operating Base” for the E-4B, though there are also numerous “Forward Operating Bases” (FOB) throughout the U.S. [7]

    Here’s the reported layout of the E-6B, upgraded for the cutting edge of electronic warfare:


    In the current context, there are perhaps three distinct fronts that this command unit could have theater over.

    1. COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT – The E-6B’s communications and control powers could be used to disrupt or disable electronic communications in the population over a given city or area. With sensitive military installations near Colorado Springs, the plane could have blacked out much of the Denver area accordingly with the situation. This CoG plane has dominance over the civilian population, and can bring their ordinary activities to a halt. Surveillance, data collection and ‘drone detection’ may have also been objectives of this drill and real-life activities.
    2. CHECK AGAINST AGGRESSION – The E-6B’s capabilities are a powerful counterbalance to possible hostile intentions on the part of Russia, China or other adversaries. As SHTF has often highlighted, modern warfare is based around the use of electromagnetic fields, communications jamming and, potentially, the use of an EMP to knock out electronics. Depending upon the potential situation, the ranking U.S. official on board or in communication with this plane could launch nuclear weapons, communicate with SSBN submarines around the globe or deny airspace to a conflicting force.
    3. TRUMP CARD FOR THE COG – Symbolically, at least, the E-6B, conducting a drill a week or so after the election sends a message to the President-elect, and perhaps to his constituents as well, that there are limits to the power of a president. While Trump’s power is theoretically capped by the Constitution’s checks and balances, in the real world, the Continuity of Goverment (CoG) structure has operational superiority over any president, and perhaps they wanted to signal to Trump here (or perhaps not). If any president ‘gets out of line’ or starts to ‘believe they are truly in charge’, this plane can override their ego and maintain the dominance of the status quo… it is a potential coup in motion.

    This is the true face of the ruling elite. This is the system they maintain, and anything below this threshold is not truly in charge.

    This what democracy looks like, when you strip away the silly game of voting, candidates and campaigns.

    This is the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

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      1. Anyone still think Denver International Airport… is just an airport?

        • I was in and out of the area when the structure was built. I got into the bottom level and rode on some of the subway system but not the TS “Q” portion. I can only guess what all is involved.
          From the layout at Denver Intl, they plan on it being a dooms day survival site.
          LOTS of underground chopper landing and storage sites and emergency equipment to tear up and repair damaged runways – all underground.

          • Hmmmm…wonder if they could do a practice run and take out Obongoloid NOW????!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

        • The pilots were just getting a few last hits on the bong before landing…..

          • Possible dry run or a shake out. Or…as JS above said, “High Times”

            • I’ve been in Denver Airport many times. It is a Big Spooky Place. Go down into the tunnels and take the trains to the next terminal. Spooky.

              So lets think about this. This Rogue Obama Admin has had it hands on Billion of dollars or Government Infrastructure and Prepping Supplies, like the 2.1 Billion Hollow Point Bullets, and now that they are on their way out. How much pillaging of these supplies are being stolen by Obama’s crew, before Trump is Elected? How about all the Bunkers like Obama and his Hoodie Crew thought they were going to go, if SHTF. And now they will be thrown out on the streets with the rest of us deplorables. Their fragile egos must be suffering like wet shivering kittens on an iceberg. lol

              It must be life shattering for them, as the end draws near, and as they will no longer have any safe haven to crawl into, on the Governments and Tax Payer’s Dime.

              John Kerry recently took a trip to Antarctica, which is supposed to be some elitist enclave to escape to when all hell breaks loose and they are hunted down. Many big bunkers have been built in Antarctica for their escape. Was John Kerry looking for new digs to go and hide in?

              These Democrat Commie Rats are fleeing their sinking ship, and we need to be prepared to find them if they try to pull some crap before Trump is sworn in. 2 months yet to hunker down and get prepared. Anything could happen, as the World could spin out of control. I know there is a No Fly Zone every where near the Trump Tower. Trump lives in the top 3 floors penthouse of his building. Imagine the numbers of Secret Service protecting that building right now.

              That plane may have been a Stingray Cell Phone gathering tool sucking up everybody’s data. I just read that Apple is being forwarded all your call history on the iphone. If you have one of those Commie data sucking hacked phones, get rid of it ASAP.

              • I like to think that after they have made themselves all nice and cozy in the bunkers WE all paid for, that we will eventually locate the entrances and along with some REALLY pissed off Cat D11 owners, bury those bastards so deep, the only remains of them will be found by some alien civilization thousands of years into the future.

                On a more humorous note, I always wondered about Rockefeller and Kissinger arguing in their bunkers about whose turn it was to take the trash down the hall.

                • I agree, these bunkers will be their burial graves from where they can’t get out. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is replenishing itself with new earth etc. That, I’d like to see. The rich can all go fuck themselves for all I care. Die, all you bastards. Die.

                • Except they are all interconnected by high speed tunnel, they built a self sustaining civilization underground.

              • You are a fucking psycho.

              • You KNOW: these people who have destroyed, for all intents and purposes, this nation, they will NOT escapre the payment they will owe, and get. NO one ever does what they do in the political arena and gets away w/it! They will slip up and or they will make one stupid mistake and get paid back! look at Hitler, and Stalin and Mussolini, and every crooked leader in the past and they all get paid back, and it is usually In spades! They do all, the govt’s that is: they all fear the people! They are afraid of an uprising and they are afraid of being ousted from their cushy jobs so…they are preparing! We JUST “OUGHT” to PRAY for them! I mean, the bible says we are to pray for our enemies, so Matt 5:44 says it all. PRAY for them that ..use you, and hate you, and curse you etc etc! PRAY that they may “SEE”! That’s a weapon, they can NOT take away!! PLEASE PRAY!!

              • Didn’t you wonder why Kerry went to Antarctica in the middle of a crisis,i.e.Trump’s election victory?There was no announcement except that he was going,no mention who he was to meet or talk to or any diplomatic delegation.
                Folks,here’s why he went:

                BTW,Obama bought land there in case the Yellowstone caldera erupted and survivors would be evacuated to New Zeland.Read all the links,they’ll boost your awareness.
                Excuse me while I……..

        • Curtis,
          did you read the report that had the dirt removal records and a engineer studied those and thousands of tons of dirt were removed that did not need to be removed to do what they claimed was being done, so evidently there was allot of under ground areas opened up for whatever they built down there. the article showed the paper documents that had been filed with the appropriate county or city government.

        • Obama-Hillary Banker NWO UN Communist crowd plan on a parting TRAITOR gift?
          -These people are EXTREMELY Dangerous.
          -They are CRIMINAL.
          -They are Evil/Demonic.
          -They are Psycho.
          -Capable of doing ANYTHING Destructive to Humanity or World Peace.
          Obama wants America brought to her knees and Destroyed. Obama is a TRAITOR.

          But people just can’t believe what is obvious.
          Evil is difficult for normal people to accept or understand.
          What you Must Realize is that people like Obama-Hillary UN NWO Communist are anything but normal. They are Murderers.
          -They want YOU Controlled. Then You and your Family DEAD.
          -America is standing between them and control of world.
          Therefore they want America Gone.
          By Any means necessary.
          -We are Not out of Danger.

          Obama should have been impeached 6 long years ago.
          Hillary and her pedophile husband both belong in prison.

          *** *** *** *** No President Trump. Obama and Clinton’s are NOT “good people”.
          *** *** *** *** They are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

          Was Trump brain washed at that meeting with Obama?
          Or does he understand everything I have listed and is playing chess?

          • Aye, are you telling us things you may have thought we were not aware of ….many moons ago?

        • No, and when I once had a military clearance I learned there was much more to Denver International than ‘met the eye’ (back then anyway). It may have grown or been abandoned, but at one time was well on the way to becoming THE PLACE for The POTUS to “ride out any and all storms”, and with what I’m saying, we are speaking of well over 30yrs ago, so IF IT WAS CONTINUED, I wouldn’t be surprised if it dwarfs Area 51 (in underground facilities alone), nevermind available hangar space.

          Seems to me that lately there are many, many VERY VERY STRANGE things happening. The “big shake” on California’s Coast that zillions of people felt, and yet nothing was seen on any seismic device. In some other place, New York Harbor I think, they are suddenly armpit deep in dead fish all over the bay, and netting them to be hauled to sea and dumped (why not use them for fertilizer)? Probably radiactive so it’s a quiet cleanup. Some other place has ALL OF THIS CRAZY-DIRTY looking “foam” coming from some unknown crack, crevice or hole, maybe a well and it’s very deep – taller than a house this “mountain of dirty bubbles” that looks like sink suds from dishes. Maybe Mother Nature made a new crack for a water vein and ran it through some “Soap Stone” hence all the bubbles?

        • No.
          On the other hand, Denver Colorado is the designated alternate capital if Washington D.C. is damaged/destroyed. Then it seems that strange incidents and occurrences would be seen and reported.

          But since so much has been made about the terminal art work, the lay out of the run ways and the tunnel system, you have to wonder.

          • Wow. Since my days of military service, I can now see that many things have changed that I was not aware of, because way back Denver International (and everything about it) was something never spoken of, and “data” concerning ‘it’ never got lower on the list than SECRET (never Confidential —-and ‘confidential’ very often experiences a ‘slip’ and then it appears in the news. I am a bit ‘floored’ here that there is ANY info (that is correct in nature) that pertains to Denver.

            My how things do change…however, other ‘things’ do not. You can rest assured that NOTHING ‘astounding’ is going to hit the news regarding “The Backup” under Denver. Nevva….

        • Has no one mentioned that it is also heavily spraying something, which is also very ominous

          • Spraying something? It’s spraying nothing unless you mean the “jet exhaust” (which is normal isn’t it?)

            • Equorial, they are spraying metals, in conjuction with microwave transmitters they are an ultimate weapon of war.

        • We still haven’t passed the Van Allen belt and we cannot admit that we never were to the moon. The Van Allen belt is a linear accelerator. We are starting to send unmanned shielded capsules through it now with project Orion. look up Orion and NASA.

      2. Considering how many heads of state are currently “concerned” about our recent election and America’s own disarray in this regard , doesn’t it seem likely that we would be doing tests at this time? I mean, we do have to perform tests upon occasion anyway . It may be as simple as, the times call for it . I hate to get all worked up and worried over something about which I have very little information and absolutely zero control .

        • In limbo. That’s it. Nothing more. Stop pushing crazy ideas.

        • There is still time to start a war with Russia.

        • agreed! a lot of ifs involved!

        • Exactly, whatever works. Thats what the military does they practice, practice, practice and practice some more.

          • Practice/Drills are what makes America Military perform well when SHTF.
            Combat is brutal bloody noisy dirty chaos. To perform well you need to use muscle memory and automatic performance of your duties.
            Too much is going on. Things happen too quickly to think.

            Fear, stress, sleep deprivation, make thinking near impossible.
            Practice/Drills are a solution to the above.
            —You Fight how you Train.

            This is a good role model for those here.
            Get off that Fat Ass and Train.
            Train More. Type Less.

            over and out

            • ya think?

      3. I used to fly one of these, until I pooped meself in a hard landing and they fired me!

        • Sure glad they did that Turtle man! You sound like a wimpy Obongoloid!

      4. Not a Boeing 747-200. It is a Boeing 707-320.

        • The E-4B is a 747 modification and belongs to the USAF. The E-6B is a 707 modification and belongs to the Navy.

        • Boeing 707,717,720,727,737,747 and so on. The 717 was the basic 707 airframe used for several variants ie; KC-135 Stratotanker for refueling and the E-6 for surveillance.

      5. Eisenhower warning America about the Industrial War Complex is akin to Hitler warning about Nazies.

        Eisenhower ordered the murder by starvation of one and a half million helpless men, little boys, and some women who had given up their weapons and surrendered after the war. Eisenhower was therefore one of the worst post-war criminals historians never bother to condemn.

        I’m more worried about the people within our cities and communities being instigated to violence by our not really American government, than I am worried about being attacked by foreigners, although foreign hostility can be manufactured by this Deep State, Shadow Government run by Trillionaires like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, you know, the rich J*ws who convinced us they were just innocent victims. Ya right. That’s why they own every fricken thing we need to survive.

        Who knows what that plane is there for. I am really an innocent. Sure hope not to become a victim.

        • the change of designation of prisoners of war was a novel approach to dealing with the lack of logistical support and supplies to feed the 1,000,000 former Nazi combatants following WW2. War is hell. And an even worse hell if you lose. I really don’t care what Dwight did other than win the damned war. Which he did. Remember that. If it had not been for his brilliance and his absolute faith in the men he commanded, we may all be speaking German here in the USA. Also, if that had been the case – that we’d lost the war – do any of you think the Nazis would’ve been any more kind to us? Moral of story – don’t go to war unless you are going to win it.

          • Heartless, I would rather be speaking German today than Jewish,as we seem to be. Again America picked the wrong side of that war too. You don’t see any Jewish or Black people problems in Russia today do you?? No Blacks burning cities down or any Jews fleecing the populace unlike here in the US. Americans need to stop being Fed, and listening to, Jewish Propaganda, that somehow always seems to make them the sole beneficiary of the message.

        • Sucks to be them…..

          If you have to hope to not be a victim, then you already are a victim.

        • Just because some asshole is jewish does not make all jews assholes. by that logic, all christians and non christians are also assholes…in my estimation you are the worse of all humans.

          • Just because some asshole is Jewish doesn’t make all assholes Jewish.
            There, fixed it for ya.

        • The enemy always has a counterfeit to whatever belongs to God or whatever God does. With the Jews, it’s the false tribe, the synagogue of Satan.

          “I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

          “Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie– I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you.” Revelation 3:9

          But God has not forsaken His people.
          “I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew.” Rom 11:1-2

          • Question: it says in the verse above, in Rev. 2:9 (but you are rich) in the grammer of it all, who is that verse talking about, when it says you, me, you, or another “YOU”? My point being here, the King James Bible says…(but thou art rich) which means NO exception, thou is all inclusive in the plural form! The KJV has it right in the English which says “THEE, THOU< "YE" and also when it says "ETH" as an ending, that shows continuity and a continuous event happening still..! That will NOT happen I any other bible except the KJV! But rather than argue the point: let me ask you, as a Christian, you do want GOD's PURE WORD(s) right, so which one is that word? PROVE this yourself: Take any bible, alongside the KJV and OPEN one verse and then the same in in any bible you choose! IF you don't see a marked and remarkable difference, then you are not looking! I am looking to demean, but to edify! THIS happened to me, so, I also did the same! Thanks

        • Ah, come on “B from CA!!” What, are you some kind of sissy-asssed wimp?? War is hell, buck-o! If it weren’t for Eisenhow, you’d be either speaking fukng German or drunk on the streets from Schnapps! Grow up and be vigilant or hid under your mommy’s dress!!

          • Do you kiss your wife or girlfriend w/that mouth you talk that vile filth out of: and yet why must you speak filth! Here’s an answer, do what I did. Make up your mind to speak w/out all that vulgarity and mean it and you will see something happen you will not understand right away but, you will! “SEE” Psalms 50:23 KJV PROVE IT! AMAZING!!

            • Though the majority of us believe in God, including myself, this is not a fucking ministry site nor do we “rant or rave” or even argue about the points your are presenting BRUCE.

              And, for the record, I not only kiss her on the lips with my vile and nasty “sailor mouth” but I eat her p*ssy and *ss too then stick my tongue down her throat. Was that enough for ya or do ya need a skin-mag too?

              I have an Uncle in Maine who is one of the TOP and better known ‘speakers’ (now recently deceased). Turns out he was a pedophile and his entire career as a minister was running Summer Camps for kids (boy love er, I mean Boy’s Camp every year, usually integrated with Church functions).

              Put THAT in your damned pipe and smoke it …g’damned evangelical headaches ALWAYS start popping up in the midst of any small crises, spewing the same shit every time, and it never ever comes to fruition. This has been happening for what, 1500 years or more for Christianity, and nearly 7,000 years for The Middle East (and they’ve forgotten the original reason they started warring).

      6. I live in Denver and had noticed this plane Wed. and thought it was very unusual also. What made me notice it and start watching it was at one point it had a very unusual com trail. It looked like a “daisy chain” com trail…never seen one like that.
        The other thing that was odd to me was that it was flying loops around the area. Because DIA is nearby usually you see planes at lower altitudes because they are either taking off or landing. If it is “through” plane (not landing but just flying through the area on the way to somewhere else) they usually skirt the city because of the planes taking off and landing at DIA. But not this one. My initial impression was surveillance.

        • Very interesting.

      7. I’m in Denver and when I just tried to comment on what I saw Wed. regarding this plane the connection for this site went down repeatedly. My other sites I have open stayed up and it was just this one that failed repeatedly…..so I’ll see if the comment went through before I retype it all. Basically commenting that this plane had a “daisy chain” type of com trail at one point and I had never seen that before.

        • Saw this exact thing over Corydon, IN last night – Navy 747 with some kind of strings (two of them) hanging below the plane. It flew north over I-64 and then banked left for a 180 back to the south. While northbound, it was escorted by a military helicopter, but as the plane banked left, the helicopter kept going North.

      8. seems like “somebody” doesn’t want me to comment on this…as soon as I hit “submit comment” this website goes down…other ones I have open stay up…just happening to this one.

      9. I’m a SAC trained “killer”. Minot North Dakota was my first station out of Tech school. I did not fly B-52s but I fixed their avionic navigation systems. I regularly attended de-briefing meetings where the crew fills out problem reports and answers questions about problems with the aircraft, sometimes, not always the aircrew talks about the mission. One time an aircraft commander said they “successfully bombed the shit out of Miami” despite half the electronics on the aircraft not working. He was actually complaining about the reliability of the electronics systems. The military practices on American cities all the time and it was interesting to find that out. We always thought AGM-69 attack profiles were flown on military ranges only.

        • Third time I’ve tried to post this comment:

          “The military practices on American cities all the time”

          Fact. I know retired Air Force crews from the old SAC bases in California who regularly ‘bombed’ cities in Oregon and Washington. They still have the aerial photos of the ‘targets’ – mainly water tanks, fuel depots, and bridges.

          • That is true about the mock bombings.

            Also included were cities in states where the outline as seen on radar matched certain Soviet cities.

      10. Certainly, they are planning to drop and EMP to stop Trumps inauguration. They just needed to test our reaction to planes flying over in circles. Every since the F16 Mock bomb attack on my scientist friend out in Katy, I have since had a few opinions. I have been told that most of the air force, 90% of it is loyal to the cabal and to the UN. The air force is where the problem lies. They just follow orders and love to destroy and bomb targets and when the call comes for them to run sorties on America, at least we know what to expect.


        • The US Air Farce is the most corrupt criminal branch of the entire US Military. When they have $150 Billion dollar budgets for new plane contracts, many US Retired Generals are all paid Lobbyists, conning the Military to buy these hunks of Junk. Look at all the problems with the F35, the F22, and on and on. The Hundred billion dollar Refueling Tanker bid rigging scandal.

          Keep in mind, every Military Air Fraud Base these shills can keep open, is just one more Pig Feeding Trough to run their Fraud through and stuff their pockets with Billion Dollar contracts to fatten the Military Industrial Complex Mafia. Its is mostly Fraud. And the Public is lied to massively, as they are lied to thinking their Cities and communities will be devastated if a Military base is closed in their area. The TRUTH is quite the opposite. Once a Military base is closed, and the shit hole is cleaned up in a few years, the Cities thrive bigger and better than ever, and personal property values increase greatly. They are no longer burdened gray cloud with the Taxpayers having to pay for roads which are destroyed by military traffic, Crime, Strip clubs, drug crime, low income military families. One guy I know, described Military bases as Filty Whore Houses. Once the Bases are closed under BRAC, (Base Realignment Commission), The Cities can take over the base and reclaim the land as viable without all the chemical waste and environmental destruction. Military planes dump a lot of toxic waste on communities from the planes and from many other reasons. I want to see at least 50% of the 850 Military based closed world wide. Japan’s people can’t stand the US bases destroying their islands and the personnel raping their women. It happens way more, than it is reported on. That’s a fact.

          • AREN’T you glad Jesus Christ is still in charge? I sure am! These politicians can’t do one thing w/out the KNOWLEDGE of the ONE who created them! MY Father can take care of any situation, w/or w/out mankind!

          • Zeus, you are purposely making it sound as if the military is made up of horrible people causing all the “bullshit” that takes place around EVERY military base.

            It has been my experience that every military base is surrounded by “hoodlum” run shops that are looking to make a fast buck off our military men. Rents go for top dollar and are matched exactly to your BAQ (Basic Allowance for Quarters), foods are priced to match your BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence), and for rent you are always screwed no matter if you stay on base or off (you’ll end up paying “out of pocket” for nearly half of what housing now costs, and what the military pays YOU for having it).

            You can NOT make a decent living in the military until you have over 12 years in, or have “climbed the ladder” and are finally making some decent pay, own a home (that you can rent out if transferred, or sell outright to ‘incoming’ personnel who need a house NOW).

            If you are military, the best place to buy anything is at least 100 miles from the base, or you’ll get ripped off every time. If you are retired military, stay the hell away from The VA.

        • This site seems to attract a larger share of Morons than others I visit. 90% of the Air Force understands the “Laws of Armed Conflict, and the Constitution”. To say they are either not loyal, or ignorant is both wrong and stupid. You can fix ignorant – stupid is forever!
          LTC (Ret) USAF

          • YGMSM – – go away. I outrank you and did my fighting “face to face” …not from 70,000+ feet in total safety.

            NOBODY is saying THE USAF isn’t loyal, or do not understand The Constitution (but I’ll bet if tested 90% of Air Force personnel (or Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines), could NOT pass a 150 question test about The Constitution.

            So who the hell do you think YOU are strutting in here calling everyone “morons” – – when you are obviously one yourself. (All Air Farce officers were morons when I was an ‘active’ SEAL …and you know that some things never change. You “Fly-Boys” LIKE those tight jumpers cuz they show off “the whole male fanny” right? RIGHT? Yep. Thought so…

            • Now that you got that “I was a SEAL” shit out of your system, let’s talk. Your SEAL background gives you limited credibility – limited to those areas you have expertise in–like killing someone face to face. My credibility comes from flying this aircraft – i.e. this IS my area of expertise! I don’t care if you have an opinion – I’d just like it to be an informed one. BTW I really love your humor on some of these other posts.

              LTC (Ret) USAF

          • Yeah I lived by a Military base and did a lot of work investigating, reports, documents, history, and several FOIA requests on that shithole base. I have plenty of written documentation, I could easily write a book on the scandals and fraud, and a lot of the Rip off Military Bases have, violating all their NEPA responsibilities, hiding hazards, and requirements to even run a Military base. Its all fraud. And the Base Commanders are in violation of their Oath to serve. Anybody who works for this fraud organization is brainwashed by patriotism is not worthy in my book. You are just another prostitute whore for a paycheck. Go grow some morals and integrity. Get the facts before you join thee largest gang of thugs on the planet, dropping bombs on innocent brown people for kicks. Killing hundreds of innocent people to get one guy with out a trial, and just a hunch or allegation from what source? You must be proud of your self and military service eh? Genocidal Psychopath. And that exactly why so many are committing suicide, Its all Guilt for the inhumane monsters they became. The US military Personnel Violates the US Constitution, which they took an oath to defend, and they harm the people they claim to protect. Its all fraud. Tell us how much Free’er we are today, after these 15 YEARS OF FRAUDULANT WARS? TELL US HOW YOU PROTECTED OUR FREEDOMS? LMFAO!

        • “Certainly, they are planning to drop and EMP to stop Trumps inauguration. They just needed to test our reaction to planes flying over in circles.”

          Why would they care what our reactions are if they were about to unleash an EMP?

          • That’s what I was wondering. It’s not like there’s folks wandering the streets with antiair missile batteries to prevent dropping a device.

          • Maybe it was a Trump Plane, doing a practice run to Bomb the Shit out of Liberals and ISIS as they hide together in the Denver Airport Bunker. Drop one Bunker Buster to cave the place in, then whey they all try to escape, drop another 5000 Daisy Cutter on the Joint to “Drain the Swamp.”

      11. Perhaps, Trump’s first order of business should be to take out the Continuity of Government even if it requires a pre-pardoned team.

      12. Nothing to do about nothing. Trust me on that one..

        • I lived in Arlington Texas, and saw a very high plane with 2 fighter jets escorting it
          Wasn’t sure if it was a Airforce 1 or what
          TWO fighter jets escort !

      13. COK- Continuity Of Kikery.

      14. I recall a movie. The elite all went and hid in their bunker during a raid. Then, 12 men found the air shafts, poured in the gasoline and had an “elite barbecue”.

        “The Dirty Dozen”. Once viewed as a good movie that portrayed a time in history (even if the story is not altogether non-fictional). NOW, perhaps, a TRAINING VIDEO?

        I’d rather take my chances ABOVE ground.

      15. Navy Tacamo. Command and control aircraft with a primary mission to talk to submarines. They were doing nothing more than a practice orbit. It can be used as a doomsday plane, but that is NOT its primary purpose. I’ve been inside one, and talked to the operators while at a deployed location. So for now, just go back inside, reshape your tin foil hat, have a beer and chill out.

        • Concur.

          I did operational test and eval on that specific acft and flew missions on it. Nothing to see here – move along!
          LTC (Ret) USAF

          Too much alarmist rhetoric on this issue. Get a real hobby please.

          • We all have pretty much the same hobby LTC (Ret) USAF.

            Shooting down aircraft of all types that don’t have DELTA on the fuselage. We are developing the same for Drones and possibly EMP “gliders” as well!

        • For many years, in the mountains above Boulder, there was a long cable stretched between huge concrete anchors.

          It stretched across the valley from a former tungsten mine, that was Germany’s source of tungsten long before WWII.

          The cable also featured a small building below, in the center of the valley, with another cable from the building up to the horizontal cable, a thousand feet or more from the valley floor.

          The purpose was to “Talk to Submarines”. The Rocky mountains are quite an efficient ‘shaker’ of the rock mantle covering the earth.

      16. “The whole election strategy changed when John Kerry went to Antarctica as ordered. He was told by the special elite, the Gnostic Illuminati, who are still in control of this planet, to tell Obama and Clinton to back off and let Trump win. As we know, Hillary is only a front for the cabal and will most likely self-terminate within a few months at the most. Bill Clinton is at the end game now. His quadruple bypass surgery is not able to pump blood through his lifeless body anymore. We are informed that he will be gone by year end”.

        This order to Kerry was followed by a special-forces attack on a Khazarian base in Denver that successfully stopped cabal efforts to steal the US election on behalf of their zombie proxy Hillary, CIA sources say.

        Info from:

        • Well nowwwwww doggie ain’t THAT some shit?

        • bullshit site. Pay to read the posts…secret, cryptic information, classified, don’t care.

      17. They are an advanced version of the aircraft that have that giant-assed ‘dome’ on top.

        Given the altitude that those “white planes” fly (45k?), they can easily act like a satellite and “bounce signals from subs directly down” where they are supposed to be received, or ‘skipped’ around the globe.

        Every now and again there is a “drill” to ensure the system is still operational, and just as Jade Helm was this year, so was that test …just a drill that is classified (otherwise you’d know about The Reptoids, Niburu, the 30 incoming asteroids, our 2nd Sun is going to impact with the first one (it’s hiding behind the planets as it’s elliptical orbit keeps it hidden from our view), Alien Greys seem to have returned after 30-years, Long-Noses, and lots of other Fentanyl-related nightmares are crashing down upon us.

        She’s got it stacked to the ceiling gonna stick it in your face
        You know my baby loves to prep it like a boogie-woogie-choo-choo trainnnnnnnnn. yeah…

        • Love your humor!

      18. You KNOW, many are worried about many things today. A possible nuc war and hurricanes and fires, earthquakes etc etc. the lose of jobs and the economy and financial ruin and the like. But, really, why worry whe we KNOW this is going to happen to a fallen and sinful world! Everything, just about is in disarray and heading downward! Men’s minds and hearts are corrupted and getting worse! Politicians, w/all the experience they have still don’t get things in order, because they want what they want, a New one World Order” that will nevr work, yet they still seek it, because of corruption! THE “ONLY” solution is: Jesus Christ! IF OU will admit, you are lost, undone, and a sinner before Him, and wish to get out of that situation and admit He is the ONLY way out, YOU will get a permanent fix and the PEACE you desire and require! I have NO peace in this present evil world, BUT in Jesus Christ ONLY! I KNOW, and I am sure of this FACT! Jesus Christ saved me from myself, because He could and I could not! I KNOW THIS!! DO YOU??

      19. Consider the idea that the warning was NOT to Trump, but rather to the cabel still in power in DC, warning THEM not to start a coup to thwart the Electoral process – and warning them that the West is not defenseless against the Tranzis of the East and West Coasts. And is also the heart of the American military machine.

      20. These ELITE folks are hiding technology needed for humans to seek their destiny… Zero point energy has been manifest in Area 51 S4 and Dugway Proving Ground among other areas that have borders protected by deadly force… The science and the resulting technology is evolutionary, virtually free… Solves most energy needs… no CO2 emissions…

        We are held hostage by the Elite who control these areas…Google “solar warden”… it is an abomination…

      21. The weed is starting to make Mac paranoid….

      22. Why was a Navy plane conducting “secret” drills?

        Because that’s what they do. It’s called TRAINING.


      23. It’s a chemtrail plane. There are no less than 6 I. The air over san Francisco on any given day. Dont fall for the DENVER cover up story.

      24. No one would have noticed the plane if it wasn’t for the Chem trails it was spraying. Much of what is sprayed is top secret. Geo engineering, mind control experiments, low level bacterium, kill the aged… this is not conspiracy this is factual. These goons are poisoning the planet. This is the biggest story of our time that no one knows about. Remember the mural in DIA of planes spraying and gas Masks? DIA has a huge underground city that few people know of. BRINGING THE GAS CHAMBER TO THE PEOPLE!

      25. Chem trails? Geo engineering? Mind control experiments? You really need to get back on your meds!!!
        Spent a lot of time abound AF Bases and find the people to be just people doing a job. The Draft Dodger bunch hide in their MJ and do not contribute to real world. GET A Life!!!
        GOD Bless the USA!!

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