Why Is Nobody Investigating The Russian Air Force Plane Over California and Nevada?

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    russian-jet-no-call-signBack during the Cold War, I served a stint over in Germany in a leg infantry unit (non-airborne) prior to my service with the 82nd Airborne and then SF.  I was a young Corporal, and I was driving one of our Battalion Commanders (I speak fluent German; therefore, the Sergeant Major “volunteered” me), and we were in a hummer heading north.  I was in the far right lane on the Autobahn; I saw a car pull up on my left fast, and then pass me as if I was standing still.  I saw the plates, and they were…Soviet!

    I almost had a stroke.  The car was pulling off to the side of the road about ¼ mile ahead of us.  I grabbed the radio and called back to BN HQ, reporting the sighting.  In West Germany, yet!  The adrenaline was rolling, and my M-16 was in the mount-clip next to me.

    “(BN HQ call sign), be advised, I am following him and will ascertain his actions,” I reported.

    My Battalion Commander was laughing, looking out the window.

    “Sir?” I said, not understanding.

    “Corporal, give me the handset,” he said, and I handed off the radio to the colonel.

    As I watched the road and watched him out of the corner of my eye, he pulled out a laminated card for SMLM, or Soviet Military Liaison Mission.  He followed the prompts on the card and called in a report.

    “Hang off of them by about 50 meters.  Let’em know we’re here…turn your lights on. Secure your weapon and stand by.”

    The colonel called in the license plate.  Although they were not really supposed to be here in this area, they had diplomatic immunity.  We waited and watched for another 30 minutes before three MP vehicles with a Bundeswehr (German Army) truck came up between us and the Sov’s.  The colonel briefed the MP commander and the German officer.  We then returned to the Humvee and left.

    “Sir…I don’t understand how SMLM works if they’re not supposed to be in the area.”

    “That makes two of us, Corporal.  If I had my preference, we’d haul them in and question them about the espionage they’re conducting.  That makes too much sense, though, so we have to look the other way.”

    “I don’t like it, Sir,” I said, and the colonel sighed.

    “Neither do I, Son.  Neither do I.”

    The Lieutenant Colonel had been in for almost 30 years, with 6 years in Vietnam as an enlisted man, and 4 of them with Special Forces and SOG.  Hard stripes, hard-corps, and even then, harder than woodpecker lips.  He was all-Army, and all business.

    “Corporal, one of these days, they’re going to be doing the same thing as here…but in the United States.  One day they will be in our country, and we will have to fight them.  It’s the way it is.”

    “I hope you’re wrong, Sir,” I said, and he nodded.

    “So do I.  But I’m not wrong on this.  Mark my words,” said the colonel, and we continued the rest of our drive in silence.

    He was German-American with a chin that looked as if it was made of iron, and his blue eyes were full of fire and narrowed.  His teeth were clenched almost the whole rest of the ride.  He didn’t say a word, just played around with his 1911 (his .45) as I drove.

    I did mark his words: He was right.

    As initially reported by Gary Franchi, reporter for N3 the Next News Network, a Russian Air Force jet (a Tupolev Tu-154 M) with a registration with the Russian Air Force (RA 85655) apparently flew in an erratic pattern over U.S. airspace over the weekend, both in California and Nevada.  The aircraft varied in flight altitude from 4,500 feet to 10,000 feet, at approximately 445 km/hr.

    The aircraft flew over San Diego on a 60 degree bearing, then doglegged back and returned again to the original heading but in a zigzag pattern, going around Sacramento.  Other “tourist sights” seen in the flight were Edwards AF base, China Lake, a part of Area 51, San Diego’s naval base, the USMC’s 29 Palms, the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, Las Vegas, and the Hoover Dam.

    Here’s the punch line: The Russian aircraft had no call sign.

    The flight of the aircraft was tracked on YouTube by several observers, and the film was visible on fr24.com/82bbdcc@TheAviationist, @ CivMilAir.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    On Franchi’s report, you can see all of the other air traffic in the sky (in the form of aircraft icons), and Franchi showed how each one revealed a call sign when the cursor was placed upon the icon.  The Russian aircraft was a red icon, as opposed to all of the others, which were gold.  When the cursor was placed on the red icon, it showed “no call sign.”

    Then when Franchi edited to post all of these findings, the page magically “refreshed” itself, and the Russian aircraft was gone.  It disappeared completely.  Other watchers claimed that an icon “reappeared” in the same flight path, but this time came up as an American Airlines flight.  It appeared in the exact same spot where the Russian aircraft disappeared.  Obviously, American Airlines must now have aircraft with VTOL capabilities, such as the Harrier.

    The aircraft (the Tu-154 M’s) have the capability of operations from unpaved or gravel airfields.  There are at least 12 in service with Russia currently, but that number is nebulous, because ELINT versions number at least a half dozen.  Also it may be of interest that Gazpromaria (yes, a subsidiary of Gazprom) also runs Tulips (the Tupolevs).  The conservative estimate is at least 50 in use.

    Yes, the U.S. has overflight agreements with the Russians with flyovers permitted for circumstances such as treaty verification.  But remember the Malaysian aircraft?  Amazing, how they tormented the daylights out of us for a month and a half with a news report every 15 minutes courtesy of the foreign reporter for the American news network.  The U.S. sent ships, planes, the whole nine yards.

    But a Russian aircraft goes off the radar screen completely, and not a word is said, not by the MSM, the FAA, or the government.  I guess that’s OK.  Just as it must be OK that the Navy tested out that SLBM (submarine launched ballistic missile) defense a few weeks ago.  I guess it’s OK that in 2009 that “mysterious plume” was spotted off the coast of California…the one that was definitely a missile-launch.

    I’m certain that the government knows and has granted “leeway” to Russia to fly over the United States.  It is that same leeway that Obama promised Medvedev he would have after the election.  That same leeway that allows the “friendly” flight to conduct mapping operations and targeting runs while picking up intel on response times, military installations/scramble procedures, flight paths and patterns of U.S. civilian and military aircraft…information ad infinitum.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Maybe because people think they are coming to save us? Can’t be any worse than the chemtrail planes they bomm us with non stop!

        • Well then Jeremia, it kinda makes you wonder WHO you served huh?

          • Your opinion Genius and Jacknife is one I have held for a very long time regarding Mr. Johnson.


          • Genius,

            I moustache you a question?

            But I’m shaving it till later!


          • Genius,

            I served honorably and with the intention of upholding my oath to the Constitution and the United States.

            If those in charge pervert the country, that doesn’t mean it perverts the character of either my service or any other service member who did their job and love our country.

            Things that are not in my control I am not responsible for. Thanks for the veiled inference; hope this message clears up my stance.


            • Im sure you did serve honorably JJ. I was just pointing out what you might see now in retrospect.

              • If you look at chemtrail planes with high power binocs they are unmarked also. Solid white and all the same low altitude. They have to get all those planes somewhere, maybe russian surplus???

        • I don’t believe some of the things Mr. Johnson says. True operators, former or current members of any socom unit, rarely ever talk about what they did and certainly do not lay all their “accomplishments” out in resume’ form. That “story” he told bout the Lite Col and the cold war, I promise you, absolutely promise you, is bullshit. And for all you keybord patriots who are gonna curse me for disrespecting the almighty Jeremiah, please refer to sentence number 2.

          • Not being a former military member myself, even I can see the flaw in this report. The author should research any subject he makes claim to knowledge of if he expects to be credible to his audience.

          • Hi, Mr. Jackknife!

            Congratulations! You’re the first person who has finally managed to “push my button,” so to speak.

            Firstly, my words are true, as are my accomplishments and my past. If I “reveal” everything to you, what is there to gain? Just another skeptic silenced in a never-ending army of them with no gain for myself.

            Tell you what…you come out here to Montana…fly into Glacier International on your dime, Mr. Mouth. Your dime, into my neck of the woods I’ll show you my whole 201 file…everything.

            And then you’re mine. You, and anyone you wish to bring with you. Mine.

            Game? I’ll show you the definition of “permanent.”

            Wanna play? I mean it. I have a nice free space on my wall, or a good shelf for a ten-gallon jar half full of brine. Guess what will take up the remainder?

            I mean it. Screw with me. Please.


            • Oh are you threatening me tough guy? You’re not only a bullshit artist, you’re a comedienne. Oh my, I officially pushed your button. Oh no, off to the dungeon. Hey tough guy, come to pa on your dime and we’ll talk. So to speak

          • You promise us . Well if you promise lm stupid enough to believe you.

          • Key board patriots ? What are you? Our hero. Gay veteran? Tell us how wonderful you are. Get PC . We believe that crap too.

            • You must be one of them keyboard patriots

          • I don’t disagree with you at all, though SMLM vehicles were definitely in Germany when I was with the 11th Armored Cavalry in Fulda, West Germany back in the Seventies. That said I have no respect any more whatsoever for retired military or active duty for that matter. They have sold our asses down the river for their salaries, retirement, and benefits while protecting not us, but Lockheed Martin and thousands of other defense contractors. Not only is his story bs, as you stated, but this whole damn military complex is nothing but bs with the taxpayers left holding the shit. And it is only going to get worse. Just stop and thing what good old jeremiah laps up out of your bank account to support just one month of his worthless ill gotten military benefits. That also includes is suck you dry family. And after he is dead it just goes right on down to his heirs. As hard as this is to believe we are still to this day paying surviving heirs of Civil War Veterans. The latest admission by the Pentagon is that we will still be paying benefits to heirs of the Gulf Wars until 2199. Yep, you read that right, all the way until the year 2199. And that is if we left the Middle East today. total bs

          • Ebola Is Now Killing People Who Aren’t Even Infected

            An example of why it is important to apply sensible sanitation habits (like hand washing), stock up on medical supplies, know how to properly cleanse wounds and treat infection and have methods to provide clean drinking water.

            The domino effect…

            “In November 2014, six months after the country’s first Ebola cases were documented, the WHO reported that “few patients have access to healthcare facilities, with many facilities closed.”

            Many health workers died or quit out of fear. Attendance at clinics dropped by as much as 90 percent, the WHO report found.

            Frightened parents kept their children home with life-threatening diseases. Vaccination programs that were only just starting to effectively combat other killers, such as measles and Lassa fever, were decimated.

            As a result, local doctors and international NGOs, including Care USA, estimate that for each person Ebola has killed through direct infection, more than one Sierra Leonean will perish from the secondary effects of the crisis.”

            crofsblog dot tyepad dot com

            *originally posted at foreign policy dot com, but the link wouldn’t open.

          • yes I detected a lot of Bravo Serra too, in that “write up”

          • Johnson’s story is likely true. SMLM operated in W.Germany legally just as the USLM operated in East Germany. Both had restricted areas and missions. How quickly we forget the US Army officer who was shot in E. Germany checking on the movement of Russian units there near a base. He was a US liaison officer and that was retribution for a US act. As a former US liaison officer in W Germany for 8 years, pls believe me!

            • I met one, maybe the same guy. He took an East German bullet in the back while fleeing in a car from a Soviet military dump where they had been digging around. He told me they used to go “bird watching” a lot in East Germany, but these pesky MIGs often ended up spoiling their shots.


        • LOL good one!!! Best post/reply I’ve read for days.

        • Can anyone say EMP attack! Say it 3 times real fast!

      2. Official deception is worldwide today, but information that world leaders most wanted to keep from the public – THE SUN’s CORE IS THE PULSAR REMNANT OF THE SUPERNOVA THAT MADE AND SUSTAINS EVERY ATOM, LIFE AND PLANET IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM – has already leaked past the gatekeepers of official knowledge:


        With kind regards,
        ~Oliver K. Manuel

        • What does it mean?

          • It means it’s almost time for my christmas poem lol.

      3. Where are the Turks when you need them? [JUST KIDDING]

        • Putin for prez!!!

          • It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s less of a communist than Obamaman!

          • Genius, Putin is the closest thing to a REAL LEADER that I’ve ever seen anywhere; I’ll give him that.

            • Yep I doubt that he sits around smoking crack and watching basketball like our fearless leader lol.

              • Putin may be one reason to allow non citzens to run for office,borders would certainly be secure,military built up and not so many gimme dats out there.

            • I have to admit that this is the first article from JJ that I’m disappointed in. We need to lose the cold war neocon/warmonger attitude. And exactly what were WE really doing over there, policing Germany? Was that really OUR BUSINESS?

              Let’s take a brief look at those “warmongers” over in Russia, who must be casing us out for a soft target to attack – and there is no mistake, that is exactly the tone of this article.


              1. WE tear up the middle east and support the largest, most well armed and BRUTAL terrorist army the world has ever seen, and they are OPENLY working for/with us. We’ve literally destroyed EVERY COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST except for our pals the Saudis, Israel, Turkey and Qatar. (We tried to do Egypt, but they fought back and put a stop to it).

              2. The CIA pulls of a bloody coup right on Russia’s doorstep in Ukraine, against historically Russian people, and installed our puppet govt, INCLUDING A DAMNED BANKSTER, FOR PETE’S SAKE. We DO IT RIGHT IN THE FACE OF THE WORLD, then tell Russia to mind their own business.

              3. NATO has been encroaching on Russian borders for decades – so much so, that WE finally have the gall to tell them to that THEY’RE GETTING TOO CLOSE TO NATO’S BORDERS!

              4. Our Turkish buddy shoots down one of their planes and then goes and hides behind NATO’s skirt for protection, telling Russia to kick rocks.

              5. We’ve spit in the face of Russians the entire time. Blocking their diplomatic passports so they have to miss meetings.

              6. Virtually everything, including things WE are responsible for, we openly blame on Russia…even to the level of absurdity…and WE continually call THEM the liars.

              7. Then there’s the sanctions we imposed on Russia, as if we have ANY RIGHT whatsoever to tell Russia what to do in their own neighborhood…

              8. Russia is over there trying to mop up OUR MESS, and all we can do is continue to berate them and support the terrorists.

              9. We stick our two cents in EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE, leading to massive global problems, and tell Russia to mind their own b business.

              10 We try to confiscate their national assets every chance we get, all the time trying to use economics to blackmail them into submission. We “warn them” about this or that, stuff WE have no business interfering in to start with.

              11. We’ve got numerous NGOs in their country openly trying to undermine their govt and cause a regime change. It’s a known fact that those NGOs are nothing more than fronts for the CIA, paid for by George Soros.

              12. We’ve been loading up the other side of their borders with all kinds of heavy weaponry. We’ve now got it stacked up like a game of STRATEGO. We are the occupiers, and we no longer care who knows it.

              13. We even hold WAR DRILLS within a MILE of Russia’s border. If you don’t think that’s provocation, then you’re no netter than the warmongers in the Pentagon.

              14. For Pete’s sake, we even tell ASSAD, the legitimate President of a sovereign nation that he has to go and that he has NO RIGHT to defend himself or his country – BECAUSE WE SAY SO?

              MY GOSH, I COULD GO ON & ON & ON ABOUT ALL OF THE TIMES WE’VE SPIT IN RUSSIA’S FACE IN THE LAST DECADE, but I’m not going to write a damned book. Suffice it to say that WE are the ones acting unilaterally and in violation of International Law in Syria – NOT RUSSIA.


              How much more shit do we expect any nation to take from us, before they start looking to defend themselves – from us? How many threats? How many nukes do we get to park on their borders, before they have a right to get upset? How many lies?

              When will we realize that RUSSIA WILL NOT SUBMIT TO A BULLY. Why should we even expect them to? They keep asking us to partner up with them to rid the world of terrorists, but we spit in their face and drop some more weapons to ISIS.



              Enough is enough. I’m calling you out JJ – you tell me, exactly how much aggression would YOU TAKE of YOU were in Putin’s shoes? How many insults and stabs in the back would YOU take?


              I’ll tell you what…Putin is a better man than me, because I might not have maintained my cool at being constantly attacked like Russia has. The USA govt needs to be put on a short leash.

              I suggest you drop the old cold war thinking and look around JJ. That was THEN – This is NOW. Look around JJ. The rest of the world is getting tired of IS being the bullies and destroying their countries at our whim.

              • I meant : The rest of the world is getting tired of US being the bullies and destroying their countries at our whim.

              • Dear Sixpack,

                If I were in Putin’s shoes, I would have already nuked the U.S. or at a bare minimum laid waste to every NATO installation that borders Syria currently conducting operations into Syria.

                You did mention, “..if the U.S. was treating your country like we treat Russia…”

                The U.S. is my country, and to elaborate on your point in a different path, the U.S. (administration) is treating my country…the U.S., as a gulag…totalitarianism is clamping down.

                I have no doubt that the Russians are justified in what they do. I know you are Russian-American, and to be straight, you DID disagree with the other article I wrote back in the Spring regarding a potential battle plan that Russia might use if it decided to invade.

                Once again, my intent has been taken out of context. Thi is not a “Cold War” resurrection. It is a point that is being made to draw a parallel. Our military ignored the SMLM’s because détente and glasnost was prompting the politicians (yes, Reagan, too) to relax in operations and stances.

                I already know, Sixpack, that the U.S. is an “Evil Empire” with a Manchurian candidate at the helm and a slew of foreign oligarchs calling directions to that helm.

                What this article is about is the fact that a Russian Military Aircraft with no call sign disappears from view and reappears as an American Airlines flight.

                Why? What is the U.S. government doing to promote such?

                In my opinion, they’re all in cahoots with one another to take over the globe and reduce the U.S. to a third world vassal state.

                I am looking around, Sixpack. I see “us” if you don’t prefer me to use U.S. anymore, on the brink of thermonuclear war.

                I’ve always respected your opinion, input, and comments. Understand my intent that I mentioned…to promote independent thought and the possibility that either:
                1. Our government wants a nuclear war,
                2. The government wants a situation that “justifies” it to go into martial law mode.

                Hope this addressed some of your concerns.

                Respectfully Yours,


                • “What this article is about is the fact that a Russian Military Aircraft with no call sign disappears from view and reappears as an American Airlines flight.”

                  Maybe the U.S. is experimenting for their next false flag? Maybe next time it will be a Russian Mil until it gets shot down, then magically become an airliner – AND international incident blamed on Russia. Remember the U.S.S Liberty” Well, technology has advanced since then.


                  Thank you for the reply, JJ. I’m glad you cleared that up, by elaborating. I think I did misunderstand a bit.

                  While I am of partial Russian descent, I’ve never been to Russia myself. I would love to go, just once, to see for myself what it is like over there. I know that it would be good if this country as a whole, had MORE of the Christian values of Rossiya, and a lot LESS Israeli.

                  I wish I could be proud of this country, but I’m not blind or stupid…and I would have to be, to excuse the behavior of this government.

                  I believe we CAN be “American” while not supporting what this rogue govt does in our names. I see you do too.

                  • Dear Sixpack,

                    Thanks for your understanding. I reiterate my respect for you and how I value your correspondence on these topics. When you gave me advice on the one article, I took it.

                    People have been tearing me a new one on many of my articles, even though I have constantly declared my hatred for the soft totalitarian government that we have, and these globalists that have completely infiltrated the U.S.

                    They question my service and make denouncements they would never make in that manner if they were in front of me. No matter: such will not change.

                    But what IS important is that you and others with critical, open minds understand that I love our country and our people more than life. My son is serving, now, and I taught him to serve for the people of the U.S., not some government that (you and I both agree) is nothing short of pure, unadulterated evil.

                    I remain your friend, as long as you wish it. I truly wish nothing more than to report objectively, and with positive goals in mind to help those who read this blog, be it instructional or be it reporting on things that go on.

                    I hope this reaches you in good health, and you have a good day.

                    Always Respectfully Yours,


              • Nice post sixpack.

                Regarding #1 about Egypt. El Sisi was educated at the Army War College here in the states. Who’s puppet is he?

                Regarding #11. I believe Vlad has ejected all the US NGOs for the very reason you state…spearpoints for the CIA.

                Again, nice post.

              • If I could pick a neighbor, I’d pick you. Why? Because I love your posts and being female, it is refreshing to see some wisdom coming from our gender.

                My daughters could use some more strong women to learn from as well.

                • Thanks, and I’m sure you won’t fail them…

              • Thank you 6P. A Christian fellow told me the other day, that he believes these are the last days. He said that the Bible was filled with revelations relating to these [the last] days. Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Matthew, Revelations, etc all prophesy of the last days. Now, it would be generally accepted that America is the most powerful nation on the Earth, in these, the last days. If so, then why does the name ‘America’ never appear in any of those scriptures? Well, because they never knew it existed. It hadn’t yet been discovered. So what did they call it instead..? Babylon, or Mystery Babylon [Mystery because they didn’t know where or what it was].
                What do you think of this…?

                • Personally, I pay more attention to the stories of old, recounted in the bible, than I do to those people who try to see into the future. Only God knows the future – and He ain’t tellin’.

            • Cuz I’ve only seen one Genius dumber than you! Putin for Prez, who do you serve.

              • Really ? He’s an idiot for having the ability to think critically?

              • I serve what is in my and my loved ones best interest. Who do you serve? I think it may be an internet troll service in telAviv.

              • NGIC, f#$% you! I’ll take our poster named Genius any day over you or any other stinking troll.

                • Genius, NGIC is just another useless troll. He pissed me off with his little crack about you.

                  • Eeehh no big deal, trolls always stick their foot in their mouths. Easy to defeet lol.

                    • 🙂

      4. Charleton Heston on corrupting media/Why libs hate the internet, including SHTFPlan:

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

        Sex in the City, 2 1/2 Men or Will and Grace, anyone??

        EXTRA CREDIT: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
        – Former CBS News president Richard Salant, cited from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

        • Don’t forget the old oow!

          “Soldiers are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foriegn policy”
          “Henry Kissinger”


        • Thank god!

          • How many fake names you got man? And talking to yourself now? Freakin psycho.

          • If it honestly IS that bad here, maybe move to Moscow, tovarisch. Otherwise, improve the local conditions.

            • I wish I could but the country is full of brainwashed asswipes. The sheep are the biggest obstacle and they are soooo fookin braindead I have no hope. I aint going anywhere, I will just stay and fight the tard army….

            • I wish I could but the country is full of brainwashed asswipes. The sheep are the biggest obstacle and they are soooo fookin braindead I have no hope. I aint going anywhere, I will just stay and fight the tard army….

              • The young and stupids they brainwashed with floride. Are just that . They are the military. They are stupid and easy to wipe out.

          • Russia was Americas greatest Allies during the 1776 revolution war, and Again when in 1860’s civil war era the russian Czar got a warning thru his european cousins and contacts etc that FIVE! thats FIVE other european nations of France-England-Spain-and two I do not now recall from memory….All five had a secret-plan compact agreement in Cahoots with the Rostchilds bankster brood of viper snakes…To…

            Invade usa Via mexico border and from both coasts with naval forces and intervene in the civil war.

            In the civil war planned interventions, those five euro nations armed forces were to be used to Force a split between south and north as a permanant split and then Unite the south states of usa With a combo state of southern states+mexico+sough america and if I recall correct from memory also included was Cuba and several other british owned isles zones…

            So to create a vast multi nation state colony of cotton growers and sugar plantations controlled via rosthchild viper snakes aka Khazar imposters.

            When the russian Czar (king) learned if it all he promptly offered and it got accepted each time by usa prez etc to have russian naval forces and russian ships full of army forces park his ships off west and east coasts of usa to await further intrusion if those euro nations went ahead with their nefarious anti-america plans.

            In Other words Russia played a great role as usa allies each time…And right up to the time frame when a usa prez, not sure his name now?…Back around turn of century 1900 era, Kept rejecting every lobby effort by the huge zionist jewish lobbies of usa to end all forms of trade practices with russia etc…That usa prez fought against the jewish zio lobbies and got shot in stomach for it! Killed when later he died….

            Ever since that time russia was NO longer allies nor trade partners…excepting of course when our illustrious leaders of usa again became allies and best buddies with Soviet KOMMIE Bolshevik Butchers for both jewish zio instigated World Wars aka WWI and WWII..

            And same as how Germany in WWII era, actually in springtime of 1933 was stated in every major global newspaper as haveing War declared against germany BY international Jewry headlines….That was at Fisrt perpetrated same as against Todays Russia IE: as “Economic Sanctions”!

            And Irony of Irony…Just like Germany was hated and Propagandized thru its occupation of bolshevik jewry kommies Then…So to has America today become an occupied Fed Govnt….it is No wonder so many folks claims how so like germany in 1930’s usa today is with economic issues, potential national bankruptcy, potential Hyper inflation event with EVERY Form of Information avail aka MSM in ALL forms, and even soon the Internet in their hands totally.

            Every major university, all public schools nationwide, Military complex via pentagon controled by same perps.

            Indeed todays usa is akin in Every way to germany was in 1930’s…As well is also Russia being Hounded and treated as globalistic Bad guy monsters of mayhem and chaos same as was germans even prior, Much prior to nazis gained elections power.

            Only Germans depended upon Food Imports to Feed 2/3rd of german folks or they’d all starve to death in short time…Russia has plenty of Farmers and Farm lands and can feed it self….And todays Russia aint nobody to fuck with even by a coalition of the “Willing” duped nato nation fools…

            So why are So many otherwise highly educated, most has a Law degree! Polititions in virtually Every Nation almost, so eager to start a WWIII and likly Nuke War against Russia? Knowing it is a total UNwinable affair?

            Well First one Must comprehend the Master race minded folks behind it all…They firmly believe in what their religion calls “Tikun Ohlem” Or spelled close to that..

            What Is that? Tikun Ohlem means in English language…

            “The REPAIR of the WORLD”…

            How can they repair a world that dont need such massive 100% of Everything repairs?…Via hegelian Dialectic, aka,

            First fuck it ALL Up as Bad as Possible!…Blame a scape gaot of course, (russia? Iran? every GOY nation and peoples)…Then propose a “solution to Fix or Repair” the entire world…With the zio-repair teams of course Owners and Rulers of this new better repaired world.

            This is NO conspiricy theory, its much and oft spoken of and too many of their books were written that discuss such plans and use of words Tikun Ohlem to describe it all.

            These fanatical religious lunatics actually do believe that They and they alone, and their entire tribe aka aprox 15-Million members globally, were Born With the God given Rights that ONLY They posess to “repair the World” and usher In what They call “Our Messianic Era” Ours as in Theirs! Not Yours or mine for they do NOT believe in any Christian Christ messiah.

            They believe They as a Group of total global pop of 15 million folks Will become their OWN Messiah once they acomplish total ownership and total rulership over entire earth and ALL contained within it…Including YOU and Yours “if” allowed to still remain alive as Slave workers For Them.

            Anybody that desires truth and Facts of all these issues and plans can find it as easy as a candy bar at corner store today online…be it Talmud books/verses that state these issues, Private wrote books galore, magazine articles, especially Israel Published newspapers and magazines like Harrettz and Jeruselem Post daily paper publish In israel and translated to English online for You to read at its own website.

            Plus tons and tons of many fine historians and various other very concerned folk that has done 40-50 years lifetimes research so You can Know these important issues truths now…The perps can NO longer keep such stuff so well Hidden like they did the past 100 years…Internet has Foiled them!….And We shall foil them too as long as Enough Others awaken and rid their minds of deep held delusions and act like a real White Man or Woman finally and for them inclined to, Also act like a True real Christian…There is zero place or possibility for or Of judiasm within real christianity is a great first start to get started on awakening. Then go from There and I have a hundred or more web links to great proof info sites if needed.

            • TG, What gets me is this is the greatest information age EVER and people choose to be as ignorant as possible. Like having a 500 acre library at your fingertips but read comic books instead…

            • Hey tg, if that’s true then you have to admit for a small group of 15 million they must be pretty fucking good to control world events for as long as they have and as well as they have. And all you can do about it is jack shit, along with your sorry assed band of little pied pipers who bitch and moan forever about it because they’re totally HELPLESS to do anything!

              • Canon, read history much? Watch a documentary called “the money changers” you might learn something lol.

      6. Sorry, this story is FALSE. If you check out the longest legged Tu154M model, its range is 4100 miles. If you look up the flight distance from Vladivostok to San Francisco, it is 5600 miles one way… Granted they can fly over the pole too, but the distance is about the same, and when you add in joy riding all over the desert southwest, the plane would have run out of fuel and crashed, or it would have to have landed somewhere in the US or Canada to get refueled at least twice, or been midair refueled from our aircraft, since no Russian flying tanker has the range to carry enough fuel for a TU154 as well as carry enough for itself to fly all the way over here and back home again, so the story does not pass the laws of Aircraft design test.
        We have enough real things to worry about, lets not invent a bunch of make believe ones too.
        Besides, the crusty old Tu 154 is a dinosaur. They were designed in the 1960’s. They would have to get special clearance to fly them anywhere in North America since their engines do not meet our noise pollution standards, and they are falling apart. They were used up completely during the 25 years of financial anarchy Russia went thru after the Soviet breakup. I flew in a couple and they were being held together with bailing wire and chewing gum.. They were so badly worn out, the airframes were beyond rebuilding. That is why they have been pulled from commercial service worldwide. Of hundreds or thousands built, less than 50 are in limited service anywhere. Even third world cargo airlines don’t want these overstressed, worn out, fuel gulping, deathtraps. If the Russians wanted to go snooping, they have satellites and the internet and have bought lots of nice modern Airbus and Boing aircraft which would be a lot less obvious.. why fly a crusty antique half way around the world that is physically incapable of the job?
        Next, your story does not pass the BS test because if an aircraft were to turn off its transponder, EVERY US military aircraft within a thousand miles will vector in on that skunk and escort that potentially hostile aircraft in for a landing at the nearest airport while keeping their targeting computers locked on.. You do remember that this is standard procedure for any aircraft in the US that are a threat since 9/11 don’t you? Last, flying an unidentified aircraft over any of the facilities you mentioned without permission would also provoke a fatal response. My BS meter is pegged..

        • Well Mickey, you earned an extra eyepatch for that! Good job man!

          • But then, who’s to say WE didn’t refuel it?

            • Quick hop from Kamchatka, refuel at Elmendorf, and right down the coast

          • Genius,
            there is another possibilty, the US has lots of russian military stuff they do testing with them, could be something the us was or is doing, I have not seen a TU BUT i have seen lots OF other russian military equipment that was used for testing bu US< so who knows

            • Apache your right, the Mi8 and Mi24 over at Ft. Polk come to mind.

            • That sounds like the most plausible of explanations. Just a trial balloon to see if we are paying attention/shake things up a little.
              Kind of surprised they didn’t drop a bomb on something with it. It’s what they do.

            • possible false flag preps for Syria/Turkey theater?

        • Along the same lines I was in the Army 1972-1979 and in Germany 74-76. There were no hummers in service in the Army during this time. When you arrived in country (Germany) you received training that included SMLM training and issued a card you reported your Colonel had. Every G.I. in Germany was required this training and issued a card. I’m just sayin I agree on the bull meter.

        • Thanks Mickey, your perfect post would be good appended to mine.

        • Hi, Mr. Mickey!

          As far as “BS” I am relaying a report that is visible on the internet for you or anyone to watch.

          How is Gazprom still using the aircraft (and in the U.S.) if it’s unsafe? Now, look it all up…I am commenting on the report.

          Why is it that “fatal response” was not provoked over the submarine off the coast of CA in 2009? Why are “fatal responses” not provoked when the Russians have been flying around Guam and around Washington State and Alaska?

          How will the USAF “vector in on that skunk” (yeah, I read “Alas, Babylon,” by Pat Frank in the 1970’s too) WHEN THEY ARE AIDING THE AIRCRAFT?

          A Sh-thook/CH-47 is a “crusty antique,” yet it flew Seal Team 6 after the bin Laden hit, and was blown out of the sky.

          Thanks, Mickey, for your analysis and mention of your BS meter, which is undoubtedly stuck in “Troll” mode.

          Thanks, Mickey! You can join Jackknife in a “visit” to me, if you wish…you’re more than welcome.

          Thanks, Mickey!

          • Move out of your moms trailer jj. Get a life you lying douche bag

        • never happened and the walmart in kalispell isn’t a fems camp yet..JJ=fear porn$$$$

          • Probably The Only folks you shall see locked up in Any Wall Mart will be the next time some crazed apelike Detroit or Chicago Negro madman with a firearm, loots the food store, orders all wall mart workers and patrons into the Meat Cooler huge fridge in order to force them to kneel faceing back wall of cooler and fires his gun at the backs of their heads in protest against Whiteys.

            but fema aint going to be there directing events I think.

            ps: that online info spoken of aint by any chance via dave hodges or alex jonsky is it? I ask since they both Always lay all Blame on Nazis instead of russians.

        • Nothing is false about the story. The Tu-154M is a dedicated Russian Air Force reconnaissance aircraft under the Open Skies Treaty. It is flown with US and other treaty members on board along with the Russian crew.

          Tu-154M registration RA-85655 It is NOTAM’d and permitted to be in US airsace. The US does exactly the same with OC-135s in Russian Air Space. The Russian aircraft has US and other nations observers on board along with the Russian crew.





      7. Question:

        Why is nobody investigating the Russian air force plane over California and Nevada?


        Because a bunch of scumbag, traitors in our government let them in!

        • Don’t worry, it will only get worse…

        • Why? Because ISIS.

          Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain….

          • ISIS lol? NO, because the owners of isis and the usa and the fed and imf and europe and the currencies and everything else will make it worse. Isis is just a poopet show for the masses. Same with politics.

            Now the man behind the curtain is who to watch!

            • That was sarcasm. Ignore the plane, watch the terrorist drama

        • Actually, it is because Russia is the first, second, or third, depends upon who you ask, world superpower….

          ….and it owns nearly a trillion dollars of USA debt, that can’t be repaid because this country is mathematically bankrupt.

          Russia is making plans to come and get it back, with interest; one way or another. They are using Syria to build up their military stronghold for the Gog/Magog invasion of America/ biblical Israel.

          Sixpack will be standing on a hill near the Pacific, waving them in with a Russian flag and her wall sized picture of a bare chested Putin. (I couldn’t resist)

          • lol…well, they do have about 600 billion in fx reserves of treasuries, but they have been using them since the ruble has been devalued and the price of crude has crashed.

            Without these reserves they may have had to capitulate to the bankers. Much like in the 90s when they were bankrupted by the oil price…but this time under Vlad they built up a big reserve in good times and stayed out of international dollar denominated debt for the most part.

            They are in a recession, but will likely weather it being they don’t need to import hydrocarbons…the lifeblood of any economy.

            On the other hand, the Empire mainly exports two things…financial fraud and death.

            • Cradel to grave will go to his or her grave trusting in a combo of info from John Hagee+ Fox TV news shows!

              ALERT! so far the ONLY place we actually see mention of ANY entity named “GOG” has been in the wording of Synagouge spelled a bit different yes…However it IS prounounced exact same as GOG aka like Synagog with the U & E silent….

              Also as Christ said as in Rev 2:9 and 3:9 “imposters of the Synagouge of Satan” He was of course speaking of Imposter jews as named in first part of those verses.

              Where Else has anybody seen anything else called by “GOG” other than a synagog which is what their church is called as….Nowheres is where!

              More of scofield bible delusions again. When will folks awaken?

              • What does it matter? Like you, they aren’t going to do shit about anything but piss and moan on their keyboards all day long lol……

                • You sound like a man of action! Whats your plan?

                  • genie,

                    My plan isn’t to make 25 posts on every thread talking bullshit like some delusional old geezer who thinks he’ really bad and can actually DO anything but bitch and moan from his keyboard all day.

                    • Genius: Cannons “Plan” is akin to his tribal pals…IE: endevor to perseveer as the best damn Parrasite possible.

                      kinda like a Flea attempting to achieve a free ride and free meal….Awaiting another repy post to Jump on!

                      we need start calling this Cannon fool a FLEA eh!

                      Wuz Up Fleabagboy!….Now scoot and go locate a nice french Poodle you can feast upon fleaboy.

          • “Sixpack will be standing on a hill near the Pacific, waving them in with a Russian flag and her wall sized picture of a bare chested Putin. (I couldn’t resist)”


            FYI, I tried giving them the coordinates to the white house, just in case they wanted to cure our collective headache. As far as Putin is concerned, He does look a little like my Dad, and you should hope you look that good at 60 years old.

            …where did you say I could get that “wall sized picture of a bare chested Putin?”


      8. I was in the Army from 1972-1979 and in Germany 1974-1977 and there were no hummers even in service in the Army at that time. When you arrived in country (Germany) you were given a class on SMLM and every solder was issued the card you reported your Colonel was carrying. I find your story pretty amazing that the Army would stop training on SMLM years after I served at that location. I’m just sayin.

        • March bo,

          Nice comments, but I was not in the service in the years you outlined. I had a SMLM card; the LTC I drove had a special card for officers that had a different protocol than the standard SMLM we all received. It had to do with PRP and his status as a BN CMDR for a site that had nuclear weapons.

          They didn’t “stop training” on the SMLM. I did not write that. I reported that they DID NOT FOLLOW OR REPORT IN THE MANNER THEY WERE INSTRUCTED when seeing a SMLM vehicle.

          I was 11-B guarding missiles in W. Germany at the time.

          Hope that answers some questions for you without giving you too much. I know everyone is “hot and bothered” to see my pic and bio outlined totally, akin to Schumaker and Gritz.

          I’m just sayin’……….I answered you respectfully, without giving away anything a good guy such as you, or some malignant moron might use to attempt to hurt my family and I.

          I’m just sayin’


      9. I have Vodka.

      10. The Tu 154 is a jet air liner. that was used in the 60’s. The plane can be owned by anyone. They are for sale all over the place.

        Could it be armed hell yes, but it is more than likely being used as a drone. Just think TPTB could use it to start a WAR/ FALSE FLAG. Just thinking out loud.


        • That is spot on Sarge……Never rule anything you can think of out. If you thought of it they thought of it.

      11. ……
        So Russians no problem. But Isreal will fly by and
        drop a chemical, biological, or nuclear bomb.


      12. Before everyone gets all worried – what needs to be known is that there are Russian aircraft all over in this country. Take a Google sat-view look and/or streetview look @ 8020 15th St E, Sarasota, Florida. Look on the due west side of the street. Ya’ll might find it interesting that there’s a real beaut of a fighter parked right there – right now & has been for quite some time. Now, I’m no pilot or good at ID’ing a plane but, that sure looks like a SU24 or similar to me.

        In short, don’t jump to conclusions.

        • The SU24 is a two engine aircraft. The one in Sarasota is a one engine aircraft. It may be an SU15.

      13. Just had a spy at that Fightradar24.com

        The no fly zones over some of the middle eastern Countries is telling.

      14. A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World

        h ttp://nocompulsion.com/a-warning-to-the-west-a-voice-from-the-heart-of-the-islamic-world/

      15. Why should anyone be surprised to find a Russian airplane over California or any other state. It is obama’s policy to let anyone fly over our country or cross our border and he just ignores it. He wants something to cause enough chaos so he can declare martial law, declare dictatorship and cancel the election. obama will do anything to complete the destruction of America and he only has another year to finish the job he started.

      16. Nobody is investigating it, the same way NOBODY cares why criminal Corporatist Fascist monsters took over our food supply and the Medical Big Pharma Cartel, and the cowards could care less why they now have the coward pussy Zombies in the vile evil disgusting shithole of the world poisoning their own precious children with poisonous toxic GMO and chemical filled FAKE FOOD and Big Pharma toxic garbage, which are all destroying the immune systems and good gut bacteria of all the disease ridden dumbed down coward Zombie victims of shithole America.


      17. Watch ‘Unsealed: Alien Files’ and then ‘nothing’ will surprise you.

      18. As I was walking the dog one night here in SE KY, two of these flew over at about 5,000 ft AGL.
        They were totally quiet, separated by only 1,000 feet, lights out. They flew from east to west. Not a word from media.

        • Chemtrail planes have no lights when spraying at night. 5000 feet is about the altitude they fly also. Look at them with binocs and see the trail behind them. Moonlight also will cast a shadow on them. For those of you who are to ignorant or lazy to look into this get out some good binocs and look for yourself! Unmarked white planes flying at the same altitude or just go back to your regularly scheduled programming because the govt. would NEVER do such a thing lol. For some good evidence go to geoengineeringwatch.org

      19. Come on don’t they teach you anything !

        Russia is allowed to fly over the USA ‘X’ times a year and aboard its aircraft you will find American observers to make sure they stick to agreeded rules.

        In return the USA is allowed to over fly Russia ‘X’ times a year and it’s recon missions would be shot down if they just turned up without permission to take pictures.

        Also note the foriegn diplomats are allwed to do spot checks on military bases in the UK (Maybe USA too) as the OP would know if he visited the UK and was based in Bentwaters or any of the other USA bases we have all over the place.

        Maybe you americans need to ask your government why they are not being honest and up front with you all because it’s not a secret

      20. MY first response to the article gives me the impression it was one of our “bought” planes, some one forgot to resister a call sign. No Russian spy plane would be that obvious at that altitude to be caught on radar.

        Unless our US military and airforce is totally dysfuctional, they would be escorting a real Russian spy plane out of our airspace or shooting it down before it reached our coast. Believe me, my nephew is a navy pilot and he said and we are on heightened awareness due to Russian aggressions.

      21. Can’t do anything about it, why investigate it?

      22. Look at how long it took for Russia to become directly involved in Syria, then look at the rest of the countries they are involved with, then look at the crap our meddlesome country is poking at.
        I have no problem with the Russians.
        I DO have a problem with these psychopathic liars in our non-representive government stirring the shit in all these other countries all over the world. Buncha stupid fools…..

      23. Hahaha! Obsolete civil airliner over US skies! How far do paranoia, delusion and schizophrenia go?

        Mr. Johnson, how many vodka shots did you have before you wrote this masterpiece?

        • Hey Mr. “Russki Panimayim,”

          Your ISP and ID pops up akin to a Jiffy Pop! Want to answer a question? How good are you at “gaming” the possibilities that I can hop a MAC flight anywhere I wish? Follow? Hahahaha!

        • Vy ne imeyete Rossii.

      24. Because the sheeple are stupid. The US Air Force flies Red Flag exercises over Nevada and California from Nellis AFB, with USAF aircraft painted with a Red Star to simulate a Blue-on-Red dogfight.

      25. America=Occupied Territory co-opted fed govnt.

        Americans are ALL now same as Palestinians except we here has plenty of firearms and a 2nd amendt…Otherwise you too in usa would be shot, jailed, tortured, persecuted, and hated like no others.

        And since recent few years usa police trainings both Phys and mental trainings, has by now probably been fully completed by IDF soldiers doing Phys part with ADL and SPLC doing the mental training seminars…

        It should not be too much longer before some form or method to disarm americans is going to get perpetrated.

        Once americans get mass killed off same as palestinians in Israel does, I wonder if NuttyYahoo aka Head “Don” of the global zio-Mafia is going to Bulldoze Your homes and villages so to rebuild it into a greater israel jewish state?

        I kinda think their plans are to get rid of 99% of Us/Youse…Then turn entire usa nation into one Giant size Dizneyland Playgound for eliets only…Complete with coast to coast autobahn no speed limits freeways where the top eliets can run their 258 MPH capable Bugatties and ferraries etc all day in a fun filled Goy-Less atmosphere playground like none other ever.

        They Must get rid of most of us all so they can quit worring that one day very Soon a majority of Goys are going to awaken and then…Shall likly go all out Nazi on their satanic sorry asses eh…

        • Sure they are granpa, just like yourself, those terrible keyboard tirades they’ll be launching will be utterly DEVASTATING!

      26. I hope the Russians nuke every single one of you Americunt cocksuckers to ASH.

        • Kiss my ass.

      27. Jesus H Mary, WTF is going on in this country? That black bastard “NoBoma” is going to get us all in a real world of trouble with the ENTIRE WORLD as we know it. That sleeper Muslim killer is determined to put it to this entire country and we all sit by and do nothing……1st samba pPresident, I hope they are all really happy how it has played out…

      28. Greetings,

        This story appears to be made up. First, all soldiers in-processing to W. Germany were made aware and received training on the Soviet SMLM mission. No one cared one bit where these guys went so long as they didn’t attempt to come on to one of our Kasernes or training areas. Second, Hummers (as described by the writer) didn’t make their way to Germany until the late ’80’s. My unit received its first Hummers AFTER the wall fell in 1990. Third, all weapons were under the control of our armorer and drivers shuttling Colonels around would never, not in a million years, be given a fully loaded M16 to cart around – it never happened. The only people that ever had access to their weapons were the MP’s.

        The fake conversation this guy relates to us that he had with the Officer is pure bull. First, the officer would not have been allowed out in public with a sidearm and, second, wouldn’t have given a rats ass what some private had to say and would have known that the Russians could go where they damn well pleased.

        This is all fake hysterical bull – all of it. Show this to any soldier stationed in Germany in the ’80’s and watch them laugh and laugh and laugh.

        • I was waiting for someone to fill in the blanks. The hummer was put into military service around 1985, but I believe very few at first. However, I was referring more to mr. Johnsons claim to his military accomplishments. Why would he disclose his participation at SERE but not mention the QCourse, airborne school, weapons training courses etc? Don’t be so quick to believe everything you read just because someone makes them self look as though your interests are similar. psyops 101. I read his article and its full of holes. If you know anything about any SOCOM unit, operation or soldier, you would know that too.

          • Greetings,

            The story has holes you could drive a truck through. Hummers did enter service in small numbers in 1985 but by this time, Gorbachev was running the Soviet Union and no one expected the Warsaw Pact to come crashing through the Fulda Gap – not by then.

            Finally, CUCV’s were the drive around Germany vehicle of choice until all of them were finally taken away. It was comfortable (by military standards) had real doors and more than two people could ride in it. It was basically a Chevy Blazer.

            Once you take that into consideration and add in the ridiculous story that these guys were allowed off post with loaded weapons, you know that it is one big pile of bull.

      29. Also JJ, as I see you do read these comments – I’d just like to say that nobody has to molly-coddle me on the subject of Russia, because I am part Russian. If I believed that Russia was in the wrong here, I’d take shots at Putin just as viciously. I’m speaking from my well-informed mind, not a blindly nationalistic heart. Does that make sense?

        My LINEAGE does not decide who/what is right or wrong to me, FREE THINKING and evaluating all sides of the infowar does. This is the same reason why I will not celebrate “Independence Day” and I don’t wave the American flag, unless it’s upside-down in distress. We are NOT FREE, and this country is giving us nothing to be proud of at this time.

        Thankfully, this site is not like that.

        Have a pleasant week to all.

      30. Well, has anyone thought that the aircraft was “OURS”. As an example: The Army’s 160th AVN Regiment has Russian and Soviet rotary wing as well as fixed wing aircraft. They have had these for many years. It’s an easy way to slip into and out of an area that is looking for US aircraft only or areas that are used to seeing Russian and Soviet aircraft.

      31. Looks like we have been sold down the river by this thing called a president.
        I will not honor “martial law”, I will honor our Constitution.

      32. Also, the National Training Center at Ft Irwin near Barstow has Russian fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft they use in simulated battles. They also have full-up Russian markings on their aircraft.

      33. They all are to worried about what Donald Trump is saying bro.


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