US Will Likely Miss Biden’s July 4th Deadline To “Vaccinate” 70% Of Americans

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    People have stopped willingly lining up for the COVID-19 “vaccines” falsely labeled as such.  Because of that, Biden’s July 4th deadline to have 70% of Americans injected with the experimental gene therapy will most likely fail.

    The slowing COVID-19 vaccination rate is worrying the ruling class.  The fact that the propaganda outlets cannot get more of these shots into more people is really starting to stick the craw of the tyrants pushing them.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Members of the ruling class in the United States are warning against complacency as states are attempting to bribe their populations with lotteries, donuts, scholarships, and more just to take this shot. Meanwhile, Fauci wants people panicked and afraid as the main method of convincing people they need an experimental gene therapy jab.

    More than 1 million COVID-19 vaccine doses are being administered on an average per day in the country as of Friday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  That’s down from an average of 3.3 million per day back in April.  That means that the U.S. won’t convince 70% of the population to take this shot until mid or late July.

    So far, according to the ruling class’s numbers, 63.2% have willingly taken this shot. “It ain’t over ’til it’s over — and it is not over yet,” said head medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to a report by The Times of India. 

    Fauci Says To Remain Afraid Of COVID And Get The Jab

    If the numbers provided by the propagandists supplied to them by the ruling class are correct, more people have taken this shot than I, personally, thought would. Is it possible we are being lied to about the number of shots given? Sure.  But there is no real way to know right now. Could they be boosting their own numbers (like they obviously did with COVID cases and deaths) to convince the public that they should get it because so many others have? Maybe. Again, there is no way to know right now.

    Stay alert and use your critical thinking.  This isn’t over, especially if the U.S. does miss Biden’s deadline. Expect the bribes to take this to continue to increase and eventually, we could see punishments for those who continue to refuse.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY


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      1. There is a limit to how many Americans are beyond stupid.
        I believe that limit has been reached.
        The Gates, Soros of the world hopefully have missed the mark of killing off 90% of humanity – but time will tell.- we don’t know the long term effects of these gene therapy jabs
        But of course more pandemics are on the way -They will probably be much more lethal – think Ebola.

        Also do not put it past these crazies to do the world economic collapse card – which they could do anytime.
        The collapse is being set up – Biden’s multi Trillion spending dollar devalue, inflation, digital currency Bada Bing Bada BOOM!

        Have a Nice day!

      2. I think your point about these psychos lying about the numbers is spot – on. These are filthy liars and that is all they do to further their sinister agendas. First, they inflate the number of people who allegedly got jabbed to make us all think everyone is running to take this crap.
        Of course,now they say less people are taking the jab so they can have an excuse to take more of our rights away and lock everything back up again. These evil tyranical creatures adjust the numbers as they see fit to further their evil plans. People just need to stick to their guns and not believe ANYTHING that comes out of the mouths of these filthy liars.

      3. “Could they be boosting their own numbers (like they obviously did with COVID cases and deaths) to convince the public that they should get it because so many others have? Maybe. Again, there is no way to know right now.”

        We only know that they lie pathologically.

        I was going to take a hiatus from posting but this article is too important to not to pass along.

        It is NOT a Conspiracy THEORY if They (Government) are Truly Trying to KILL YOU: PCR Swabs are Coated With Ethylene Oxide – A Known Deadly Carcinogen Which Can Change our DNA

        The article describes how doctors are coercing people to participate in perilous procedures. In the comment section more testimony can be found of what is transpiring between patients and doctors. Certainly, doctors are aware of the dangers involved with Ethylene Oxide. They are making these dangerous procedures prerequisite to obtaining treatment and they serve no real purpose as the pcr test are flawed.

        We have been inundated with articles about how DOCTOR Fauci is suppressing HCQ. It would be difficult to believe that every doctor is unaware of the benefits of HCQ. A very common drug with a 65 year proven efficacy. I have personally known of it for nearly a year and a half and have been learning of its efficacy in treating CV19 during that time. Thus how it could be the doctors are unaware of it? They should all be put on trial for their knowing and willful participation in the CV19 scamdemic. Why should only DOCTOR Fauci pay for their crimes and atrocities against humanity?

        Makes the case for Fauci’s guilt.

        How gen Z has also been victimized.

      4. I’ll miss Biden at the 4th of July picnic…..

        • Is he going somewhere over the rainbow…

        • Honk honk.

      5. From what I gather about herd immunity, once 70ish percent have been vaccinated, there will be so many virions and spike proteins being shed that refuseniks can no longer escape exposure.

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